Glenn: Our Leaders Have ‘Punched Us in the Face’ and ‘We Just Keep Coming Back for More’

The media figures we depend on for news and the political leaders we expected to protect us have betrayed our trust over and over. Glenn told a sobering story from his family history to illustrate this mistreatment on radio Wednesday.

Comparing the media and our leaders to abusers, he talked about a family member who put up with an abusive relationship for years. “Are you done yet?” she was asked many times.

From Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to President Donald Trump, our lawmakers have made promises and ultimately failed us. No matter how many times we get exploited by our leaders, we keep coming back for more.

“All of them have abused us and punched us in the face, all of them have. For their own political power, gain … in their own way,” Glenn said.

GLENN: All right. Two stories that show you how crazy we are getting.

Antifa protesters marched on Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Piedmont Park has monuments there.

And they were going to destroy all the confederate monuments in Piedmont Park. It was only after they vandalized and spray-painted a statue, that somebody took the time to read underneath the statue, that said, "This is a peace monument, encouraging national healing in the wake of the Civil War." This wasn't a Confederate memorial. This was, "Let us heal the wounds of the past."

But the mob doesn't care. So maybe we should react to the mob. Maybe we should do everything we can just to appeal to the mob.

That's what ESPN did yesterday. ESPN decided to take Robert Lee -- not Robert E. Lee, Robert Lee, Asian descent, Lee, the surname, like I hate to -- you know, I hate to put it into this category, but I just want to make sure we all understand, it's like Lee's Noodle House. It is an Asian name that you would see anywhere. It is -- you know, it is an Asian name. It is not an American name like Robert E. Lee, the Confederate.

So what did ESPN do? They decided to get rid of Robert Lee, because of the mob. We can't have Robert Lee, you know, do play-by-play for this game because his name is Robert Lee, and that's offensive to a lot of people. That's offensive.

That's offensive? No, what's offensive is -- is me trying to make all Asians into owners of noodle houses. That seems like a crazy thing to say. Because why?

They're not. They're not.

They're also not all geniuses in math. They're people.

To take a name and say, "Oh, my gosh, that's an offensive name," on this guy. Talk about judge me on the content of my character. Who is this guy? He has nothing to do with Robert E. Lee. Nothing to do with Robert E. Lee.

It's offensive to roll him up. And it's offensive to the American people. It's an offense to us to say, "Oh, well, we're just so stupid." But then again, I take it back to the memorial, that they tried to deface, that is a peace memorial. Had nothing to do with it.

So I want to ask you what my grandfather asked my aunt. And I think I'm just going to ask you this every day because this is what my aunt did. My aunt married a guy who my grandfather knew was abusive. And make no mistake, guys, we are in abusive relationships.

Our media, the G.O.P., the DNC, all politicians, quite honestly, from -- let me throw my guy under the bus -- from Ted Cruz to Donald Trump, in one way or another, all of them have abused us and punched us in the face. All of them have, for their own political power, gain, et cetera, et cetera. In their own way. Some, much more egregious than others.

But on all sides, we are in an abusive relationship. And we just keep coming back for more. So all the way down the aisle, my grandfather said to my aunt, "Please, don't do this, Joanne. Please don't do this. Please."

"Dad, you are wrecking my wedding."

"Please, I'm begging you. Let's turn around right now. There's nothing to be lost here. There's no shame in this. Please, turn around. Let's walk out now."

When she said no, he said, "I'm -- I'll always be here, and I'll always be your dad. You let me know when you're done." And every time she would come home with a black eye and she would cry on my grandmother's shoulder, my grandfather would walk in the room and he would ask one question, "Are you done yet?" Most of the time, she answered, "No, Dad, stop it. You don't understand."

Is your wallet ON FIRE? You can thank Bidenomics for that.

Biden has been touting the alleged success of his economic plan. But why are 61 percent of U.S. consumers living paycheck to paycheck? In Wednesday's Glenn TV episode, Glenn showed you all the ways that the Biden admin has been skewing economic figures in their favor to boost their PR campaign. But one thing is for certain: the Biden admin's reckless spending continues to drive up inflation. You feel this every time you go to the grocery store or fill up your car with gas.

What's worse? The Biden admin doesn't even factor in groceries and gas into their inflation rate! Don't be fooled when they boast that they've brought interest rates down. The prices of products the average American consumes every day remain nearly doubled to what it was under the Trump admin.

See for yourself. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the most popular grocery items priced under the Trump admin and the Biden admin.

Cost of 1 Dozen Eggs

Price of 1lb. Ground Beef

Price of 1lb. Chicken

Price of 1 Gallon of Milk

Price of 1 Liter of Soda

Price of 1 Loaf of Bread

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The residents of Lahaina are still reeling from enduring the deadliest wildfire in US history. 115 people have been confirmed dead. An estimated three 3,000 homes have been destroyed. Nearly 5,000 people are displaced. Hundreds, if not over a thousand residents are still missing, including many children.

How did such a horrendous tragedy occur? Hawaiian Electric is taking the brunt of the blame, but your blood will begin to boil when you hear of the MANY preventative measures that were NOT taken.

Hawaiian Electric refused to update their aging equipment, even though they knew it posed a severe wildfire threat. Why? Because they did not align with the government's woke climate agenda. Hawaii passed a 2015 law requiring Hawaii’s energy to be 100 percent renewable by 2045—the first U.S. state to make such a requirement. In 2017, Hawaiian Electric claimed that it would fulfill the mandate five years ahead of schedule. The green push from the leftist Hawaiian government disincentivized Hawaiian Electric to comply with the safety standards of its current equipment. This wildfire was absolutely avoidable.

The green push from the leftist Hawaiian government disincentivized Hawaiian Electric to comply with the safety standards.

In Wednesday's Glenn TV special, Glenn laid out ALL of the climate standards that jeopardized Hawaii's fire safety and the poor decisions that resulted in the deadliest wildfire in US history. To get ALL of the facts and resources from this episode, enter your email below to get Glenn's EXCLUSIVE research documents sent straight to your inbox.

To make matters worse, property developers are preying upon the desperation of the Lahaina victims, proposing to buy their decimated properties at a dismal price before the victims have even been allowed to step back onto their land since the fires. Click HERE to vote on whether Lahaina residents should be protected from property developers, and click HERE to learn how you can help Mercury One's ongoing effort to provide aid to Lahaina.

If you missed this episode, be sure to check it out HERE.

Campaign from JAIL? Here are the TOP 4 takeaways from Glenn's TRUMP interview

Chip Somodevilla / Staff | Getty Images

President Trump joined Glenn on-air yesterday on the Glenn Beck Program. In their 25 minutes together, Glenn asked Trump the burning questions that the American people want answered from one of the most controversial political figures in American history. Here are the key takeaways from the interview.

1. Will Trump "lock people up" if he becomes President?

When Trump first ran for President in 2020, he said that he wouldn't make any formal arrests, even though he was facing the blatant corruption of Hilary Clinton and the now-disproven Russian collusion conspiracies. Glenn asked Trump if he regrets refusing to hold these people legally responsible who are now using their same corrupt practices to put him in jail.

Trump said:

The answer is, you have no choice because they're doing it to us.

What do you think about Trump's indictments and the possibility of him holding his political opponents legally accountable?

2. Will Trump run a campaign from a jail cell?

The Left seems more determined than ever to prohibit Trump from re-election. They have weaponized both the government and the judicial system to hinder his campaign. If they succeed, is Trump willing and able to run his campaign from jail? Glenn asked Trump this pointed question during their interview.

Trump seemed confident that he will not serve jail time. He responded to Glenn:

I don't think [serving jail time] is ever happening. We have a great case. Every case [made against me] has been a scam.

Trump acknowledged the Deep State is comprised of "sick people" who are willing to do anything to stop his campaign. However, his remarks to Glenn indicated he is confident in the strength of his case to withstand his current onslaught of indictments.

3. A lot of people feel like the republic is over. How can we ensure we have a fair election if the GOP won't do anything?

Trump didn't have a very hopeful answer to this question. The former president remarked how the GOP is "not tough enough," especially when compared to the lengths the Democrats are willing to go to ensure their desired outcome of elections.

Trump said, "The Democrats are dirty payers. They lie, they cheat, what they do is unbelievable with ballots and every conceivable form of cheating." So how can the GOP stand up to the Democrats to ensure a free and fair election? Trump didn't say. But he seemed to have little confidence in election integrity as long as it's run by the Democrats.

4. Have you thought of Vice President Ramaswamy?

Could we have a Vice President Ramaswamy? It's definitely a possibility!

When Glenn asked what Trump thought of Vivek, he answered, "I think he's great. He's a young guy, he's got a lot of talent, he's a very intelligent person, he's got a lot of energy."

Vivek, a frequent guest on the Glenn Beck Program, has been a staunch Trump supporter and defender of Trump-era policies. Is he gunning for the VP role? If so, it seems to be working!

Click HERE to watch the full interview!