Here's Why Comparing Crowds Is Absolutely Meaningless

A perplexed Glenn took to the radio Tuesday, reacting to Trump's press secretary's bold-faced lie about the newly elected President's inauguration being the "largest ever."

"No, it wasn't," Glenn said. "The pictures clearly show it wasn't. But it doesn't matter!"

Glenn emphasized that trying to compare the election of the first black president to anyone else's was a complete waste of time.

"I got news for you, except for the last one, every single one of them was a white guy," Glenn said. "Almost every single one of them was a rich white guy. There was no first here."

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GLENN: Why would you do this?

Donald Trump sent the press secretary out to say this was the largest crowd of any inauguration ever.

No, it wasn't. The pictures clearly show it wasn't. But it doesn't matter!

First of all, it was the first black president inaugurated in Washington, DC. It was historic for African-Americans alone. People who wanted to bring their kids there to see history, the first time it had ever happened. I got news for you, except for the last one, every single one of them was a white guy. Almost every single one of them was a rich white guy. There was no first here.

Yes, it was -- you could say that it was historic in different ways, but not the way it was with Obama. Plus, it was in the District of Columbia!

A, very heavy black population. B, the surrounding area is flame-throwing liberal. It leans liberal, definitely progressive.

Of course, he had a bigger crowd. If you would have done the inauguration in Texas, you would have had a bigger crowd.

STU: Yeah, that -- Trump earned 4 percent of the vote in Washington, DC. Four.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: So, of course, he's not going to have as big a crowd.

GLENN: It's meaningless.

STU: It doesn't mean anything about his presidency. It doesn't mean anything about -- it doesn't mean people aren't inspired by him. It means absolutely nothing, which is why it's such a perplexing lie.

GLENN: And here's something else: Everybody who voted for you, Donald -- everybody -- I shouldn't say everybody -- a lot of people, they despise Washington, DC, now. They don't like the capitol. They don't like the people in the capitol. They're sick of it. They think the whole thing is corrupt.

Why would they be going to Washington? They want to see you as the outsider, not as the grand insider.

So they don't -- they're not connected to it. They -- it's different than it was with Ronald Reagan. And it's meaningless, Donald Trump. It's meaningless.

I should start calling him Mr. President.

It's meaningless. It says nothing about you. It says nothing about your administration.

But to send somebody out to lie does say something about you. And not good things. Why would you do that? Why? Stop it.

Please, for the sake of the republic, for the sake of your administration, stop with the easy lies. You're not going to get away with them.

I mean, I know Barack Obama, "You can keep your doctor. If you like your doctor, you can keep it," that was a lie, but it wasn't even an easy lie.

You got to stop, and you got to be president.

Will the Democrat Party Let Kamala Harris Remove Joe Biden With the 25th Amendment?

Will the Democrat Party Let Kamala Harris Remove Joe Biden With the 25th Amendment?

After watching the CNN Presidential Debate, Rep. Chip Roy is calling on Vice President Kamala Harris to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Biden from power. Rep. Roy joins Glenn to explain why he believes this should happen and whether any Democrats will join him: “He should not be Commander in Chief right his second.” He also tells Glenn some of what his Democratic colleagues are saying behind closed doors about Biden’s mental agility.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I led the show today, the comment, you cannot think about politics right now. Politics would say, you just let him go. Let Joe Biden be the candidate.

But it's wrong for the country. And dangerous. Our enemies watched his performance last night. And we are very vulnerable.

Just remember, constitutionally only the Secretary of Defense, the guy who brought us, you know, all of our wonderful exits from Afghanistan and all of the great things our military has been doing lately.

Only he can advise the president, if the football is needed. Only he.

And the president -- read Annie Jacobson's book, nuclear war. There's no way this guy could handle it.

There's no way. And we are -- we are insanely close to somebody doing something stupid.

We cannot have him as president. And Chip Roy. I was glad to see this morning. He's already on it. And he is -- are you putting a bill through? Or are you just trying to gather people to try to encourage the 25th Amendment.

CHIP: Good morning, Glenn Beck. Let me just co-sponsor everything you just said. We all have our political biases. I am a strong supporter of President Trump. I thought he did great last night in terms of laying out his views on the border and all of these issues.

Obviously, those of us who have been following politics have known, that Joe Biden has been diminishing. That he's been demonstrating his clear incapacity and inability to carry out the powers and duties of the office. I think last night, it was on full display in a way that was much more apparent.

And to your point, it was a clearly demonstration -- a clear demonstration to our enemies. You know, and the result of which, is a -- you know, weakened and endangered American people. Not just the nuclear football. Not just the codes. Not just the decision making about those really perilous issues. But just things like handling the border. And to the extent at which people are coming in and killing Americans. The extent to which, we're not pushing up food in the right way. And we're getting into a risk of World War III and Ukraine.

The extent to which we're siding with the Palestinians over Israel. All of these things are a direct consequence of his complete diminished capacity, which again was on full display last night.

So I'm filing either today, or early next week, a very simple resolution. That lays out, those observations. And then simply says, we're call on the vice president of the United States. To exercise her authority under section four.

Under the Constitution. To find the president can no longer carry the duties of the office.

And we believe that she convened the cabinet to do that.

We believe that that's important. And this is a non-political statement.

I happen to believe, that it is beneficial for us politically, to be strong on standing up for the Constitution, and defending the country.

And calling it like I see it. And I think the Democrats will try to pull him down. They will do that anyway. We should not view it through those lenses. That is blindness. We have seven months at least under this guy. And a potential of longer, if you let him run for reelection. And he happens to win.

You know, we can't allow that. So I think President Trump is perfectly defeating him or Kamala Harris or anyone else they want to throw up.

And I think we should right now focus on the fact, that he is unable to faithfully discharge the duties that he has been empowered to do as commander-in-chief.

GLENN: You know, I think the political operatives on the left are so cynical and callous and, you know, power hungry, that they won't understand that a lot of Americans on both sides of the aisle watched that last night and were frightened by what they saw. But also sad.

This was extraordinary to watch the president of the United States. And I watched it last night. And I'm like, if he's declining this much since the State of the Union, what is he going to be like in November? Or January?

He's not going to be all there.

And what does that mean for us?

And look, I don't want the -- for me, personally, if I wanted to look at all of these politically.

I would say, let him one.

Because Donald Trump, it will be such a massive victory, for Donald Trump.

Because nobody could vote for him.

And I think Kamala Harris, you know, is -- is not a rocket scientist.

And I disagreed with her on almost everything.

And I don't want her to be president either.

But what I do know, it's bad for America if he continues another day. It is bad for my children's safety and your children's safety.

But, you know, you -- everybody in the White House knew it. His cabinet, they know about it. And only Kamala Harris, who is unpopular in the White House, can instigate that. And she has to then go to the cabinet. And you have to -- what is it? A majority of the cabinet, has to say, yes. We agree with you.

CHIP: Correct.

GLENN: They're running the show. They're running the presidency, why would they give up that power?

CHIP: Well, I mean, that's a very good point, which is to some degree the impetus behind my desire to put forward a resolution.

Now, look, there are questions about whether it's -- it can be what we call privileged. Whether he can get a vote on it.

There's questions. You know, I'll let the body kind of work its will a little bit. I think it's important to file it.

I think it's important for at least one member of Congress, maybe others to make these statements that we believe the president is unfit to carry out the duties as command in chief.

And to put pressure on them. And look, if they're going to be political. And they will rally around. And say, we're the secretary. We have all the power. We're calling all the shots.

The millionaires are calling the shots. Biden is going along for it.

If they will be that cynical, then that will play out politically. And I think I've done what I think I should do as a man and as an American and as a member of Congress, who has an oath under the Constitution.

If -- if -- not, you know, then fine. If they go carry it out and they go proceed under the 25th.

It's not like I will be doing jumping jacks and jumping down and being excited about Kamala Harris making good decisions. I mean, good grief. She's got massive deficiencies in terms of her capabilities, and obviously her ideology. But there's a clear distinction, right?

And the president is not even the president that he was when he was elected.

You know, and when he was 20. And, you know, I think that when we look at this, as Americans. As you put it, Glenn. We have an obligation to make that clear. But process-wise for your listeners. The way the 25th Amendment works, the vice president has to make the call, to convene the cabinet, a majority, but then send a letter up to Congress. And they would say, you know, we're assuming the duties. The president can then respond and say, no, you're not. I'm actually competent. And then they can basically challenge it.

Then the cabinet can basically say, nope. You're not. Then the Congress votes.

That's basically the way that votes. Congress will not pass a law to create a different body to do that.

We've never done that.

GLENN: I don't like that. You know, I like the way the 25th Amendment was written. But that assumes that you have Americans all that love country more than self in that cabinet. And it has to come from the cabinet and the vice president.

That way, otherwise, you'll get, you know, the Republicans saying, well, that's another form of impeachment.

Let's get him on this. Or you'll have the Democrats doing that. Somebody will -- will abuse this. You know, I -- you didn't expect that the cabinet would be full of people that were just so power hungry and really must respect the office of the president. And real, try, as they say, democracy or the republic.

You never expected that there would be a group of people that would do that. But that's what they're doing right now if they don't stand up.

Is there any Democrat that would join you on this? Because last night, I -- you know, even Joe Scarborough said today, he's got to step down.

CHIP: It is very clear and widespread. When you have lost the New York Times, when you have lost Joe Scarborough, when you have lost democratic pundits on CNN.

They actually went beyond crying and depression.

They went straight to real concern.

And what I believe actually -- is opportunity.

I believe that Democrats have now known this for a long time.

They have been guilty of trying to hide it from the American people. They have been using him as a puppet. As a Manchurian Candidate. To drive their radical agenda. They have done that. And on purpose.

And that now, they saw that the gig was up. That Trump could win. They were hoping they could keep the Manchurian Candidate in place. They panicked. And they said, you know what, it was a controlled panic.

Let's do this. Let's have an early debate. Let's see how they perform. They didn't perform.

Now they have what they need, to push him aside. And, frankly, end run, Kamala.

That's what I think. I think part of this is prompting to end run Kamala, with someone they can pass and sell maybe to Gretchen Whitmer.

Maybe somebody else.

And come in. And try to rally them around. And beat President Donald Trump.

So for me, I think we have a constitutional duty to protect the Constitution. He's incapable. He's been president for a week and 12 months. I think we should force Democrats to own it.

Make a choice. Do you agree? Do you believe he's competent? And number three, look, let's make them choose.

And if Kamala will exercise it, she will become the president. And they have to decide if they will rally around her or not. Or whether they try to end run over someone else at the convention. I think it puts them in a box.

And I don't think Kamala is the best candidate. So, you know, we could see how it all plays out, but our duty is to the Constitution first.

GLENN: So, again, we go back to asking you, are you in Washington now? Have you heard anybody that is talking on the other side about, hey. This is a real problem. We have to get serious about this?

CHIP: Well, look, I don't want to break confidences, but I've definitively had conversations with some of my Democrat colleagues and others. And they have very real concerns.

People that wouldn't ordinarily say it.

And they are very real concerns. And, look, I just saw something out of social media. You have to take it for what it's worth. With someone saying, they're hearing the wrong claim. And Barack Obama are having to sit down with the president today.

Jill Biden is the one that is saying that she insists that he runs.

And that Kamala is feared that she's not being considered as a replacement. Whitmer and Newsome are. Who knows?

GLENN: That's crazy.

CHIP: Jill Biden is the one that is trying to hold him up. And Biden himself is arrogant. And he doesn't even know himself what's going on. So, you know, if they're going to rely on Biden to step down at the convention, then that may not even happen. Maybe that's good electorally for Republicans and for President Trump. And for us to take our country back.

And look, I'm willing to entertain that notion. But I still think we have the duty right now.

He should not be commander-in-chief, right this second.

Every second is a second in which we're a --

GLENN: You're exactly right. Chip Roy, thank you so much. Appreciate it. God bless.
You bet.

Post-Debate Reaction: The Most TERRIFYING Part of the CNN Presidential Debate

Post-Debate Reaction: The Most TERRIFYING Part of the CNN Presidential Debate

Glenn is furious after watching the CNN Presidential Debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump. But it’s not for the reason you may think. President Biden’s performance was terrifying – he looked and sounded old, seemed to lose track of his sentences, and lied all over the place – and even the mainstream media is panicking. But while they all talk politics, Glenn says they should be talking about the COUNTRY: “How do we get this man away from the nuclear football?!”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Wow! Wow! Last night, I watched something I've never seen before.

This country just continues to get more and more bizarre.

When the president -- I'm going to spend some time here talking as if you've watched the debate last night.

Because we have so much to cover. But I will tell you -- let me just play the first thing that came out of Joe Biden's mouth last night. Do we have the first cut with his opening statement, please? Let me look for the number, I'm sorry. It's cut six.

JAKE: President Biden, inflation has slowed, but prices remain high. Since you took office, the price of essentials has increased. For example, a basket of groceries that cost $100 then, now costs more than $120.

And typical home prices have jumped more than 30 percent.

What do you say to voters who feel they are worse off under your presidency, than they were under President Trump.

BIDEN: You're going to take a look at what I was left with when I became president. What Mr. Trump left me.

GLENN: Okay. Stop.

When he walked out first, he looked like The Walking Dead. And I think you're going to be surprised at some of the things I say today because I'm not playing politics. And I'm hearing everyone else play politics.

He looked really bad. Really bad. And then when he opened up his mouth and that came out. Well, I just -- it was breathtaking. Breathtaking. Just his presentation. Continue, please.

JAKE: President Trump.

BIDEN: We're going to take a look at what I was left with when I became president. What Mr. Trump left me.

We had an economy that was in freefall. The pandemic was so badly handled. Many people were dying. All he said was it's not that serious. Just inject a little bleach into your arm, you'll be all right. The economy collapsed. There were no jobs. The unemployment rate rose to 15 percent. It was terrible. And so what we had to do was try to put things back together again, and that's exactly what we had to do.

GLENN: Okay. That's probably the clearest he was all night. Let me give you -- cut 14, please. Biden on the border.

JAKE: -- given that, why should voters trust you to solve this crisis?

BIDEN: Because we worked very hard to get a bipartisan agreement, that not only changed all of that, that made sure we were never in a situation where you had no circumstance, where they could come across the border with the number -- purported -- right now. We significantly increased the number of asylum officers -- significantly -- by the way, the Border Patrolmen endorsed me. Endorsed my position. In addition to that, we found ourself in the situation where, when he was president, he was taking -- separating babies from their mothers. Putting them in cages. Making sure the families were separated. That's not the right way to go.

What I've done, since I've changed the law. What's happened? I've changed it in a way that now, you're in a situation where, 40 percent fewer are coming across the border illegally. It's better than when he left office, and I'm going to continue to move until we get the total ban. The -- the -- the total initiative, relative to what we can do with more Border Patrol and more asylum officers.

JAKE: President Trump.

DONALD: I really don't know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don't think he knows what he said either.

GLENN: Stop. Cut 11. Here's Joe Biden on Medicare.

BIDEN: We would be able to worry about his debt, we would be able to make sure that all those things we need to do, child care, elder care, making sure we continue to strengthen our health care system. Making sure we're able to make every, single, solitary person eligible for what I've been able to do with the -- with the COVID. Excuse me. Dealing with everything we have to do with -- look, if -- we finally beat Medicare.

JAKE: Thank you, President Biden. President Trump.

DONALD: Boy, he's right. He did beat Medicaid. He beat it to death, and he's destroying it again.

GLENN: Okay. Stop. That is one of the first fumbles that Biden made. And notice, Donald Trump did not take a swing at him. He said, yeah. He did. He did hit Medicare. And he damn near destroyed it.

He's not making fun of his age. It's the most restrained I have ever seen Donald Trump.

And we'll get into the strategy, which I believe was the strategy of the night for Biden. Which was a complete and total disaster. Let me -- gosh.

STU: Stunning.

GLENN: It's like Sophie's Choice here. I've got so much that I have to get on the show today. And I just don't -- I'm just -- I'm going to just have to assume, that you knew what happened or that was enough information.

It was something I have never, ever seen before. It was terrifying. Terrifying.

If I'm Putin, I am -- I am storming Europe. If I am China, I am going in to Taiwan, right now. It -- this is the weakest our president has ever appeared. Okay.

Never before in my lifetime. I remember -- I wasn't around for Kennedy. But I remember when Reagan was in the hospital after being shot. And that was a very nerve-wracking time. Because he's not in charge, and he transferred the powers to the vice president, while he was in the hospital right at the beginning. It was terrifying! Because you knew the world was watching. Now, here's -- there are -- there were three things that happened last night. Or a few categories.

One, those who knew -- those who knew that Joe Biden was like this, should be the most freaked out. And I'll explain in a minute.

Those who believed in the media and all of this garbage that, no, this is just Republican, you know, a cheap fake.

He's never been more sharp. He's never been better than he is right now.

He's so sharp and nimble.

Anybody who believed that, and you saw this performance last night.

You were probably in shock.

And you're lost today. You don't know what to think today.

But here's what those people who believed the media and were shocked last night. Here's what you should be thinking today: I cannot trust any of my trusted sources.

Because they all lied to me. And I'll get to it in a second, on why this is so important. Then there were those who -- who ran this con.

And who participated in this con, and I include every member of the press corps.

Anybody who has talked to him, anybody who has seen him, anybody who has seen him up close and personal, has had conversations as the press.

You knew it. You knew it. Also, those who ran the con in the White House and the Democratic Party. Shame on you!

We need -- we do need a list of the people who ran this con.

And covered for him.

And I'll explain why, again, in a second. And then there are those, and they can fit in the last three categories, but the last -- definitely the last two.

Those who are today responding by saying, the democratic party is in trouble. That what are we going to do for the election? Can we get him to step down, before the convention? If we do, how do we pick -- are you out of your mind?

We are now facing nuclear threats that we haven't faced since the 1960s. But in the 1960s, we had a jackass of the Soviet Union, Khrushchev. But he was at least aware.

We had Jack Kennedy, who was in so much pain, not unbeknownst to you.

The doctors were jacking him up on drugs, but at least he was sane and all there!

We have a president, that will have seven minutes to decide. Seven minutes.

You know, I don't know if you know what it is like. If there is a launch of a nuclear weapon, or even one that we think has a nuclear bomb in it.

If North Korea would launch a hypersonic weapon at us, we would have less time than seven minutes.

We wouldn't be able to verify if that was a nuke or not.

The president has seven minutes to decide. And what happens? They open up the football. And they take out what's called the black book of death. That's how serious this is!

It's called the black book of death! They open it up. And it is like a -- it's a -- it's a Cheesecake Factory memo.


And the president has to look through it. And say, okay.

This city, this system, these ships. These silos.

And then the guy who is with the football is kind of like an actuary.

He then has to look at you all of those. And take each selection.

And then go back to the president and say, within seven minutes, okay. Mr. President, this is going to result in this many Ted. Your target is North Korea.

But the -- the selections that you made, some of those cities are up against the border of China. The radiation will blow into China, and you'll kill an additional 250,000 Chinese.

The Chinese will look at that as aggression against them, and they may launch against you. You may now include the Chinese. Also, up north, you're up towards Russia. You're going to kill citizens, in Russia as well.

Is this your selection, sir?

I am so angry today, that I haven't heard one single person on television or in the political realm, talk about the country! They're all talking about an election. How do we replace him before the convention? How do we get him off of the ticket?

How do we get this man away from the football! Do you know what our enemies were thinking last night?

This country is in more danger. Clear and present danger, than we have been, I believe, possibly in my lifetime.

We are weak! The world knows it. We have enemies, everywhere. They know it.

They are threatening nuclear weapons!

We cannot have this man with the black book of death and the button!

Does anyone understand, what you actually saw?

You didn't see a presidential candidate. You saw the president of the United States!

Where is anyone?

If you were celebrating, because you were like, oh, this is going to be great for Trump. A, be careful what you wish for. But, B, more than self, their country loved.
If you are somebody, who is on the left, thinking, oh, well, this just played into the, quote, caricature that the right was trying to build about him. We weren't trying to build that. Do you think we want our country to be destroyed? Does any American want our president to look like that?

Any American? What the hell is wrong with us?

I -- I -- I -- we're in more trouble, not because of -- not because of Joe Biden.

We're in more trouble, because people are not recognizing the danger, that is right in front of us!

You know, I've been saying a lot lately. May God save the republic. He cannot. He cannot do what we won't participate in.

American Elites Have Built a CASTE SYSTEM for You | Glenn TV | Ep 362

American Elites Have Built a CASTE SYSTEM for You | Glenn TV | Ep 362

Lesbian space witches, Chinese communists buying up U.S. land, and a Saudi push to eliminate the petrodollar are all part of a plan to cage you — to put you at the bottom of a new kind of caste system in America that will keep you poor and reliant on the government … FOREVER. Our entire economic system hinges on a massive amount of debt that doesn’t seem to bother Democrats OR Republicans in D.C. But why? All of the best financial experts now say the Federal Reserve's new inflation target appears to be 3% rather than the previous standard of 2%. Elites are pushing inflation and cost-of-living prices higher and higher. But why?! Food, gas, and energy are already becoming scarce due to the rest of us getting priced out, and the globalist environmental agenda is making everything SCARCER. Why do this?! To add to the chaos, neither party ever seriously attempts to fix our border, and the illegal immigration crisis continues to worsen — proven by the invasion of a dangerous Venezuelan gang now wreaking havoc on U.S. streets. The household wealth of average Americans is disappearing while the government and top 1% elites are sucking it up like a giant vacuum. It’s the theft of a nation, and the middle class is now on life support. The Left is using culture wars to distract us, like by claiming fans of Star Wars are now "racist." But the more important war we are ACTUALLY fighting is the class war: It’s elites and government officials versus YOU ... the serf.

The ONLY Thing Americans Want From Trump & Biden’s Debate

The ONLY Thing Americans Want From Trump & Biden’s Debate

Former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden will face off in the first presidential debate of the 2024 election, hosted by CNN. But the American people don’t want to hear more bickering, name calling, and fake fear mongering, Glenn says. They don’t want to hear about the past. They need to hear a candidate who talks to them directly, who understands their struggles, and who has a plan to lead the country out of this pain. Who will lower inflation? Who will keep our jobs and our border secure? We’ve seen what “reimagining” our schools and police looks like. Who will provide a real solution? That, Glenn says, is the winning message for this election.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: All right. So I want to talk to you a little bit about the debate tonight. And what I think Americans want to hear. What we're looking for. If you're watching the debate, you're most likely watching because you're a conservative.

Maybe there will be a few independents. That are looking for a choice. Of how am I going to choose between these two. I don't know.

You know, there's very few Democrats that are watching it. Apparently, according to the latest poll. It is mainly Republicans that are interested in this thing.

We will get into the reasons why, for -- for all three, you know, independents, Republicans, and Democrats. A little later.

But here's why you should watch, and here is what people want to hear.

First of all, let me start with what they don't want to hear. They don't want to hear about Russia gate. They don't want to hear about stolen elections. January 6th. Or frankly abortion in either direction. They don't need to go over the corrupt court cases of Donald Trump. We've got it. Or the corruption of the DOJ regarding Hunter Biden. They don't want to hear about Nazis, or an argument over the republic, or a democracy. They don't want to hear about drag queen story hour, or any more equity.

They don't want to hear about global warming. It is at the bottom of the list of American's concerns.


They don't want to hear about the past and COVID vaccines.

Especially, if it's used as an excuse to dismiss or blame inflation or lack of jobs.

Anyone who tries to sell the border is secure. Our country is in good shape.

Jobs are plentiful and growing like crazy. Fuel is cheap and food is affordable, will lose!

Maybe not tonight. But in the fall, that message will lose. People no longer believe in the system.

They don't believe that it's geared for them, anymore. The -- they don't believe in the politicians. Quite honestly, on either side of the aisle.

And they certainly don't believe Jake tapper and the press.

All of those things that were, you know, good will, or we've got the full faith and trust in the American government, is a thing of the past.

The distant past.

People do not need, want, or frankly believe any more of the fake fear mongering.


Because there's enough stuff out there to actually be afraid of. And Americans are.

Here's what Americans want to know: Who is going to keep my job secure?

Who is going to grow jobs?

Who is going to make sure this insane inflation doesn't continue, and, in fact, goes down? They don't care about the fed. How it works. Or -- oh, God.

What Jeanette Yellen thinks.

People don't want to choose between food and fuel!

I don't want to choose between making rent, or having a car. I can't afford a new home, I can't afford a loan, nor the 30 percent interest rate on my credit cards which are already maxed out. People want answers. They want an actual plan, that they're participating in.

That they understand it. And they're like, okay. Yeah. All right. Let's do that. They want a leader.

They care about the elites who are getting rich. The banks are always bailed out, without any consequence. And it seems like the average American can't even get a fair deal.

That's what they want to hear about. They're the people who create 70 percent of all jobs. In recessions and tough times.

The small business. People who are in small business, have always been the back bone of job creation. Yet, they see the pattern. It's the same with the banks.

Home Depot made money. Was allowed to stay open. But local hardware store. That was a health danger. What's the game we're playing?

Because the American people feel like, I'm on the losing end.

And it's intercourse real for them. They've seen what the reimagining of our economy is doing. They -- they have seen the reimagining of the police. They know what that looks like. What they want to know tonight, is who will restore safety to our streets?

And sanity in the houses of I couldn't wait. And the DA offices?

Crime is unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime.

Because it's everywhere! I -- I mean, when San Franciscans were pooping on the streets, I thought that was novel.

Well, that's happening in a lot of places: Philadelphia, New York, Detroit. You name it. All of California, except the farmland. And they could probably use the poop, at the farmland. People want safe and clean streets. They have seen the reimagining of our schools.

They want schools that will help them, as parents. Teach their children reading. Math. Arithmetic.

Writing. Usable skills. Not out of march and protests. No matter how insane. Or, quite frankly, how valid those protests might be. They don't need the school training them to be a protester.

Our children need a good education. They don't need some indoctrination camp, to teach them that they're gay. Not gay. Nonbinary. One of 93 different genders.

They don't want any of that. What they really worry about, when it comes to their children is, what is their children's life going to be like?

Because I can't imagine it. If we stay on this road, I don't see a bright future for my children, and that's bad. And people know it. And they want to know: Who will stop the insanity?

Remember, that's what Biden came in as. Biden won the last election, because he was like, isn't this crazy?

I mean, don't you just want to -- and people voted for him. Because he's an old safe guy, what is he going to do?

Well, we've seen what he's done.

Are our kids going to be able to afford an education?

Is it worth having an education?

What should they study?

With AI and everything that's coming, what is the plan, guys?

Will my children be able to own a house?

Will my children be able to inherit my house? Will they be able to have food or even grow food? People worry that this is the end of a country, that almost all of us, 75, 80 percent plus love, and want.

We may disagree on the problems or the solutions. But 80 percent of us love America!

They want to -- they want a solution on the border. They want answers on the border.

They worry about war. Is my kid going to be sent off to fight some politician or global elite's war? Something I don't want. Something that I don't even believe in. Something I don't even understand why we're in it. You're already spending all of my children's money, and you can't track any of it.

And are we seriously talking tough, when nuclear war is an option on the table for not just one country, but seemingly several countries?

I mean, down on the list, they worry about freedom of speech, unlike they've never thought of it before. Because it's coming more and more real. They're feeling it in their office. They also worry about guns.

They worry about the senseless shootings in our schools. But are you going to address the real problem there? Because if there's a shooting in the school, we know who will get the blame. It's the gun. Or the Nazis. But, you know, when we have a transgender shooting. In fact, several of them, nobody seems to want to talk about that. Nobody even wants to talk about the real problems of social media.

That's the main driver of suicide and the death in young adults. They won't say anything about that. Because they're in bed with social media. They won't call out the gangs. They won't call out China. And the drug cartels. For the huge problem of fentanyl.

Instead, what they'll do is they'll make it harder for people in actual pain, to get pain relief from their doctors. Have you tried to get pain relief from your doctor? Well, you're already. You're already. They're looking at you now, to put you in jail. Because you need pain relief from your doctor! And the doctor is also afraid of going to jail. Because if he messes up one thing, that's it for him.

And it seems more and more like the solution from our government, for real pain relief. For pain and suffering is, well, you can kill yourself.

But I digress.

People care about their future.

For the first time in my lifetime, their immediate future.

Are my kids going to survive school, is my wife going to make it after going to the gas station?

Am I going to have any money left? Will I be able to keep my house or my apartment? People for the first time in my life, are beginning to look at our civil rights. Our Bill of Rights in a different way.

For instance, the right to keep and bear arms. That's always been theoretical in so many ways.

But it's not theoretical anymore. And here's how: We see on TV all the time, people trapped in their cars. Surrounded by Antifa or Hamas lovers. Whatever it is.

And there's no help coming for that person in the car. There's no help.

But God forbid, you defend yourself.

No, the writers won't have a problem. No. They'll be fine.


No. Help is coming.

We see that. You call 911 in several cities.

No. Help is coming.

Our wives. Our daughters. Our son. Even us. Men.

We have to stop and get gas at night occasionally!

When did it become normal to check over your shoulder, to make sure you're not being cased.

The bad guys have guns. And the way they get them, is not through any legitimate gun store, that you're breathing down the neck on.

They have them.

They use them!

And the police are now no longer allowed to police anymore.

And if they do, God forbid, the DA lets them go!

If our government won't stop gangs from coming across the border. From the terrorists of many countries.

That are known to be coming over our southern border.

If the government dismisses rioters, fire bombings, calls the hard-working tax-paying American that is struggling literally to buy a loaf of bread. The biggest at the current time to America. Then maybe we've already lost our country.

And too many innocents will lose their life. People want to know who will keep them safe.

People want to know why our veterans are on the streets, and illegal aliens are in five-star hotels.

People want to know why you won't arrest and convict criminals.

You won't go after the gangs or illegal guns. You won't enforce our laws.

And then at the same time, a big push to take away my right to defend myself. And the only thing that I'll have to defend myself.

But, again, that's a distant second, to I can't afford food! I can't pay for my house.

I can't afford an apartment. A car. Electricity.


Insurance. Health care. And no slogan is going to work this time. None!

Only leadership.

People need to see a leader tonight, that actually sees them.

They don't care about their life. They don't care about the past.

They need a leader that sees them. Sees what their life is like for them, every day.

They don't need anyone to tell them how bad it is.

They want to hear, I get it. I see you.

I know the problem, and I will fix it.