The Car Insurance Analogy That Puts Health Insurance Into Perspective

Should you be able to drive without car insurance? Yes, in some states you can. If you have a major car wreck --- without insurance --- should you be able to call the insurance company from the crash site to buy it then and there?

Enjoy the complimentary clip above or read the transcript below for details.

GLENN: Look, the best way to explain this -- the best way to explain what's happening to our insurance companies is this: Would anyone think it's fair to say to an auto insurance company, I'm not going to buy any auto insurance unless I'm in a wreck.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: So when the police comes up and your car has been totaled and the other guy is being taken to the hospital --

PAT: Now you call Allstate and say, hey, I need a policy.

GLENN: I need a policy. And they can't turn you down for the wreck you've just had.

PAT: Okay. And they pay for it. That's exactly what's happening with medical insurance.

GLENN: Exactly. How does Allstate survive if everyone gets to do that?

PAT: They don't. They don't.

STU: Well, I don't know, if you have a law that mandates everyone use Allstate --

JEFFY: Thank you. You have to have auto insurance though. I do have to have auto insurance.

STU: Well, and it's funny. That's what the left says. You have to have auto insurance. First of all, it's not true in every state. But still, the bottom line, you're right. It makes no sense if you can get it after the fact.

And while you have incredible compassion for people in those positions, you have to find a different way to handle it and deal with that issue, rather than forcing it on everybody.


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