Here’s What You Need to Know About That DNC Bombshell From Donna Brazile

What happened?

Former interim Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile revealed some key information about the Clinton campaign’s connection to the DNC’s finances on Thursday.

In an excerpt from her upcoming book, Brazile said the DNC’s fundraising was tied to the Clinton campaign – something the DNC agreed to because the organization was deeply in debt. Hillary Clinton’s team controlled the DNC’s “finances, strategy and all the money raised.”

Brazile added in the excerpt that the shady deal was “not illegal” but “looked unethical.”

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Glenn’s take:

The civil war inside the Democratic Party shows the growing strength of the socialist base that rallies around people like Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. These Democrats want free health care, free college and a higher minimum wage, and they are ready to take over the party. Brazile’s revelation shows a base in revolt.

“There are new leaders stepping forward amongst the Democrats, and they’re beginning to push back against the establishment,” Glenn said. “There is a new Democratic base growing.”

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GLENN: Civil War has finally come to America. Civil War, it is happening. It's just happening in the Democratic Party, and no one is paying any attention.

Former interim DNC chair Donna Brazil dropped a bombshell yesterday when she revealed that the Clinton campaign, through internal corruption and unethical finances, wielded near complete control over the DNC.

Oh, my gosh. I'm completely shocked.

What? The Clintons were underhanded and dirty? She went on to describe how the Obama campaign had left the party bankrupt and in shambles.

Oh, my gosh. Who would have seen that coming? I'm sorry. I just have so much to say here.

The Hillary campaign stepped in and began to pay off the millions in debt, but for a price. Brazil alleges that Hillary had, quote, the right of refusal of who would be the party communications director. Who would make the financial decisions on all the other staff. The DNC also required to consult with the campaign about all other staffing, budgeting, data, analytics, and mailing. End quote.

Well, he who has the gold rules the world. Keep in mind, Hillary and her campaign were wielding this power over the DNC before she got the nomination. So Brazil is saying that both Trump and Bernie Sanders were right. The system was rigged in Hillary's favor.

No. Let's forget the fact that Hillary Clinton beat Sanders by nearly 4 million votes. That's 55 percent of the vote, with 12 percent HEP. If they -- you know, if that were to happen in the general election, we would be calling it a landslide.

But forget all of that for a second. Here we have Donna Brazile, who tried to rig a debate for Hillary, now saying Hillary rigged the primary against Bernie. Not only did she blast Hillary, she also made critical remarks regarding Obama, claiming his campaign basically destroyed the party.

What are the Democrats doing?

The New Yorker ran an article the day before all this came out saying there was a big divide within the party and how to move forward. There are new leaders stepping forward amongst the Democrats. And they're beginning to push back against the establishment.

Were Brazil's remarks part of an opening salvo HEP aimed at overturning the current leadership?

There is a new Democratic base growing. And this information is going to severely piss them off. The new base is listening to people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Harris.

This is a socialist base. They want free health care, free college, and high minimum wage. They're sick of the middle, and they want a hard turn to the far left. Are you going to hear anyone call these guys radicals or extremists?

No. You won't. A recent poll found that nearly half of millennials in the country now prefer to live in a socialist state, over a capitalist state.

This quiet civil war just went public. And the winners may take the word "fundamental transformation" to a whole new level.


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