Ben Shapiro on Socialism: 'The Suggestion That I Owe You Something Because You Are Here Is Theft'

Ben Shapiro joined Glenn in the studio today to discuss, among other topics, how he best connects with his youngest listeners — some of whom are as young as ten years old. Young people have a curiosity factor and a willingness to listen. They want to hear all the facts up front, then come to their own conclusion.

Using the case of socialism as an example, Shapiro explained:

“If you’re 14 or 15, you’ve never actually experienced socialism. You don’t remember the Soviet Union because you were born after it collapsed. So you have to make a new argument to that person….

I think that most young people are motivated not by the data, but actually by the moral case. So I try to make, not an emotional case, but a moral case. The way that most Republicans argue that socialism is bad is they say it’s ineffective, that socialism ends up with people being poorer, that redistribution of income ends up generating less economic growth. It’s the Paul Ryan accountant with a briefcase case and I don’t like that case.”

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This article provided courtesy of TheBlaze.