Glenn: Don’t Let Russia Succeed in Dividing Us

An old episode of “The Twilight Zone” shows a sleepy, small town that becomes a place of chaos and terror overnight simply because people are afraid.

That’s what’s happening in America – but instead of aliens from outer space sowing doubt and creating divisions among us, we have Russian intelligence, our own flawed leaders and the double-edged sword of technology.

Russia has been working to undermine the U.S. for years, and now cyber warfare is giving them a huge boost. But if we resist division and stay united as Americans, we will avoid playing into Russia’s hands.

“They need us to be pitted against each other,” Glenn said on radio today. “We’re being played like a fiddle.”

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GLENN: Two things happening in the world right now, one is create chaos. We've been watching this for 15 years. I've been warning you that our enemies are going to do everything they can to create chaos. Chaos is -- if you believe in the Mahdi, the only way the Mahdi returns, you wash the world in blood and create chaos. That's number one.

Russia is doing it. Some in the Middle East are doing it. And, quite honestly, some people in the United States are doing it. The second thing that is happening is divide and conquer. You've got to divide America. A house divided against itself cannot stand. And it's happening right now under our nose, and many of us are participating in it, without even realizing it.

Chaos is the name of the game, and we're falling for it over and over and over again. Now, listen to this story: Facebook revealed this month that Russia purchased $100,000 worth of political ads, during the 2016 campaign.

Now, this is the way it's been reported. And you think all of these were pro-Trump. But they weren't. Yesterday, the details emerged. And it's a funny thing when you start looking at the details, how it completely changes a story.

What was it that Russia was actually doing? Who were they actually supporting? The answer is everyone and no one. Anything that would stir up chaos and anything that would divide, they were for.

In 2015, Russian Facebook ads had supported and condemned Black Lives Matter. Now -- now, listen to this. Some of the ads were pro-Muslims and pro-immigration. The very next day, those same groups would post negative Muslim ads and anti-immigration rhetoric.

They didn't care. Trump, Russia, Hillary, the right, the left, they're playing all sides.

What we're doing now is, we're separating ourselves. We're saying, "You're just trying to make this about Hillary Clinton. You're just trying to make this about Donald Trump." No. No. No.

It's about chaos and divide and conquer. You think the Russians actually cared who became the president of the United States? I mean, in terms of heads of states, the president of the United States is one of the weakest authority figures in the world.

The Founding Fathers made sure that was possible. And it was on purpose. The Russians know this. They're not afraid of the president. They're afraid of the American people.

The American people -- do you know that -- out of all of the Russian plans of invasion of the United States during the Cold War, there was only one place that was not a part of a plan. All of the plans, we can come over the polar cap. We can bomb them first. We can come through the oceans. Where -- how are we going to do it? There's only one place that they said we're not going there, and that is Texas.

Why? Because they knew Texans were united. Texans also were armed. And they knew Texans would fight to the last man, because they were united.

So the Russians are doing nothing other than dividing us, regardless of who becomes president. Now, this goes a lot deeper than just the election. As early as last week, Russian intelligence were using the NFL take a knee controversy to continue their chaos campaign.

Senator Lankford of Oklahoma said in a hearing yesterday that the Russians were talking -- taking both sides of the argument and talking out of both sides of their mouth.

They are -- they've taken to social media, and they are taking a knee and linking arms. Standing up for the veterans.

And make sure you take a knee and stand against Trump. Make sure you take a knee and stand against a racist America.

All they're doing is enflaming the divisiveness. They need us to be pitted against each other.

We're being played like a fiddle. And while the collusion narrative continues in the media, a foreign intelligence service is actively trying to split us apart. The Russians have been doing this for decades. But never on the scale like this. Because they've never -- technology has opened up an entirely new era in espionage. And the scary part is: This is only the beginning.

And we're already being duped. Look how easy it has been to turn us against one another. Imagine what they'll be able to do to us in the next two to five years, if we don't wake up.

Don't add fuel to the fire. Everyone I know hates the way Facebook and Twitter -- you know, people are talking on Twitter and Facebook. Everybody I know. And the -- the most noble say, "That's why I don't use it anymore."

Okay. Well, that's one way to go. But nature abhors a vacuum. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. You can't just go silent anymore.

Your silence is aiding and abetting. You need to pump positive out into the world, no matter how hard they come at you. No matter what they say to you. No matter how many times you've been torn apart. You say, good. Simple. True things that are peaceful, that are kind, that are servant in their nature.

And I promise you, if you do that, you will heal the nation. But you have to find and follow the great masters of healing. Because right now, chaos is the name of the game.

And it only works if we're all dead asleep.


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