Three Things You Need to Know - October 19, 2017

Someone is covering their asset in Vegas.

I didn’t think this was possible, but the Las Vegas attack investigation continues to get even more strange.

It’s been nearly three weeks and neither the FBI nor the Las Vegas Police have given us a possible motive. We haven’t seen a single surveillance video or photo.

On top of that, not only do we not know what’s going on, but the police seem to not know either. They’ve released three different timelines for the attack. All three seem to revolve around, and conflict with, the time hotel security guard Jesus Campos encountered the shooter on the 32nd floor.

Campos is the most significant eyewitness to the attack, so naturally, everyone’s been trying to get him to tell his story. He was set to do just that last Thursday.

All the major news outlets gathered in a Vegas Hotel. Minutes before the interviews were set to kick off, Jesus Campos vanished. The security union rep was told Campos was taken to a minor emergency clinic for a health reason, but that was the last time anyone saw him. Not even his neighbors knew where he was. Until yesterday. Jesus Campos was found on the set of the Ellen DeGeneres show.

So, hang on just a second. Campos is the key witness to the worst crime in modern history. The investigation is being questioned, and the timelines for the attack conflict. And the man that could clear all of this up is interviewed on a comedian’s talk show? Are you kidding me? I mean, was this to ensure that no hard follow up questions would be asked? Because that’s exactly how the interview played out.

Campos told his story and it was compelling. His account of the events seems to confirm the third timeline police released last Friday. Campos was dispatched to the 32nd floor at 9:59, he was shot in the leg by Paddock around 10:04, and the massacre began at 10:05. He was also quick to add that he radioed for backup as soon as he was shot.

Not to knock Ellen, but had this been - say - Anderson Cooper, he might have asked why it took officers a full thirteen minutes, after Paddock shot Campos, to reach the 32nd floor. It was also two minutes after Paddock had stopped firing on the crowd. An investigative journalist could

have asked why it took so long. Did the hotel take their time informing the police?

Ellen made sure to mention that this was the only interview Campos would give. Are we ever going to get the full story on this? We may never know, and this is getting stranger by the day.

Hillary's Russian hypocrisy.

Hillary Clinton might want to stop talking so much about Russian collusion. Here’s why. In 2010, the Obama administration and the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment approved a deal that allowed the Russian atomic energy agency, called Rosatom, to buy a majority stake in Uranium One.

Uranium One was a Canadian company with significant uranium mining rights in the U.S. The Committee on Foreign Investment reviews all deals that could result in foreign control of an American business with national security importance. This deal gave Moscow control of 20% of the U.S. uranium supply.

Then, in 2013, Rosatom bought the rest of Uranium One, meaning Vladimir Putin now controls one of the largest uranium producing operations in the world. Most of these facts were known before now, and even reported, but for some reason, the story never gained media traction. The new bombshell twist to this story was reported by The Hill this week – that starting in 2009, the FBI investigated Russia’s efforts to infiltrate the U.S. nuclear materials industry.

With the help of a secret U.S. informant working with the Russians, the FBI compiled evidence of bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering in the U.S. by Rosatom officials. The FBI also has evidence that Rosatom and Uranium One officials donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, even while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and while she was on the Committee on Foreign Investment, which approved Rosatom’s purchase of Uranium One.

Hillary did not disclose those donors to the Obama administration even though she had agreed to do so. Shocking. Why would the Obama administration sign off on those deals, when the FBI had several years of corruption evidence against Rosatom? Why was Congress never briefed about this FBI probe and its findings? And why did Congress never look into the link between Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, and the sale of Uranium One, even after the New York Times reported it in 2015? Hillary, What Happened?

I think you need a follow-up book just to address this shady chapter in your political career. We deserve answers.

The humanity in the horror.

Flying embers and smoke swarmed them from all sides. Mike and his roommate knew they had only seconds to make a last-ditch escape from their home in Yuba County, California. As fire singed their hair and burned their eyes, they ran to their SUV, praying to God that they would make it out in time.

Two men barely escape wildfires in California

We’re not dead yet. Mike and his roommate survived. But others have not been so lucky. The Northern California wildfires have claimed at least 42 people so far with that number is expected to rise as search and rescue teams continue to comb through gutted homes looking for bodies.

5,700 homes and businesses have been reduced to ashes. To put things in perspective, the wildfires have consumed an area larger than New York City.

This has been the deadliest wildfire epidemic in California’s history. But out of the wreckage and debris comes a story of hope. Loren Jade Smith lost the most precious thing in the world to the Santa Rosa wildfires. His Oakland A’s collection. All his baseball cards dating back to 2000.

17 jerseys. 10 hats. And 2 baseballs. One of them signed by the whole team. Loren wrote to the baseball team about his plight. “To the Oakland A’s: I love watching your A’s games. I want to be an A’s player and I play at Mark West Little League in Santa Rosa. I played baseball in my backyard all day loving the A’s and making up my own game. In my backyard, they won six World Series in a row. But my house burned down in the Santa Rosa fire and my saddest things were my A’s collection…”

The president of the A’s was so moved by Loren’s letter that he promised to completely outfit the nine-year-old and his family in new Athletics gear. And people from all over the country are now sending Loren their Oakland A’s memorabilia in an effort to help him restore his collection. Never underestimate the generosity of humanity. Ask and you shall receive.

As the wildfires in Northern California become contained, remember that the fire in man’s heart to do good will never be extinguished.


"What's your climate credit score?" That's a question Americans may have to answer if the green global elites get their way.

While the media has distracted us with Orange Man Bad! and Russia, Russia, Russia!, the Left has been busy working on the fundamental transformation of America with a primary pressure point — YOUR money through YOUR bank. Democrats, forgetting the words of MLK, like to group people into categories. They judge you based on what skin color you have, your religion, occupation, your ideology, and now … your carbon footprint.

On his Wednesday night TV special this week, Glenn Beck exposes how they're now planning, not only to categorize you, but to give you a score. It'll determine everything for you: whether you can buy a home, get a new car, open a business … EVERYTHING. And if you don't bend the knee? You'll be blacklisted. But this isn't some far-off conspiracy theory. Multiple big U.S. banks are part of a private U.S. financial group enacting these policies now. It's here, and we're ALL at risk.

Watch the full episode below:

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Unlike the mainstream media, we at the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" decided to actually do the research and get to the bottom of CPAC's controversial stage design, which many on the Left have suggested was purposefully shaped like an obscure Nazi symbol. We got our answers straight from the source — and it's not what the media is suggesting.

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp joined Glenn on Wednesday to share the real story of the stage design, who designed it, and why he's taking legal options against those smearing the Conservative Political Action Conference's name seriously.

Matt told Glenn he'd never heard of the alleged Nazi insignia, noting that even a staff member who "studied anti-Semitism in college" did not recognize the obscure symbol. He went on to explain how the stage designing firm, Design Foundry, and Hyatt Hotels worked collaboratively with CPAC event organizers for months throughout the designing and construction of the stage. However, when pressured by the cancel culture mob on social media, both companies "ran for the tall grass."

"Both the Hyatt and [Design Foundry] looked to CPAC and said [they] had nothing to do with this stage. That's outrageous," Matt stated. "This whole process takes months ... everybody saw this. Everybody had to figure out how to construct this. Everybody had eyes on it from every angle. And nobody in that process ever raised their hand and said, 'Oh, you know, I took a European history class, and I noticed [that the stage design looked like a Nazi symbol.] Nobody."

Matt went on to add that, while CPAC expects attacks from the Left, they also have every intention of standing up for themselves, the conservative community, the Jewish community, and all the people who love America.

"We're fine with taking the hits. We always take the hits, it's part of being a prominent conservative group. We'll take the hits, but we won't let people lie," Matt said.

"I can't tell you how many people have called me during the course of this most tumultuous of years and said, at what point does the conservative community, do the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump, do the people who love America, and think it's okay to read Dr. Seuss, and love Thomas Jefferson and Mount Rushmore, at what point do they start pushing back on the cancel culture? At what point do they say, this is a line you can't cross? I think we're at that line," he added.

"We called our conference, 'America Uncanceled.' The whole thing became about them canceling us. At what point do we not have the right to say,' you can't treat us this way'? You're disparaging us. You're destroying our reputation. You're destroying our ability to be respected members of our community. So, I'm taking your challenge of pursuing our legal options very seriously. And I think we have to go broader. We can't let these companies just follow the woke mob. We can't do it."

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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CNN reporter Jim Acosta was confronted at CPAC by The Federalist reporter David Marcus with a valid question: "When are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?" His answer — or, really, lack of an answer — perfectly demonstrates why he was earlier surrounded by CPAC attendees chanting, "CNN sucks!"

On the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday, Glenn and producer Stu Burguiere react to a video clip of the exchange with Acosta, as well as the mainstream media's double standards when it comes to Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Watch the video below:

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To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream.

Glenn Beck can't help but wonder, "What is wrong with us?" in light of the Left's latest move — canceling six Dr. Seuss books due to "hurtful and wrong" illustrations — that takes America one step closer to complete insanity. And now, school districts are jumping on board after President Joe Biden seems to have dropped Dr. Seuss from the White House's annual "Read Across America Day" proclamation.

On the radio program Tuesday, Glenn argued that deleting books is the perfect example of fascism, and asked when we as a country will finally realize it.

"They are banning Dr. Seuss books. How much more do you need to see before all of America wakes up? ... This is fascism!" Glenn said. "We don't destroy books. What is wrong with us, America?"

Watch the video below to hear more from Glenn:

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