O'Reilly's Takeaways From Comey Testimony: 'He Destroyed Any Sense of His Nobility'

Bill O'Reilly joined Glenn on radio Tuesday to analyze the headlines of the day. Top on the list was James Comey's testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

"What did you pull out of Comey's testimony last week? Give me two highlights that you thought people didn't really understand, or the news media didn't get right," Glenn asked.

O'Reilly offered his opinion, including one bombshell.

"The amazing thing is when he dropped the bomb --- and it certainly was that --- that he is a leaker, that he took notes that he wrote on an FBI computer and gave them to The New York Times," O'Reilly said.

O'Reilly, who live tweeted with more than three million followers during the testimony, took note.

"My head bolted up, and I immediately tweeted, 'That's huge. That's enormous. He just admitted that he's a leaker.' The head of the FBI, going to The New York Times, a paper that hates the president? So there's got to be vitriol there. He didn't go to some neutral place," O'Reilly said.

The second takeaway: Comey straight up called Trump a liar.

"He did that because he was truly insulted, Comey, that Trump said the FBI is chaos, that it was mismanaged. So, look, I understand the emotion there. But, you know, that was a pretty big thing for an FBI chief to do," O'Reilly said.

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GLENN: The one, the only, Mr. Happy Pants himself, Bill O'Reilly joins us, beginning right now.


GLENN: From BillO' The one, the only, Mr. Bill O'Reilly. Hello, Bill.

BILL: Beck, you back to work, huh? After, what, an eight-week vacation?

GLENN: Wow, I was going to start with something nice, but you go right for the throat.

BILL: Yeah, no. Everybody missed you Beck. People were just stumbling around here in New York City going, where's Beck? Where is he?

GLENN: Right. Right.

So how have you been, Bill? How is your summer going? Hello.

STU: That was it --

GLENN: There he is. Wait. Wait. We lost you for a second. How has your summer been going?

BILL: Everything is good. Just a lot of stuff going on that I have to deal with every day.

GLENN: Like you have to take the dog out to walk. You've been on quite a vacation.


BILL: I'm tweeting. And tweeting makes me nervous because I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing. But this is amazing.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: We do live tweets. We're going to do them today in a Sessions hearing. And we did it with the Comey hearing. You heard about that on your vacation.

GLENN: Yes, I did. I watched it. Yeah, I did.

BILL: More than 3 million people were following my tweets.

PAT: Wow.

BILL: And I don't even know what tweets are.

GLENN: Right. Right. Right.

BILL: You know, but I have the machine in my hand, and I'm watching and then I write little comments like, he's lying, or this is ridiculous, or this is a pinhead right here.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: Whatever. 3 million people.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

BILL: And then I understand that one of the Trump sons then was retweeting what I was tweeting, which I don't know what that means either.

GLENN: Right. You have to check the machine for that.

BILL: There was a whole avalanche of things that happened. So that's my life.

GLENN: Well, sounds -- sounds -- sounds good.

BILL: Yeah.

GLENN: So today -- so today you're going to be doing this with Sessions. And what should we expect? Less on the tweets, more on the actual substance.

BILL: You know, Sessions is going to have his rap down, number one. He knows what's coming. So he's got to explain the three meetings that he had as a senator with the Russian people. So he's got -- you got to do that.

GLENN: That's easy.

BILL: So number one, you're looking at a predictable set of Q&A at the top. But then it will get interesting because he has to then say, okay. What do you know about Comey's firing? What did you know about that?

And that's where it gets interesting. Because, you know, you figure Sessions was in on the discussions to sack Comey. You figured that. And how he phrases that, how he puts that, you know, why was he fired, what was the real reason, then you get into interesting territory.

GLENN: What did you pull out of Comey's testimony last week? Give me two highlights that you thought people didn't really understand, or the news media didn't get right.

BILL: Well, the amazing thing is, when he dropped the bomb -- and it certainly was that -- that he is a leaker, that he took notes that he wrote on an FBI computer.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: And gave them to the New York Times. Because, you know, that's what he did. He did it through an intermediary. A friend of his.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: But if you looked at the senators, they didn't even follow up on it. I don't even think they were paying attention. It was like they were somnambulant. And I bolted up. My head bolted up. And I immediately tweeted, "That's huge. That's enormous. He just admitted that he's a leaker." The head of the FBI, going to the New York Times, a paper that hates the president. So there's got to be vitriol there. He didn't go to some neutral place.

GLENN: Yeah, it did show that he wasn't the innocent little Boy Scout.

BILL: No. He's a double dealer.

GLENN: He's a political player. He knows exactly how that works.

BILL: Absolutely. Absolutely.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: And it just destroyed any sense of nobility that he might have had because he was trying -- and every senator -- oh, you're the biggest senator. Paul Revere has nothing on you. You know, all of this crap. All right. And then, oh, by the way, I'm a leaker. I did a leak, that I wanted the president of the United States to look bad and hurt him.

And I went, "Whoa." So that was the biggest thing.

GLENN: What was the second --

BILL: Second thing was he called Trump a liar straight out. And he did that because he was truly insulted, Comey, that Trump said the FBI is chaos, that it was mismanaged. So, look, I understand the emotion there. But, you know, that was a pretty big thing for an FBI chief to do.

GLENN: So, again, you didn't pull what I pulled out. And this is the biggest thing of all, especially with the news that's coming from Bloomberg today. And that is the Russians are coming.

We spent all last week with everybody, talking about Comey and Trump and Hillary Clinton, when we should have been talking about the Russian hack. I don't know if you saw the report that came out today from Bloomberg. It's an exclusive. Thirty-nine states. Now, it didn't affect the election. But as Comey said last week, it will affect 18 or 20 if we don't do something.

They got into 39 states. That's double the amount that has been previously known. And they got into the actual counties -- or, sorry, statewide systems, thinking that it goes statewide up, instead of at the grassroots. That's the only thing that saved us, was they were thinking like Soviets, and not thinking like Americans.

And they -- they hacked in, as many as 7 million voters in Illinois. Could have had their registration wiped clean. That's -- that's significant.

BILL: Absolutely. That's a huge thing. The reason I believe that that didn't get more attention --

GLENN: Sounds sexy.

BILL: And I don't think the Bloomberg thing is going to get a lot of attention either. But you're very smart to point it out, because it is frightening how dependent we are on this technology. And how this technology can be used by criminals, and that's who these Russians are. To, you know, harm a nation.

GLENN: Right.

BILL: But people I think know that. I think they know that espionage was --

GLENN: Yeah, but, Bill, this was different. There was no evidence that they were trying to work for Trump or for Clinton. They were just trying to cause chaos.

BILL: Chaos. Don't you think most Americans know that?

GLENN: I do.

BILL: Don't you think they know?

GLENN: I do. But I think we need to stop all this political nonsense and start focusing on, okay. Wait a minute -- that -- in any -- tell me during Ronald Reagan, that wouldn't have been called an act of war.

BILL: Different world now.

GLENN: It is a different world.

BILL: The primary goal of the opposition party, the Democrats, and the media, the national media, their primary goal is not holding Putin accountable for anything. It's destroying Donald Trump. So anything that doesn't play into that narrative is shunned to the side.

GLENN: So then shouldn't we as, you know, defenders of what we believe is true, shouldn't we then be saying, "Okay. Stop -- watch the other hand. Don't pay attention to this. Pay attention to this, because this is going to actually affect our republic, where the -- where the nonsense of, you know, did Donald Trump -- was he in collusion, that's nonsense. This is important?"

BILL: But here's the problem with a story like that: You don't have any other follow other than what Bloomberg has put out and what we really already know, that Putin and his hackers were trying, as you put -- create as much chaos in our election. Is that an act of war? You could say it's a hostile act. I mean, I don't know whether it rises to the fact that we start to, you know, lob...

GLENN: No, I'm not saying that we do. But I know that in any other time period, that would have been an act of war.

BILL: Yes. I'll cede that point to you, Beck. And it pains me to do it.

GLENN: You seem -- may I say something, getting away from the grind every day, you seem happier than I've possibly ever even suspected you could be.

BILL: Happier.

GLENN: Yeah. You seem almost, dare I say it, less morose.

BILL: I don't have to commute into New York City every day. So that is enormous.


BILL: The rest of it, I'm not going to comment on. Although, I will tell you that over a 20-year period at Fox News, I worked as hard as a human being could possibly work. And now I don't have to work --

GLENN: No, I saw you. I saw you arrive and I saw you --

BILL: So, you know, those things make you a little more buoyant. Word of the day, "buoyant."

GLENN: Yes. Buoyant. We'll say it with you.

BILL: So another good observation from Beck, after an eight-week vacation. He's refreshed. And ready to go.


JEFFY: And more buoyant.

GLENN: Yeah.

When is your vacation up, Bill?

BILL: I never go -- I mean, I have -- somebody has got to keep an eye on this country.

GLENN: Right. Right. So let me go here. It came out last night that Donald Trump may be considering -- may be considering dumping the -- the special counsel Mueller. What do you think of that idea, and what will happen if he does?

BILL: Well, number one, I really don't analyze gossip, and that's what that is. So that would be a bad move if Trump did that.

PAT: Very.

BILL: I don't think he will.

I think there's mischief afoot. Mischief afoot. I think that these kinds of things get out there for a reason.

GLENN: Well, okay. Hang on. Here's how it came out --

BILL: Yeah, I know how it came out.

GLENN: Yeah. The head of NewsMax met at the White House, left, went to PBS. Said it on the air.

BILL: Right.

GLENN: So somebody in the White House was talking to him --

BILL: But Ruddy was clear -- head of NewsMax, Christopher Ruddy. I know him. You know him. He's an honest man. He was clear that nobody told him that. He just surmised it.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

BILL: Or he took something -- or this is a deduction of his.

GLENN: Hang on just a second. Wait. Wait. Wait. Just a second. I've been to the White House. I've been in the Oval. You've been in the Oval. That's a condition of even being in the Oval. You can't ever quote the president.

BILL: Yeah.

GLENN: You can say I felt that this might have been what he was thinking. Even if he said it to you. That's the way you have to phrase it.

BILL: You know, I just don't -- I just don't analyze gossip and stuff like that.

GLENN: All right. All right.

BILL: To me, if there is an official announcement -- there's something going on because Spicer dealt with it too in a coy way. "Coy," another word of the day. C-O-Y, coy.

Spicer, who is a zombie of the greatest order, you would -- you know, he -- when he starts to play those kinds of games, well, we didn't really say that. But, you know, let's see what happens -- you know that they're trying to create mischief. Which is what the Trump White House does. It plays like a cat and a ball -- plays -- you know, and throws these things out. I don't think that's a good thing for President Trump. I think he probably disagrees with me on that. But they do this, you know, to be provocative. I don't know why. But right now, I don't think Mueller is going anywhere.

GLENN: Okay. We'll be back with Bill O'Reilly. And he's got a book or something for Father's Day that will be great. And it's at BillO' It's Killing fill in the blank. And your father will love it. Who are you killing this time, Beck?

BILL: You, Beck. You. You. But I'm going to miss you probably more than anyone.

GLENN: Oh, I feel like the end of Wizard of Oz. That is so sweet. Why are you going to miss me? Are you going away?

BILL: No. But I -- in the book, if you --

GLENN: Oh, if I get offed --

BILL: Yeah.

GLENN: Okay. All right. At least we know how it ends.

BILL: No, but I would never do that because I'm your biggest defender, and you know it.

GLENN: The killer was Bill O'Reilly.


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