Glenn Responds to Hollywood's Newfound Love of the Constitution

It was just a few short years ago that liberals released a video, pledging their allegiance to the president, not Congress.

"This came out right after President Obama was elected, and it scared many of us to the core because even George Washington warned against it. He was a guy who they wanted to make king, and he said, No man should serve more than two terms, and we do not pledge our allegiance to a president. I don't do it to Trump. I wouldn't do it to Reagan. I wouldn't do it to Obama. You don't do it. It's un-American," Glenn said on his radio program Thursday.

In an apparent change of heart, a group of Hollywood actors has released a video urging Congress to do its job and block the president.

Aside from the glaring hypocrisy, Glenn urged the left and the media to examine their approach and avoid inflicting further damage to the country.

"Because I know how the rhetoric feels," Glenn said. "I learned my lesson three years ago. It's not what I said. It's how I said it many times. And it makes people feel horrible. It makes them want to strike back."

Eight years ago (and four years ago), conservatives felt exactly the way liberals feel now: terrified. But there seems to be little realization of that on the left.

"How have you forgotten so soon?" Glenn asked.

Enjoy this complimentary clip from The Glenn Beck Program:



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GLENN: For months, I have been begging people on the left, "Please don't make the same mistakes that I made during the last two elections." I've talked to the New York Times about it. I've talked to Charlie Rose on -- I talked to NPR in one of the worst interviews done by the most unprofessional journalist I have ever encountered. I've talked to Rolling Stone magazine. I've talked to Samantha Bee. Why?

Because I know how the rhetoric feels. I learned my lesson three years ago. It's not what I said. It's how I said it many times.

And it makes people feel horrible. And it makes them want to strike back. Now, that's the way we felt for eight years. Now you're in that position. I've tried to remind you on the left what you were saying to me eight years ago.

How have you forgotten so soon? Do you remember how you felt in 2008 and 2009, when many of us on the right said, "We're really worried for the future of our country. We're worried that this president is gaining so much power, he could become a dictator. That we worried that a guy who had socialist or Marxist leanings and had been surrounded by actual communists his entire life and who shared his admiration for central principles of Marxism, like the redistribution of wealth, when he said those things during the campaign and then elected the president of the United States, we said, "Wait a minute he's espousing Marxist attitudes, something that is absolutely 180 degrees different direction than the Constitution and the founding of the United States." And what were you calling me? What were you calling people on the right?

You first called us racists. Then we were McCarthyites. Then we were on a witch hunt. Then we were crackpots. Conspiracy theorists. Why? Conspiracy theorists because I believe we're in such a fragile situation that the president of the United States could make a move on the global scale that could throw us into World War III, or he could make moves that would throw us into economic depression.

But that was a conspiracy theory. But now those are the things you're worried about. And there are people on the right who think those have all been solved. They haven't been solved. No man can solve these problems. Only the Constitution can solve these problems.

Now you're on the other side of it. And you're doing the same thing I did. You're making the same mistakes that I made. I want you to hear carefully: I do not take back a single concern that I had over the last 12 or 15 years. Not one.

But as I've said over and over again, the way I went about expressing those concerns didn't work. It made things worse.

And now you're doing it.

Glenn gives the latest coronavirus numbers, updating YOU on everything needed to know as Americans and officials monitor China's new COVID-19 virus:

Daily Stats as of 5:30 AM CT (from John's Hopkins)

  • Total Confirmed Cases Worldwide: 799,995 (up from 735,135 Yesterday)
  • Total Confirmed Deaths Worldwide: 38,735 (up from 34,807 Yesterday)
  • Total Confirmed Recovered Worldwide: 169,995 (up from 155,950 Yesterday)
  • 5% of Active Cases are considered serious (requiring hospitalization) Steady from 5% Yesterday, but down from 19% high back in February
  • Note that 11% of US Confirmed Cases require Hospitalization, roughly on par with Italy at 12% requiring hospitalization
  • US has 164,359 Confirmed Cases and 3,173 Deaths, up from 142,746 cases and 2,489 deaths Yesterday
  • The United States of America now leads the world in total confirmed cases, with 63,000 more cases than Italy (although Italy leads the world in Deaths with 11,591 officially dead)
  • US has 3,173 Dead vs 5,507 Recovered and 3,512 in Critical Condition
  • The US Currently has 155,679 Active Cases of COVID-19, with less than 0.6% of the total US population tested
  • 15% of Americans who have been tested have been diagnosed with COVID-19
The Moment of Trump's Conversion: Dr Anthony Fauci Takes Full Responsibility
  • Dr Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the coronavirus task force, explained on CNN that Trump listened and "got it right away" after being shown new data projecting as many as 3 Million deaths in the US if COVID-19 mitigation policies were lifted.
  • Fauci also said Trump's "first goal is to prevent suffering and death" and this was part of the reason why he knew the COVID-19 guidelines should be extended.
  • "You know, interestingly, we showed him the data, he looked at the data and he got it right away, it was a pretty clear picture," according to Fauci.
  • "Dr. Debbie Birx and I went in together and leaned over his desk and said 'Here is the data, take a look.'
  • Trump reportedly looked at them, understood the implications and he shook his head and said 'I guess we got to do it.'
  • "Medically, this is the right decision, and I stand behind it 100%," Fauci said.
  • "From a public health standpoint, we felt strongly that it would have been the wrong decision to pull back," Fauci said. "I mean, we are scientists, physicians, public health officials. We're not economists. We're sensitive to the idea that the economy could suffer, but weigh that against tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of American lives."
  • " was patently obvious looking at the data that at the end of the day if we try to push back prematurely, not only would we lose lives, but it probably would hurt the economy as well. So you would lose on double accounts. So, to us, there was no question what the right choice was."
Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland Join States Issuing House Arrest Orders
  • Maryland and Virginia became the latest states on Monday to enact "stay-at-home" mandates amid the coronavirus outbreak, except for essential travel for work.
  • Virginia's order is in effect until June 10, making it one of the longest statewide mandates implemented so far.
  • Maryland's penalties for violating its order are among some of the strictest in the country, including a $1000 fine, and up to 30 days jail time for repeat offenders.
  • In total, more than 210 Million Americans now effectively live under some form of House Arrest or Shelter In Place type orders, with another, 50 Million facing travel or shopping/eating restrictions.
  • Only 6 states have not closed schools.