At Least 300 Dead After Saturday’s Terrorist Attack in Somalia

What happened?

The deadliest attack in Somalia in a decade has claimed at least 300 lives, an official said today in Mogadishu.

Reuters reported:

Locals visiting their injured relatives or collecting their bodies filled every available space in Madina hospital.

“My last time to speak with my brother was some minutes before the blast occurred,” Halima Nur, a local mother, told Reuters.

“I am afraid he was among the unrecognized charred bodies that were buried yesterday. I have no hope of getting him alive or dead. But I cannot go home.”

Oh, no. Catch me up:

On Saturday, a double bombing struck two busy spots in Somalia’s capital city. Large truck bombs like those used are the signature mark of Al Shabaab, a terrorist organization linked to al Qaeda.

Glenn’s take:

The only way we can make any sense of tragedies like this one is to remember that good will ultimately triumph.

“Terror won’t and can’t win,” Glenn said. “The good guys always win in the end.”

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN: This morning, exhausted, doctors are struggling to keep their eyes open. They are frantically attending screaming patients. Many burned beyond recognition, who are continuously entering and exiting the hospital like a horrific revolving door. These are victims of a double-truck bombing that occurred Saturday in a crowded street in Mogadishu. The deadly attack in Somalia, 300 lives, and still counting.

This is sub-Saharan Africa. And it's not seen this level of violence since 1998, when they bombed the embassy. The Somali government is blaming Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, an extremist group for the bloodshed. The Shabaab, which once controlled most of the cities. Lost their territory in the area, thanks to the Somali army and American counterterrorism operations.

However, it is still a deadly threat to the people of Somalia. And hundreds of people have been killed and wounded in the attacks on the capitol, this year alone.

The Somali president said this attack proves our enemy will stop at nothing to cause our people pain and suffering. Let's unite against terror. Time to unite and pray together. The terror won't win.

I want to bring you a quick message. The terror won't and can't win. The good guys always win in the end. And Shabaab, they're not good guys. We will always be changing and challenging evil, that is spread out worldwide. But we and the good people in Somali, the good people in Europe, the good people in Asia, should take comfort that good wins, in the end -- and our prayers go out to the people of Somalia today.


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