We're becoming a society seduced by death

A group of Satanists stood outside a Planned Parenthood clinic to protest in favor of abortion Saturday. As part of the protest, black-robed members of the Satanist group poured milk over kneeling women whose hands were bound. While many people have simply laughed this off as a publicity stunt, Glenn said his gut told him this was related to an ancient ritual.

Glenn's friend Rabbi Daniel Lapin joined him on the radio Monday to share his perspective, confirming Glenn's suspicions.

"Intellectuals would be horrified to be told that they're merely reliving idolatrous rituals of the Old Testament, but of course, that's what's happening," Lapin said. "You have to know that a society that abandons its Judeo-Christian principles isn't left as a society of extreme rationality and scientific reliability. No, it becomes a society susceptible to superstition. It becomes the society seduced by death."

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GLENN: I saw this story with Planned Parenthood and these people who were standing up and protesting in favor of abortion. And they're Satanists. And they poured milk over these women. And people are laughing this off as, you know, something that's just laughable, I guess.

I'm disturbed that Satanists are out protesting for something that our government is doing. But beyond that, my gut tells me that there is something about the milk in an ancient ritual. Am I wrong or right on that?

DANIEL: No. I think your instincts are once again spot-on, Glenn. You might remember the Wall Street protests of a while back, where the bodily substance they used then were human feces, if you'll pardon me.


DANIEL: And so essentially what I think the terms in which one has to analyze it are the ancient biblical verse where God says, look, I placed before you today, life and death. Now, choose life.

And the ancient Jewish wisdom raised the obvious question, which is, what sort of insane moron would choose death? I mean, why does God have to say choose life? And the answer is because he implanted in us a perverse and strange yearning to, in fact, seek death.

So it's not that people seek death, per se. But you have to weigh up the choices in terms of, are they close to the life end of the spectrum or the death end of the spectrum? And obviously feces and the passage through which they come, which certain groups of people use to seek sexual satisfaction, is a deathly passage. It's a passage through which the body expels unused dead cells. Whereas on the other hand, another human passage that the female is endowed with is the avenue of life. Then you have the substance of milk, which everybody recognizes to be the -- the food of life. Not only does no animal have to yield its life in providing it, but it's the very first substance that every mammal, whether it's an Orca whale or a human being or a chimpanzee, the very first connection with life is the substance called milk.

So there's something rather brilliantly perverse about the Satanists choosing -- and I don't think whether they were consciously aware of this or not. Everybody who reads about it gets the sort of sudden shock and thrill of sort of seeing this bizarre juxtaposition, where they're essentially demonstrating for death. They're basically saying, get out of here, you pro-lifers. We want Planned Parenthood to continue dismembering tiny human beings, and the substance they use is exactly the substance that tiny human beings live on.

GLENN: Can you tell me the reason why -- again, for anybody who do not know this. I think this is fascinating. The reason why you keep kosher and meat and milk away from each other.

DANIEL: Yes. The reason that this is something that is deeply embedded in the Old Testament and followed by Jews who take into account Torah seriously. Also, increasingly large number of Christians that I've become friendly with over the years, find themselves moving in this direction towards kosher because it just produces a state of mental harmony and emotional tranquility. Why? Because essentially it keeps life and death separate. That's the crucial thing. Where there's nothing wrong with meat. But obviously, meat is associated with death, the death of an animal. And nobody, with the exception of an insensitive brute, is unaware of that fact. You're eating meat, and an animal gave its life. And on a subconscious level, I'm saying to myself, well, I have to be better than that. If I'm going to eat this meat, then I have to make the sacrifice of the animal worthwhile. You know, this is not necessarily a conscious feeling every time I'm at a barbecue. But on a subtle level, that is working its magic on us, subconsciously. Obviously, milk is life.

And I think in the same way, look, if people are down on their luck and they're having a bad time, they temporarily need to be on the public dole, there's nothing wrong with that. But there's something wrong with going to pick up your check in your brand-new Lexus limousine. The juxtaposition of certain things doesn't work.

Things that each on their own are perfectly satisfactorily. There are foods like that. There are activities like that. Each of itself are perfectly legitimate activities. We just try to keep them separate from one another. Life and death are like that. And we human beings do fine when we keep those things apart.

When a society begins as a whole to experience a lack or a loss of its adhesion to life, when the admonishment therefore choose life begins to erode, subconsciously, that society begins choosing death. It's cloaked in terms like die with dignity and so on and so forth.

But when the kosher rules separate meet and milk, what they're essentially doing is, on a very visceral level, they are forcing us to confront this idea that death is a reality. Life is a reality. As human beings, we do far better when we move death out of our consciousness. And the more overwhelmed we are by a subconscious awareness of death, the less capable we are of living life vitally and passionately and meaningfully and purposefully.

GLENN: I want to go here, rabbi. Two things I want to address with you. First thing is the culture of death. The Great Britain embassy was just opened up in Tehran. And it opened up and they said that they had a problem -- excuse me. They had a problem with the graffiti still left on the wall. They couldn't believe that graffiti would still be on the wall, death to Great Britain. Death to England.

And everybody is in an uproar over in England. But we are in every aspect, be it abortion, be it our toleration of ISIS, our toleration or holding up of Iran over Israel, we are truly being faced in biblical ways, I think, of choose today life or death. Do you agree with that?

DANIEL: I think you're putting your finger on it precisely, Glenn. Yes, therefore choose life, not death, seems to be self-evident that it isn't. Because when it's time you choose a certain thing as decay -- look, I really understand the excitement of jumping off a cliff in a wind suit. But the number of people who crash into the cliff and die sort of remind you that extreme sports are not really extreme sports, but they're exotic ways of confronting death.

And more and more people in our society feel this need, and it's an unhealthy need, to confront death. Not to confront life. And you're right, abortion is part of it. The suicide rates are going up is part of it. And there are so many parts of society. Even the obsession with horror movies, by the way, is a bizarre desire to confront death on some subconscious and unhealthy level.

GLENN: One last question for you. I wrote a book called the Eye of Moloch. And it was a thriller and fiction. But it took real life things, and it comes from a feeling that I have in reading the Scriptures, that we without even knowing it, we are worshiping -- we are going into worship Baal or Moloch from the Old Testament and repeating many of the same rituals without a conscious knowledge of them.

DANIEL: Yes, of course. And intellectuals would be horrified to be told that they're merely reliving idolatrous rituals of the Old Testament. But, of course, that's what's happening. And we see more and more of it. The whole idea of Satanism and -- you know, people tend to laugh it off. A bunch of imbeciles. But there's something significant there, which is once again, God is a God of life, therefore his inverse, Satan, obviously stands for death. And there is an attraction. It's a bizarre and sad distortion, truth in reality. But you have to know that a society that abandons its Judeo-Christian principles isn't left as a society of extreme rationality and scientific reliability. No, it becomes a society susceptible to superstition. It becomes the society seduced by death.

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