Signs of Hope: Silicon Valley Liberal Floors Glenn With Support for States' Rights

There is a civil war playing out in the Democratic Party between the radical left and old school, left-leaning Democrats. While trouble is brewing, so are opportunities. Glenn continues to encounter people who recognize the difficulties we now face as a nation. Two weeks ago, he met with leaders from Silicon Valley, mostly liberal, and the conversation bordered on shocking.

"Guy sitting next to me said, 'You know, we have to admit our own mistakes... None of us here sitting at the table had a single problem with the way Barack Obama was signing executive orders. None of us said anything. It didn't bother us. We didn't have a single problem the way they got health care done. They just jammed it through. None of us said anything, but hurrah. Now that Donald Trump is doing the same thing, we're all freaking out. You know, maybe we should have had a problem with Barack Obama doing it,'" Glenn recalled.

Glenn did his best to stay silent and listen.

"I'm like, don't say anything, don't say anything, don't say anything. Don't wreck this. He's on the right train. Keep going," Glenn said.

Then came the kicker.

"He said . . . 'Every time the Tenth Amendment is brought up, every single one of us in this room always say racist, state's rights is just about racism. But, gee, aren't we the same people right now saying we have to strengthen the Tenth Amendment and maybe we should secede from the Union? Maybe it's not about racism. Maybe there's something to these state's rights,'" Glenn recounted.

The revelation left Glenn floored --- and more convinced than ever that we have a chance to turn things around.

Speaking about two of the four books he's been reading, Glenn explained how understanding the five tribal stages and the language of moral foundations are the secret keys to bridging the divide.

"I think we're between stage one and stage two, and there are those in our audience that are stage three, four and five," Glenn stated. "It will take those of us who are three, four and five to be able to learn the language of these first two stages, speak to them, couple that with The Righteous Mind, and we can change the world. We really can heal the scars."

Listen to this segment from The Glenn Beck Program:

GLENN: Okay. So I want you to listen to this. This is from Los Angeles. Long-standing tensions between the Democrat Party's moderate and liberal wings have ignited in California, where progressive activists are redirecting their anger over Donald Trump and congressional Republicans towards Democratic leaders at home. Stoked by a contested race for state Democratic chair and the failure of a single-payer health care bill, activists are staging protests at the capitol. Assembly Speaker Rendon reportedly receiving death threats after shelving the health care legislation last month. And security was tightened at the statehouse, after activists disrupted a floor session last week. The rancor spillover from the contentious Democratic presidential primary last year is aggravating divisions in a state regarded nationally as a lodestar for the liberal cause. Establishment Democrats fear the rhetoric and appetite for new spending could go too far, jeopardizing the party's across-the-board dominance of state politics. All of this has taken new significance on, as California embraces its role as the focal point of the anti-Trump resistance.

They're now having to say, "Guys, guys, guys, we're on the same team." But they're not. Go back to The Coming Insurrection, the little blue book that when I first started at Fox, people couldn't imagine -- what? Why is Glenn Beck, he's saying read this socialist revolution book from France. Yes. Because I said it would come here. What was the point of that book? Do you remember why they were revolting in France, I mean, other than Frenchmen were revolting?

PAT: They were sick and tired of the promises not being fulfilled. Right?

GLENN: In what way?

PAT: They wanted Communism.

GLENN: Correct.

PAT: And they decided to go for it now, rather than progressively.

GLENN: Correct. And they kept saying, we have the opportunity right now. We keep electing you guys, and you keep saying -- see if you've heard this phrase before: The French version of, okay. We just need the House and the Senate. Oh, okay. Well, we need the White House too. But once we get the House and the Senate and the White House too, then we'll be able to do something. They're like, we've elected you guys over and over again, and you've had the power. And you won't do it. You're never going to do it. You're never going to do it. Because it's about you. It's not about Marxism. You're just using us. Well, that's what's beginning to happen now. The Democrats have invited these people in, and they're Marxist. And they're revolutionaries. And they want their system.

So they wanted a single-payer system. The real Democrats said, "Okay. No, I think that will bankrupt the state." And the Marxists and the deep, deep progressives said, "Now is the time. If not now, when? Are you kidding me, we're more popular than ever because of Donald Trump. We can stand against it and lead the way. You people aren't going to do it." That's why they've had to ratchet up security because the sentiments that I pointed out eight years ago in The Coming Insurrection and said, "It's coming here," is now beginning in California.

Okay. Sounds like bad news. But here's the opportunity: And I have witnessed it myself. In fact, this weekend, I met two different people who said, "Glenn, I'm reading this book called The Righteous Mind." And I just smile, "Uh-huh."

This woman told me on Saturday, "I'm reading this. I had to get to you because I believe there's a way out." And I said, "Really? Well, I'm trying to work on that. I'm interested on hearing anything you've got."

And she said, "Well, you have to read The Righteous Mind." I said, "Jonathan Haidt?" She said, "Yes. You know it?" And I said, "Yeah, we're working on something based on that as well."

She said, "I've seen it work in my own life." She said, "I had family members who I could not even talk to, and I started using what he's pointing out, and I changed what I was saying, how I was saying it. And they're hearing me now."

"Yes, I know. I've seen it work myself."

And here's the opportunity: Last week, two weeks ago, when I was in California, there is a huge change in people. Huge change. And it's not -- the last time I was there was right after -- yeah, right after the election. And people were stunned and they were afraid of Donald Trump. And everything else.

So I go out and I meet with -- I'm going to have dinner with the one guy who is a really nice guy, but very, very liberal. Was very Hillary Clinton, I believe.

And I let him know that I'm coming out.

He said, "Glenn, I want to introduce you to some friends. They need to hear you speak." And I said, "Okay."

He said, "Anybody you want to meet with?" I said, "No, I just don't want to meet with anybody who has a jersey." So if you're, the Democrats have to win, or that Donald Trump, we have to do everything we can to stop, or whatever, no team jerseys. Open minds.

He said, okay. So about 20 people show up. Twenty, 25. And they're -- they're amazing job titles and names. I was shocked.

And all of them came in with -- with a very open mind. And in some ways, afraid. Some of them told me that they were more afraid of their side than even Donald Trump now.

They said the Republicans are spooking the crap out of us. But what's happening on the college campuses with the uber left is frightening.

Point number one: Their eyes are beginning to open. Point number two: Guy sitting next to me, he said -- I opened up with: Look, we all have to admit our mistakes. And we have to just say, "I'm not trying to win. I'm trying to find a way back towards any kind of normal conversations with people who disagree with me, where I don't hate you and you don't hate me and we have to stop each other. Because what does that lead?"

Please, play this out for me. You guys win every election for the next 20 years. You have every seat and everything is Democratic. What are you going to do with the 40 percent of the population that just will not give up the idea of a free market? What do you do with them? Kill them? Silence them?

Because, I mean, at first, you just have to silence them and get them to play along. But when they don't after 20 years, what do you do?

And the same thing with the people who say you're the enemy. We have to just -- what are we going to do with you, after 20 years of winning every single election? Because they're not going to give up. Do we round you up? Do we put you in indoctrination camps, or do we kill you? Help figure this out.

We all came to the conclusion that there is no winning, just stop playing to win. Let's start finding ways to live together.

So I say this: Guy sitting next to me said, you know, we have to admit our own mistakes. None of us here at this table -- now, this is a super liberal guy. None of us here sitting at the table had a single problem with the way Barack Obama was signing executive orders. None of us said anything. It didn't bother us. We didn't have a single problem the way they got health care done. They just jammed it through. None of us said anything, but hurrah. Now that Donald Trump is doing the same thing, we're all freaking out.

You know, maybe we should have had a problem with Barack Obama doing it. And I'm like, "Don't say anything. Don't say anything. Don't say anything. Don't wreck this. He's on the right train. Keep going." He said, "And another thing: Every time the Tenth Amendment is brought up, every single one of us in this room always say, racist. State's rights is just about racism. But, gee, aren't we the same people right now saying we have to strengthen the Tenth Amendment and maybe we should secede from the Union?

Maybe it's not about racism. Maybe it's something to these state's rights. I am floored -- floored with the nodding heads of, yeah. Yeah.

Now, they don't agree with me on policies, but the principles are starting to shine through. So here's the opportunity in California. There's a Democratic civil war. The Coming Insurrection. Where people are shutting things down. You're going to have violence. Because that's what the left -- the uber, uber radicalized left, that's what they do.

So you've got that.

Then you have a whole bunch of people who are like, I'm not with them. But I also -- I'm not really with the G.O.P. either because they're doing the same kind of tactics as I just realized my party was doing. And I don't like that either.

That's where you come in. And if you can speak their language, you can get enough to open up to where you say, "See. Yes. You're right. The Tenth Amendment." For different reasons, we both believe in the Tenth Amendment. For different reasons, we both believe in the Fourth and the Fifth Amendment. But see how important the Constitution is?

We have that opportunity. And if you can only -- if you could get, my gosh, 50 percent of the Democrats of California to turn, not going to happen, Glenn.

Good. I'll take 5 percent. I'll take 10 percent. You can get 5 percent of the Democrats in California, I believe, right now, if we start listening to each other. We start talking to one another, and we know how to talk to one another. And we stop trying to win. Because, they're on the wrong side!

Play that out in your mind. How does that end? Play that out in your mind. How is it working out so far?

New tactic. And we'll be talking to you about it and teaching it in the coming weeks. But I would highly recommend you start reading two books: The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt. Spelled H-A-I-G-H-T.

PAT: No, it's H-A-I-D-T.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: What?


GLENN: Oh, you guys are reading the wrong book.

STU: That would suck.

GLENN: Yeah, so Jonathan Haidt. So that one. And the other one is Tribal Leadership. Now, Tribal Leadership is -- does anybody know who that one is by?

PAT: Two guys, I think, right?

GLENN: So you read that one. And that one is different -- that one is more about business. It's an older book. A couple years old. But it's more about business. But --

STU: Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright are the authors.

GLENN: If you read those two books -- the Tribal Leadership -- think of the company as our country and see where the tribes are headed.

I contend that we are -- and when you read this, you will understand, and you will put your hand to your mouth and go, "Oh, no." I between our country is between stage one and stage two. And the Democrats and some on the alt-right are more stage one. That's a dangerous place to go.

Stage two is almost a complete loss of hope. And a just submission into whatever. And I want a strongman to fix it because we've tried everything else.

I think we're between stage one and stage two. And there are those in our audience that are stage three, four, and five, which are our good. But it will take those of us who are three, four, and five, to be able to learn the language of these first two stages, speak to them, couple that with the Righteous Mind, and we can change the world. We really can heal the scars. We'll give that you as the days and weeks continue.

A town in Sweden is under fire after denying requests to ring church bells in the 1990s and the 2000s but recently approving a mosque's request to conduct a weekly Islamic call to prayer.

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Authorities in the town of Vaxjo in southern Sweden have given the local mosque a one-year permit to recite the call to prayer every Friday for about four minutes. But Fr. Ingvar Fogelqvist of St. Michael's, the local Catholic church located about a mile from the mosque, says similar requests to ring church bells were denied.

On today's show, Pat and Jeffy talked about this story and favorable bias toward the Muslim faith. The issue isn't that the Islamic call to prayer is allowed; it's that all religions are not being treated equally.

Somebody might want to check the temperature in hell, it might be just a tad chillier than normal.

If you missed Friday's episode of The Glenn Beck Program, you missed something you probably never thought you'd see in this timeline or any other. Glenn actually donned President Trump's trademark red "Make America Great Again" hat and laid out the case for why he thinks Trump will win in a landslide in 2020.

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Bottom line: Nancy Pelosi and the mainstream media may have pushed Glenn to this point, but believe it or not, Trump's record will make this next election a walk in the park for number 45. At this point, the sitting president has done enough to earn even Glenn's vote.

Glenn broke down what he thought were the 10 biggest campaign promises that — unlike those made by most politicians — Trump actually kept.

10. Impose a 10% repatriation tax to bring jobs back to America

Not all of Trump's promises were good ones, but regardless of what the consequences may be — he did keep this one.

"Now, I think this one is dangerous," Glenn said on radio Friday. "He did it. Ten percent. Bring all of your money back into the United States. It will create jobs. Yes. It will also create inflation. But it's creating jobs."

9. Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

This has been one of Trump's most passionate issues.

"The stop the TPP. Uh-huh. Right. Sure you are. Uh-huh. Yes. He did," Glenn admitted.

8. Withdraw from the disastrous Paris Climate Accord

Glenn found himself eating crow on this.

"I'm on record saying he will never do that because his daughter is a huge global warming person and he only listens to the family. Eh. Wrong," Glenn said with a puff of crow feathers coming from his mouth.

7. Bring North Korea to the table and rein them in

This looked impossible. Not so.

"'I'm going to bring North Korea to the table.' Are you? Everybody has tried to do that," Glenn said. "Now, they're at the table. We don't know what's going to happen. So the result of that is unknown. But has anybody else done that?"

6. Stop over-regulation and jump-start the economy

It's the economy, stupid.

"Does anybody feel like America is beginning to get on track somewhat economically? You know why? Because he fulfilled another promise," Glenn said. "Stop over-regulating the American people. Give them their money. Give the companies the opportunity to expand and bring their money back into the country, and maybe they'll build buildings. Maybe they'll build offices. Maybe they'll build new products. Maybe they'll build new factories. Maybe they'll hire a bunch of people."

Glenn went on.

"Now, I know Seattle is trying to do everything they can to make sure everybody in their city is homeless and unemployed, but the rest of the country is enjoying the feeling of, wow, maybe things are going to be okay."

5. Reverse Obama's executive orders

If you're like Glenn, you've gotten used to politicians promising "no new taxes," but you can really tell they're lying if their lips are moving. Guess what? That's apparently not Trump.

"The executive orders? Yeah. He's reversed a lot of Obama's executive orders," Glenn said. "These are outrageous promises."

4. Pull out of the Iran nuclear deal

No big deal...

"'I'm going to cancel the Iran Deal.' Yep. None of these are small. You know, I've got maybe ten minutes. I think we can get that done in the first term. And they did," Glenn said.

3. Give tax cuts to middle-class Americans

Maybe this could have been better, but we'll take it.

"I don't like the tax cut. I think he could go a lot further," Glenn said. "But that's not even his job. His job is to sign things that Congress puts in front of him. Not to design it. You Republicans in Congress, you disgust me. You disgust me. 'Imagine what we could do if we had the House and the Senate and the White House.' I can imagine what you'll do — nothing. You'll do nothing."

2. Change strategy and defeat ISIS

The mainstream media have been radio silent on this.

"How about the president's — well, I know I can defeat ISIS. I know I can do it. I'll defeat ISIS. He did," Glenn said. "And did you notice no one in the press even talked about it? All of a sudden, we're not talking about ISIS anymore. How come? Oh, I know. President Trump. That's why."

1. Recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate the US embassy

This one is a true game-changer.

"Now, every president will say to you, when he's running, 'I'm going to make Jerusalem the home.' Well, really? The home of the embassy. Really, are you? Because everybody says that, nobody does it. He did it," Glenn said. "And I think that's going to go down as the biggest game-changer possibly in my lifetime. This is going — it already is — it is changing the game in Iran."

Glenn continued.

"And when it does, this president is going to come out and say something directly to those people, that we support them," he said. "And that's going to add fuel to the fire. And you might see a regime change and a collapse of the Islamic regime in Iran. And it will be 100 percent Donald Trump that made that responsible. One hundred percent. You're going to see changes because of this. He kept that promise. A promise I said, he's not going to do that. Nobody is going to do that. He did."

One chapter of ISIS has ended, but another may be starting


For the most part, ISIS has fallen in Syria and Iraq. But before we celebrate the demise of this awful terrorist group, before we let our guard down, we should zoom out a bit, because ISIS is spreading. ISIS has largely just scattered out of the region as if someone turned on the kitchen lights and they scrambled.

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The Wall Street Journal spoke with Rohan Gunaratna, head of the International Center for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at the Nanyang University in Singapore. “Although Islamic State's ideology has suffered, it still has a huge potential," he told them. “Islamic State has entered a phase of global expansion, very much the same way al Qaeda extended globally in late 2001."

ISIS has spread into West Africa, and throughout much of Southeast Asia, and, as is typical of ISIS, they have done it violently, with a sick venom.

The world is their potential rubble, and their fight is endless.

Again, from the Wall Street Journal: “One chapter of ISIS has finished and another is beginning," said Hassan Hassan, a specialist on Islamic State at the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy in Washington. “Their resurgence is coming sooner than expected."

The world is their potential rubble, and their fight is endless.

'The Handmaid's Tale' got it right, just with the wrong religion

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Just in case The Handmaid's Tale's heavy-handed message wasn't already heavy-handed enough, a recent episode made it clear there's always room for further hysteria. Particularly, in relation to depictions of a “patriarchal society" run by Christian doctrine and determined by men — oh those dastardly men.

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The show appropriates Margaret Atwood of the same name, depicting a totalitarian society led by Christian doctrine in which women's bodies are controlled, and they have no rights. The story sounds familiar, but not in the same way Atwood and the show's creators have so smugly assumed.

Just as tone-deaf as 4th wave feminism itself, and tone-deaf in all the exact same places. Most notably, the show's heavy-handed indignation toward Christianity. Toward the patriarchy. Toward conservatives and traditional values. And just like 4th wave feminism, the show completely overlooks the irony at play. Because there is a part of the world where women and children are being raped and mutilated. In fact, in this very real place, the women or girls are often imprisoned, even executed, for being raped, and they are mutilated in unspeakable ways.

Theirs is a cruel, bloody, colorless life.

There is a place, a very real place, where women are forced to cover their entire bodies with giant tarp-like blankets, which is all the more brutal given the endless heat of this place. There is a place where women literally have one-third of the rights of men, a place where women are legally, socially and culturally worth less than men.

They cannot drive cars. They cannot be outside alone. They cannot divorce, they cannot even choose who they marry and often, they are forcibly married at a young age.

They are raped. A lot. Theirs is a cruel, bloody, colorless life. This is the life of tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of women. And, I'll tell you, their religion isn't Christianity.