The 'Harvey Heroes' Will Recharge Your Batteries and Give You Hope in Humanity

The silver lining of Tropical Storm Harvey, which peaked as a Category 4 hurricane and continues to drench Houston and Southeast Texas, is that we can see who the real heroes are.

People are opening their homes; donating their time and money; sending food and supplies; and rescuing people whose homes have been flooded. Mercury One has partnered with six organizations to help provide relief, while incredible photos and videos captured in the area show that courageous people around the country are willing to drop everything to take care of those in need.

We should take this moment to be inspired by stories of real heroes and to gain perspective on which causes are worth our time, Glenn said.

For each issue, we need to analyze whether a problem is a real source of strife or just being used for political motivation, Glenn asserted, and then decide: “This one really counts. This one kind of doesn’t.”

While there will always be bad people in the world, we can also be inspired by the many people who are doing their part without any ulterior motives.

“Celebrate that,” Glenn said. “That’s who we are.”

GLENN: So as we're dealing with all the sex slaves down in Latin America, I've seen that in the culture, at least part of the culture -- and it's hard because I'm only in this darker part of the culture, but these young 12-year-olds are used as sex slaves because that's where the demand is.

Now, it's happening here as well. But you don't see here -- you know, I think we kind of stop this -- who was it? Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley.

Okay. Yeah, she's a little young. I don't think that's good.

There are parts still in the world that still look at 12-year-olds and go, "Yeah, you know, you can have her. You can marry her. Whatever."

We're not like that. And it amazes me that we're the ones truly under attack, that America is the one that's made to look like the big predator animal, when we're better than most of the rest of the world. We're a lot better. And that's happening in almost every category. And the reason why they can sell it to us is because we don't see it. We're so isolated. It's been a great protector to be this protected, but it's also killing us right now. We're so isolated when we don't know what the rest of the world is like. We can start just tearing ourselves down because we don't have anything to compare it to and say, I'm glad we're not that. Yeah, we got our problems, but we're not that.

We don't do that. Our institutions now are built to say, yeah, forget about that. Look at what you are.

We'd never do that to our children. We'd never do that to anything that we love. We'd never -- no psychiatric care -- they would go to jail -- if they were bringing their -- their -- you know, patients in and saying, "Yeah, well, you just look at you, and I'm not going to tell you about, you know, how good you actually have it and give you some perspective on X, Y, and Z and show you the mass of the population. What I'm really just going to do is say, "You're really bad." Do you notice? I'm going to play into everything that you think about yourself.

Instead of giving you a fresh perspective and showing you, "Hey, yeah, you got some problems, but I want you to put it into perspective," instead of doing that, imagine a psychiatrist saying, "Yeah, forget about all of that. You know what, you are bad. In fact, you might be worse than you think." Those people would be in jail.

STU: Look, I'd like to talk you out of this, but the evidence shows, you really are a crap heap. Sorry.

GLENN: Right. Look at what's happening, and we're allowing it to happen. Don't.

It stops having power over you, the minute you recognize the game. The minute you recognize, "Oh, my gosh, I see what you're doing. Huh. I get it. That's the greatest thing -- because I grew up in a home full of abuse and I've seen it my whole life, I can recognize an abuser a million miles away. A million miles away." And when you are -- just the -- just the subtle things that you would say to your spouse or your girlfriend or whatever. I've seen this movie before, dude. I know who you are.

And once you know it, you're not afraid of it. And you call it out every time. Oh. I know who you are. Yeah. Get out.

And that's what we need to say mentally to all of these things that, right now, you have a choice. Your media source can either focus right now on tearing everything down and tearing all the American stuff down or use this time to tear the other side down, or it can just tell the truth. Look what's happening.

This one really counts. This one kind of doesn't. This one is real strife, real problems, real rescue. This one seems to just be politically motivated. Huh. I think we should spend our time on this one and not on the politically motivated one.

We have to get our arms around that. And right now, recharge your batteries. Recharge everything that you have felt worried about when it comes to America. Recharge them. Fill yourself with all of the good things that are going on.

Read story after story after story of the heroes. We have them at We'll have them at We'll have it at Fill yourself with the good stuff of what's happening in America.

STU: And there's no shortage of them right now.

GLENN: None.

STU: I mean, it's -- if you're looking for those stories, you can find hundreds of them. It's great. And we've done a bunch of them already. We did a bunch yesterday. And we should continue to do it this week. Because you're right. People need to understand. You know, you lose site very easily, that people can actually be decent human beings. That's a sad statement, but it's very true.

GLENN: And there will always be dirtbags. Look, if they're not already -- and Jason, who is down for -- my company is down in Houston right now, and hopefully we'll have him on, in about 15 minutes.

He's out on the boats with Team Rubicon, a group that Mercury One is helping sponsor and keep the fuel and everything they're needing to be able to go rescue people, he's out on the rescue boats today. And, you know, he was saying earlier today, you know what's amazing is how crowded the highways are going into Houston, and everyone has a boat in tow. It's just all these people who are just coming from all over just to help.

That's -- that's what Tania and I saw after 9/11. When I went up and I was allowed to go in to see the Trade Center site, about five or six days after it had come down, and it was just Tania and I. We went in. And what we witnessed were like barbecue places and food kitchens that were on wheels. And, you know, people who were, you know, doing massage work and everything else, that were all over from all over the country, that had just seen the towers go down. And they got into their car or their truck or their van. And they just drove to New York. And they were like, "I can help. I know what's coming. And I can help." And nobody was paid. Nobody organized it. Just people did it.

Celebrate that. That's who we are.


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