The Sobbing Nazi Saga: Christopher Cantwell Singing a Different Tune Facing Arrest Warrant

Christopher Cantwell, the white nationalist protester who said the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer in Charlottesville was “justified,” is singing a different tune now there is a warrant out for his arrest.

“I want to be peaceful; I want to be law-abiding,” Cantwell pleaded in a startling new clip where he explains that the media should stop characterizing Charlottesville, where white supremacists marched with swastikas and a woman was killed, as a “violent white nationalist protest.”

Cantwell was one of the white nationalist protesters interviewed by Vice as part of the documentary “Charlottesville: Race and Terror.”

Glenn, Pat and Stu couldn’t believe the clip on radio Monday.

“'We have tried to be good Nazis,'” Pat mimicked Cantwell’s lament. “’We tried to do all the good Nazi things.’”

Glenn was incredulous that our country is once again dealing with ideas that should be in the “dustbin of history,” including both fascism and communism.

“America, get a grip,” he said.

GLENN: This is -- this is really sad. The white -- the white supremacist, Chris Cantwell, who is, of course, a fascist. You know, here's a guy who says, you know, Hitler did nothing wrong. And then is -- is -- you know, saying, you know, Sieg Heil, and that, you know, the black race and the Jews need to be wiped out. And then is crying on television because there's a warrant out for his arrest.

Is he serious?

STU: Well, don't forget the -- don't leave off part where he gets booted from OkCupid and no longer has his account active.

PAT: Right.

STU: White supremacist.

PAT: Just because you're a white supremacist you can't date, you know, attractive females?

JEFFY: You can. You just can't get them through OkCupid.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: You just hope the market would shake out on OkCupid and people would maybe not want to date him.

But, no, OkCupid had to take that step and go in there and make sure.

GLENN: Right.

PAT: Facebook, I believe, also. Because Facebook has said that there is no place for hate.

JEFFY: Good.

PAT: Unless you hate Trump. Then there's a place. There's a lot of places for that.

STU: There's a lot of places for that.

PAT: Now, if you hate the right people, there's plenty of places on Facebook for you.

STU: It's a weird thing because how do you feel about this trend? Because this is the same thing -- this has been going on for the last weeks or -- and more, since Charlottesville, of everybody getting outed of these rallies and then they go to fire the person for where they were.

PAT: And they're getting kicked out of college. Colleges are booting them out.

GLENN: Yeah, that's the worst thing you can do. Maybe you could leave them in college so they can -- so they can get a clue.

STU: Yeah, maybe they would learn something that would disprove their beliefs.

GLENN: Maybe they would learn something that was -- yeah.

STU: Did you hear about the guy, who he was in Berkeley and he traveled across the country to go to Charlottesville. Went to the rally.

Twitter account was taking -- you know, looking at all the photos, trying to identify them. They identified this guy. He worked in the back kitchen of a hot dog place.

GLENN: (inaudible)

STU: No. It's called Top Dog, I think.

Yes. Apparently, good hot dogs, according to the reviews online.

GLENN: You would not want to besmirch the hot dog place.

PAT: No, you wouldn't. And he didn't because he had to leave.

STU: And so they say he resigned. There's a question as to --

GLENN: I don't believe there's a resignation process at Top Dog. I mean, "I hereby officially tender my resignation." I don't know if those letters are written at a hot dog stand.

STU: So I'm torn on this, because if you found out that Jeffy was at the Charlottesville rally with a hood and swastika flag, you would fire him immediately.

GLENN: Yes, and I would have a right as a company to do that.

STU: You would. And I would feel the same way, would not want to work with somebody like that.

GLENN: Correct.

STU: However, at some level -- because that's a public-facing job. As sad as it is, Jeffy actually interacts with the public. And I can understand that.

Is our goal, as a society, that a white supremacist never works again, so we just all come together and pay for him so he's on public assistance for the rest of his life? Is that what we all want out of this?

I don't know -- I'm torn because if I was a business owner, damn straight, I would be firing that guy. However, I don't know that as a society what we're saying is we don't want people who have crazy beliefs to have jobs at hot dog stands. I don't know if that's the right thing either.

GLENN: I don't know about the hot dog stand. But the hot dog stand is privately owned.

STU: Has the right to do it.

GLENN: You have the right to do it.

STU: The question is, is it what we want as a society?

GLENN: If they want to hire all white supremacists at the hot dog stand, the hot dog stand has a right to do that.

STU: Absolutely.

GLENN: And I as a customer have a right to go, "Don't go that hot dog stand. What are you? Nuts? They're all white supremacists."

STU: And I'm sure that's exactly what happened, right? People would say, "I'm not going to go there. There's a white supremacist making my hot dogs." But unless he was making worse hot dogs for black people. I mean, it's not necessarily affecting his job performance. He's not interacting with customers. I understand it because as a business owner, I would feel that way. However, the left has built a structure in which every single person who doesn't have a job gets paid for by us.

So now, instead of paying for hot dogs and this guy is living on his own, we're now going to funnel our tax dollars to this man so he can sit at home for the rest of his life because he has really crappy beliefs.

GLENN: And plot revolutions or whatever.

STU: Right. At least he was distracted by the ketchup and mustard before. Now he's going to just have all the free time in the world to sit here and plot world domination.

GLENN: No way to answer that, Stu. Because we're living in a society now that is so hell-bent on you've made one mistake in your life. I'm not saying that, you know --

STU: It's a big one.

GLENN: It's a pretty big one. But, I mean, you do one thing that society disagrees with, and you're out.

STU: Yeah, we go back to the Mozilla CEO. Again, he donated to a cause that won the election. The gay marriage proposition in California. This was not an unpopular -- it won. It wasn't like an unpopular thing, where 10 percent of the voters felt this really racist way. This was an actual successful ballot initiative. And he donated a couple hundred dollars to it, and he lost his job because of it.

This is such a -- I don't know what standard and what we're trying to implement here. But I'm very torn on that one.

GLENN: There is no standard. It's mob rule. There is no standard. Do you hear anybody saying from either side, hang on. Hang on. Guys, guys, okay.

I see the point of the statues. I see your point. Because I agree with you. Some of these statues are -- I mean, these guys were all traitors to the United States of America. And they were all -- many of them, not all of them, white supremacists. They -- they believe in the superiority of white people.

Now, let's separate those people like Thomas Jefferson, who believe that because that was the standard operating procedure back then.

Everybody believed that. And look at Thomas Jefferson and look at his writings where he's like, "You know what, I don't think they -- I don't think we are superior in all ways, guys. I -- I think we're missing the boat here. I think there's some things here that we're missing."

Let's -- let's take people back in their time period and then look. Were they, yeah, I don't really care and I'm just going to chain them because I can because they're furniture and never had any kind of an awakening and tried to fight against slavery. That's Thomas Jefferson.

That's not Jefferson Davis. That's not Jefferson Davis.

STU: It's not Woodrow Wilson.

GLENN: It's not Woodrow Wilson.

STU: Who took a country moving the way towards freedom and tried to drag it back into chains, and he's still praised.

GLENN: No, he didn't try. He did.

STU: And he did. He reignited the KKK.

GLENN: Margaret Sanger -- Margaret Sanger is one of the biggest -- and she still -- I got news for you, Andrew Jackson, he's not affecting anybody today.

Whatever he started is not affecting anyone today.

PAT: Margaret Sanger's legacy sure is.

GLENN: Sure is. And still killing black people at quite a clip.

PAT: Yep.

GLENN: And that was her whole point.

PAT: Yes, it was.

GLENN: So do you see anybody sitting down and saying, "Okay. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. All right. Let's look at history. Let's really look at history. Let's have this conversation."

First of all, is that really your priority? Is this your priority? We are so -- we're so free of problems, that we can sit down and say, "You know, that statue in the park, let's get down to that." We're so free of problems, that that's what we're spending our time on. Wow.

STU: And the media members who have been advocating that viewpoint -- we've got to remove all the offensive statues -- walk around the city that they live in, in New York, and are faced with all sorts of offensive artwork and statues. And do they do anything about it?


STU: No. Of course not. Because it's not real, right? It's not what they actually believe. It's just in front of them as the news of the day.

GLENN: Nobody -- nobody believes this stuff. Nobody.

Fringes believe it. Fringes believe it. There aren't people -- the only reason why I think the average person on the right is concerned about this at all is because you know they're coming for George Washington. I mean, they already are. They're coming for George Washington. They're coming for Thomas Jefferson. They're coming for Benjamin Franklin

PAT: Yeah, did you see the National Mall -- the foundation that runs the National Mall, they're already going to redesign some of the Jefferson Memorial, to include that he was a slaveholder and those --

GLENN: Yeah. If -- and I don't have a problem with that, if they represent that correctly.

PAT: Right. Right.

GLENN: George Washington -- you were not allowed, in Virginia, to free your slaves. Thomas Jefferson fought the Virginia legislature twice. Twice he tried to change this. They kept making it stronger. George Washington freed his slaves on death, which you could do if you were debt-free. He freed his slaves on death --

PAT: And they eliminated that loophole that Washington used.

GLENN: Correct. And it's the only way you could -- you could free your slaves. Eliminate the loop hope, or in Thomas Jefferson's case, you couldn't do it also if you were in debt. If you were in debt, that was an asset. You had to sell the slaves to pay off your debt after you're dead.

So don't talk to me about that. If you want to put that history in with the Jefferson Memorial and say, "He was the most conflicted man ever. He wrote all men are created equal." And at times, it seems as though he missed that point. But he was a deeply conflicted man in the time period that he was living. He was trying to figure it out and way ahead of most people.

PAT: You're not going to get that explanation at the memorial. You're just not going to.

GLENN: No. You're never. You're never going to get it.

JEFFY: Not a chance.

GLENN: Why would you get it at a memorial, when you can't get it at a class in a university?

PAT: Yeah. Yeah. And still, in the article, it mentions, "And he's believed to have fathered six children of slaves." Can we stop with that false narrative? It's a lie. He did not. It has -- it's been so discredited now for 20 years. Can we put that to rest? It wasn't him.

STU: I mean, even though --

PAT: Unbelievable.

STU: They even say that his, you know --

GLENN: Yeah. At Monticello.

STU: Monticello even says it.

PAT: It's crazy. It's crazy.

STU: I mean, they say it's most likely true.

PAT: It is not. It is not most likely true.

GLENN: Well, when you can show me the DNA evidence. And that's what they base that on, on DNA evidence. That evidence was evidence for about, what? Three weeks, Pat?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: For about three weeks before it was disproven to be an absolute lie. And it was corrected by all the press. But apparently, history books didn't get that memo. Why? Because they have an agenda.

That's why.


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