Will the Real Pat Gray Please Step Forward? (The One Who DOESN'T Like Movie Musicals)

Hell hath done froze over. Pat Gray, beloved co-host of The Glenn Beck Program and hardened 70s and 80s music buff, has gone soft.

"I've known Pat since 1989. Never saw this coming," Glenn said Tuesday on radio.

What happened that shocked Glenn so much?

"I said I liked La La Land," Pat admitted.

Gulp. Glenn was right about everything. There will be a time when nothing makes sense, when up is down and left is right. God help us.

Enjoy the complimentary clip above or read the transcript below for details.

GLENN: I've known Pat since 1989. Never saw this coming. Right before we went on the air, he said...

Go ahead, Pat.

PAT: I forget what I said.

GLENN: Oh, no. No, no. No, it's seared in all of our memories.

PAT: I said I liked La La Land.

GLENN: What the hell has happened?

PAT: We went. It's going on two weeks ago because I got sick after. We haven't talked about it yet.

GLENN: Yeah.

JEFFY: "You know, we never talked about that musical we saw, Glenn."

GLENN: That's what he said. That's what he said beforehand. "You know, we haven't talked about that musical we went to see." And I'm like, musical that we went to see? What are you talking about?

PAT: Well, we didn't go alone. It wasn't like -- we weren't holding hands as dates. We actually had our wives with us.

But it -- I thought it was a really good movie. I thought that was a --

GLENN: What has happened?

PAT: I liked it.

GLENN: You leave for two days. You come back. Is this the same Pat?

STU: I'm in another dimension. I've entered another world. Because my wife saw it, and she did not really like it.

PAT: Really? Why?

STU: I don't know. I mean -- honestly, once I heard the word "musical," I stopped listening to conversations about it. But I am shocked -- because I'm not surprised to hear Glenn likes it.

JEFFY: Right, of course.

STU: Obviously, right up his alley. Makes perfect sense.

JEFFY: Yes, it sure does.

STU: But Pat Gray, what has occurred?

PAT: I'm a well-rounded individual.

GLENN: No, you're not.

PAT: I have very good tastes.

GLENN: No. No, you do not. No, you do not.

He was in here yesterday while you were gone, Stu, and he was ranting off the air, something about Boston and how they went wrong in like the 1970s.

STU: Every time -- because we'll go out to lunch sometimes after the show, and every single time I get into his car, the first thing that happens is Boston blaring through the speakers, until he awkwardly like reaches over and turns it down really fast because he turns the car off with Boston at full --

PAT: It may not be Boston. It could be Foreigner. Or Styx.

STU: It could be Foreigner.

PAT: You know.

GLENN: Right. Or strangely now, La La Land.

PAT: The soundtrack, yes. The soundtrack of La La Land.

I thought it was enjoyable. It wasn't -- you know, it wasn't so musical, it was an opera.

GLENN: Well, those are different. But I'm going to give that to you. I know what you mean.

PAT: Because like, what was it? Was it Les Mis, the movie that was just non-stop singing? It was like, okay. I've had enough. I've had enough.

GLENN: Yes. That's what Les Mis is.

PAT: I know, right. And I've had enough, by about five minutes in it.

But this was enjoyable, except they didn't want -- well, actually I don't want to spoil it for anybody, but the ending is sad.

GLENN: I think the ending is beautiful. I think the ending is great. I think it's perfect.

JEFFY: Yeah, Glenn has already blown that I think on the show.

GLENN: No, I don't think I have.

PAT: I don't remember him blowing that.

GLENN: What, that she gets can- -- oh, no. Now I've said it. She gets canned goods.

So my daughter went to see Manchester By The Sea.

STU: That's really sad too.

PAT: What is that anyway?

GLENN: I don't know.

And she said, "Dad, have you seen Manchester -- I said, "No." And she said, "Oh, my gosh." And she tears up, "You have to see it." And I said, "You just gave it the kiss of death. I am not going to see it." And she's like, "No, Dad, you have to. It's so beautiful. It's so beautiful. You will just love it." And I said, "It's sad, isn't it?"

And she said, tears welling up, "Yes. It's really sad. I cry every time I think about it. I stood outside of the theater, and I cried for ten minutes."

PAT: Ringing endorsement for a movie.

GLENN: And I'm like, "Why would I go? Why would I go?"

STU: Yeah. I don't want that anymore in my life anymore than it is.

GLENN: I know. Everything in my life is like that. I want to go and escape.

STU: Right.

What was that movie a few years ago? Marley & Me? Do you remember that stupid movie?

JEFFY: Yes. Oh, my gosh.

PAT: With the dog?

STU: And I remember walking out of the theater, like why did I do that to myself? It was like the saddest --

GLENN: Especially for like a dog movie.

PAT: I know.

STU: Exactly.

GLENN: That is just saying to you: Look, guys, we got around the table. We said, how can we play on people's emotions? Somebody said, let's do a cat movie. Somebody said, no. Let's kill a dog.

STU: What about a hamster? The dog won.

GLENN: The dog won. And all we've done is just built a script around playing on your emotions.

STU: Right. I mean, you know, if you're going to go see Schindler's List. Okay. You know it's going to be sad, but there's a real reason to see it. You want to see the history and all that other stuff.

JEFFY: There's some uplifting moments.

GLENN: In Schindler's List? I don't recall those.

STU: Yeah, no.

JEFFY: Really?

GLENN: Yeah. Even when he's on the railroad tracks, he's bummed. He's like, "I could have done more." I mean, it's still bad.

STU: No, it's not -- not a lot. Maybe in the previews, you're remembering. I don't know.

GLENN: Right. I think you might be thinking Life Is Beautiful, where you realize, "No, not so much."

STU: We've lied to you in the title of this movie.

GLENN: Life is not beautiful. It's a concentration camp.

STU: Right.

PAT: Has anybody seen legacy -- or 24 Legacy yet?

STU: I have DVRed it. I haven't seen it yet.

GLENN: I have not. Is it good?

PAT: It's pretty compelling just like --

STU: Well, we watched -- we were kind of thinking like, "Oh, they're making another one without Kiefer Sutherland. It sounds stupid."

PAT: Yeah, it did.

STU: And then one day on Pat & Stu, we played the trailer for it.

PAT: It looked awesome.

STU: And in a minute and a half, we were back into it.

PAT: Yeah. Definitely. I will tell you this, there might be a problem at CTU. There might be a problem in the government.

STU: It looks pretty good.


GLENN: No! No!

PAT: Yeah. And there might be a problem with some American traitors.

GLENN: Oh, gee, I wonder if they're big oil companies. They're definitely not Islamic. That was the problem -- you just turned me off, I'm not interested.

PAT: Well, after eight seasons of that, with the original, I was pretty done with that. But, hey, I must be ready for it again.

GLENN: That went eight seasons?

PAT: I think more than that, didn't it?

STU: Seven or eight.

GLENN: No. Really? Wow.

PAT: Yeah. Yeah. I think the --

GLENN: We made it all the way through.

PAT: I didn't, but many did. I made it to season six.

GLENN: Have you guys -- has anybody seen the new pope -- or, The Young Pope?

PAT: No, is that the --

JEFFY: The Young Pope.

PAT: I have not.

GLENN: It's on HBO. I started watching it the other day. And I'm like, oh, I don't like this at all. Because it seems like this young pope is -- you immediately think he's really a bad guy, like really, really a bad guy. And the more you watch it, the more you think, "Now, wait a minute, maybe he's the really, really good guy, who is taking down all of the trappings and the -- you know -- it's really weird."

PAT: Is it a modern day setting?

GLENN: Yeah, yeah, modern day setting. Jude Law. And if you're a Catholic, you can't watch it because it will just set your hair on fire. It's the typical --

STU: It's not friendly to Catholicism?

GLENN: No. It's the typical not friendly to Catholicism thing. But if you're not Catholic, you don't have that automatic barrier against -- but you're still like, "I'm not sure exactly what's happening."

So it's one of those things -- I'm like three episodes into it, and I'm like -- I'm starting to get invested in this. And if it turns out that he's really -- all this is, is a Catholic bash, I'm really going to be more pissed than even the Catholics.


JEFFY: It might be.

GLENN: And it might be.

PAT: Yeah. That's what it usually is.

GLENN: I know. This is just so bizarre. It's just so strange that I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

PAT: And you said it's HBO?

GLENN: HBO. And so, I mean, it's got all the earmarks of let's just bash the church or bash religious people.

PAT: It sure does. Does it center around the priest scandal?

GLENN: No, it's got part of it in there. But he keeps pushing it off. And that's why you're like, "Wait a minute. Why does he keep pushing the priest scandal off?" And I kind of get the feeling that he's hunting for bigger fish.

He'll say things that are crazy. Remember the Last Temptation of Christ?

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: And it set everybody's hair on fire because the last temptation happened on the cross. This was the idea that the last temptation happened on the cross. And, you know, Jesus had children and a normal life. But that was just what Satan was showing him.

Satan was showing him, "Hey, you could have all this." And in the end, all that happened -- you know, the whole movie happened in just a fraction of a second on the cross. And that was what Satan was showing him. Hey, right now, you can -- you can end this, and you can have all of that. And his last temptation, Jesus said no.

STU: That was really controversial at the time, yeah?

GLENN: Yeah, and it shouldn't have been. Because the point is, that's what Satan showed him, and Jesus said no.

And I think it might be going in that direction, that this guy is saying things and doing things that look really bad on the outset, but it's only because he's rooting out real bad stuff.

PAT: HBO. Jude Law.

GLENN: Yeah, I know. I know. I know. I know.

STU: Oh, it will come around.

PAT: I'm sure it's going to be fine. It's going to be good for the Catholic church.

GLENN: No. Or faith in general. Faith in general.

PAT: Yes.

GLENN: So I've been having -- I've been having a problem I want to talk to you about.

I'm losing touch with people more and more every day.

STU: We started a segment with La La Land. Of course, you're losing touch with people.

GLENN: I know. I know. And that was only -- that was only deflection. I was only trying to deflect some of the stuff I wanted to talk about.

I'm not understanding the self-imposed ignorance of people right now.

For instance, so somebody -- I tweeted -- somebody said, "Oh, Glenn Beck, grow a spine. You know, we have to defeat evil." And I said, "My spine is getting stronger and stronger every day. You don't defeat evil with evil or hate with hate. Only light and love defeat hatred, evil, and error."

Now, what does that mean to you, Stu? Do we ever pick up a gun against Hitler?

STU: I'm going to say yes. It's funny, I -- you know, what? ISIS. You're going to talk about the worst groups on earth -- is love the key? Obviously, there is an element of that long-term, which is really more on their side in that they need to find it. But, I mean, you wrote a book called It Is About Islam. This is not -- this is not something that you've taken lightly over the years.

GLENN: So listen to some of the comments: Okay, chubby.

STU: Well, that's true.


GLENN: And I wrote back, I said, "Hey, that's easy. I get it. I get it. My weight."

Listen to this one: Try waving that Christmas Sweater at the Berkeley mob and tell us how it goes for you.

STU: Oh, so they remember The Christmas Sweater book, but not the much more recent It Is About Islam book or Liars?

GLENN: But not even that. They know The Christmas Sweater, so they know that's about redemption. They know that's the Christmas Story. That's obviously a listener. That you know the Christmas Sweater, and you don't understand or you're mocking the meaning of the Christmas sweater behind that. I mean, it was stunning to me.

Glenn, you've officially lost your F-ing mind.

That's from a guy who has the blue line police shield as his avatar.

Then some stuff I can't really repeat. Start a search to find Glenn Beck sometimes. It seems he's written to a sandal robe-wearing door-to-door dribble salesman.

Read up. God destroyed evil many, many times.

Okay. Got that one.

I would suggest reading up on yourself and getting the log from your own eye. I'm trying to do that.

STU: I think he has better information than he needs to read articles about himself to know about himself. He was there for all the things.

GLENN: Right. Thank you. Thank you.

Your spine is strong only because men stronger and braver than you are willing to defend the principles that you only pay lip service to.

Bonhoeffer was killed by the Nazis. Men with guns defeated them. The left aren't the English, and Gandhi or US, and MLK, and you know it.

I think that one is actually advocating guns against the left.

PAT: It sounds like it.

GLENN: There are so many people -- I tweeted on -- this is a continuation from Sunday. Because I tweeted, "We have to take the hate out of our own hearts."

Now, that's not saying that about you. That's saying that about me. I got to take the hate out of my own heart. I have to find a way to love the people who absolutely hate me. And that is really hard.

And I'm really -- I'm struggling with these things because I think it's self-imposed ignorance. I think these people, many of them, they know better. They know better. They know that we're not talking about defeating the Nazis or ISIS.

We're not talking about that. I am talking about, "How are you going to -- let me ask you this: For those on the right and the left -- I heard Maxine Waters. And we want to play this in a second. She's now mentioning impeachment. What is that going to do? That's going to inoculate Donald Trump for all time on impeachment. That's all that's going to do. And it's going to drive the wedge between the left and the again. Now, it's Maxine Waters, so I get it.

Let me ask the protesters. You're going out and protesting, what, exactly? You're protesting the week he was elected. What do you think that's going to do? Does that make you look like you're a reasonable person, at least to half the country? You don't even have anything to protest at least that time? You didn't have anything to protest. You were just out protesting.

You're setting Starbucks on fire. Do you think that's going to win anybody over?

More importantly, what have we learned about Donald Trump?

Donald Trump punches back. It's why a lot of people like him. He punches back. And what does he say, "If you punch me, I punch back twice as hard."

STU: Twice as hard.

GLENN: So we know every time you punch him, he will escalate. He will punch you back twice as hard.

So you're going to riot. You're going to do these things. You're going to threaten impeachment. And what do you think he's going to do? Roll over?

He's going to punch you back twice as hard. And then for you to survive, you have to punch him back. And then what is he going to do? He's going to punch back twice as hard again? I mean, where does this end?

I don't think people are realizing -- you know, it's like the woman told me in Poland. The righteous didn't suddenly become righteous, they just refused to go over the cliff with everyone else. Look at the cliff you're headed towards. Where does it end?

If you're punching on both sides and you're claiming that we have to hate the other side and the other side is an enemy that must be destroyed, there's no place, except civil war. There's no place to go.

And I don't think the vast majority of people who are listening, the people who are not listening, the people who are for Trump, and the people who are against Trump, are really seriously wanting a civil war.

I think most people want this to end. Stop it.


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