Thailand Officials to Glenn: Please Thank Your Audience

Glenn journeyed to Bangkok this weekend with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) to learn about their efforts in Thailand, rescuing children from sex trafficking. One of his first stops was Thailand's equivalent to the FBI for a meeting with officials there. One operative in particular had a specific message.

"He knew who I was, and people that I met in law enforcement were reverent to me because of you. It was so bizarre. Thinking that no one would know who I was . . . when I sat down next to him in this big conference room, he started with thanking the audience for what they had done and how they are arresting the bad guys from America and from Europe," Glenn shared.

The vast majority of "customers" in Thailand are from the West, coming from Germany, Switzerland, France or America. The Thai police are simply not equipped to handle the problem.

"The Thai police can't do it. They need Americans to do it because Americans can get in and infiltrate their ring and get in with them," Glenn said.

Officials there implored him to help "catch these bad guys."

"I would like to ask you if you would become an abolitionist and help us stop slavery. And I'll tell you why it matters here in America, during the program today. But go to Five dollars truly makes a difference," Glenn said.

For more details on Glenn's trip to Bangkok, including excruciating details about what he witnessed and why it is critical to funnel attention and resources to Thailand, listen to the audio clip or read the transcript below.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

GLENN: Hello, America. Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. I don't know where to begin. I don't know honestly how to have a conversation with you.

I have spent the weekend in Thailand, and the guys who went with me, I spoke to this morning, and we all had a similar experience coming back home yesterday. All of us broke down, and all of us had a hard time reconnecting with our family or people who hadn't been with us because they are -- they are in the world that we were in last Thursday. And I have fundamentally changed, and so did everybody who was with me.

I was in a place where we couldn't get Wi-Fi, where no one had an iPhone or even a flip phone. There was television, but the people that I was with hadn't seen a television. I was with people who knew very little about America. In fact, the children told me they didn't even know -- they had heard of it, but they didn't know anything about it.

No one was talking about Donald Trump. And no one was worried about the things that we worry about every day.

I went to Thailand with Operation Underground Railroad, which is a global now effort to stop human trafficking and slavery.

And as I left, I saw a lot of people on Facebook and Twitter saying -- making comments, "Why is Glenn going to Thailand? And why are you raising money for this when there are so many problems here at home?"

Let me explain why. I knew nothing about Thailand other than it used to be Siam, which they don't even know that was the white man name for Bangkok. And everything I learned about Siam, I learned from the King and I, which they find very offensive because it made the king look weak.

It is the nicest place I've ever been. Food, aside. We'll talk about that later.


Nicest place I've ever been. Nicest people I've ever met, beside the people in the center of our country. I love Americans because they're so kind and warm and welcoming. The Thai people are exactly the same.

I was in the country for only about 48 hours. In the first 24 hours, none -- all of us said, "I will never come back here ever again."

All of us said, "I can't see anymore."

We went to a place which is a resort called Pattaya, which is about three hours -- I don't know -- either north, southeast, or west of Bangkok. I didn't know where I was most of the week -- weekend. It's on the -- it's on the seaside.

When I got off the plane, I went to their FBI headquarters, and I met with the head of their FBI. I think it's DCI or DIC -- something. And he started thanking this audience. It was so bizarre. He knew who I was, and people in -- that I had met in law enforcement were reverent to me because of you. It was so bizarre.

Thinking that no one would know who I was, no one would -- we hadn't done anything, when I sat down next to him in this big conference room, he started with thanking the audience for what they had done and how they are arresting the bad guys from America and from Europe.

When I -- when I said a few minutes ago that this weekend turned into defending our honor -- Thailand has become the sex tourist capital of the world because the laws have become so stringent elsewhere on what you do to a 6-year-old. They go to Thailand. Thailand is now starting to really enforce this. But one of the reasons why they haven't enforced it is because they don't have the equipment online to be able to really nab these guys. And they've just gotten serious. They've just arrested -- when I was there, maybe a couple of weeks before I got there, they arrested a monk. And these monks are like -- it would be like the Catholic church arresting somebody in the Vatican. To arrest one monk, they sent 1,000 police officers because they weren't sure how people would react. But this monk was abusing this child.

They are getting really serious. I left the FBI, and I went to the royal academy, where they are training the police officers. And I saw the operation centers that this audience built. It is the only one in all of Asia like it. And there are supercomputers that can go and get all the forensic evidence of these pedophiles, these guys who are going over and making films with these children and then shipping them out. And they all look like us.

Then we went to Pattaya. And we went to a street where you can buy anything you want, where 5-year-old children were running up to us in the street, offering to buy -- offering to sell us a watch.

I thought nothing of it, until one of the OUR operators said, "You buy the watch. The boy will take you back," and all these boys came up with the same item. "Want to buy a watch? Want to buy a watch? Want to buy a watch?"

And they take you back to the guy who, quote, sells you the watches, and he says what time and where? You pick -- you're not picking a watch, they're all the same. You're picking a boy. As I'm walking down the street, I notice that tattooed on everybody's hand is a number. And so you pick them out by numbers.

That night on the beachfront, we talked to a 14-year-old girl who was a prostitute. She had been a prostitute as long as she could remember. She told us that she had given up because no one cared and everybody made fun of her.

And her self-esteem had just gone down to where she had nothing else she felt she could do. That's how we ended the first night.

The next day, we went to a -- an orphanage. Has the highest -- has the highest conviction rate of pedophiles, this group of children, anywhere I believe in Asia, but definitely anywhere in Thailand. And it's because they're protected, and it's an operation OUR center.

I got there, and the kids had worked out a dance and some songs. And there's these -- this one little kid -- and I can't show you any pictures because they're all protected. This one little kid in the front would tear your heart out. Little 6-year-old kid just beaming. There's all boys. Just beaming so happy, so full of joy.

We have lunch with them. I learned at lunch as they put us on a -- like a tin plate and took sticky rice and then scooped some gray kind of meatball stuff on top of it. "Don't ask what it is. Just eat it."

We ate with the kids. And then I was taken in, and I was shown the case files. A hundred and eleven case files. I maybe saw eight before I said, "I -- I have to leave here. I can't take this anymore."

The little 6-year-old boy I had lunch with, I asked him how old he was. He didn't know for sure.

I asked him where he was born. He didn't know. I asked him about his parents. He didn't know.

I stopped asking him questions. He had been taken at such a young age.

I saw an American pedophile who was buying infants. That was his thing. I met a child who as an infant couldn't be consoled. A little girl. They finally had to take her to the hospital because she couldn't be consoled after being ripped from the arms of a pedophile. They found things lodged inside of her.

I met a little boy who was a slave and had to go and sell, not his body, but had to sell anything he could find. It's up to him. "You sell whatever you want. But if you don't make 15,000 baht, you'll come back and I'll burn you."

Eventually, his slave master just took an iron to his chest, his back, and his neck. I sat with him and his legs were all scarred. And I just talked to him about what he wants to do when he grows up. He thinks he's going to be a soccer player, he's going to play football. I tried to explain to him the difference between football and soccer, he didn't seem to care or understand.

As I sat with these case files, this shelter was struggling, had just laid off I think four people. Has 56 kids in it. Because they were 80,000 baht short, and they were being foreclosed on.

I asked, "Are there any therapists for these kids?" Once a week, for an hour, somebody comes and meets with the children. One hour, once a week. Fifty-six children. They can't afford him anymore. I said, "How much to hire someone full-time?" Way out of the budget, 15,000 baht.

I then asked how much 80,000 baht is, how much is 15,000 baht? 80,000 baht to keep it open is about $2,300 a month. 15,000 baht is about $200 a month.

I told them that we would write the check to keep the orphanage open and to give them the $2,000 a month, and that we would hire two full-time doctors.

After we went through the emotion of that, the guy who started the orphanage begged me to beg you, these 111 case files, most of these guys are still at large, and all of them are coming from Germany, Switzerland, France, or America.

Please, we can't catch them. The Thai police can't do it. They need Americans to do it because Americans can get in and infiltrate their ring and get in with them. Please help us catch these bad guys.

I would like to ask you if you would become an abolitionist and help us stop slavery. And I'll tell you why it matters here in America, during the program today. But go to Five dollars truly makes a difference.


GLENN: I'm going to try to keep it a lot lighter today than what we just did. And we have a lot of things to talk about. But I don't know how to bring this news to you. This is -- this is the worst stuff I've ever seen.

STU: You can talk about a serial killer and keep it lighter than that last break.

JEFFY: Boy, no kidding.

GLENN: Yeah. I saw a guy who is wanted that will purchase children and then have them run around naked in the backyard where he rents a place and then shoot them with BB guns and then one by one abuse them. And I mean abuse them.

I saw -- remember Schindler's List? Remember the guy who would just go out on his balcony and shoot the Jews? I saw that guy over and over and over and over again this weekend. And most of them are from here.

And here's why it matters: As an alcoholic, I couldn't go over to the Thailand and say, "I'm just going to go on a drinking vacation," and then come back and not drink, and go over there five times. It couldn't happen. It wouldn't work.

They come back here. And they're worse than they were.

I'll tell you later a story, if you care to hear about it, about a teacher here in America that was teaching in high school and five times a year went over to Thailand. Operation OUR finally caught him, here in America. Not over there. Abusing the kids here in America.

It matters because people go on these vacations and they're here. Please help us stop this blight. Go to That's and help rescue our children.


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