Couple Married for 75 Years Have an Amazing Story – but Their Names Are the Best Part

Meet Harvey and Irma.

Nope, not the terrifying hurricanes that are flooding homes and threatening lives — Harvey and Irma Schluter, a couple living in Washington state who marked their 75th wedding anniversary this year. Harvey is 104, and Irma will be 93 in November, so they’ve lived through their fair share of American history: the Great Depression, the moon landing and President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Now, their names are both headline-making storms; Tropical Storm Harvey left Houston and other parts of Texas under water, while Hurricane Irma is poised to hit Florida.

“I don’t know how they’ve done that, to have a Harvey and Irma,” Irma Schluter said in an interview with the New York Times. “I don’t know how that worked out.”

Glenn talked about the couple’s incredible story on radio, admiring their efforts to help foster children in need of a home. The Schluters estimate that over the years, they have cared for around 120 children, many of whom had physical or mental disabilities.

“Really, truly wonderful healers, Harvey and Irma,” Glenn said.

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GLENN: You know, it's interesting how Pat missed the point on -- you know, he's saying we got to come up with kinder names. Irma sounds like a woman who is a little upset. And we should come up with kinder names. I believe -- I mean, if we're not talking to Mr. Pat 1940, he would understand the real problem is, how dare us assign gender to these hurricanes.

STU: Hmm. That is a great point.

GLENN: How do we know Harvey identifies as a male storm and Irma identifies as a female storm?

STU: We don't know. And how do we know if they're male or female at all?

GLENN: It's the oppressors once again at work. How dare us. We should listen to each hurricane. Let them say their gender. Let them decide their name.

STU: And this is the problem with unleashing Pat, maybe he should be leashed.

GLENN: Maybe he should.

STU: Maybe he should be leashed on his new show, starting Monday, by the way, on TheBlaze. Pat Gray Unleashed. Very excited for that.

GLENN: Harvey and Irma had been married for over 75 years. Not the hurricanes. It's Harvey and Irma Schluter. They've been married for 75 years. He just turned 104. And she will be 93 in November.

They both remember vividly the -- the major events of the last century. They remember the first time they ever saw an airplane. They remember the Great Depression. They remember obviously the wars, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. Irma just said recently she remembers that it was a -- a cool and cloudy day, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Now, as they celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary, we've named two storms after them. And they said, you know, what are the odds? And as you get to know Harvey and Irma, they are the exact opposite of these two storms. They got married in 1942. And she wanted to -- she wanted to wait to get married. And he said, "No, no, no. Let's get married right now." He worked as a barber. They found their way to Spokane, Washington. What the interesting thing about these guys, they have taken in over 100 foster kids. They were foster parents.

STU: Wow.

GLENN: And most of them mentally or physically disabled. Really, truly wonderful healers, Harvey and Irma.

These days, it seems like everything is about politics, and comedy has been one of the biggest targets. Many comedians are walking on eggshells, but stand-up comedian and "Saturday Night Live" alum Jim Breuer isn't one of them.

Breuer joined Glenn on the latest episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" to talk about why he’d rather be funny than fearful and what inspired his hilarious comedy special, “Somebody Had to Say It," which has garnered almost 1.5 million views as of this writing.

Breuer made it clear that he does not consider himself to be political. "I'm not. I'm 100% not [political]," he told Glenn, before explaining how people started calling him political when he dared to ask questions about a certain shot that we're not allowed to mention, let alone question.

"When did medicine become political?" Breuer asked.

"What kind of price have you paid for being called political?" Glenn asked Breuer.

"To be dead honest with you, once COVID really kicked in, and ... once you realize we're not going to be here, that we're on borrowed time, and I do have God in my life ... you come to terms with reality on a deeper level. And when COVID kicked in, I said, 'You know what? All bets are off.' I already knew I wasn't in control. But now, not only am I not in control from the natural order of life, but now the puppet masters ... are in control," Breuer answered.

"It made me realize I don't have time to worry about what people think of me. I know where I'm at in life. I know where I'm at spiritually. I know where I'm at with my family," he added.

"That's tremendous power," Glenn said. "But it spooks the hell out of people."

"But it shouldn't!" Breuer exclaimed. "I'm excited that other people get this ... but they're stuck. We ain't got time for stuck. To me, this is the time of, 'You gotta rise.' For years and years and years, you allow fear to control your life. Fear of dying. Fear I might get sick ... everything's based out of fear. It's time for the fearless."

Breuer also revealed his secret for dealing with tough times, and he’s seen his share. But he also said he's seen miracles, including the incredible (and hilariously told) story of how he found faith, how God saved his marriage, and why one family friend was convinced his wife belonged to a cult.

Watch the full episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" below:

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COO of vegan food giant Beyond Meat arrested for CHOMPING man's nose

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A top executive at Beyond Meat, a plant-based food company, was arrested for reportedly biting a man’s nose in a parking garage near Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville, Arkansas, over the weekend.

Chief Operating Officer Doug Ramsey faces charges of terroristic threatening and third-degree battery after allegedly chomping down on a man's face and "ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose" during an altercation following the University of Arkansas football team’s victory over Missouri State.

According to reports, Ramsey was attempting to leave the parking garage in his Ford Bronco when a Subaru “inched his way” in front of him and made contact with his front passenger’s side tire. Ramsey allegedly “punched through the back windshield of the Subaru” before attacking the Subaru driver with both fists and teeth.

Ramsey “pulled [the Subaru driver] in close and started punching his body,” then “bit the owner’s nose, ripping the flesh on the tip of the nose,” according to reports.

The irony of a vegan food executive trying to make a meal of a human being's face was not missed by those jokesters on Twitter.

BlazeTV host Stu Burguiere is a vegetarian and also just happens to be the executive producer of the Glenn Beck radio program. Glenn joined "Stu Does America" to do a taste test of the plant-based "McPlant" burger, a Beyond Meat product, to see how it fares against the competition. In case you missed it, this was without a doubt the most ridiculous (but hilarious) plant-based food review so far.

Watch the video clip below. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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The stock market recently had its worst day since the early days of the pandemic and, just like in September 2008, many investors fear a dangerous chain reaction is starting on Wall Street. But that's just a small part of the bigger picture. The housing market is also taking a historic hit, grocery prices are out of control, energy prices are skyrocketing across Europe, and America is close behind.

On the radio program, Glenn Beck compared this year's stock market trends with what happened before the 2008 crash, detailed Europe’s bleak energy outlook, and explained why he believes they’re heading for economic "hell."

"Europe is about to go through hell," Glenn said. "A nightmare is about to hit. But, please, fear not. The heavens are engaged. Are you engaged with the heavens? You are not going to convince God to be on your side. We must be on his side. Realign everything in your life, now, so you can be on his side, and together we will weather all of these storms."

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California Democrats are leading the way on green spending, but what do they have to show for it?

In this clip, Glenn discusses California's crippling energy shortage and pleas to its citizens to stop cooling their homes during the current heat wave. Elected officials want Californians to buy electric vehicles and stop charging them, leaving Glenn to deduce that California lawmakers want people to stay home.

California's grid is under such strain that it requires a power plant in Oakland that burns jet fuel to continue operating through the end of next year to keep the lights on. "That sounds green as crap, doesn't it?" Glenn snarked. Can Americans continue to shrug this off as only California’s problem? Well, between the 17 states who have bound themselves to California by law, how long will it be before the rest of America begins to feel the impact in their lives?

The average price for a gas-powered vehicle is approximately $48,000, while the average price for an electric car is more than $66,000. And according to a study from the Hoover Institution, California will have to double its grid to meet the EV demand.

Watch as Glenn walks through the challenges and the proposed "solutions" out of California.

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