The Philadelphia Eagles Are an Example to All of Us – Here’s Why

It’s refreshing to see people in the public eye who are open about their faith. Multiple team members from the Philadelphia Eagles have shared their commitment to Christianity by celebrating their baptism.

Wide receiver Marcus Johnson is the latest player to share his faith this way, tweeting a picture of himself being baptized at a hotel pool while surrounded by teammates.

In a sports world full of division, “one NFL team is quietly taking a different path,” Glenn said on today’s show. “This is becoming the new norm for the Eagles.”

Last year, five Philadelphia Eagles players were baptized at the team’s practice facility by team pastor and tight end Trey Burton.

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GLENN: All right. We have a choice. We can talk about the latest with Colin Kaepernick and his lawsuit with the NFL. Or we can talk about a very different story with the NFL. A story that I think is much more important. One that probably is not going to gain an awful lot of coverage.

While the national anthem protests continue to dominate the headlines and create division, one NFL team is quietly taking a different path.

Oh, I hate to say this because Stu is such a fan of the Eagles. But the night before the Philadelphia Eagles game in Charlotte, several players gathered at the hotel's indoor swimming pool. They held hands, they prayed, while one of their teammates, wide receiver Marcus Johnson was baptized by a fellow player in the pool.

Now, apparently, this is becoming the new norm for the Eagles. A year ago, five other Eagle players were baptized in the recovery pool at the team's practice facility. Several players on the team are outspoken about their Christian faith. They say they have found strength and encouragement from fellow believers on the team.

More and more now the Eagles, teammates are attending weekly Bible studies at players homes and prayer sessions night before the games.

The quarterback, Carson Wentz openly discusses his faith. Some players have said they're not interested, yet no one on the team is excluded or pressured.

Colin Kaepernick seems to be allowing the anthem protests to define the narrative of his life. The anger that he felt about racial injustice that fueled his protests to begin with, is now boiling over into more anger and more blame.

However, maybe we should take note of the several Philadelphia Eagles players that are more interested in the message that you don't have to let your past, your mistakes, your bitterness, what you've done, what others have done to you, define your life, your story, and your narrative.

The Eagles seem to be doing something refreshing during these divisive NFL season. They have a different kind of bond. And a different kind of peace that will serve them well beyond the football field.

It is the bond of faith that teaches radical love and forgiveness. The only things that can truly reach across the racial and political divide.

Faith. Truth. Love. Forgiveness.

Protests have their place. But they don't have the power to heal a nation.


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