Glenn's message to Obama: 'Screw global warming . . . it IS about Islam'

For six hours yesterday, a politically correct cover up took place following the despicable mass shooting in San Bernardino.

For the first hour, we were told the masked gunmen --- two or three of them --- were white, dressed in military fatigues. The media didn't know the exact number of assailants, but they knew, even with masks on, they were white.

One source tried to tie the location of the shooting to Planned Parenthood, but when that didn't pan out, it was good enough to report the location of the nearest Planned Parenthood -- only a mile and a half away from the actual crime scene, the Inland Regional Center, which serves developmentally disabled individuals.

Once the name of the primary shooter --- Syed Rizwan Farook --- was released, CNN didn't use it for two hours.

The truth, revealed in off-the-record police statements, presents a much different story. The shooting was identified as Islamic terrorism within the first hour, and the FBI was involved almost from the beginning.

"They were telling us after they had the name and address of Syed Farook, they didn't think this was Islamic," Glenn said during The Glenn Beck Program Thursday morning. "They weren't sure this was terror. The state and the media has bent over backwards to protect, not the Muslim, but the Islamist."


Radical, murderous Islamists have clearly stated their goals. Yet, the media and the Obama administration willfully ignored this yesterday and continue to ignore the existential threat to America and the world.

Glenn had a direct message for the president:

Mr. President, I say this with as much respect as you deserve: screw global warming. What the hell is wrong with you?

If you actually believe that global warming is the biggest problem we face with terror all around the world, an 18 trillion-dollar debt, nine of which is yours, no real allies left that trust us, riots in our streets, riots in our university campuses, race relations worse than I've seen since the 1960s, and a distrust of our fellow Americans, unlike anything I've ever seen, you, sir, are either delusional, or you're the dumbest son of the bitch on the planet.

Which is it? Because It IS about Islam. So was Boston. So was Benghazi. So was Fort Hood. So was a half dozen others that you failed to address. And, quite frankly, sir, so was Ahmed, the clock kid. It was a timer, not a clock.

Glenn went on to share what rhetoric will likely come from the White House today: lectures about gun control, workplace violence and not jumping to conclusions. When, if fact, the president should be naming and going after the real bad guys --- Islamists.

News flash, Mr. President --- we are not the bad guys.

Who are we? Glenn wrapped up his morning monologue with his own lecture for the president.

We are the people you fly over in your carbon-spewing private jets while regulating us, our businesses and our SUVs because of that invisible gas that we were all taught in grade school makes the trees grow.

We are the people you look at with disgust and judgment, while you lecture us on how we need to be tolerant and not judge people. We are the people you bend over backwards to tell there is no mosque teaching radical viewpoints, while you use Common Core to probe our children about what is being taught in our homes on Christianity and race.

Most importantly, we are the people standing with and praying for the people San Bernardino today.

Read Glenn's full morning monologue on Facebook:

What happened in #SanBernardino is beyond un American and inexcusable! I don't mean the shooting. I mean the PC...

Posted by Glenn Beck on Thursday, December 3, 2015


Featured Image: Screen shot from The Glenn Beck Program.

In just the past few days, the Senate passed an unprecedented $740 billion spending bill amid an inflation crisis, we found out that the IRS purchased nearly $700,000 worth of guns and ammo ahead of plans to hire 87,000 new "enforcement" agents, and on Monday the FBI raided the home of a former U.S. president. It's pretty safe to say that there's a whole lot going on in this country that we've never seen before, and conservatives had "better wake up," said Glenn Beck on "The Glenn Beck Program."

"This is the beginning of an entirely new kind of America. And when it is all implemented, look out! The only other thing that I think [Democrats] could do to really polish us off is [use] emergency orders. If [President Joe Biden] goes for emergency orders and declares a national emergency over the weather, we're going to be cooked," Glenn said.

Glenn went on to explain why he believes a new "season" is on the horizon for our nation, but it’s not all bad news. He said he's hopeful for a new class of politicians to enter Washington, D.C., and, while no politician is perfect, a few such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can still surprise us.

DeSantis always seems to be ahead of the curve on hot-button issues, and he tackles them the legal way without abusing his power. Just look at how much the media is trying to paint him as evil. That’s a telltale sign that "he’s on the right track, at the right speed. And he's taking all of it on," Glenn said.

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

Here are 3 ways the 'Inflation Reduction Act' WILL impact you (Hint: NOT by reducing inflation)

(Left) Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images/(Middle) Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images/(Right)Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Senate has passed President Joe Biden's $740 billion "Inflation Reduction Act" over the weekend, but the only way this deceptively-named bill will reduce inflation is by crushing your buying power. The massive spending bill includes the largest climate spending package ever passed and will allocate a whopping $80 billion to make the IRS bigger than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined. And just wait until you see how the bill will affect our farmers.

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck broke down three rather "terrifying" components of the 755-page bill and how they will impact you.

Watch the video clip below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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CNN’s Brian Stelter had a shocking moment of clarity Sunday when he acknowledged what everyone but the liberal media has known since before the 2020 presidential election: President Joe Biden's son Hunter has been up to some seriously dubious dealings overseas, and his father was almost certainly involved despite his repeated claims to the contrary.

On "Reliable Sources" Sunday, Stelter spoke with first lady Jill Biden's former press secretary, Michael LaRosa, about whether Biden is likely to seek a second term in 2024.

“I hope he runs, and I know he’s going to run. I think he's planning to run ... I don't see why he wouldn't run,” LaRosa stammered.

"What about his son? What about Hunter?" Stelter cut in. “Hunter [is] under federal investigation, charges could be coming at any time. This is not just a right-wing media story. This is a real problem for the Bidens."

Unluckily for Stelter, "The Hill's" Joe Concha can remember all the way back to the fall of 2020:

On a recent episode of Glenn TV, Glenn Beck discussed the most recent findings in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Don't get distracted by the seemingly endless stream of scandalous photos and videos, Glenn warns, it's what's coming out about Hunter's overseas business dealings that should be all over the media, because Joe Biden is involved too.

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode here.

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream