Glenn to Megyn Kelly: Russia Is Trying to Foment Revolution on Our Streets

Glenn appeared on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly Tuesday night to discuss, among other things, his new book Liars: How Progressives Exploit Our Fear for Power and Control, available in bookstores everywhere. Kelly kicked off by asking about Trump's recent public bumblings on crying babies, Gold Star families and sexual harassment in the workplace. Glenn, however, redirected the conversation to a topic everyone should be talking about but isn't.

"Russia is trying to destabilize our political system," Glenn said.

He warned about Alexandr Dugin, a key advisor to Putin and a very dangerous man.

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"He thinks that Hitler just didn't go far enough. He's the guy who advised Putin to go into Crimea. He is now giving speeches in Russia where he is saying, 'We have infiltrated into the political system.' I don't think that Hillary or Donald are involved in this in any way, but what they're trying to do is seed revolution on the streets," Glenn warned. "I do believe --- based on their words only --- that Russia is trying to take down Hillary Clinton, destabilize our election and foment revolution on our streets."

Based on an interview conducted last week, Kelly agreed.

"You may be on to something there because General John Allen told me last week when he was endorsing Hillary Clinton that, in his experience, the Russians study our elections very closely and they study our candidates very closely, almost from an anthropological standpoint to understand their psyche," Kelly said.

Putin's study has paid off. He knows very well that under Reagan's policies in the 1980s, the Soviet Union collapsed.

"Putin is going to pay us back and that's exactly what he's trying to do right now. And the media and our politicians need to grow up and start talking about it. The one politician that should be on every channel tonight --- and I'm not a fan of this man's policies --- is Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney called this and everybody mocked him. We are about to find out that Russia is our biggest foe and our biggest nightmare," Glenn said.

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"That was when President Obama said, 'Russia called and they want to get their 1980s foreign policy back.'" Megyn recalled.

Kelly also took the opportunity to graciously admit she was wrong when speculating about Ted Cruz's speech at the Republican National Convention, assuming he would endorse Trump.

"So, I was wrong in the prediction of how that was gonna go," Kelly said.

Watch Glenn's full interview with Megyn Kelly, courtesy of Fox News, below:

Featured Image: Screenshot of Glenn Beck on The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, August 2, 2016.

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