WARNING: Nazis Are ‘Feeling Legitimized’ After Charlottesville

“A Nazi committed an ISIS-style terror attack,” Glenn said of the horrifying incident Saturday in Charlottesville that left a woman dead and 19 people injured.

Beginning with a white nationalist protest Friday night, alt-right protesters clashed with Antifa counter-demonstrators in the Virginia town. The white supremacist protest on Friday was sparked by the city’s decision to take down a Confederate-era stature of Gen. Robert E. Lee. During the rioting on Saturday, a white supremacist allegedly drove into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heather Heyer, 32.

Glenn condemned both the white nationalists and the Antifa rioters for their extreme ideologies and violent actions.

“This is a fascistic movement on the left and the right, and it’s just gaining steam again,” he said.

Nazis are now bragging because President Donald Trump condemned “many sides” rather than specifically calling out white supremacists.

“They’re feeling legitimized, and they’re planning their next moves,” Glenn warned.

GLENN: Hello, America. Welcome to the Glenn Beck Program. Here's what you need to know to start your day: Violence erupted in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, when white nationalists clashed with counter protesters. One of the white nationalists, a national socialist, otherwise known as a Nazi, slammed his car into the crowd of protesters, killing one person and seriously injuring several others.

So here's what's being said in the media: The left immediately was quick to blame Donald Trump for all of it. The right is quick to say, "Hey, well, it's Antifa. Antifa. Antifa."

Okay. I've got a different opinion. But let me start with this one: Donald Trump is not to blame here. The one to blame is the sick, demented racist who drove his car into a crowd of people. Period. Those people who are saying, "This is the right finally fighting back," you're part of the problem. "Well, you should blame the people who are just trying to change our history by pulling down statues of Robert E. Lee," you're part of the problem. "This is about the black race under attack. This is about the white race under attack."

This is what I want you to hear: The only race we should be worried about today is the human race, because it seems to me it is on some of its legs. If your media source isn't telling you that, it's maybe perhaps time you find a new one. We begin, right now.


GLENN: Do you have the audio?

Today, there are two radical fringe groups waking up and thinking that their cause has gained something they didn't have a week ago, and that is legitimacy.

In responding the way he did to Charlottesville be with the president was both right and wrong.

DONALD: We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence, on many sides. On many sides. It's been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It's been going on for a long, long time. And there's no place in America. What is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. No citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society. And no child should ever be afraid to go outside and play, or be with their parents.

GLENN: I don't even understand that last part. But here's where this went wrong: After a year of rightfully calling out the left for refusing to say radical Islamic terror, why would the president not say white supremacist racist? White supremacist national socialists.

We are either a nation that opposes evil in its whole, in its entirety, or we are nothing. You can't tell me that you worry about the country, if you really only truly have empathy for your side. If you only see the problem on the other side.

I was -- I was taught something very, very valuable, that has played a big role in my life, beyond charity: I was taught by Jon Huntsman Sr. -- he's a dear man, who has done more to cure cancer and really changed the world than most people will do in ten lifetimes -- for all the Hindus.

Here's what he taught me: As I was standing in his -- in his hospital, where he was asking my wife and I for a donation, I said, "John, I'll make you a deal: I will give to your hospital, but in exchange, I need you to teach me how to be charitable. I grew up in a poor family, and we didn't have any money. And I want to be a responsible steward. And I -- I need to know how to navigate the waters of charity."

He shook my hand and said, "That's a deal I'm happy to make." And he told me, "Here's your first lesson: You have to care about all of it, the entire human condition. You can't just care about cancer. You can't just care about heart disease, gay rights, whatever it is. You have to care about all of it."

That's what we're missing here. We all seem to only care about our little slice of the pie. We're never going to heal. We'll never come back together, if we don't have malice toward none and charity toward all.

This morning, there were Nazis bragging that they weren't mentioned by the president. They're bragging about how they are now being grouped alongside the entire political right in this country. And they're feeling legitimized, and they're planning their next moves. Richard Spencer is already planning his next mega rally in Texas. And I will be there, quietly, to stand against.

I saw two groups this weekend. While one group displayed the Nazi flag and spewed hate and violence, the other group displayed Soviet and communist flags, spewing hate and violence. Just like the Nazis, who I remind you are national socialists, Antifa, the anti-fascist group and the rest of the radical left, are waking up today feeling, "We are legitimate." Because where is the outcry from the left? This didn't just begin in Charlottesville. This didn't begin with Donald Trump. It didn't begin with Barack Obama.

This is -- this is what left the pockmarks that are still on the walls of banks on Wall Street. This is a fascistic movement on the left and the right and it's just gaining steam again. It's been going on almost weekly on college campuses since the election. Watch the videos from Berkeley. Compare those videos to this weekend in Virginia.

There is absolutely no difference. None. And through it all, not a peep from the left.

This has been a giant failure of biblical proportions by the people we have chosen to lead us. If there was ever a time you could actually get Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Paul Ryan, and Nancy Pelosi on the steps together, shoulder to shoulder, standing united, this was it: A Nazi committed an ISIS-style terror attack. A communist paramilitary group was rampaging through the streets!

We have -- we've been against Nazis since 1941. I think there's a T-shirt: United States of America against national socialists since 1941. This was the moment to unite in defiance of evil. This was the time for the leadership to come together and show us and the world what we stand for, what our principles are, what we believe in.

But once again, our elected officials have failed us. I wasn't surprised.

We're in a really dangerous time. For some unfathomable reason, both the right and the left are willing to let these 3 percent? One percent? It must be crazy. Ten, 12 percent of our population, these fringes, these crazy edges of our society co-opt into their movement. And how are they doing it?

"Well, what about? Well, yeah, but what about? Yeah, yeah, but what about?"

I am so sick of whataboutism. Has the left screwed up the past decade? You bet they have. Has the right? Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Has the left done everything they could to get rid of the crazy people amongst them? No, they haven't.

But has the right done absolutely everything it could to cast out these racist Nazis? Not even close.

Coming up later on the program, I'm going to remind you what a Nazi is. Not the -- not the, you know, marching and the salutes and all of that. None of that. Because you know that. Not the gas chambers. We got that.

What is a Nazi? What is it that they believe?

And once you know that, why won't the right excoriate and make sure they are standing nothing -- nowhere near?

Their movement has nothing to do with American constitutional conservatives. Nothing. Nothing.

Likewise, Antifa, the radical left -- let me put it this way: What would the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy have to say about those guys?

His entire family, including I think his crazy evil dad, would be shouting from the rooftops. These people do not belong to us. But we don't have anything from either side.

Hate and violence is ripping apart American cities, ripping apart American campuses, putting a boot on the throat of free speech all over the United States. And those we have elected to represent us -- represent us are using it to posture.

For those of you who listen to me and have been with me at Restoring Honor, Restoring Love, who were with me in Birmingham, Alabama, these are the times now that I told you would come. When the world is being turned inside out and upside down, that you needed your credibility, that you needed to know that you were going to be pushed up against the wall, and you were going to be angry. But you needed to know exactly who you are.

The only thing that you really need to do as a start, is simple. But it will make you a targeted person. And that is, call evil by its name.

Radical Islamic terrorism is evil, and we are against it in all of its forms. White supremacists, neo-Nazi national socialists populist terrorists, we are against them in every way. Antifa communist terrorists, we stand against them in every way. They are evil.

There has to be a concerted effort to delegitimize these fringe groups. Because that's what they are. And calling a spade, a spade -- calling evil, evil, is the best place to start.

The most ridiculous part about all of this is how the left and the right have become so tribalized, that we can't even find our way to each other in the face of evil that we all have recognized in the recent past and are clearly on record since 1941.

I don't have to ask what's happened to us. I know what's happened to us. The question is: What are we going to do about it?

And staying in this tribal fight is only going to cause more chaos.


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