What Evil Lurks Behind the Mask of Jeffy?

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man? The Shadow knows --- and apparently so does Jeffy.

"We all have a face that we hide," Glenn said Monday on radio.

"Can't get away forever," Jeffy acknowledged.

Interesting. If what we see is Jeffy's mask, what could he possibly be hiding?

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

GLENN: You know, it's weird because you really don't know what evil lurks in the hearts of men.


GLENN: Because we all have a face that we hide.

JEFFY: Can't get away forever.

GLENN: I mean, can you imagine if Jeffy -- if this is his mask, how bad what it is he's hiding.

PAT: Oh, man.

GLENN: I mean, what could that possibly be? Are you like -- are you like a Saddam Hussein's son?

JEFFY: Oh, man.

PAT: He's admitted to everything --

JEFFY: We can dream. We can dream, can't we?

PAT: -- from dealing drugs to murder. So...

GLENN: It's got to be mass murder. He's got to be Kim Jong-un.

PAT: I mean, are you eating people in secret? Maybe -- cannibalism is about the only thing he hasn't --

JEFFY: Yeah, people look down on that.

PAT: Yeah, they do. They do.

JEFFY: It's a shame.

GLENN: Notice he didn't say I look down on that. He said people look down on that.

JEFFY: They do.

GLENN: You're right. You're right.

PAT: That's true.

GLENN: You're right. You haven't eaten anybody, have you, Jeffy?

JEFFY: Not today.


GLENN: You know, that's the only good thing about playing this kind of a role.


GLENN: You know, just being this kind of guy in the media, that no matter -- you know, you get caught doing something, people would be like, it's Jeffy, of course.

JEFFY: Of course.

GLENN: He was on the air. We thought he was a cannibal for a while. That was nothing.

JEFFY: He told us.


STU: It was like that with the Podesta emails from the campaign. I was so convinced Podesta was worse than the stuff that got released --

PAT: I know.

STU: -- that I actually kind of wound up looking at him kind of positively afterwards.

JEFFY: Right. Right.

STU: All he's doing is screwing his coworkers? That's it?

GLENN: Everybody is looking at him, like, oh, look at these horrible things. And I'm like, that's so much better. That's all they got?

STU: That's it? Wow.

GLENN: Wow. I was wrong about him all these years.

STU: Think about it. They got through all of his personal emails in his Gmail account. And what came out of it was like he really didn't seem to like -- you know, he wanted to Bernie Sanders to lose. And, well, he -- well, he didn't like a couple coworkers and said some nasty things about them. Well, that's it? Wow.

PAT: Come on.

GLENN: What about the basement in the pizza place? I mean --

STU: Well, that's true obviously.

GLENN: Come on

PAT: What about selling secrets to Russia? Come on.

GLENN: Right. Nothing.

PAT: Nothing.


STU: It's the same thing with Jeffy. If he got convicted for, you know --

GLENN: Simple manslaughter.

STU: Simple manslaughter. What? That's it? The guy -- he hasn't committed --

GLENN: That's kind of a mistake. He didn't mean that.

STU: Yeah. Wow. I kind of had him down for genocide myself. So that's not -- not too bad too bad.

JEFFY: I don't want to go to jail just for manslaughter.

GLENN: No. No. Go out in style, Jeffy.

JEFFY: That's sad.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

JEFFY: Thank you.


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