WATCH: Megyn Kelly Promo Shows She Won't Be Giving Alex Jones a Free Pass

Oh boy, Megyn Kelly is taking heat from both sides of the aisle.

The host of NBC's Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly announced she will sit down with controversial radio host Alex Jones in an upcoming interview. The news received strong reactions --- from both the left and right. The left accused Kelly of normalizing a conspiracy theorist like Jones while the right finds fault with branding him a "conservative."

"Here's the thing. A good journalist shuts up, asks the questions and lets them hang themselves," Glenn said Monday on radio.

One listen to the released promo confirms Kelly has provided Jones plenty of rope:

Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones airs Sunday, June 18 at 7pm ET during Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly on NBC.

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

GLENN: Oh, boy. And Megyn Kelly is in trouble now on both sides of the aisle.

PAT: Which is weird. I don't get that.

GLENN: I don't get this either.

Okay. So Huffington Post, you would expect: How can you give a quarter to somebody like Alex Jones? Okay. All right. I get that.

But now the right is also saying: How can give you quarter to Alex Jones?

STU: Is that what they're saying?

GLENN: RedState is. They're saying that their -- what she's doing is legitimizing him.

STU: Legitimizing him. And I think there was an argument to be made about legitimizing Alex Jones.

PAT: Making fun of somebody, are you legitimizing him? And I don't know she's necessarily doing that. But she's providing him the forum to make fun of himself. He's his own worst enemy.

GLENN: Here's the thing: A good journalist shuts up. Asks the questions and shuts up. And lets them hang themselves. I want you just to hear the promo and tell me after hearing the promo for Megyn Kelly that this is going to be an interview that there's no hanging of one's self in.

ALEX: His authoritarianism knows humanity's awakening. And it's moving against humanity on a planetary scale. The great global battle of the future of our species is being fought right now.

MEGYN: They call you the most paranoid man in America. Is that true?

ALEX: Absolutely not. A paranoid person would be hiding out in their house, not venturing out in public. I go out there on the street and battle Black Lives Matter. The Communists. Point-blank range.

MEGYN: We talked controversies and conspiracies. 9/11.

ALEX: Now, 9/11 was an inside job. When I say inside job, it means criminal elements in our government working with Saudi Arabia and others.

PAT: Right.

ALEX: Wanted to frame Iraq for it. Just a fact. Just a fact.

MEGYN: Sandy Hook.

ALEX: Well, Sandy Hook is complex because I've had debates where -- with devil's advocate, said the whole story is true. Then I've had debates where I've said that none of it is true.

PAT: Oh, well, if you've taken both sides of the issue, then I guess that's okay.

GLENN: In debates. Okay. It's complicated. Because I've had debates where I've said the whole thing is true and the whole thing is not true.

PAT: Complicating the issue by taking both sides of it.

STU: Well, he said devil's advocates arguments. But like --

PAT: That's baloney. That's absolute bullcrap.

STU: First of all, that's an absolute lie he's covering. But beyond that, it's like, do you need a devil's advocate on whether Sandy Hook occurred?

PAT: No. No, you do not. Only in Alex Jones' world.

STU: Is there a need for it? Yeah.

GLENN: I've had debates, played devil's advocate, where I said the sun is an actual god. And I made that argument.

STU: And I made that argument.

GLENN: But I've also said the sun is just a giant flaming orb of glass.

MEGYN: When you say parents faked their children's death, people get very angry.

ALEX: Oh, I know. But they don't get angry about a half a million dead Iraqis from the sanctions or they don't get angry --

MEGYN: That's a dodge.

PAT: That's a dodge. Yeah.

GLENN: And a Buick. I mean, what -- what the hell is that -- they don't angry about all the sanctions.

PAT: What about the Black Plague that killed over 30 million people in Europe in the 1600s? What about that? How come nobody screamed about that? Nobody is talking about it. Why aren't you covering that --

GLENN: Wow. Because you just said --

PAT: What the hell. What does that have to do with anything?

GLENN: You just said parents faked the death of their child.

PAT: Yeah, well, that -- what about -- what about the Armenian crisis in the 1917 era.


PAT: Anybody talking about that?

GLENN: Wow. No.

PAT: That's crazy.

GLENN: But wait. There's more.

PAT: There's more.

ALEX: It was not a dodge. The media never covers all the evil wars.

MEGYN: That doesn't excuse what you did and said about Newton. You know it.

GLENN: Stop for a second. I just want to say -- again, the reason why I'm playing this is because both the left and the right is saying that she is legitimizing him.

STU: You're right. Letting him hang himself, but asking -- and pushing him back --

GLENN: But you're, still, okay. He sounds a little crazy. But it's on NBC, right? This is just the promo. Listen.

ALEX: -- looked all the angles of Newton. And I made my statements long before the media even picked up on it. We didn't get any of the really important stuff.

MEGYN: What do you mean? We talked about all the important stuff.

ALEX: Well, here's the big one they always make fun of me -- you probably want to throw this in there. Thirty years ago, they began creating animal/human hybrids. Isn't that the story Megyn Kelly should be doing?

PAT: It's huge. She isn't covering that.

STU: Why isn't she covering that?

PAT: I will say, he's right about that. She's not covering it.

STU: Is it possible she is one, and that's why she's hiding it?

PAT: I think it's likely.

GLENN: So the question is -- the question is, why on God's green earth would you -- would you bring up animal/human hybrids?

STU: Out of nowhere.

GLENN: Out of nowhere.

PAT: Bizarre.

GLENN: That's something that your PR people say, look, we've made a deal. She's not going to bring up the animal/human hybrid thing, okay? If she asks about it, just shut your mouth.

STU: He brought that up in the press conference after his trial too. The same thing.

JEFFY: Yes, he did.

PAT: It's something he believes very deeply.

GLENN: Okay. Well, there's your legitimate interview coming Sunday with Megyn Kelly.

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Protests following the fatal police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr quickly devolved into violence, rioting, and looting in Philadelphia, and BlazeTV's Elijah Schaffer was there to document what the mainstream media won't. But while filming the carnage inside a Five Below on Tuesday, Elijah was surrounded and attacked by looters.

Elijah joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to detail his experience and to explain why mainstream media efforts to downplay the violence just show that independent media has never been more important.

"Unfortunately, [the attack] escalated from one person to about a dozen very quickly," Elijah explained. "I'm actually really happy to be alive. Because in that same shopping center, right there, there was a 15-year-old girl who was shot, according to reports. And I heard multiple gunshots throughout the night. Another individual is reported to have heard a gunshot as well, so we try to confirm. I watched people get pummeled beyond belief."

Glenn asked Elijah to respond to mainstream media claims that conservatives are exaggerating the looting and violence in Philadelphia.

"It's so funny to hear people that aren't there try to counter what we're reporting," Elijah replied.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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In the final days before the 2020 election, President Donald Trump is gaining among black voters, particularly men, because his record of accomplishments "speaks for itself" and the "façade" that President Trump is a racist "just doesn't ring true," argued sports columnist Jason Whitlock on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday.

Jason, who recently interviewed the president at the White House for, shared his thoughts on why he believes many black Americans — notably celebrities such as Kanye West, Ice Cube, and 50 Cent — are breaking from the "façade" that President Trump is a "flaming racist."

"I really believe the facts are starting to speak for themselves, and that Donald Trump's record of accomplishments, particularly as it relates to African Americans, speaks for itself," Jason told Glenn. "He actually has a record to stand on, unlike even Barack Obama. When [Obama] was president, I don't think he had much of a record to stand on, in terms of, 'Hey, what did he actually deliver for African Americans?' President Trump has things he can stand on and, you know, beyond that I think black people understand when he starts talking about black unemployment rate. And America's unemployment rate. And then, when you add in for black men, the façade we've been putting on [President Trump] … you know, this whole thing that he's some flaming racist, it just doesn't ring true."

Jason suggested that Trump's fearlessness, unabashed masculinity, and record of keeping his promises resonates with men in the black community. He also weighed in on how media and social media's bias plays a huge role in convincing people to hate President Trump while ignoring Antifa and others on the Left.

"I keep explaining to people, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, they're some of the most secular places on earth. And we've reduced everyone to a tweet, that we disagree with," he added.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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Megyn Kelly is not happy about the "disgusting" media coverage of President Donald Trump, specifically pointing to Lesley Stahl's "60 Minutes" interview on CBS Sunday.

On the radio program, Megyn told Glenn Beck the media has become so blinded by the "Trump Derangement Syndrome" that they've lost their own credibility — and now they can't get it back.

"It's disgusting. It's stomach-turning," Megyn said of the media's coverage of the president. "But it's just a continuation of what we've seen over the past couple of years. Their 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' has blinded them to what they're doing to their own credibility. They can't get it back. It's too late. They've already sacrificed it. And now no one is listening to them other than the hard partisans for whom they craft their news."

Megyn also discussed how she would have covered the recent stories about Hunter and Joe Biden's alleged corruption. Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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