Has Jeffy Ever Been a Healthy Weight?

The medical community uses weight charts to estimate what a healthy body mass index should be – but their approach was too one-size-fits-all to suit Glenn and Jeffy on radio Thursday.

While looking at a weight chart to measure BMI, Jeffy was skeptical about the recommended weight for his height. A former football player, Jeffy said his lowest weight was 200 pounds.

“Was that when you were born?” Pat Gray joked.

Glenn talked about his lowest weight, saying he “looked like a stick,” and puzzled over the recommendation on the chart they were looking at: “I don’t know how you have any muscle mass at 180 [pounds] and 6’2”.”

GLENN: All right. So let's talk about surgeries. What you're dealing with in the government and what we're dealing with the military and elected surgeries and then also in the general population. I want you to understand what is coming your way. Before I tell you this, because it is bad new. Before I tell you this on tomorrow's program, and I believe it is at this time tomorrow; right? It's either hour number one or hour number two, we have the CEO of a new kind of insurance that will help a lot of people. It was a carve out in ObamaCare. And at this time tomorrow, if you are paying exorbitant rates, if you are having problems with insurance, listen tomorrow at this time. We may have an answer for you.

Now, let me tell you what we're headed toward. This is from the NHS. Now, this is from last year. The British NHS, the national health service. This is what we're headed for. A single-pair system. This is what the VA is, and this is why the VA is so bad. The socialized health care system, they now said that in May of last year, they spent $3.26 billion more than they actually had. That's hospitals, clinics, and doctors. 3.26 billion. So if you think you can buy the lie that this is going to save everybody money, you're fooling yourself. This is not an answer. This is another prescription for the death of our country because it's all just going to be added to our bill.

Played a remind your congressmen and senators that that bill will not go away. If we don't pay the Chinese their money back, if we don't pay people their money back, all they will do is claim our land and our resources. They will get their money back.

In north Yorkshire, hospital leaders have decided now to cut back and not provide hip or knee surgeries to smokers or those with body mass above 30. So if you're 5'10" and have a BMI of 30, that means you weigh 209 pounds.

If you're 5'5" -- 5'5", and you weigh 180 pounds, you are not allowed to have surgery. Why are they doing this?

PAT: In England.

GLENN: Yes, in England. Listen to this. Major surgery pose high risks for severely overweight patients and this who smoke. If somebody who is 5'5" and 180 pounds severely overweight? Who's defining severely overweight?

The NHS has for decades had a waiting list. Let me tell you what's happening, and this is before it really begins to collapse. NHS doctors routinely -- this is all backed up with facts. This is from Forbes magazine. NHS doctors routinely conceal from patients information about innovative new therapies that the NHS does not pay for as to not distress, upset, or confuse them. Does Charlie Gard come to mind?

Terminally ill patients are now classified as quote close to death. So the NHS does not have to provide any kind of life support or end of life benefits.

PAT: Wouldn't this be the very definition of death panels?

GLENN: Yes, it is. It's just the beginning.

JEFFY: What?

GLENN: If you're having hip surgery, and you smoke or you are horribly overweight, all you have to do -- if you think there's going to be, like, oh, that 180, scientifically that was the number.

No, the only number that they care about is 3.26 billion. That's it. So if everybody got their weight under 30 of the BMI, they will reduce it and say only this who have a BMI of 25. NHS expert guidelines on the management of high cholesterol are intentionally out of date. Putting patients at serious risk to save the NHS money.

When the government approved an innovative, new treatment for elderly blindness, the NHS initially decided to reimburse further treatment only after the parents. Blind in one eye. And reclassifying blindness as someone who didn't have sight in both eyes.

While most NHS patients expect to wait five months for a hip operation or knee surgery, leaving them immobile or disabled, the actual waiting list -- so you got your BMI under 30. Now you're put on a waiting list. You have 11 months to wait for a hip. 12 months to wait for a knee. That compares in the United States to this broken, awful system of three to four weeks for both hips and knees.

One in four Britains with cancer are denied treatment with the latest drugs proven to extend their life. One in four. Those who seek to pay for such drugs on their own are expelled from the system for making the government look bad. They're forced to pay for the entirety of the rest -- for the rest of their lives of all costs.

So you can't say. Okay. Well, I'll pay for that. You guys just pay for what's covered. If you say I'm going to pay for this drug myself, you are then spit out of the system, and you must pay every dime for everything you do for the rest of your life.

Britain's diagnosed with cancer and heart attacks are more likely to die.

Britain's survival rate for heart disease and cancer are little better than former communist countries. That's where we're headed, gang. So what did congress do yesterday? They didn't call for a full repeal of this socialized medicine that we're headed towards. This is what we're going to get. Because the system that we have under the ACA does not work.

Okay. So what do we do? Common sense would tell us let's super serve the people that we have. You're between jobs, and you have no insurance, and your company has gone out of business, so there is no cobra. Okay. Let's make it easy to get onto Medicare or Medicaid right now so you can get into the system and have that bridge of four or five months while you're unemployed.

The minute you're employed, and your health care system kicks in, you're out. Why is it so hard to do that. If you have a preexisting condition and no one will cover this, then you can get onto Medicare or Medicaid, and you can get that treatment that you need. Not experimental because we can't afford it. But we must be able to do experiments. We must be able to develop new medicines. And the only way to do that is with a free market. There's no new medicine for cancer coming out of Great Britain because they won't pay for them. If we go to a single pair system, you won't pay for experimental treatments because there will be no one to pay for it.

We know that there are people that are clogging up -- nobody's dying on the streets here. We know that there are people clogging up the hospitals, the ERs because they're using those as clinics. Good. Let's get them Medicare coverage, not at the hospitals, unless it's an emergency. But instead at a urgent care center. At a clinic in our towns. Let's get that done and provide them clean, good, basic care.

These problems are really easy. But what they're trying to do is they're trying to make themselves rich, they're trying to make themselves powerful, and they're trying to fix problems that don't exist. And by doing that, what they're doing is they're causing more problems, and they're causing your premiums to go up. They're causing your deductible to be absolutely outrageous. Let's see. I can pay $1,500, and then -- I could pay that every month. And then if I spend more than $10,000 then it will kick in. So I have to pay plus the $10,000 in medical cost. I don't have the money to take my kid to have an ear infection treated because I'm spending it on the $1,500 a month for in case they have cancer or a broken leg. And I don't even know if a broken leg would be -- would fit into that $10,000 if I haven't spent anything. It's almost like kids. I need he need to break an arm January 1st. We're all going to the hospital. I mean, it's crazy. It's absolutely crazy.

There is a solution. Tomorrow on this program, we're going to show you somebody who has started a company for a carve-out, and it may help save your family a lot of money. And we'll do that on tomorrow's program.

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"By the way, India just rolled out its retail pilot program for digital rupees as well. But don't worry," he continued. "Maybe we should start having the conversation of, 'Gosh, this looks like the mark of the beast.' I mean, doesn't it? But surely it's not. Of course not. Not from the U.S. government. They never do anything underhanded or evil. Never."

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To enjoy more of Glenn’s masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis, and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.

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