Why Did World Leaders Nominate This ‘Tyrant’ as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’?

What happened?

After protest, the World Health Organization has rescinded its “goodwill ambassador” title from Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe.

The decision to appoint Mugabe in a goodwill ambassador role fighting diseases in Africa sparked outrage worldwide thanks to his long track record of human rights abuses.

Did no one check out this guy’s resume or what?

Here are some of the Mugabe regime’s violations of human rights:

  • Cracking down on political dissent
  • Destroying Zimbabwe’s health care system
  • Crushing the country’s agriculture industry and depriving most of the nation of food
  • Influencing the spread of cholera and other diseases thanks to starvation and poverty from bad policies

Glenn’s take?

“Thankfully, someone at the World Health Organization returned to sanity,” Glenn said of the decision to rescind the appointment. “They remembered, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s right, he’s a despot, a tyrant, a killer.

“To think that somebody who helped spread a raging cholera epidemic in his own country would fight diseases is insane.”

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN:  Forty-eight hours, that is how long the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, held the position of goodwill ambassador of the UN.  The World Health Organization chose Mugabe, because they thought he would be an advocate for fighting diseases such as cancer and diabetes in Africa.  Well, thankfully, someone at the World Health Organization returned to sanity and rescinded the appointment when two days later, they remembered, oh, yeah, that's right.  He's a despot, a tyrant, a kill perfect.

To think that somebody who helped spread a raging cholera epidemic in his own country would fight diseases is insane.  This is a man who has killed thousands of his own people for political dissent.  He destroyed Zimbabwe's health care program.  He eviscerated the agricultural system.  He forced seizure of white-owned farms, collapsed the economy, and has led to devastating poverty and mass starvation all across his country.  Robert Mugabe?

He single-handedly was responsible for reducing the life expectancy in Zimbabwe from 62 years to 36 years.  That's the lowest in the entire world.

Believe me when I say, this man is incapable of doing anything good.  This is a guy who aspired to be like Adolf Hitler.

I'm going to quote Mugabe.  Quote, I am still the Hitler of my time.  Hitler has only one objective, justice for his people, sovereignty for his people, recognition for the independence of his people, and their rights over resources.  If that's Hitler, then let me be Hitler tenfold.  Ten times, that's what we stand for.

End quote.  Who in their right mind at the World Health Organization could be this stupid?  By the way, not the first time the United Nations honored Mugabe.  In 2012, the UN endorsed him as a tourism ambassador.  Oh.

The title is kind of ironic because Mugabe has been banned from traveling to most parts of the world because of his atrocious human rights violations.  Not to mention, there is nothing to tour in his country, except devastation, poverty, disease, and I don't know, cemeteries.

If a governmental organization insists on appointing Mugabe to something, it should be to -- to appoint him as the ambassador to the deepest, darkest, reassesses of hell.  That is an appointment I can get behind, and that would be the only reason I would send another dime to the UN.