Which will you choose: Life or Death?

The Christian Holocaust being carried out by ISIS. The Iran nuclear treaty that jeopardizes the future of Israel. The Planned Parenthood scandal that sees baby parts being sold on a petri dish. God could not be making it any clearer on these three stories - do we choose life or do we choose death?

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Glenn: I was talking to the Kendrick brothers on television and Louie Gohmert. We had a fascinating conversation off the air. Kendrick brothers are the guys that made the made Fireproof. They just made a brand-new movie called War Room. I saw the movie last night with my family. It is fantastic. Really, really good. And the movie that America really needs to see.

But we were talking with Louie Gohmert. And one of the Kendrick brothers said to me, do you think something is coming here in September? And Louie kind of looked up. And I said, why do you say that? He said, I don't know. I just feel like it is.

And I said, I do. I do. I think something -- whether September, I don't know. I just feel like something -- I really truly believe that we have a red line put in front of us. And I've said this before on the air. But I want you to really hear this. Because I think this is important. And I don't mean it as a country. I mean it as you as an individual and you as a family. I think we have been given a few red lines, three of them, to be specific. And it all revolves around what happened to Moses.

Moses comes out. You know, where is your Moses now? And he goes up. And they make the golden calf. And Charlton Heston throws them down, and they all kind of fall in. Then he says, you have to choose. This mountain is life. This mountain is death. Choose today. Life or death.

Who do you serve? Life or death. That was a really important moment in the Moses story. Okay?

I think that's exactly what's happening to us right now on three fronts: One, ISIS. It's why we're standing on 8/28. Two of these are why we're standing. First one is ISIS.

We are being told to pretty much just ignore them. We're not really going after them at all. We have troops engaged all around the world. But are we really engaged over there? Not really. And we're ignoring them. And what's happening?

Today theres a new video that came out from ISIS where they buried bombs and put people on them kneeling. Now, listen. Think about any of those ISIS videos. If you've never seen the video, I urge you to watch them. Not for the violence, but for the example.

I have not seen one single ISIS video where any of the people are begging for their life. They're not crying. They don't even -- they look frightened, but they -- they look brave in their -- I mean, they look as frightened -- the bravest man in the world would look right before he died. All of them are mumbling something. I would imagine prayers. These guys are amazing. They just released a new ISIS video where they planted a bomb underneath each person that was going to be beheaded. And as soon as they move, they blow up. I mean, it's like 14-year-old boys are coming up with this. It's like a video game to these guys. So we're being told, just ignore them. Christians are being slaughtered. This is the biggest genocide of Christians since the church began after Jesus' death. Do you hear that? They're wiping out all of the Christians in the Middle East and we're not doing anything.

So we are choosing death. By our silence, we are choosing death. The next one is Iran.

41 percent of Democrats support the president's bill. Only 41 percent. Republicans, what is it? It's got to be two. But yet, what is our Congress doing? What is our administration doing? And what have we done to make sure that Congress has the cojones to stand up? What have you done to support Chuck Schumer? Democrats what have you done? Have you risen up to support him? No. Have we? No.

We are choosing -- we're being told, choose Israel or Iran. And we are choosing Iran. Israel, life. Iran, death. Choose.

And then, you know, something that I don't think -- I really truly believe that God is up there going, I can't make it any more clear. There's no way to make clearer. I've got a petri dish with a pile of baby parts. Choose today: Life or the culture of death. Which do you want?

I believe we are sitting at the red line. I believe we are sitting at that Moses moment. Choose you today, who will you serve? Choose today, light or dark. Life or death. Which will it be America? And I'm not talking about changing policy. I am talking about you sitting down at your dinner table and saying to your family today, those three things. Which do we choose? Which will we stand for? Which -- will we be the people that hide people in our basement because we believe in life and we will stand against the evil of the world? Will we stop just skating over the surface?

I truly believe that's coming. If you don't do it, God help us. No, he won't, actually. He won't.

I believe he can do no more for this country if we choose death on those three things. We will get the full ramification of those three things. A culture from Planned Parenthood. A culture of death and destruction. We will lose the blessings of choosing Iran over Israel. And we will have a global caliphate spread like nobody's business. And Christians all around the world will be slaughtered. As well as Jews, homosexuals, and those Muslims who aren't Muslim enough.

I believe we are on the verge of catastrophe, and we are being asked right now as individuals: Choose. This must be a visible moment for you to raise your hand and say, I stand with life. Not all black lives matter. All life matters. Iranian life and Jewish life. Muslim life and Christian life. Atheist life, Christian life. Homosexual life. All life matters.

Will you join us in Birmingham on 8/28? Bring your family and make this historic choice now. Make the choice. Just real quick. The people that are coming. Ruth Graham, Billy Graham's daughter, and Alveda King are going to be marching on each side of me on those historic streets. I don't think there's a better way to kick this off than the two people that kicked it off last time. Billy Graham and Dr. Martin Luther King. And we have their daughters, Alveda King and Ruth Graham coming. Then Johnnie Moore is going to be there. David Barton. General Boykin will be there. Matt Kibbe will be there. Jon Voight will be there. Rafael Cruz will be marching.

Will you? Will you and your family join us? August 28th and 29th in Birmingham, Alabama. You do need tickets. You don't need them for the march. You need them for the event afterwards. They're $10. And you can get them at now.mercuryone.org. Find out all the information about all the activities at now.mercuryone.org or GlennBeck.com. We'll see you in Birmingham on 8/28.

The largest American gas pipeline shut down on Friday due to what experts told the media was the "most dramatic cyberattack on U.S. soil to date." Investigators are looking at a group believed to be based in Russia known as "DarkSide."

It's time our leaders in the White House take national security seriously because this isn't the first time enemies of the U.S. — namely Russia and China — have used the cyber world to attack our nation and weaken our infrastructure, Glenn Beck argued on the radio program. Between Russia, China, and Iran — which President Joe Biden is now trying to make another nuclear deal with — it looks like the "Axis powers" of a "digital World War III" are lining up

"The journalists seem to care about the price of gasoline for the first time. Is it because they actually care? Or is it because they're trying not to focus on the fact that this was an attack most likely from Russia? And it isn't the first cyberattack from Russia of the year ... maybe we should be paying attention, to Vladimir Putin," Glenn began.

"And by the way, the pipeline going down, that's not the only [cyberattack] happening now," he added later. "Thirty thousand U.S. victims, small businesses and local governments, were hacked by cyber espionage units backed by the Chinese government in January of this year."

"There is an 'Axis power.' It is Russia and China. And, by the way, who is also aligned with Russia and China? Iran. Wow, this is weird," Glenn surmised. "But don't worry about that. Just leave your dog tags on another table. Let's not talk about China. Let's not talk about who actually crashed the jugular of our oil pipelines. I don't want war. But I got news for you ... this Biden administration is doing the job for our enemies."

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"I think it's worth it because I believe the alternative is worse ... to stay silent when you have something to say," Peterson replied. "You don't know what it is within you that requires your voice, right, because you feel like 'I have something to say.' Where does that come from exactly, that feeling that you have something to say?

"Maybe you're disgruntled at work and you're choking on your own bile because the situation is not just in your estimation," he continued. "You're dying to say something, but you won't. Well, you'll die if you don't say it. Maybe it's a death by a thousand cuts. I don't like deferred punishment. I'd rather take it now and keep the future clean, which is why I encourage people to have the fights now, not to hide things in the fog for later. They grow and metastasize. It's better to confront what you need to confront when it's small and you have some possibility of victory."

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