These Are the Three Things That Lead to Revolution

Ineffective governments, economic meltdowns, civil unrest, and endless wars have plagued nations for centuries creating the perfect storm for all out revolution. Now, with North Korea knocking at our door, the national debt at $19 trillion and rising, an already weakened economy, and civil unrest in the streets; America is witnessing difficult times that haven’t been seen since perhaps the 1960s.

Glenn called these factors ‘pressure points’ and questioned how long nations can endure them before war and total chaos erupts.

“How many pressure points can a nation endure?” Glenn asserted on radio Wednesday.

“If you study revolution, there are always three things that are present in every single one: economic instability, war, and civil unrest.”

While no one factor can be solely responsible for the French Revolution, years of feudalism, taxation without representation, abuse of the disenfranchised, and a failure to manage the French treasury led to the French storming the Bastille in 1789.

“The pressure points are being pushed and we have tough times ahead,” Glenn added.

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GLENN: If you study revolution, there are always three things that are present in every single one: economic instability, war, and civil unrest.

We talked about it for a long time. Top down, bottom up, and inside out. You are caught in the middle of the turning of everything inside out, and you're standing there in chaos. And pretty soon, the bottom cries out for anybody to listen, anyone. Just make it all stop.

I don't care what it takes.

After getting bogged down in multiple foreign wars, economic meltdown was inevitable. The ineffective increasingly corrupt government was powerless to stop it. In fact, it actually appeared to many that they wanted it to happen. Spending, then borrowing, spending, then borrowing. And in three years, the national debt doubled. Was it a surprise that the academics and other members of the middle class began inciting the poor and the disenfranchised and said, "We need violence?"

What I described might sound familiar, might sound like it's today. But it's actually what led to the French storming the Bastille in 1789.

How many pressure points can a nation endure?

In America, we've been bogged down in foreign wars since the turn of the 21st century. Now North Korea knocking at our door. Our national debt has nearly quadrupled from the year 2000 until today. First Harvey, now Irma. An already weakened economy. And civil unrest in the streets. What people are now preaching for and advocating with DACA. We are approaching difficult times, times that we haven't seen since perhaps the 1960s. People like Frances Fox Piven were advocating for the same kind of violence in 2004. The Occupy movement just happened a few years after that, and it didn't quite make it.

Fast forward a few years and we have Antifa and the Nazis on the street, all trying to light us on fire. The pressure points are being pushed, and we have tough times ahead.

Beware of those inciting violence and advocating hate. Chaos is coming. But so is tomorrow.

This too shall pass, is the promise, not this too shall stay.

Honestly, I got up this morning and I thought, "The only reason to get out of bed is because we have each other." we know what really has meaning. And we have tomorrow. And tomorrow always promises a new and brighter horizon.


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