Rosie O'Donnell Goes off the Rails in Twitter Melee With Ben Shapiro: 'Suck My D*** Ben'

Ben Shapiro, editor-in-chief for The Daily Wire, filled in for Glenn Beck on Thursday and discussed a bizarre exchange he had with Rosie O’Donnell on Twitter. The tweet stemmed from Rosie’s attempt on Tuesday to bribe senators with $2 million if they voted against the GOP tax reform bill. Twitter lit up and many called for an investigation into the matter for influencing votes.

Here’s how it all went down:

As usual, Ben provided a clever quip that stopped Rosie in her tracks.


Watch above to hear Ben’s reaction to the debacle and catch him hosting for Glenn on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” this Thursday and Friday.

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BEN: So this was rather hysterical yesterday. So the left lost its mind over this tax bill. And as I've mentioned, there's a lot to like about the tax bill. There's a lot there that's good. There's some things in there that are not so good. There are a few deductions that went away, that hurt specific groups of people.

There are deductions that hurt people, particularly in high-tax blue states. That would be the biggest one. There's a decrease in the mortgage interest deduction, which hurts people in areas that have high real estate prices. Which coincidentally happens to be places like California and New York and Massachusetts.

But some people just lost their minds. Well, what was left of those minds. Rosie O'Donnell is a highly unpleasant person. She's just a very unpleasant human being.

I think one of the reasons that President Trump is president is because he was one of the first to recognize that Rosie O'Donnell is a deeply unpleasant human.

So Rosie O'Donnell tweeted out that she wanted to bribe a bunch of senators. I mean, as the thing was being passed, she tweeted out, how about this? I promise to give $2 million to Senator Susan Collins and 2 million to Senator Jeff Flake, if they vote no. No, I will not kill Americans for the super rich. DM, Susan. DM me, Jeff. No bleep. Two million. Cash each.

Well, that was a problem because that's actually a violation of the law. Right? That's a federal felony under 18 code section 21B, in which it basically says that if you try to bribe a congressperson for a vote, then you have to pay up to three times the amount of the bribe to the federal government. So it would be $12 million in this case, or spend 15 years in prison or both.

Now, would Rosie ever be convicted of this? Probably not. Because you say a lot of things on Twitter. She would just say, oh, I was joking. I wasn't really serious. Except she kept saying over and over again on Twitter she was serious.

So I jokingly tweeted out yesterday that if President Trump told Attorney General Sessions to initiate prosecution of Rosie O'Donnell, he told him to begin the investigation into Rosie O'Donnell, then immediately they would begin the carving of President Trump on Rushmore. Rosie O'Donnell didn't like that. She got mad. So she tweeted back at me, suck my bleep, Ben. Which is weird for a variety of reasons. It's really odd. And so I tweeted back, you're already a felon, Rosie. Don't be a homophobic sexual harasser as well. #Metoo.

So, yes, I was sexually harassed on Twitter by Rosie O'Donnell, which is just a horrifying proposition. And I feel deep down in the cockles of my heart, that I've been targeted on the basis of my sex by Rosie O'Donnell, and I don't like her homophobic language that she's using there either.

Also, I'm not sure why she's so transphobic, to suggest that she has a set of male genitalia, when clearly she does not, or at least supposedly she does not. I mean, I don't know, maybe she does, and she's just been hiding it from everybody for years. I don't know. She's the one who is saying to do this. I'm not.

But this is the level of ire and silly that we have reached from some folks on the left. So Rosie O'Donnell sexually harassing me on Twitter.

Yeah, this year has been kind of weird. Kind of weird.


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