How to Rein in Stifling Regulations That Hurt Companies and Kill Jobs

How do we restrict the power of political appointees to federal agencies, stopping them from creating industry-stifling and job-killing regulations?

"The first thing you do is you give the power back to Congress," Glenn said Wednesday on radio.

Passing the REINS Act (Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act) would do just that, increasing accountability for and transparency in the federal regulatory process by requiring Congress to approve all new major regulations.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has been a vocal supporter of the REINS Act.

"He says this will fix 90 percent of what is wrong with regulation," Glenn said.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

GLENN: So one of the things I found really interesting in that was it wasn't, as the author writes, and he was living through it in the 1930s -- this was a book that was written in the 1930s and then found later by his family and published in the 2000s. He said, "What made it so dangerous is that everyone dismissed everything that was going on by Hitler and prior to Hitler because first, it was an emergency. And we had to do these things because it was an emergency during the Weimar Republic." And then it became -- it became settled. Everything kind of settled down. And Hitler came in.

And when Hitler came in, they said -- he said the argument for what Hitler was doing, by everybody, the normalcy bias -- everybody was looking for it to be normal. And everybody was saying, "No, he's doing it exactly constitutional. He's doing it exactly the right way. He's demanding that it be done the right way."

And so everything -- every law was passed. It was very important, Adolf Hitler, that it was done exactly right at the beginning.

STU: Right. Partially because he had already had so many legal problems. And, you know, he tried to overturn the government earlier and went to prison.

GLENN: Correct.

STU: So he was constantly trying to justify that his organization was lawful --

GLENN: Is legitimate. Was legitimate and lawful. And then, of course, in the end, everything was suspended, and it became him. And so he had his way.

So make no mistake, fascism and totalitarianism can happen through lawlessness or by controlling the government and passing all of the exact laws and dotting all the I's. That cannot be done with our Constitution because of the Bill of Rights.

You cannot pass laws that spy on people, that round people up, that border people into your homes, that hold you without trial. None of that. The one thing that Hitler did not have was the Constitution of the United States. No country on earth has the Constitution.

If we dismiss it now in easy times, when hard times come, it will for sure be dismissed. And then all of your protections go away. And it is the law that is doing it to you.

And believe me, we're going to be telling a story of a lawsuit that has happened to me recently that my First Amendment attorneys could not believe.

And it was -- it had everything to do with the United States government. The things the government claims they can do and now do, will astonish you. To the point to where I said to my attorney, "Wait a minute. There's no way for my -- there's no way for me to defend myself because the government is holding all the cards and we have no access to any of those cards, even though they admit they have the cards." Yes.

Well, why can't I get those cards to defend myself?

Well, the Constitution requires them. If it is in your defense, you have to be able to have them.

So why aren't they giving them?

Because they claim they don't have to do it anymore.

JEFFY: Oh, okay.

GLENN: I'm telling you, when it is you that is sitting across from the government and the government holds all of the cards and you no longer have power, you no longer work for you and the government no longer works for you, you now answer to the government. When they have that kind of total control, you're in trouble. And we're already there. They just haven't exercised it, in any meaningful way.

But we're already there. You cannot lose anymore rights. The Constitution -- we all love the Constitution, period. No "but." Period.

Mark, you're on the Glenn Beck Program. Hello, Mark. Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: Hello, I'm here. Can you hear me now?

GLENN: Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: Okay. Hey. Hi to you and the guys there.

Hey, you know, when you have bureaucrats in office, especially when they're liberal, it's almost impossible to get rid of them. I was reading an article a month ago. There was a 122 positions that were usually political appointees that the -- civil service department heads deemed 87 of them now as permanent jobs that Obama has filled. So how do we go about getting those changed back so that way the role of the president can be done? Constitutionally, can he do it?

GLENN: You do -- yeah. A couple things, yes, because all of the departments are under the president of the United States.

CALLER: Yeah. But how do you get rid of those bureaucrats, who are entrenched, who pass these, quote, unquote, mandates and laws like the EPA and stuff?

GLENN: You do this -- the first thing you do is you give the power back to Congress. And you support, what is it, the REINS Act, which actually gives the power back to Congress. Nothing can be passed by these departments. They cannot act on their own. Congress writes all laws, which is a redrawing of the lines of the Constitution and just making the Constitution in bolder print and taking away the power of -- of the -- so you won't have to worry about anything future.

Then the best way to --

CALLER: Does Paul Ryan and McConnell have the backbone for it?

GLENN: I don't know.

STU: I think they might pass that. I think they might actually -- I think it might actually get through. Obviously, Trump would need to sign it. But I think he would.

GLENN: It is the number one agenda item for people in the freedom movement, and it's --

STU: Mike Lee in particular has led the charge on this, among others.

GLENN: Yeah. He says this will fix 90 percent of what is wrong with regulation.

STU: Yeah, any big regulation that costs -- I don't know. Was it $100 million or more? I think that's the number. Has to go back and go through Congress.

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It's never too early to start your Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa shopping. Or even birthday gift shopping. Especially if that special someone in your life is a Democrat. Because at last count, pretty much all the Democrats are now running for president. And that means there has never been a wider selection of official candidate merchandise to choose from. Whether you're into environmentalism, feminism, classism, socialism, or just plain love, there is a smorgasbord of classy items that you and yours will treasure forever... or at least until the next presidential election.

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Tom Steyer, for example – is he still in the race?

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This was one of the first homesteads in the area in the 1880's and was just begging to be brought back to its original glory — with a touch of modern. When we first purchased the property, it was full of old stuff without any running water, central heat or AC, so needless to say, we had a huge project ahead of us. It took some vision and a whole lot of trust, but the mess we started with seven years ago is now a place we hope the original owners would be proud of.

To restore something like this is really does take a village. It doesn't take much money to make it cozy inside, if like me you are willing to take time and gather things here and there from thrift shops and little antique shops in the middle of nowhere.

But finding the right craftsman is a different story.

Matt Jensen and his assistant Rob did this entire job from sketches I made. Because he built this in his off hours it took just over a year, but so worth the wait. It wasn't easy as it was 18"out of square. He had to build around that as the entire thing we felt would collapse. Matt just reinforced the structure and we love its imperfections.

Here are a few pictures of the process and the transformation from where we started to where we are now:

​How it was

It doesn't look like much yet, but just you wait and see!

By request a photo tour of the restored cabin. I start doing the interior design in earnest tomorrow after the show, but all of the construction guys are now done. So I mopped the floors, washed the sheets, some friends helped by washing the windows. And now the unofficial / official tour.

The Property

The views are absolutely stunning and completely peaceful.