Here's What We Know About the Neighbor Who Attacked Rand Paul

What happened?

A neighbor assaulted Sen. Rand Paul while he was mowing his lawn on Friday at his home in Kentucky.

Yikes. Was he injured?

Yes. The senator suffered five fractured ribs and lung contusions.

Who was the angry neighbor?

Rene Boucher, 59, was arrested Friday evening and booked for fourth-degree assault and has since been released on bail. While the motive for the attack hasn’t been officially confirmed, a Facebook page believed to be Boucher’s follows social media posts from Occupy Democrats and frequently posts anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric.

Glenn’s take:

Glenn compared attacks on Republican lawmakers to an example from history: anti-war activist John Jacobs, who used violence to try to overthrow the government.

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GLENN: We live in perilous times. And even more perilous, if you happen to be a Republican. And in Congress or in the Senate. We know now Republican congressman, senators, can't play baseball out in the open. But now, apparently, it's dangerous for them to mow their own lawns.

Senator Rand Paul Friday cutting his own grass, when somebody came and tackled him from behind. He has suffered five broken ribs, cuts on his nose mouth, and bruised lungs.

Now, we don't know what started this attack. It's possible it was triggered by the Paul family's use of bright-colored garden gnomes. Or maybe he was playing music too loud in the neighborhood. Maybe it was a combination of the loud music and annoying garden gnomes.

But whatever the case, the neighbor snapped. So what is it that we know about the neighbor?

Well, we know that he's a registered Democrat. Okay. There's lots of those in Kentucky. He hates President Trump.

Okay. And he follows postings by Occupy Democrats and their social media accounts. How do we know this?

Well, surprise, surprise, just like the man who attacked the congressional baseball practice, he's very active on Facebook. And his page is full of anti-Trump and anti-Republican ramblings. He even posted an Occupy Democrat Noam Chomsky meme calling the Republican Party, quote, the most dangerous organization in world history.

Well, if you really believe that, wouldn't you think that you would have to take them out?

Not all are like this. But why are so many on the left these days so angry and so willing to resort to violence.

All of the talk the past several months has been on the danger posed on the violent right. But we are seeing a real rise in the violent left that hearkens back to the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Yesterday, Weather Underground and Students For a Democratic Society, they are today's Antifa, and all the other radical left groups, they took to the streets. On Saturday, the left-wing group refused fascism, kicked off demonstrations in nearly two dozen cities.

Their demand is the removal of President Trump and Vice President Pence. They claimed to continue protesting in the streets until that happens.

Although, the turnout was low, the action sounds eerily similar to the Days of Rage in 1969.

John Jacobs, the leader in both the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, and the Weather Underground, stood on the rubble of a police statue that had just bombed in '69 and compared their protest to the fight against fascism in World War II.

Does that sound familiar?

The Weather Underground turned into a full-on domestic terror group. In 1970, police found in one of their hideouts 57 sticks of dynamite and four completed bombs. In 75, they bombed the headquarters of the US State Department in Washington, DC.

The question we should be asking ourselves is the radical left going in the same direction. The answer is clear.

They're using the same rhetoric. They're following the same playbook as they have before. The violent left is evolving and growing. People are getting more and more angry.

Even in small suburban neighborhoods, where the local celebrity is a politician in Washington who still mows his own lawn there in Kentucky.


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