No, President Trump DID NOT Bow to the Saudi King

The media and the left are trying to make the case that Donald Trump bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia during his trip to the Middle East --- which he did not. While being presented with a gold medal, the president lowered his head to assist the king in placing it around his neck.

“He's 6’ 5”. The king is what, 90, like 91 years old?” Glenn explained. “He's lifting this big gold thing, and the president bends over so he can put it around his neck.”

Of course, it was of no concern to the media and left when President Obama intentionally bowed to the Saudi King --- but seeking truth never stopped them before.

“Let me tell you something. Every president has bent over for the Saudis for a very long time, I don't think anything new is happening here. He did not bow to the Saudis,” Glenn said.

GLENN: Hello, America. Welcome to Monday. We're glad you're here. A lot going on. It was a good weekend for the president, I believe, wasn't it? It didn't seem to be -- seemed to be presidential. Seemed to be going really well. The press is trying to make something -- or the left is trying to make something out of how Donald Trump bowed to the Saudi king, which --

PAT: They actually called him a hypocrite for it --

GLENN: Well, if he would have bowed, he would have been.

PAT: But he didn't.

GLENN: Didn't bow?

PAT: That is not a bow.


PAT: They're placing like a ribbon medal around his neck.

GLENN: Yeah.

PAT: And he bends over to make it easier for the placement. He wasn't bowing to the king.

GLENN: He's 6-5.

PAT: Ridiculous.

GLENN: He's 6-5. The king, is what? Ninety? Like 91 years old. Some crazy. You know, he's an old king. And he's lifting this big gold thing, and the president bends over so he can -- he put it around his neck.

And let me tell you something: Every president has bent over for the Saudis for a very long time.


GLENN: So I don't think anything new is happening here. He did not bow to the Saudis.

Did you see Roger Stone had a real problem with this though? He said, getting that award --

PAT: No.

GLENN: Now the left -- or, sorry. Now the right is turning on Donald Trump. Because he -- he didn't say Islamic extremism in his speech. Apparently, he danced with some swords. And he accepted this award from the Saudis. And so Roger Stone came out and said, "This is atrocious. This is grotesque. This is a betrayal of everything he said on the campaign trail."

STU: I assume because Roger Stone has never said anything, that he either believed or was actually true, that the exact opposite is actually what happened.

GLENN: Yeah. That is really -- have you ever seen the documentary Get Me Roger Stone?

STU: It just started.

GLENN: Oh, it just came out?

STU: It just came out on Netflix. I have not seen it. It's supposed to be great.

GLENN: Yeah, it is. He's a despicable human being.

STU: Almost by his own admission.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. No, no. No, no, no. He admits to all of it.

PAT: Really?

GLENN: Oh, he is a despicable human being.

PAT: And he admits to being a despicable human being?

GLENN: Yeah. He says he's just playing into it because everybody says that's what he is anyway. So why not embrace it?

Well, or, you know, check yourself. You know, just say, "Maybe, I'm --

STU: I was falsely accused of murder. So I've just been murdering people. I mean, everyone thinks I'm a murderer anyway. I might as well murder.

GLENN: Yeah, that's pretty much it.

STU: Yeah. That's a terrible argument.

GLENN: Yeah. When you watch it, it's pretty bad.

But he didn't bow. The globe -- that spooky --

PAT: Orb.

GLENN: -- orb, that he had his hand on, apparently that's the symbol of some --

PAT: It's an illuminated globe at the global center for combating extremist ideology in Saudi Arabia.

GLENN: Hmm. Hmm. Yeah, that's going to --

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: They're doing a lot the good there, aren't they?

PAT: Yeah.

STU: Are they opposing the extremist ideology in Saudi Arabia? Is that the location of it, or is that the name?

PAT: That's the location of it. That's the location of it.

GLENN: Okay. Because do they know that --

PAT: That they have extremists --

GLENN: That the hijackers from 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia?

JEFFY: That's why they're opening this center.

GLENN: Right. Guys, look what we just figured out!

JEFFY: Right!

GLENN: Yeah. Somehow or another, I think that's going to turn around on us.

PAT: Wahhabism comes from Saudi Arabia. So maybe start there. I don't know.

JEFFY: Just put your hand on the orb. Just put your hand on the orb.

PAT: It is a cool little orb. Cool/creepy.

GLENN: Cool? Yeah, it's a little creepy. Maybe --

STU: It looks like a scene from a movie.

GLENN: It does. It does. It looks like, "And now, we all put our hand on the orb, and it will read our handprints. And it will start the doomsday device."

STU: This is the case with every president though. Like, you go to these other countries. You know these pictures are going to look terrible for you at home, but you're trying to have a good relationship with another country, so you just kind of go along with it. And then it becomes like the defining moment of your presidency. It does seem like it's a pretty common occurrence.

GLENN: Well, it never seemed to hurt Barack Obama. You remember the pictures or the video of George Bush going to open up the big Chinese stores?

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay. And how many times they ran that over and over and over again.

STU: That closed.

GLENN: That exact footage exists with -- with Barack Obama.

PAT: Obama. Yeah.

GLENN: He did the exact same thing, but they just didn't make a big deal out of it.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: So, I mean, when you're going over there -- I mean, when George Bush was dancing -- where was dancing? And he just looked ridiculous.

STU: Uh-huh.

JEFFY: Well, it was -- Mr. Trump -- President Trump didn't look that great dancing with the swords himself.

GLENN: Well, yes. Yes. And I'm not sure, as president, I'm going to dance with the swords.

STU: Yeah, I don't know what you do. Because, I mean, you know, it is the one of those things. You're being honored. They're telling you, "These are our wonderful traditions. They mean so much to us. Thank you so much for coming. It's so important you're involved in this." And, yeah, you can say "no," I guess. But it's a tough spot. I mean, I don't know. No one seems to be able to actually pull off a "no" out the that. It's just a matter the whether the press decides to mock you for it afterwards. Which is funny, because the same people who are telling us how important it is to be multicultural and understand diversity and people's other customs are the people mocking.

GLENN: Like any -- like name a news person. I hate to stick Jake Tapper out. Because he's a nice guy and tries to be honest. Name a --

STU: Scott Pelley.

JEFFY: Well, there's always Lester Holt.

GLENN: Do you think Lester Holt is going to look good dancing with swords? Nobody is going to look good dancing with swords.


STU: I think you're right on that. And it's funny because that's the type of thing that the enlightened liberal does. Right?


STU: You're in the city. You go to some festival in some area of town where the dumb tourists don't go, and you go and you participate in an authentic event, in Brooklyn.

And in like -- now, you know, Trump or Bush or whatever Republican goes to the actual authentic event in the actual country and participates in it, they just get mocked for it. Because they look like morons. You're an idiot. Look, I can't believe you danced like that. Well, that's the thing -- you would praise it in any other circumstance.

But, I mean, that's the world we live in.

PAT: Meanwhile, they'll go ahead and dance at a gay pride parade with the buttocks removed from the back of their pants, and that's fine. That's perfectly fine.

GLENN: Well, we find out this weekend that -- we knew this to be true.

5 most HORRIFIC practices condoned by WPATH

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

Whatever you know about the "trans movement" is only the tip of the iceberg.

In a recent Glenn TV special, Glenn delved into Michael Schellenberger's "WPATH files," a collection of leaked internal communications from within the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). Glenn's research team got their hands on the WPATH files and compiled the highlights in Glenn's exclusive PDF guide which can be downloaded here. These documents reveal the appalling "standards" created and upheld by WPATH, which appear to be designed to allow radical progressive surgeons to perform bizarre, experimental, and mutilating surgeries on the dime of insurance companies rather than to protect the health and well-being of their patients. These disturbing procedures are justified in the name of "gender-affirming care" and are defended zealously as "life-saving" by the dogmatic surgeons who perform them.

The communications leaked by Schellenberger reveal one horrific procedure after another committed in the name of and defended by radical gender ideology and WPATH fanatics. Here are five of the most horrifying practices condoned by WPATH members:

1.Trans surgeries on minors as young as 14

One particular conversation was initiated by a doctor asking for advice on performing irreversible male-to-female surgery on a 14-year-old boy's genitals. WPATH doctors chimed in encouraging the surgery. One doctor, Dr. McGinn, confessed that he had performed 20 such surgeries on minors over the last 17 years!

2.Amputation of healthy, normal limbs

BIID, or Body Integrity Identity Disorder, is an “extremely rare phenomenon of persons who desire the amputation of one or more healthy limbs or who desire a paralysis.” As you might suspect, some WPATH members are in favor of enabling this destructive behavior. One WPATH commenter suggested that people suffering from BIID received "hostile" treatment from the medical community, many of whom would recommend psychiatric care over amputation. Apparently, telling people not to chop off perfectly healthy limbs is now considered "violence."

3.Trans surgeries on patients with severe mental illnesses

WPATH claims to operate off of a principle known as "informed consent," which requires doctors to inform patients of the risks associated with a procedure. It also requires patients be in a clear state of mind to comprehend those risks. However, this rule is taken very lightly among many WPATH members. When one of the so-called "gender experts" asked about the ethicality of giving hormones to a patient already diagnosed with several major mental illnesses, they were met with a tidal wave of backlash from their "enlightened" colleges.

4.Non-standard procedures, such as “nullification” and other experimental, abominable surgeries

If you have never heard of "nullification" until now, consider yourself lucky. Nullification is the removal of all genitals, intending to create a sort of genderless person, or a eunuch. But that's just the beginning. Some WPATH doctors admitted in these chatlogs that they weren't afraid to get... creative. They seemed willing to create "custom" genitals for these people that combine elements of the two natural options.

5.Experimental, untested, un-researched, use of carcinogenic drugs 

Finasteride is a drug used to treat BPH, a prostate condition, and is known to increase the risk of high-grade prostate cancer as well as breast cancer. Why is this relevant? When a WPATH doctor asked if anyone had used Finasteride "to prevent bottom growth," which refers to the healthy development of genitals during puberty. The answer from the community was, "That's a neat idea, someone should give it a go."

If your state isn’t on this list, it begs the question... why?

The 2020 election exposed a wide range of questionable practices, much of which Glenn covered in a recent TV special. A particularly sinister practice is the use of private money to fund the election. This money came from a slew of partisan private sources, including Mark Zuckerberg, entailed a host of caveats and conditions and were targeted at big city election offices— predominantly democratic areas. The intention is clear: this private money was being used to target Democrat voters and to facilitate their election process over their Republican counterparts.

The use of private funds poses a major flaw in the integrity of our election, one which many states recognized and corrected after the 2020 election. This begs the question: why haven't all states banned private funding in elections? Why do they need private funding? Why don't they care about the strings attached?

Below is the list of all 28 states that have banned private funding in elections. If you don't see your state on this list, it's time to call your state's election board and demand reform.


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North Carolina

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North Dakota

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South Carolina

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South Dakota

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West Virginia

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POLL: Was Malaysia Flight 370 taken by a WORMHOLE?

NurPhoto / Contributor | Getty Images

It's hard to know what's real and what's fake anymore.

With the insanity that seems to grow every day, it is becoming more and more difficult to tell what's true and what's not, what to believe, and what to reject. Anything seems possible.

That's why Glenn had Ashton Forbes on his show, to explore the fringe what most people would consider impossible. Forbes brought Glenn a fascinating but far-out theory that explains the decade-old disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 along with riveting footage that supposedly corroborates his story. Like something out of a sci-fi novel, Forbes made the startling claim that Flight 370 was TELEPORTED via a U.S. military-made wormhole! As crazy as that sounds, the video footage along with Forbes' scientific research made an interesting, if not compelling case.

But what do you think? Do you believe that the U.S. Government can create wormholes? Did they use one to abduct Flight 370? Is the government hiding futuristic tech from the rest of the world? Let us know in the poll below:

Does the military have the capability to create wormholes?

Is the U.S. military somehow responsible for what happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

Is the military in possession of technology beyond what we believe to be possible?

Do you think American military tech is ahead of the other superpowers?

Do you think there would be negative consequences if secret government technology was leaked? 

School today is not like it used to be...

Glenn recently covered how our medical schools have been taken over by gender-affirming, anti-racist, woke garbage, and unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. Education at all levels has been compromised by progressive ideology. From high-level university academics to grade school, American children are constantly being bombarded by the latest backward propaganda from the left. Luckily, in the age of Zoom classes and smartphones, it's harder for teachers to get away their agenda in secret. Here are five videos that show just how corrupt schools really are:

Woke teacher vandalizes pro-life display

Professor Shellyne Rodriguez, an art professor at Hunter College in New York, was caught on camera having a violent argument with a group of pro-life students who were tabling on campus. Rodriguez was later fired from her position after threatening a reporter from the New York Post, who was looking into this incident, with a machete.

Woke professor argues with student after he called police heroes

An unnamed professor from Cypress College was captured having a heated discussion with a student over Zoom. The professor verbally attacked the student, who had given a presentation on "cancel culture" and his support of law enforcement. The university later confirmed that the professor was put on leave after the incident.

Professor goes on Anti-Trump rant 

Professor Olga Perez Stable Cox was filmed by a student going on an anti-Trump rant during her human-sexuality class at Orange Coast College. This rant included Professor Cox describing Trump's election as "an act of terrorism”. The student who filmed this outburst was suspended for an entire semester along with several other punishments, including a three-page apology essay to Professor Cox explaining his actions. Orange Coast College continues to defend Professor Cox, citing the student code of conduct.

Unhinged teacher caught on video going on left-wing political rant

Lehi High School teacher Leah Kinyon was filmed amid a wild, left-wing rant during a chemistry class. Kinyon made several politically charged remarks, which included encouraging students to get vaccinated and calling President Trump a "literal moron." Despite her claims that the school admins "don't give a crap" about her delusional ramblings, a statement from Lehi High School reveals that she "is no longer an employee of Alpine School District."

Far-left Berkeley law professor melts down when a Senator asks her if men can get pregnant

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Berkeley Law Professor Khiara M. Bridges was asked by Missouri Senator Josh Hawley to clarify earlier statements involving "people with a capacity for pregnancy." The senator's line of questioning is met with a long-winded, frantic rant accusing the senator of being transphobic. When Sen. Hawley tries to clarify further, Professor Bridges makes the outrageous claim that such a line of questioning somehow leads to trans suicides.