Conservatives Don't Need Grief Counselors on Inauguration Day

In yet another attempt to shield our youth from the detrimental impact of reality, grief counselors have been brought into some schools for students or teachers having trouble dealing with Donald Trump's inauguration.

"What about the grief of the people who disagreed with you last time? What about those people? They were called names if they disagreed," Glenn said Friday on radio.

The blind hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness is stunning.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

GLENN: It's going to be hard because they are so blind to the hypocrisy. And quite honestly, it's going to be hard for them because many of us are very blind to our own hypocrisy. What wasn't okay for Obama to do is suddenly okay for us to do because it's our guy. When we say how could they possibly be for this when they were against it four years ago? Where were they then? We can't have people say that about us. We have to be consistent. And like I said, it's going to be hard because in Ohio state today, at Ohio state, they have a safe space for anybody who's afraid of the inauguration.

STU: Oh, god.

PAT: How can you possibly think that's preparing these kids for the world? Are there going to be safe spaces isn't life? Where you don't have to hear anything that bothers you?

GLENN: A safe space.

PAT: I think it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of in my life.

GLENN: Greg is on the phone. There are counselors in public schools now in Connecticut for today. Greg, are you a teacher?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

GLENN: Okay.

CALLER: By the way, good morning to you and your assembled coworkers.

GLENN: Thank you very much.


So, Greg, tell me what's happening in Connecticut.

CALLER: Well, you can -- if you dig a little bit deeper and pardon me my voice, I have a cold. But if you dig a little bit deeper, it's not just my district, it's quite a few districts where not only after the election but now with the inauguration, they're charging the social workers, psychologists, and counselors in the schools to provide grief counseling for any faculty or students that are not happy with the state of the nation right now.

GLENN: Greg, was there anything to reach out to those in the last eight years that might have been upset with the direction of the country under Barack Obama?

CALLER: No, and it was -- I was listening to you talk about it eight years ago. Eight years ago I had left my full-time career of 20 years in business to go back to school to be a history teacher, and I was in college at the time that Obama won, and it was complete ecstasy amongst the kids. They were kids compared to me. That I was going to school with. And I think back to that now, and I think now I'm looking at these young people instead of learning to cope with change. They're being -- their feelings are being enabled, and they're never going to learn how to deal with this stuff.

GLENN: Yeah, and it's -- to me, it also says that you're right and half of the country is wrong.

CALLER: Correct. I totally agree.

GLENN: Because what about the grief of the people who disagreed with you last time? What about those people? You were called names if you disagreed.

CALLER: Oh, yeah, and I live in Connecticut, so you can imagine what it was like.

GLENN: Oh, no, eight years ago, I was living in Connecticut.

CALLER: Yes, I remember. I listen to you all the time. I remember when you were doing radio in Connecticut.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry for that. What were you? Three?

CALLER: Yeah, I wish.

GLENN: Eight years ago if you were in college, then --

PAT: Well, he was older, though.

GLENN: Because I was doing radio in the '90s. It must have been grade school for you.

CALLER: No, I was in my 30s.

GLENN: Okay. I can't work out the math. You're in your 30s now.

CALLER: I'm in my 50s now.

GLENN: Oh, okay.

STU: I was in school and listened to you on the radio.

GLENN: Shut up. My wife was neither junior high or high school, so it wasn't -- you know, I first met her, we first started dating and stuff. She was, like, I used to listen to you when I was a kid. And I was, like, all right. Stop what is that? That's creepy.

Thanks, Greg, for your phone call.

This plays a bigger role than I think we realize. We have to find a way to not -- to not dismiss people's feelings or call them names when we hear about the grief counselors. But we have to find a way to talk to people now and show them that this is not healthy for our society.

If you would have had grief counselors, you know, we're moving into a new studio tomorrow. Sorry. Thinking out loud here.

PAT: Monday.

GLENN: Yeah, Monday we're moving into a new studio for the radio show. Brand-new season. Brand-new president. And I've painted some paintings for the walls. And one of them is the mask of George Washington. The life mask of George Washington. And he's weeping, and you'll see it on Monday. And I call it the mask of civility.

This is a prime example of what that means. The mask of civility. Here we have -- here we have social workers. We have the most caring, the most loving, the ones who understand the human psyche who had no compassion for those who felt their country was being ripped apart. No compassion. They were called outsiders. They were called old thinkers. They were just trying to block progress. No compassion to somebody who said wait. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let's remember who we are in the first place. No compassion.

The ones we pay to help teach us to be compassionate. It's the mask of civility.

Now, how do we get that across to people? Because we can either whine about it, bitch about it, call people names, say what babies they are, which is not going to -- nobody will listen to that. And we'll miss possibly an opportunity. I don't know how to get there.

Because my first response is what a bunch of two-faced hypocritical babies.

PAT: Well, yeah, that should be your first response.

GLENN: That's what they are.

PAT: It is. What a bunch of numskulls. How could you possibly think this is good for these kids? Say, yeah. Let's shelter them from reality. Why would you do that? Why?

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