Hawaii Prepping Like It's 1981 for Possible Nuclear Attack

The Statehouse Public Safety Committee in Hawaii unanimously passed a resolution, letting the public know the government is taking steps to protect its citizens in a worst-case scenario.

"They're getting state funding to reequip Cold War-era fallout shelters, many stocked with medical kits, food and sanitary kits --- but they haven't been updated since 1981," Glenn said Monday on radio. "Can you believe we're going back to those times?"

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: By the way, did you see what Hawaii did because of the EMP? Hawaii lawmakers want state officials to update plans for coping with a nuclear attack.

Statehouse Public Safety Committee unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday, wants the government to know -- the public to know the government is taking steps to protect the citizens of Hawaii in worst case scenario. They're getting state funding to reequip Cold War-era fallout shelters. Many stocked with medical kits, food, and sanitary kits. But they haven't been updated since 1981.

Yeah, you might want to update that one.

Can you believe we're going back to those times?

JEFFY: Not much has changed since 1981. So don't worry about it.

GLENN: No. Nothing's changed, and that food is still good today.

JEFFY: No. Good to go.

GLENN: It's yummy stuff.

I remember I did my final paper in school for any civics class. I did it on the fallout shelter in the high school. Because I went to Sehome High School in Bellingham, Washington. And I'll never forget. They showed the fallout shelter. And it had all these old crackers and stuff from like I don't even know, 1960. I mean, all of it -- none it was good. This is 1982. So we're at the height of the Cold War. None of it was good. And I forget the fallout shelter was the air duct, which went outside. It was like, if you could have a fan on the other end just to suck that air in faster, it might kill us all faster.


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