A story of Christmas magic

A True Christmas Story.

The kids were all down for the night. Our final package had been wrapped and we were still trying to settle our stomachs from one too many cookies when Tania and I, laying in bed drifting to sleep, heard a noise on the roof.

Any other night, I would have grabbed my gun while Tania called 911. But tonight, being Christmas Eve, we knew "who" it was. We decided to stay in bed, hearts racing, knowing that we would "blow Christmas" had we attempted to "catch Santa in the act."

I thought what we heard was the sleigh taking off the roof, not arriving. But we waited about twenty minutes just in case.

After watching the clock slowly tick the minutes off in seconds that seemed like hours, I slowly got up, opened the bedroom door and began to tread lightly down the hall.

About halfway to the living room, I realized if he was still in the house I would disturb him and I didn't want to be "one of those people." You know the type: "I am such a big fan; I really am not like this; I can see that you're really busy and I didn't want to disturb you BUT...." I have seen it before. I didn't want to be put into the situation where I was dying to ask for a selfie with the King of North Pole. So I did the only thing I could think of, I coughed a bit loudly in the hallway, to give him the chance to lay his finger "aside his nose" and return up the chimney.

As I turned the corner I could see the fireplace and the glass of milk. The room was empty, cookie half eaten and the milk had been swallowed in a hurry as well. I saw that the children's stockings were full and a few toys had been left. Not a large haul this year, but the kids are not in need of much. Santa knows the right amount.

I was just about to turn off the lights and head back to bed when my eye caught ahold of something that I couldn't believe I didn't see at first.


There by the fireplace was a glove, not just any glove but a fur-lined, red leather "Santa glove." At first, I thought he had to have left it by mistake, but then I saw a note rolled up inside.

Santa had left this unbelievable gift for my youngest daughter Cheyenne.

She had just told me a few hours before how all of her friends were telling her that Santa didn't exist and she just didn't understand how they doubted. I think Santa wanted to make sure that she understood --- he believed in her!

As my eyes poured over the note, my heart leapt with pure joy at its message of love, service and Christ.


I rolled the note back up and took a harder look at this magical glove. The note says, "Mrs. Claus made these for me herself to keep my hands warm on my yearly trip."

It must have been years ago. You can see the wear especially on the palm side of the glove. There, on the brown suede, you can see the rope burn or the place where he held the reigns of the reindeer tight over many, many years.

This one glove kept warm the hand that has served children and his God in love for two millennia.

Just in case a skeptic might say it is another man's glove, I noticed, faded just up by the fur, lightly tooled and rubbed darker you can see it says Claus.


I can't wait for Cheyenne to wake up and see what Santa left for her. The note itself is beautiful. Obviously, you could never find something like this in a store, and what parent has the time or talent to "fake" something like this?!?! This is clearly, really the glove of Santa!

I wonder if he will leave the other glove for another child somewhere on the planet.

After I raced back into my room to show Tania, we knew we needed to share this story with you as this glove really doesn't belong to us or Cheyenne. While it was left to Cheyenne, she needs to understand that she is merely the steward of this message, a message that must be shared with all children of the world who may just be entering that age of doubt.

A message of a lifetime of service to all mankind.

This has really reinforced my belief in the spirit of Santa Claus.

The spirit of Nicholas is a warrior for Christ. The spirit of Claus is real and powerful. It has the ability to change men from self-centered, money-hungry fools to soft, tender-hearted knights.

I know, after working so hard over the last few years on the story, The Immortal Nicolaus, that the man we know as Santa is not about presents, elves or polar bears drinking coke. But rather, he is on a mission to point the whole world toward the return of the Christ. Frankly, it is why I believe he is at the North Pole. What better place on earth to stand watch? It is the place where the stars are brightest the longest. If I am right, he will be the first to see the beacon, that same star that appeared over 2,000 years ago, this time announcing His return.

All wise men knew then, that the scriptures predicted a Messiah would come, be rejected and scorned and die for our sake. He came and the humble and faithful saw Him. Those same scriptures tell us that He is going to return in triumph and glory. All knees shall bend and every tongue confess that He is the Lord Almighty.

Let us be wise and humble enough to not be caught unprepared for His imminent return.


Christ lives.

We mark His simple birth every year on this day.

He is the Savior and Redeemer of the world, the King of Kings and Prince of Peace, it is only through Him that we can truly be saved. His Grace is more than we deserve and more than we need. Let us serve Him by serving our fellow man, our brothers and sisters, with joy and love in our hearts.

Please share this Christmas message left for my daughter with all those who are ready to believe in the real meaning of CHRISTmas.

Glenn Beck

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POLL: Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

Joseph Prezioso / Contributor | Getty Images

Just one day after Hamas’s surprise attack on Israel, which left over 1,400 people Israelis dead, 34 different student groups from Harvard University wrote a joint statement pinning the blame of Hamas' terrorist attack on Israel. In the following days after publishing this callous statement, these students staged a walkout and rallied in support of the Palestinians. As Glenn has discussed, this is not an isolated event, and campuses across the country have hosted similar rallies where antisemitic jargon like "we don't want no Jew state" and "globalize the intifada" is freely spewed.

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests?

While the Universities have not officially backed any of these rallies or student groups that organized them, they haven't stopped them either, which raises the question: should they? On one hand, these are American students in American Universities, who are protected by the First Amendment. On the other hand, history tells us how dangerous antisemitism is if left unchecked; and what of the rights of Jewish students to be safe on the campuses they pay to attend? Let us know what you think in the poll below:

Should Universities allow pro-Hamas protests? 

Would you feel safe if your child attended a University that allowed pro-Hamas protests?

 Should Universities allow pro-Israel protests?

Is pro-Hamas rhetoric protected by the First Amendment?

POLL: What do YOU think Israel should do about Gaza?

SAID KHATIB / Contributor | Getty Images

Should Israel take over Gaza after defeating Hamas? This contentious historical question has resurfaced amid Israel's retaliatory airstrikes in Gaza following Hamas' terror attacks, which resulted in the greatest death of Jews since the Holocaust. Biden and the global elites have warned Israel against occupation of the Palestinian territory. When asked on 60 Minutes if he would support the Israeli occupation of Gaza, Biden said, “I think it would be a big mistake.” Today Glenn responded to Biden’s answer: “I don't think it's a mistake to occupy."

This has been a long-standing, polarizing issue that is now more relevant than ever, and we want to hear YOUR thoughts. Let us know in the poll below:

Would you support an Israeli occupation of Gaza?

Do you think the Israeli airstrikes in Gaza are justified?

Do you think a two-state solution is still possible?

Funding IRAN?! Here are the TOP 5 reasons Joe Biden should be IMPEACHED

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

On September 12th, the House announced an official impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden with allegations of abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption. Naturally, the media quickly jumped to the President’s aid claiming that “there is no evidence to support these claims” and that the whole affair is a witch hunt.

If you’ve been listening to Glenn, you know that this is simply not the case. Biden has been committing impeachment-worthy deeds before he even stepped foot into the Oval Office—there’s no shortage of evidence to justify this inquiry. Here are 5 scathing reasons why Biden should be impeached:

He was responsible for the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

Click here for full video

The Biden administration began with the US's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Under his watch, Biden left thousands of US citizens and allies stranded in the Taliban's hostile regime. Countless Afghan allies have been murdered by the Taliban due to the Biden administration's negligence.

He was involved with Hunter Biden's illicit foreign business dealings.

Click here for full video

There is clear evidence that Joe Biden was more than aware of his son Hunter's foreign business dealings. From suspicious money laundering through the Biden family's accounts to Joe's involvement with important business meetings within Hunter's company, there is mounting evidence to warrant an impeachment inquiry.

He lied about his involvement with Hunter's business dealings.

Click here for full video

Not only did Biden involve himself with his son's less-than-legal foreign business ventures, but he lied to the American people about it too, claiming he had NO KNOWLEDGE of what was going on.

He failed to protect the Southern border, and actively made it worse.

Click here for full video

Biden singlehandedly turned the Southern border into the worst illegal immigration crisis in US history. He reversed many policies set in place by the Trump administration, resulting in 2.3 million illegal immigrants flooding into the US under his watch, a historic high.


Click here for full video

Biden reversed the Trump-era policy that halted all funds going into Iran. The Wall Street Journal revealed the smoking-gun evidence proving that Iran trained AND funded Hamas before its gruesome terror attacks against Israel. Moreover, shortly before the attacks, the Biden administration unfroze $6 BILLION dollars of Iran's assets as a part of a prisoner swap. On top of this, Biden resumed $200 million worth of "humanitarian aid" to Gaza that Trump had ended—because the money was being used to buy weapons for Hamas.