“Screwed”: We will eventually be Greece if we don’t change our path

Why in the world would any American politician think they can help figure out the financial crisis overwhelming Greece and the European Union? After all, many of the problems in Greece echo those in America. And yet, President Obama inserted himself into the bailout talks. What kind of solutions could he really offer? Stu broke down the parallels between Greece and America on TV last night, and warned America to wake up before we end up in the same place as Greece

STU: Glenn has been going on and on about Greece for at least as long as I can remember. It’s one of his most passionate topics, I’d say. Finally, these morons are reaping what they sowed. Could these people be any dumber? I mean, beyond their own resources they’ve been spending, borrowing money, they had no earthly way of paying back, and increasing government handouts even after it became clear that they were crippling the country.

Greece owes various creditors about $271 billion, with Germany being the largest. So, how did they get into this mess? There are a few culprits, many of which are cited in the book Boomerang by Michael Lewis. They pay government officials almost three times as much as the average private-sector job.

An example of this overspending can be found in the national railroad. It pulls down about €100 million a year. It seems like a pretty good business, but they have to pay out about 400 million in payroll, plus another 300 million in other expenses. The average salary for a railroad employee, €65,000 a year about, 71,000 bucks. As one businessman pointed out, it would actually be cheaper for the government to scrap the railroad altogether and just pay for every Greek citizen to take cabs.

Public schools, Greece’s are among the lowest ranked in all of Europe, yet they have four times as many teachers per pupil than the rest of the best schools, which, by the way, the number one is Finland, and they’re four times as much. The school system is so bad that Greeks typically pay for tutors so that their kids actually get some learning done.

Greece is plagued with phony job creation programs such as 270 people that were paid to digitize the photographs of Greek public lands—sounds wonderful. The problem is they didn’t hire anyone with any digital photography experience at all, nobody.

The retirement age in Greece is insanely young, 55 for men and 50 for women. Wow, I thought Europe was so progressive. What is up with all that sexism there? This is at the heart of Greece’s struggles. This early retirement goes not just for police officers and firefighters, but anyone with an “arduous job,” that is including hairdressers and radio announcers. Maybe Glenn should move to Greece. He is approaching 55. Musicians even, everybody basically. So many people are retiring young and living longer, the austerity payouts are ballooning.

Government healthcare is wildly inefficient in Greece. Before the crisis, it was really just a mess. Citizens had to give medical staff cash gifts in order to make sure they’d get good treatment. While all this was going on, while everyone dipped their grimy fingers into the government pot, no one was counting how much was going in, nor how much was going out. By the time someone decided to take a breather from the spending orgy, the damage was irreparable. The debt to GDP ratio had expanded to a devastating 177%.

Greece’s unfunded liabilities are 875% of GDP. Federal spending in Greece is close to 50% of GDP. Even with all this information, people still went to the polls and voted against cuts in spending. Liberal outlets applauded the vote, referring to austerity cuts as harsh. People in Greece, of course, rejoiced at the news of the vote. I think it was 61-38 or something like that. They were happy to get another far left government to keep higher taxes, spending, and handouts in place.

What’s going to be harsh is when the day of economic reckoning arrives and they realize they really couldn’t afford any of this. This is how you destroy a country, not save it.

Here’s the best part about Greece, Pres. Barack Obama has inserted himself into the bailout talks. I can’t wait for this. Barack Obama is trying to give Greece financial advice. Pot, meet kettle. Kettle, meet pot.

Let’s go back through that list of things that helped destroy Greece again. This is going to be fun. Federal workers in Greece earn more than private citizens. Well, US federal workers earn 37% more than private-sector employees. Greece has an unprofitable state rail system. Amtrak loses over $1.4 billion every year. The biggest waste is being in the 15 little-traveled routes that cost $600 million to keep operational for no freaking reason at all.

Greece overspends on education despite failing schools. Well, the US Department of Education is $77.4 billion and increasing every single year, despite the fact that we rank 17th in the world in education. Greece has all those phony job programs. Could I remind you of the stimulus? That cost American taxpayers at least $278,000 per job with some estimates having that well over $1 million per job.

Greece’s retirement age is far too young, 55. America’s is 65. That’s a little better, but it hasn’t been changed since Social Security was invented. Even the life expectancies have dramatically improved. Greece’s government healthcare is crippling the nation. ObamaCare—I don’t think I need to go any further than that, but as you know, it’s already a mess. It’s costing us a fortune. It couldn’t even get the freaking website right to sign up to pay for it.

Greece’s debt is 177% of GDP. We’re at 101%, so we’re close. It’s worse though than France and Spain, and Spain is dealing with a 25% unemployment rate. Unfunded liabilities in Greece, 875% of GDP. In the US, it’s $90 trillion or about 500% of our GDP—not quite as bad as Greece but still terrible.

Federal spending in Greece, about 50% of GDP. America, it’s only 20.5, so we’re doing great there, and when factoring in state and local governments, of course, it’s more like 35 and is projected to rapidly rise. The economic disaster playing out in Greece is the American story in the short-term future. Our situation is not as bad as Greece’s, but we’re on the same trajectory. We will eventually get there if we keep making the same fatal mistakes as viewing austerity as harsh.

It may be harsh at times. There’s tough choices to come, but it’s necessary, and if someone in the room doesn’t have the courage to step away from the spending orgy and count the debits and credits, we’re all screwed.

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Here are 5 RIDICULOUS moments from the Davos summit

Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff, FABRICE COFFRINI / Contributor, JOSEPH EID / Contributor | Getty Images

Glenn has been warning about the dangers of the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset, which is the WEF's goal to utilize the crises like the COVID pandemic to create a leftist Utopia. Now, these goals continue to take shape at the World Economic Forum summit in Davos. Here are five ridiculous moments from this year's summit that shed light on their ultimate vision Glenn has been warning about.

1. Ex-CNN host Brian Stelter hosts the WEF panel on "disinformation," calling for the criminalization of "hate speech" in the U.S.

The former host of Reliable Sources was fired from CNN in 2022 for raking in the network's worst ratings since 2019. CNN's CEO at the time, Chris Licht, accused Stelter of "drawing ire from conservatives" for misrepresenting the facts and propagating false narratives to demonize conservatives. Licht fired Stelter because he was a liability to CNN's attempt to "re-brand" itself as a "reliable" news source.

You would think the World Economic Forum could have found a more credible host for its "disinformation," than Brian Stelter, and it comes with little surprise Stelter's panel called for the continued censorship of conservatives.

Stelter asked his panel, "How does this discussion of disinformation relate to everything else happening today in Davos?"

Vice-President of the European Commission Vera Jourová answered "illegal hate speech" from right-wing extremists, and then called for the criminalization of hate speech in the U.S., asserting, "I think that we have a strong reason why we have this in the criminal law" within the EU.

As former Trump advisor Stephen Miller pointed out, Stelter's refusal to further challenge Jourová's call for censorship is indicative of his failed career as a journalist.

2. Al Gore warns of "rain bombs," "boiling oceans," and "xenophobia" as a result of climate change.

Gore's speech "speaks" for itself...

After asserting that we're creating an "open sewer" in the troposphere, Gore exclaimed:

That’s what’s boiling the oceans, creating these atmospheric rivers, and the rain bombs, and sucking the moisture out of the land, and creating the droughts, and melting the ice and raising the sea level, and causing these waves of climate refugees!
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Speaking of refugees, Gore blamed the mass migrations of people on... you guessed it... climate change! Of course this leads to "xenophobia" and "fascism," so if we hate "xenophobia" and "fascism," we need to stop climate change IMMEDIATELY. Plus the rain bombs...

Does this sound reminiscent of the "Man-Bear-Pig?"

Courtesy of South Park

3. Siemens AG Chairman Jim Hagemann urges for 1 million people to NOT eat meat—predicting a "meatless future."

It wouldn't be a World Economic Forum summit if bugs didn't take center stage. Siemens AG Chairman Jim Hagemann said he was inspired by his 24-year-old daughter to stop eating meat to fight climate change and urged one million people to stop eating meat to balance out jet emissions—like the jets his fellow attendees used to travel to the conference?

Here's what he said:

If a billion people stop eating meat, I tell you, it has a big impact. Not only does it have a big impact on the current food system, but it will also inspire innovation of food systems."
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Of course, finding "alternative sources of protein" means... you guessed it... BUGS. The EU is already cutting down on cattle farms and promoting the building of insect farms to initiate this "protein transition."

4. John Kerry calls Davos attendees a "select group" with an "almost extraterrestrial" plan to save the planet.

Kerry's opening speech at Davos shows the type of elitism the attendees believe about themselves. They are the "special ones" who can gather at a Swiss resort town to discuss how to "save the planet" and the "little people" who are too ignorant to have a say in the matter. His words speak for themselves:

When you start to think about it, it's pretty extraordinary that we — select group of human beings because of whatever touched us at some point in our lives — are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet [...] I mean, it's so almost extraterrestrial to think about saving the planet [...] f you say that to most people, most people think you're just a crazy, tree-hugging, lefty liberal, you know, do-gooder, or whatever, and there's no relationship. But really, that's where we are.
Watch the latest video at <a href="https://www.foxnews.com">foxnews.com</a>

Well, not everyone was amused...

Businessman and conservative Tim Acheson called Kerry’s words, "Liberal delusions of grandeur." Jordan Peterson also tweeted, "Who are you going to sacrifice to save the planet, @JohnKerry -- and do you think and how will you ensure that they have any say in the matter?"

5. Davos attendees traveled on more than 1,000 private jets to the conference.

Greenspace, an environmentalist research group, estimates the total emissions used by Davos attendees on their private jets while traveling to the conference is equivalent to "about 350,000 average cars."

Greenspace also found that 53 percent of all private jet trips were short-haul flights of less than 470 nautical miles that "could have easily been train trips." This comes amid the EU's push to ban short-distance flights and opt for train travel instead, which many continue to point out.

Closing thoughts

What once sounded like conspiracy theories are now taking shape amongst the global elites at Davos. As Glenn continues to shed light on the dangers of the World Economic Forum, here's how YOU can fight back against their goals that threaten our freedoms and democracy.

In honor of the World Economic Forum summit in Davos, we would like to resurrect this gem from Glenn's Instagram archive. If "the Great Reset" doesn't work out, Schwab should consider reaching out to the Bond franchise for a Plan-B career.

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PROOF the World Economic Forum wants you eating... BUGS!

EasyBuy4u, PeopleImages, TeoLazarev | Getty Images

As the World Economic Forum continues to meet in Davos about building a more "sustainable" future, Glenn's warning on a seemingly outlandish sustainability goal is becoming reality: eating bugs!

In its 2023 Global Risks Report, the World Economic Forum called for the "transition to net-zero, nature-positive food" to fight "food insecurity." In other words, the WEF imagines a future with minimal meat and maximum "zero-emissions food"—like bugs—as consumers' main source of protein. This is a part of "the Great Reset," the agenda proposed by the World Economic Forum in 2020, urging leaders to take advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to restructure the "world order" to bring about a leftist Utopia.

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Major news outlets like the BBC have promoted insect farms as a sustainable food source to "reduce the reliance on everyday meat eating."

Courtesy of the BBC

So what's the big concern about eating bugs? As the video points out, many cultures throughout the world have been eating insects for centuries—many consider them a delicacy! The issue with the WEF's push for insects isn't merely the option to eat bugs. If someone wants to munch on some grasshoppers, nothing is stopping them! The major concern is the way in which the WEF wants to mandate insect consumption, and, consequentially, destroy the beef industry.

According to the same 2023 Risk Report, the WEF calls for "radical policy measures" to bring about the food transition to zero-net-emissions food, like insects. This means imposing such a burden on the dairy and cattle industries that it renders them impossible to function, paving the way for a new insect industry.

In the Netherlands, the EU's largest food exporter, the government is forcing the farmers to sell their land to the state unless they reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer used. However, without nitrogen fertilizer, it is nearly impossible for the farmers to produce enough food to feed the nation, not to mention turn a profit. Moreover, without nitrogen fertilizer, it will be impossible for cattle farmers to produce enough food to feed their cows. This is an impossible burden for farmers to bear, and they often capitulate and sell their land to the government, paving the way for a burgeoning insect industry. Is it any coincidence the EU is pushing for insects as a means of "food sufficiency" and combatting climate change?

If you think eating insects is a novel issue from across the pond, think again. There is a growing push for a "beef tax" in the U.S. to disincentivize beef consumption and incentivize alternative "sustainable" protein sources...like bugs. According to 2021, data, U.S. beef is a 79-billion-dollar-per-year industry, employing million across the U.S.'s 700,000 cattle farms. These stats don't even include the U.S.'s dairy industry. If the global environmentalists have their way, this major U.S. industry will be wiped out, wreaking havoc on our economy. Yet this government control over the "everyday person's" consumption is all too tantalizing.

As the World Economic Forum convenes in Davos to discuss how to achieve their "sustainable utopia," Glenn continues to advocate for the free market and the ability to choose our own consumer goods, rather than giving global elites the power to consolidate and mandate their "approved goods" for widespread consumption. Though consuming insects may seem like an outlandish idea that has no impact on our daily lives, it is a part of a larger movement to control our way of life to achieve a more sustainable future, threatening both our economy and our basic freedoms.

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