New Yorkers Fear the ‘Knockout Game’ Will Hit Them Next

“There is no point to it, it’s crazy.”

A woman who was standing near a victim of the “knockout game” when he was attacked summed up the terrifying “game” that involves punching someone to knock them out and then taking a selfie with your victim. People are chosen at random, so anyone could be a knockout victim.

The twisted fad crops up from time to time among teenagers. In September, a Lower East Side resident was punched while walking her dog, while last year, a Muslim man was attacked outside a mosque and beaten so badly he required surgery to repair broken bones in his face, the New York Post reported.

A CBS News report from 2013 documented seven attacks in New York City alone; “knockout game” attacks documented in multiple cities resulted in fatalities and murder charges for the teens involved.

This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.

GLENN: The woman was not moving. She lay unconscious. Her body splayed out on the cold sidewalk, as four young men approached her. They immediately took out their phones.

In the America that I recognize, they took out their phones to call police. But that's not what they did. They needed to take pictures of their latest victim.

Moments earlier, the woman was just walking down the street, when a man rushed up to her. Kicked her in the stomach and sucker punched her in the face. This is a game known as The Knockout Game. And it's happening in our major cities. Last week, people were knocked out in New York City, Brooklyn, and Pittsburgh.

The goal is to come up to a complete stranger in the street and knock them into unconsciousness. It's usually played by groups of roving teenagers with nothing better to do with their lives. Teenagers who lack a future, parental guidance, moral values, which all leads to a lack of basic human decency.

This is what the deterioration of morality looks like in America. And it is going to get worse, unless we as parents start to teach basic morality in our own homes.


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