Donald Trump vs. The Constitution

On radio Thursday, Glenn discussed a Politico article by Rich Lowry, which Glenn called "really, really good and right on the money."

The article sheds light on Trump's apparent unfamiliarity with the U.S. Constitution, questioning how the real-estate mogul has gained the support of so many Tea Party conservatives.

The opening line reads, "No one will ever mistake Donald Trump for a student of James Madison."

Listen to Glenn's commentary and decide for yourself.

Below is a rush transcript of this segment, it might contain errors.

GLENN: No one will ever mistake Donald Trump for a student of James Madison.


GLENN: The real estate mogul has demonstrated about as much familiarity with the US Constitution as with the Bible, which is to say none.

Trump has captivated a share of the Tea Party with a style of politics utterly alien to the Constitution. In the year of Trump, the right is experiencing a post constitutional movement and moment. This wouldn't have seemed possible just a few years ago. In 2010, the newly arrived Tea Party produced a class of constitutional obsessives like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, who were not focused just on what government shouldn't do, but on what government couldn't do and why.

After the passionate conservatism of George W. Bush and the earmark happy excesses of a congressional Republican in the Bush years, the Tea Party rebaptized the G.O.P. in the faith of limited government and constitutional constraints.

If you weren't down with the Tenth Amendment, you weren't down with the Tea Party. Glenn Beck earnestly explored the Founding Fathers with his audience. It was a time once again of first principles. Rand Paul who sells autographed copies of the Constitution is a Libertarian. He makes constitutional persnicketiness, he takes it to a high art. Paul, by the way, is the guy who objected that closing down part of the internet, as Trump has proposed, would be unconstitutional, not that it has seemed to have made much of an impression on Donald Trump or anyone else.

Trump exists in a plane where there isn't a Congress or a Constitution. There are no tradeoffs or limits. There is only his will and a team of experts who will figure out how to do whatever it is he wants to do, no matter how seemingly impossible.

The thought, "You can't do that never seems to occur to him." He would deport the American-born children of illegal immigrants. He has mused about shutting down mosques and creating databases of Muslims. He has praised FDR's internment of the Japanese-Americans in World War II. In Trump's world, constitutional niceties, indeed any constraints whatsoever, are for losers. It's only strength that matters. It shouldn't be a surprise that he expresses admiration for Vladimir Putin, as a powerful leader who is highly respected within his own country and beyond.

Trump's call to steal Iraqi's oil and kill the families of terrorists are in the Putin-esque key. For some, on the right, clearly the Constitution was an instrument, rather than a principle. It was just merely a means to stop Obama. And it has been found lacking.

Trump is a reaction to Obama's weaknesses. But also to his exaggerated view of executive power. Trump rejects the former, but is perfectly comfortable taking up the latter. Progressives have been perfectly willing to bless Obama's post constitutional government. Trump's implicit promise is to respond in kind, and his supporters think it's about damn time.

What he has done is to unmoor conservative's populism from its traditional ideological commitments, including those to constitutionalism and limited government. Pure populism is inherently intentioned with constitutional conservatives. The Constitution is a device for frustrating popular enthusiasms, as are federalism, checks and balances, and the rule of law.

It's why impassioned factions usually have very little patience for those things and why they are so central to checking government and protecting individual rights. If the right's devotion to these things wanes, it will not only be a loss for constitutional conservatives, but also for America.

Rich Lowry. Really, really good and right on the money.

STU: And a huge part of the frustration, I think with people who work so hard with the Tea Party and work so hard to focus us on constitutional principles and limited government -- I mean, just because Trump says things that you generally agree with, does not mean he gets to trample over the Constitution to do them.

Featured Image: Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump interviewed by journalist Wolf Blitzer for The Situation Room on CNN on January 6, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Regine Mahaux/Getty Images)

Legal scholar and famed criminal defense attorney Alan Dershowitz has a message for partisans dividing America: "A plague on both your houses." He voted for Hillary Clinton. He endorsed Joe Biden. He's a man who is basically the Forrest Gump of American judicial history.

Look up a big court case over the past few decades, and you'll probably see him standing in the background. He's represented notorious clients like Mike Tyson, Patty Hearst, Harry Reems, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and yes, Donald Trump. It's made him a target for both the left and right.

Alan also describes himself as a "civil libertarian," and that's probably why he and Glenn Beck get along despite their opposing political views. His story is like a history lesson, spanning half a century, and it just might be the key to bridging the political divide.

On this week's podcast, Alan explained that while he's a strong defender of the Constitution, he's never been a big fan of the Second Amendment. In the past he's called it absurd and outdated, and even today, he admits that he wouldn't have ingrained it into our Constitution if he was a framer. However, with the whole Bill of Rights under attack, he's now fully in defense of our right to bear arms. Because if the Second Amendment changes, any amendment could be next.

"I'm now a supporter of the Second Amendment. I don't want to change it. I don't want to change one word of it, because I'm afraid that if I get to change the Second Amendment, other people will get to change the First Amendment, and the Fifth Amendment," Alan said. "So, I am committed to preserving the Bill of Rights, every single word, every comma, and every space between the words."

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Investigative reporter David Steinberg joined the radio program Monday, to explain how a new video may provide enough evidence to begin a FBI investigation into alleged illegal practices by Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar's campaign.

In the video, which was produced and released by Project Veritas, residents of Omar's community describe campaign teams that not only conduct illegal ballot harvesting practices but also pay people for their blank absentee ballots.

Steinberg told Glenn that, if these charges prove to be true, the federal government could bypass Omar's friend and protector, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. Could 2020 be the beginning of the end for Omar's political career?

Watch the video below to catch Glenn's conversation with David Steinberg:

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Mike Fratantuono is the manager of Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie, Maryland. He wrote in the Washington Post's COVID-19 series about the recent, heartbreaking loss of his business, a restaurant that has been in his family for "four generations and counting."

"I know this virus is real, okay? It's real and it's awful. I'm not disputing any of that," Mike wrote. "But our national hysteria is worse. We allowed the virus to take over our economy, our small businesses, our schools, our social lives, our whole quality of life. We surrendered, and now everything is infected."

On the radio program Monday, Glenn Beck reacted to Mike's letter, which he shared in full, adding his hope that those in government are ultimately held responsible for what he called the biggest theft of the Western world.

"This is the biggest theft of, not only money, but of heritage and of hope," Glenn said. "The United States government and many of the states are responsible for this, not you. And hopefully someday soon, we'll return to some semblance of sanity, and those responsible for this theft, this rape of the Western world, will be held responsible."

Watch the video below for more details:

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We did our homework over the weekend; we did the research so we can tell you what is likely coming from Senate Democrats regarding President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett. Based on our research and the anonymous people who have already come forward to talk about Coney Barrett's youth, these are the main shocking things you can expect Senate Democrats to seize on during the confirmation process…

A man has come forward under the banner of "#MenToo," to say that in second grade, Amy Coney Barrett and her best friend at the time, cornered him at a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese and "injected him with a full dose of cooties." Which, if true, would obviously be disqualifying for serving on the highest court in the land.

Then there's a woman who says when she was nine-years-old, she lived on the same street as Amy Coney Barrett. She alleges that Coney-Barrett borrowed her VHS tape of Herbie Goes Bananas and did not return it for at least six months. And then when she did finally get the tape back, the woman says Coney Barrett did not even bother to rewind it. The FBI has interviewed at least two witnesses so far who say the tape was indeed not rewound and that it was very upsetting to the owner of the tape. Again, if true, this is troubling – clearly not the kind of integrity you want to see in a Supreme Court justice.

Apparently, in their elementary school days, they liked to drink milk – and lots of it.

The same neighbor also dropped a bombshell allegation about the drinking problem of Amy Coney Barrett and her closest friends. Apparently, in their elementary school days, they liked to drink milk – and lots of it. The neighbor says she "frequently" witnessed Coney-Barrett and her friends chugging entire cartons of milk – often Whole Milk, sometimes Chocolate Milk, occasionally both at the same time through a funnel.

Unfortunately, shooting-up cooties, injurious rewinding, and potential calcium-abuse are not even the worst of it.

A third person has now come forward, another man, and this is just reprehensible, it's hard to even fathom. But he alleges that in fourth grade, when they were around ten-years-old, Amy Coney Barrett and a group of "four or five of her friends" gang-GRAPED him on the playground during recess. He alleges the group of friends snuck uneaten grapes out of the cafeteria and gang-GRAPED him repeatedly in broad daylight. In other words, and I hate to have to spell this out because it's kind of graphic, but the group led by ten-year-old Amy Coney Barrett pelted this poor defenseless boy with whole grapes. He recalls them "laughing the whole time" as they were gang-GRAPING him.

He recalls them "laughing the whole time" as they were gang-GRAPING him.

Obviously, even if just one of these allegations is half-true, no Senator with a conscience could possibly vote to confirm Coney Barrett. When there is a clear pattern of destructive childhood behavior, it always continues into adulthood. Because people do not change. Ever.

Fortunately, for the sake of the Republic, Democrats plan to subpoena Coney Barrett's childhood diary, to see what, if any, insights it may provide into her calcium habits, as well as her abuse of illicit cooties and the gang-GRAPING incident.

We will keep you posted on the latest, but for now, it looks like Democrats will find plenty in the reckless pre-teen life of Amy Coney Barrett to cast doubt on her nomination. And if not, they can always fall back on her deranged preference for letting babies be born.

[NOTE: The preceding was a parody written by MRA writer Nathan Nipper.]