Ending Human Rights Isn't the Answer to Beating Terrorism

British Prime Minister Theresa May has recently taken a tough stance on fighting terrorism. However, a statement of hers raised a red flag for guest host Mike Broomhead, who filled in for Glenn on radio.

"If Theresa May is going to say to the world . . . we need to change our human rights laws, we'll change the laws, that sounds ominous. Just that sound bite sounds ominous," Broomhead said.

The tide may be turning toward taking action in England after an onslaught of terror attacks --- including one targeting children at an Ariana Grande concert --- but is encroaching upon the human rights of law-abiding citizens the answer?

"In America, it seems ominous . . . we're going to end people's human rights. We have a lot of rights in this country. We can make sure people are protected and their rights are protected --- and at the same time keep us safe. Just, are we willing to do that? That's always been the question," Broomhead said.

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.

MIKE: Now, we know that the attackers in Great Britain, the ones on the London Bridge just the other day, that two of them were British citizens. Parents were refugees.

Now, that doesn't mean that all refugees are bad. But it is something that needs to be addressed. So if Theresa May is going to say to the world, if we need to change our human rights laws, we'll change the laws, that sounds ominous. Just that sound bite sounds ominous. When you take that sound bite in its entirety -- and she said, we must protect the British people when we have evidence of wrongdoing but we can't criminally convict.

You know, here in America, we are blessed because we have an immigration problem. People want to come here. And there are good people that we should accept. But how are we doing at making sure that we're accepting good people and doing our best to keep those that wish to do us harm out? That's always been the immigration question. Who stays? Who goes? We've done a horrible job with our visas. And watching and maintaining the people that are on them and overstaying them. We do a terrible job of making it easier for good people to come here, whether it's on a visa to work or to get on a path to citizenship. We don't do that well enough. And we could do a much better job of it as well. Then you put that together with the porous border that no one in the last eight years have done anything to secure. And you understand why the American people are upset. Well, if we take that, now you look at what's going on in Great Britain, and there are factions within their government that hate the idea of a vetting process or what we're going to do -- what they would do about refugees to protect citizens. It is entrenched there much deeper than it is here.

And so it's an uphill battle. When you look at the difference here in America, you have somebody like let's say Theresa May who is saying we're going to make sure we know who is coming and we're going to do what we have to do to protect our citizens. And then you've got an opponent that is saying that, you know, anti-Semitic statements, going to anti-Israel rallies. It seems like a no-brainer in America which candidate would become the winner. But if you look at the polling and how it's closing there, it's a toss-up of which way that's going to go. So the ideology of that nation is changing. But the reason it's changing is they realize tolerance is admirable. But blindly allowing people to run the show and then change the way you do things and then either support or defend or turn a blind eye to things like we're seeing right now is ludicrous.

When you are -- and I hate to keep harping on this, but when you are detonating a bomb in a very big area of a concert where you know it's occupied by mostly young girls, the issue becomes very, very dire. And that's when people begin to think they will attack anyone. Our children aren't safe. Nobody is safe.

And so maybe the tides are turning, that they've always had an attitude of tolerance. And they've always felt as if they need to be very tolerant. Give everybody the benefit of the doubt. People are good at heart. And at the end, what they're finding out is there's a lot of evil in the world. That it doesn't matter who you are or how tolerant you are, that just because your way of life will kill you.

That doesn't mean everyone. But you've got to do a better job. If they know that the refugees are being infiltrated by evildoers, why is it a bad thing to say, we're going to do our best to make sure we weed them out. If we've accepted people into this country, that we know are radicalized and they're traveling to nations like Libya for training or they're sneaking into Syria for some kind of training to be a jihadi, they're espousing Jihadi ideas and thoughts and trying to get people converted to their radical ideas, what can we do about that? I don't know why anybody would be afraid to address that.

In America, it seems ominous, we're going to end people's human rights. We have -- we have a lot of rights in this country, that we can make sure people are protected and their rights are protected and at the same time keep us safe. Just, are we willing to do that? That's always been the question.


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