John Kasich: Total Dork or Hip Hop Gangsta?

Yo, John Kasich is down with the kids. He's OG fly, aight? (Translation: He is an original gangster, old school-style cool, okay?) He's been friends with Bono for a long time, okay? And he knows about EVERYBODY dope on the music scene --- Lil Wayne, Kanye, Nicki Minagi, Ariana Grande. At least, that's the vibe the governor of Ohio tried to pull off on a recent stint as guest host on The View.

While interviewing the very humble (insert sarcasm) rap artist 2 Chainz, Kasich tried to connect by namedropping in what can only be called an awkward exchange.

WATCH: John Kasich Meets 2 Chainz, Acts Like a Dork

Doc Thompson, who filled in for Glenn Tuesday on The Glenn Beck Program, commiserated with his fellow Ohioans.

"Once again, people from Ohio this morning were, like, John, come on. Just stop trying to seem relevant. The only thing he didn't do there was remind you that his dad was a postal worker: 'And, by the way, when my dad was on his route, he listened to Nicki Minaj,'" Doc joked.

He ended the segment with a brilliant suggestion: Kasich Kanye 2020.

Enjoy this complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

DOC: Doc Thompson in for Glenn Beck today. Thank you so much for joining us. I'm here with Brad Staggs on The Blaze. And Brandon Morse. We're still looking at the #KidsTerrorismBooks. Get those in. Did you see John Kasich on the view? As a born and bred buckeye.

BRANDON: Uh-huh.

DOC: I am disgraced by John Kasich. He is such a disappointment that my homeland is represented by this. But he was from Pennsylvania. That one's on you, PA. What a goof.

BRANDON: Your state's fading back into the bushes like Homer Simpson.

DOC: The only people who aren't allowed to make fun of John Kasich is New Jersey because you have Chris Christie. And you can't blame them on PA, can you? Horrible. So he's on the view with 2 Chainz.

BRANDON: Oh, 2 Chainz.

DOC: You know who 2 Chainz is, right?

BRAD: Tupac's brother.


DOC: You know who 2 Chainz is, right?

BRANDON: Yes. He's a rapper.

DOC: Yes, of course.

BRANDON: He does the rap songs.

DOC: You're telling me. I celebrate his entire catalog.

BRANDON: You know that song that's really good. Hang on. It's.

DOC: Rolling in my hoopidy.

BRAD: Did he do that one too?

BRANDON: Who can forget the classic? No lie explicit featuring Drake?

DOC: I remember poll cat and the chicken house, and I think he covered wonder wall, didn't he? Really, really solid stuff. So John Kasich is on the view as a guest with 2 Chainz.


BRAD: Unlikely combination.

BRANDON: Yeah, this is a sitcom waiting to happen.

DOC: So somebody at The View said here's our plan for today. Some producer said let's get John Kasich and 2 Chainz.

BRANDON: And a priest all walk into a bar.

DOC: We're going to play some of it. First, 2 Chainz is talking about helping out people in poverty impoverish people, he never saw anybody helping people in his community and John Kasich jumps in.

CHAINZ: I think it's at a point where I'm selling all of this merch, I'm doing tours around the world, I'm being very successful. So, for me, it's a point where I show god that I appreciate.


KASICH: Wow. You know, 2 Chainz, I've been friends with Bono for a long time, and he uses his platform to do many great things around the world, so it's great to hear you do it as a rapper. Let's talk about music for a second. You work with Lil Wayne, you work with Kanye. My daughters and I really used to listen to Kanye. You work with Nicki Minaj, who seems to be working with everybody, including Ariana Grande. So, first of all, how do you pick who want to collaborate with and secondly, is it hard to get some of these folks. I mean to get Nicki Minaj, is it hard to get them to do this with you?

CHAINZ: We've been friends for probably a decade now.

DOC: Okay. Hold it right there. Hold it right there. Number one, you know, Bono.

BRAD: We go way back.

BRANDON: This is one of this classic. Hello, fellow kids. Hi, there.

BRAD: How are you all today.

BRANDON: Are we doing the trip hop today? Are we trip hopping?

DOC: The music, I'm down with it. The new dance steps and all.

BRANDON: I'm a cool kid too.

DOC: Okay.

BRAD: I like to sit around and listen to Kanye with my daughters.


DOC: Trust me, if his daughters were saying let's listen to the music, dad, you've done something wrong there, just like in Ohio. Seriously. That's not normal. It's not natural if your kids are saying dad --

BRANDON: That was representative of his entire 2016 campaign too right there. That same feeling just washed over me. I remember that now. I remember it now.

DOC: It's an embarrassment for him.

BRANDON: Like, sit down, sit down, sit down. Awe.

DOC: Once again, people from Ohio this morning were, like, John, come on. Just stop trying to seem relevant. The only thing he didn't do there was remind you that his dad was a postal worker. And, by the way, when my dad was on his route, he listened to Nicki Minaj. He knew one day she would be big.


Just hearing him say 2 Chainz. In fact, let's listen to this again. When he starts name dropping. Well, 2 Chainz.

CHAINZ: I'm selling merch, I'm doing tours around the world, I'm being really cancel of. So, for me, I feel I have to show God that I appreciate.


KASICH: Wow. You know, 2 Chainz, I've been friends with Bono for a long time, and he uses his platform to do many great things around the world, so it's great to hear you do it as a rapper. Let's talk about music for just a second. You work with Lil Wayne, you work with Kanye. My daughters and I really used to love to listen Kanye. You work with Nicki Minaj, who seems to be working with everybody, including Ariana Grande.

DOC: Okay. Okay. Yes, how about that Lil Wayne?

BRAD: Surprised he didn't bring up 2 Chainz former name. And give him the benefit of the doubt and say Tity boi. Tity boi.

DOC: Here's the question. And John Kasich, you're welcome to call in. (888) 727-Beck. I'll have you on.

BRANDON: Defend yourself, please, sir.

DOC: You're welcome on this or my morning radio program on The Blaze radio network. Please, were you the one who said, hey, girls, I've got something I would like you to hear. Let me put this on the ol' high fidelity for you there. I've got the quadriphonic sound.

BRANDON: Mr. West.

DOC: His name is Kanye. Or were they, like, hey, dad, check this out. And you're, like, wow, it has a snappy beat, and I can dance to it. Which way was it? Who unveiled Kanye to the other?

BRANDON: Because he had to do a little research before this.

DOC: Oh, yeah. You can see he was so trying to go there.

BRANDON: He was like the Kanye. This isn't stuff he talks about.

DOC: His people were, like, governor, 2 Chainz is going to be on with you. Who?

BRANDON: Both of them?

DOC: Are they twins. Don't worry. We've done some prep work for you. Because you have a briefer. Just say Lil Wayne. I'm sorry. Say little Wayne and Kanye. Just get Kanye down.

BRANDON: As soon as you say Kanye, you're solid.

DOC: You're good.

BRANDON: If he does listen to it with his fathers, that's a horrible father. We just heard a clip of 2 Chainz music earlier, and it was pretty X-rated.

BRAD: Yeah.

BRANDON: It's a little X-rated.

DOC: Yeah, he's dropping the N word and everything else, it's typical rap music. But that's not the issue. He's just sucking up to the celebrity on the show. So they have the two of them on, and starts asking 2 Chainz questions. He's interviewing him. So how does that how do they collaborate?

BRANDON: His writing partners.

DOC: Which is, like, standard question that somebody would ask if they really aren't interested. Like, somebody wrote that question for you.


DOC: He was not engaging in some sort of debate on Socialist views or even music. It's not, like, oh, I love that one song. It's a who do you collaborate with and how do you choose them; right?

BRANDON: I would have had so much respect for Kasich if he actually come in --

DOC: I don't know who the hell you are.

BRANDON: I don't know who you are or what you do. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

DOC: Right. That's what you do. So was he a member of the cast of the view that day?

BRANDON: I'm guessing he was if he was one of the --

DOC: They normally have one guest on.


DOC: So the view said, who is clearly progressive, said let's go get somebody progressive to fill in, and they went and got a male.

BRANDON: Uh-huh.

DOC: John Kasich's a male; right? He hasn't started identifying differently?

BRANDON: Yeah, I don't know what he identifies as. But from what I can understand right now --

DOC: They went and got a male who shares their views.

BRANDON: Right. Who might have something in common.

DOC: He was a Republican running for president; right? I think that sums it up right there.

BRAD: Yep.

BRANDON: But let's face facts, guys. This is good TV. This awkwardness is good TV.

DOC: Oh, it's wonderful. It's gold, trust me. The more John Kasich can be on camera, not in office, we want him on camera, the better. In fact, I hope John Kasich runs for president over and over. Not be president. Clarification. Don't want him to be president. We just want him to run for president.

BRANDON: We can make a show out of it. We can put yakety sax on whenever he starts talking about it. Dancers behind him.

DOC: This shows John Kasich's level of failure, though. They were talking about giving back to communities and helping out.

BRANDON: Like Bono.

DOC: Like Bono does and whatever. John Kasich still has that big government handout mentality. That's who he is. When he ran for president, he said over and over again how he cut taxes and all of this stuff. He did not. He cut some taxes and raised others. You don't ballet budget when you have deficits by not bringing in more money. It's impossible. It doesn't happen. And you bring in more money in government by taxes. It was a shell game. Look, we lowered taxes overhear. We raised a bunch of taxes over here. John Kasich is likely going to run again. He's probably going to do it. So the more we get that information out before next time is good. But John Kasich still as a Republican has that big government mentality, the hand out mentality. What we need to start doing is telling the world, even the progressives out there, yes, it is our responsibility to take care among us. Us as individuals. Not the government.

BRANDON: Right. Exactly.

DOC: Because the government fails as they do it, as evident the last 240 years. Do we have more or fewer people on poverty even by percentage?

BRANDON: The war on poverty only increased poverty.

DOC: Only increased it. Not effective. And finally, we're called upon as Christians to do it or other people of faith to do it ourselves, and it's better because you're able to monitor. If I give the money to the government, and they redistribute it to people around the globe or around the country, I don't know if somebody in Texas right now if the guy in Seattle is using it properly, if he really needed it. But if I lend money to my buddy Brandon, acquaintance Brandon, it's, like, hey, Brandon, you said you needed to pay rent, but you're hanging out at the Indian casino, and I noticed you bought new clothes and doing drugs and drinking. Maybe you should have put that toward your rent. And there's ways you wasted it as well.

There's ways that are more effective and that's something John Kasich and the view and 2 Chainz don't get.

BRAD: I think Duane Johnson, Tom Hanks is going to beat him.

BRANDON: Is Tom Hanks running now?

DOC: It's going to be Kanye and Kasich.

BRANDON: Trump opened the door. I can see it coming.

DOC: It is. It's west Kasich 2020.

BRANDON: West Kasich. Oh, my god.

DOC: Doc Thompson in for Glenn Beck on the Glenn Beck Program.


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