Real-Life Heroes Turned Movie Stars Share the Story That Became ‘The 15:17 to Paris’

Three young Americans were at the right place at the right time to thwart a terrorist and save a train full of people. Now, their story of real-life heroism is a movie directed by Clint Eastwood.

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos are playing themselves in the movie version of their trip on Aug. 21, 2015 on a train headed from Amsterdam to Paris.

The three 25-year-old friends recently chatted with Glenn about that fateful train trip and how Eastwood talked them into starring in the film.

“It was quick thinking, everyone else was running the other way, and they ran toward the problem and saved hundreds of lives,” Glenn said on today’s show.

Listen to their full interview here:

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GLENN: Do you know why you were born? Do you know why you're here?

You ever -- have you ever thought your whole life is leading toward one moment, and you never know when that moment is coming?

August 21st, 2015, three American friends, really average guys. They boarded a train from Amsterdam to Paris. They had no way of knowing that their lives were building to that moment. And they would be worldwide heroes, later in the day.

The three friends, Anthony Saddler, Alek Skarlatos, and Spencer Stone, they were on a train, going to Paris. They took a lone gunman down who had 300 rounds of ammunition on board.

It was quick thinking. Everyone else was running the other way. And they ran toward the problem and saved hundreds of lives.

I spoke with them about that fateful day and how their story eventually caught the attention of Clint Eastwood. Alek, Anthony, Spencer, welcome to the program. How are you?

VOICE: I'm great. How about you?

GLENN: Very good.

All right. So I want to talk to you about one thing that, you know, I -- I had a problem with, with the story. And I just want to hear it from, quite honestly, Experience, I want to hear it from you, and then I want to hear the excuses from Alek and Anthony. At some point, you're on this train with this terrorist. And Alek says, go!

And then you go. He's got a gun. And I noticed, at least in the movie, Alek and Anthony, I'll give it to you, Anthony, you were asleep. But where the hell were you, Alek?

VOICE: I've been asking him the same thing for a few years now.

GLENN: Right.

VOICE: He asked me to go. And then he waits for me to make it to him.

GLENN: Look -- no, no, no. Just didn't wait to make it to -- then you're wrestling. And you're trying to hold on to the guy. And, I mean -- I mean, I know that you took the butt of the gun to his head after a while, Alek. But it was a little sloppy and slow.


VOICE: Thank you! America speaks, finally.

STU: Yes. Let's hear the rebuttal, please.

VOICE: All right. Yeah, let's do this.

VOICE: So, first of all, Spencer was on the aisle seat. So he had to go first. I wasn't going to, like, climb over him and then trip in the aisle and just get shot.

GLENN: Right. Right. Usually, that is -- then that phrase should have been, go. I'll meet you in about five minutes.


VOICE: Well, obviously, I was using him as a human shield.

GLENN: Right.

VOICE: I wasn't trying to get shot. And if he was dumb enough to go first, I mean, it's his own fault for getting shot, right?

VOICE: Natural selection.


GLENN: It's -- you know, it's -- it's an incredible story from -- from start to finish, with the three of you. Your friendship. But also the -- what happened on that day.

I was struck by the fact of how many people didn't do anything. I mean, really didn't do anything.

Some people were just paralyzed by fear. But -- but everybody else just ran. And there was no one that stepped to the plate.

VOICE: Kind of hard to ask people to do that, we know. We're all unarmed. And so nobody was really expecting that. So it's kind of a crazy situation to find yourselves in, that's for sure.

VOICE: Yeah, but, I mean, truthfully, we cannot even say that we would have done the same thing, if we hadn't had the confidence in ourselves, just based on the experiences that we had in life. And the skills that we had.

You know, the only thing that really gave me, you know, the confidence to run up at the guy and get up in his face was because I had been practicing Jiu-Jitsu for the last year. And all I said pretty much to myself was, man, if I could just get up in his face, I know I could do something.

You know, getting too close to him. He won't be able to be as effective. So I just -- that's what really gave me the boost.

VOICE: And also too, that I think our friendship -- I mean, we had been friends for so long. I think we knew we would kind of have each other backs. And we all kind of talked about similar situations before.

And we all knew we were kind of, of the same mindset.

GLENN: Do we -- what do we know about the terrorist that was the guy that you took down?

VOICE: Actually, he was later found out to be connected to the Brussels airport bombing and the Bataclan Theater Attack. He was from the same village in Morocco as those guys. And one of the first to come out of that terrorist cell. And so, I mean, he's being held in French custody right now. And he's become a much larger investigation. And hopefully we'll be able to get some more information and be able to relay that soon.

STU: One of the things I remember of when this happened -- because obviously a terrorist attack starts. You start hearing about how bad it could have been. And there's such a moment of pride as an American, to hear that it was three Americans who stopped this.

GLENN: And can I tell you something, when I first heard it, thought it was, okay. Three Americans. And because two of you have background in the service, you just assumed, okay. They're probably Navy SEALs. And I know a lot of Navy SEALs. And they're just going to snap your neck if you get out of line.

VOICE: You're a wannabe Navy SEAL.

GLENN: Right. You guys are not that. I mean, no offense, but you're --

VOICE: Oh, thanks. I'm still infantry.

GLENN: Right. I mean, you're not me. But you're -- but you were -- you were not drilled over and over and over and over again to kill.

I mean, Spencer, you were drilled to heal.

VOICE: Yeah. I mean, but it was -- it was truly a life or death situation. I mean, we had no options. You're on a moving train going 200 miles an hour. This guy has an automatic weapon. I mean, Option A, you sit there, wait till he shoots you. Or you get up and try to do something. And, I mean, that was -- the fight was a fight for survival. It was either he was going to kill us, or we were going to kill him. But luckily, we were just able to subdue him and choke him unconscious.

VOICE: I think that's the best thing about the movie. Because like you said, of course, people remember the headline. And they're like, of course, two off-duty servicemen, of course they would.

But the movie does a good job at showing that we're three ordinary guys that none of us have ever seen anything traumatic like that before.

And I think that that's wild to speak to more of the masses of people, because they'll be able to identify with one of us or all three of us and see just how ordinary we are. And that we were really faced with an extraordinary situation.

GLENN: So, Anthony, if you were -- if -- you know, when they ask -- when Spencer said, hey, come to Europe. And you guys thought that there was a chance something like this would happen. Would you have thought that you were the three guys that would have stood up and done what you did?


That would have -- that would have definitely been hard to pay. I would have never thought nothing like that would have happened. But I guess hindsight being 20/20, I guess me being the civilian that I didn't have formal training.

I couldn't have picked two better guys to go on the trip with. So I couldn't have imagined being in that situation with any other two people. That's for sure.

VOICE: That's one thing our families kind of joke about, is that, oh, it would be -- it would be us that did something like that. Not just because of like our training or, you know, anything like that. But just because we're always getting in trouble together and always --

VOICE: And something always happens when we hang out.

GLENN: Yeah. You should stop hanging out.

STU: And stop getting on trains. Please, planes.

GLENN: The other interesting thing is, off of that is in the -- you know, in the movie, it shows that you are troublemakers.

I mean, none of you excelled in school. You were always in trouble. And been most likely -- not your moms. Your moms come off as wonderful mothers.

VOICE: They are.

GLENN: But, you know, besides your moms, doesn't seem like anyone with any authority in your childhood expected anything like this from you guys.

VOICE: That's for sure.


VOICE: There's one thing in life, we never being, like, told what to do. So, I mean, we were difficult kids to raise. But we all are super thankful for the parents that we had, feel like they really shaped us.

VOICE: That's a good theme to draw from the movie too. It's just that, you know, even our success, our failures, they were all part of the bigger plan.

And I think people would be able to identify like that. Like, if they feel like they're on the wrong path, that could be something pushing you in a direction that, for all, you know, could be working in your favor in the future. So it's all part of the bigger plan.

STU: What was it like when you were approached with the idea of actually acting?

GLENN: No. Go before that.

First, what was it like, when Clint Eastwood said, hey, I want to make your story?

VOICE: Well, honestly, we were just extremely excited. Because we've all been -- I mean, we were raised on Clint Eastwood movies. So it was kind of a no-brainer for us. And even when we were talking to him about, how they're going to do the movie. Sully had just come out. So I watched sully. And once I saw how good of a job he did on that, especially, it was just kind of like, let's just let the man work. And let's do it. We were just -- we were just so excited. Because, I mean, you couldn't have picked anybody better to do it.

STU: Definitely. Clint Eastwood, he's legendary first as an actor. And now as a director.

But he made this choice. And in case people don't know, the movie stars -- the three guys you're hearing, the real people who are in the incident are the actors portraying themselves in a movie.

GLENN: Clint Eastwood, you know, didn't get Sully. He got Tom Hanks. So when he said to you, hey, guys, why don't you do it? What were your thoughts?

VOICE: I mean, we were just totally blown away and shocked. We never considered it a possibility because that's not the normal thing. And we also just really didn't want to risk the success of our story. Because we knew it was going to be forever, so we wanted it to be good.

And so, I mean, it's just something that totally came out of nowhere.

But how are you going to tell Clint Eastwood no playing yourself in your own film? It's just something we couldn't turn down. We just jumped at it.

VOICE: Nobody wanted to get that death stare from Clint Eastwood.

GLENN: No, I know. I understand that.

Spencer, you were -- you were wounded, seemingly in the movie pretty badly. I mean, at least painfully

VOICE: Just a flesh wound.

GLENN: Just a flesh wound. And then you went on and stuck your hands in a wounded man's throat to save his life. How long did that actually happen?

VOICE: On the fight took place probably tops two minutes. And then from the point when the attack started until when we got to the next train station, it was about 25 to 30 minutes.

GLENN: Holy cow.

VOICE: And so -- I was over with Mark. I would say it was, yeah, a solid 20 minutes, I had my hand in his neck.

GLENN: And he is -- and he is okay?

VOICE: He is good. And actually, that is another thing about this film. Is, you know, it's not only us playing ourselves. But Mark plays himself. His wife plays herself. We have Chris Norman, the British man who tied up the terrorist playing himself.

One of the same train employees. We had a lot of the same police. Had the same exact medical team that brought us up to train two years ago.


VOICE: And oftentimes, people, you know, think that we were the only ones that really did anything. But, I mean, without all those people contributing and doing what they did that day, we would have never been in the position to do anything ourselves and be successful at it.

So it's really awesome that they're going to be able to finally get the credit they deserve in such a big way.

GLENN: He did a good job of taking the television footage at the end with the president of France awarding you the legion of honor. Because he was, you know, mixing new footage with real footage. And I couldn't help, but wonder, are your parents the ones in that crowd in the new footage?

VOICE: No. They are -- they were actors portrayed. They were actors.

GLENN: No, no, no. I know that those -- I know the actors. But I mean the other people in the crowd. Did they include your parents at all in this, your moms?

VOICE: No. They weren't able to. But also, on the day of the actual ceremony, there's no footage of the crowd. It was just us.

GLENN: Right.

VOICE: And we have, you know, Judy Greer and Jen Fisher playing our moms throughout the movie. So it would probably throw off the audience at the end if they would have put our real parents in.

GLENN: What was it -- what was it like when, you know, this happened and then you're called to receive the -- you know, the legion of honor award and you're standing how many days, three days later, a week later?

VOICE: Three days after.

GLENN: Three days later.

VOICE: It happened on Friday. And we're receiving the medal on Monday.

So we're going from hostels and doing the cheap way all through Europe, to terrorist attack on Friday, until all of a sudden, in the Élysée with the French president on Monday. So it's -- it's a quick turnaround, that's for sure.

VOICE: Yeah. Staying in the ambassador's personal residence, like, we were sleeping in the same bed like Charles Lindbergh slept in when he crossed the Atlantic. And it was honestly just, like, the coolest experience.

VOICE: My room was called the Benjamin Franklin room, okay? That's where the president stays, when he comes to France.

We really got an upgrade.

GLENN: Wow. And more importantly, the French people were nice to you.

VOICE: We love the French people.

VOICE: Yeah, we love them.

I mean, I feel like that's a common misconception these days, actually. It's very cliche to say. But they're very nice people.

VOICE: But our experience is a little different.

VOICE: Yeah.

STU: You're saving their lives, of course, they're be nice to you.

GLENN: They're going to be nice to you. Trust me, they're not going to be nice to me.

VOICE: We'll be the ambassadors for you, don't worry.

GLENN: Yeah, my wife and I are taking our kids over to Europe this summer for the very first time.

And just last week, we planned a trip from Paris to Amsterdam and back, on that same train. I'm not sure I want to take it now.

VOICE: Same thing.

VOICE: It's a popular thing.

VOICE: Well, now you know what to do.

GLENN: Yes. And here's the role I'll play, go!


GLENN: God bless you guys, thank you so much. And it was -- it was -- it's really stirring -- your story is really stirring. And it was really a great moment, I think for all Americans to -- to watch the French say the truth about Americans. And sometimes, you know, the rest of the world doesn't -- doesn't see us like this. But I think that's -- we all at least want to be in that -- in situations like that. And you guys actually did it. So thank you so much, God bless.

VOICE: Thanks for having us. God bless you too, man.


GLENN: The new Clint Eastwood movie, 1517 to paris, opens up a week from today.


5 STORIES REVEAL the TERRIFYING road our leaders are taking us down

An 18-year-old was recently run over and killed by a man who admitted it was political — and seemed to be just fine with it. Meanwhile, an art event in Portland offered race-based admission pricing. And the Biden administration is calling for dramatically increasing biotechnology funding "to help us achieve our societal goals." These stories, along with two others, all link together to reveal something sinister. Watch the clip to find out how...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson, he was hit and killed by a man driving a car, in North Dakota. Now, that is a horrible story. But when you find out it wasn't an accident, it gets bad. When you find out, all of the details, it gets much worse. This 18-year-old was out on the street, he was in a street dance. And he called his mom and said, Mom, can you come and rescue me? I am being chased by Shannon Brandt.

Do you know him?

She said, yeah, I do. How do you know him? He said, he's chasing me right now, with his car. So when she finally reached him, he was already dead.

Shannon Brandt had run over this kid, intentionally killing him. Now, again, that's gotten worse, right? What makes it even worse, than all of that, is that he's the one who called 911 to report, quote, the crash. Now, he did that after he fled the scene. But he called.

And he said, I ran over him, because he was part of a Republican extremist group. And we had a political argument, and he was calling people to come get Brandt. No, he was actually calling his mom and saying, help me, mom. Help me.

Now, the judge asked him to post $50,000 bail. He says, he's not a flight risk. Listen to this.

VOICE: New developments tonight in the death of a teenager at a foster street dance.

VOICE: According to court papers, it wasn't an accident, but they say a politically motivated attack. The LEYD news reporter Matt Hanson broke the story for you online today. He joins us live tonight for why the driver confessed to police Matt.

VOICE: Yeah. Kirsten, according to court papers, moments before he was killed, 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson called his mom to come rescue him, because 41-year-old Shannon Brandt was chasing him in the city of McHenry, where the street dance had just wrapped up. The papers don't indicate how Cayler Ellingson was being chased, but by the time his mom could get there, her son was dead.

VOICE: Well, I don't understand the differences --

VOICE: 41-year-old Shannon Brandt had a tough time understanding the charges against him. Vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident.

VOICE: He's actually the one that called 911 to report the crash.

VOICE: Police say it happened in this alley around 2:30 Sunday morning after the street dance. Court papers showed Brandt told the 911 dispatcher, that he just hit Cayler Ellingson, because the teen was part of a Republican extremist group, and was calling people to come get Brandt after a political argument. Ellingson's mom told police, her son called her just before the crash, asking if she knew Brandt. And she said, she did. She does not believe her son knew Brandt.

VOICE: Still trying to determine exactly what all transpired at the time of the crash and prior to that as well.

VOICE: Police say Brandt was drunk, when he hit and killed Ellingson with his SUV.

VOICE: We do not know of any witnesses. We still are making attempts to interview potential witnesses from the street dance. People that were present, prior to the crash happening.

VOICE: A judge ordered Brandt held on $50,000 cash, which he objected saying, he's not a flight risk.

VOICE: It's a job and a life and a house, and things I don't exactly want to see go by the wayside. Family, that are very important to me.

GLENN: Oh. Oh. I get it.

He has family, that he cares about. He has a job, and a life, that he doesn't want to see go away. This guy, the most disturbing thing, is he doesn't understand -- when they say, he didn't understand the charges. He was sober during that. He doesn't understand why he can't hit a kid if he calls him a Republican extremist. Thank you, Joe Biden. Thank you.

I want to give you one more story. This one is from Berlin. An art festival in Berlin Germany, offered race-based admission pricing. Now, you want to talk about extremists. We all know what comes out of Germany. According to an ad for the event, white Germans could attend for free, or without a donation of their choice.

Jews, and all other attendees had to pay $80 a piece.

The Aryan feast. Imagining a white world. A three-hour event, hosted last Sunday, sponsored by the Berlin Gallery of Traditional Art was promoted as a culinary event, celebrating white artists and writers through food.

At our table, the event description states, guests participate in an experience that weaves together food and art. Where experts work with white artists, to create a multi-course vegan traditional Aryan meal. While guests were eating, they were also regaled with the works of Wagner by the Munich Aryan Orchestra and Corral. Anybody surprised that Germany would go this way, when it is in trouble, financially?

When the pressures and why?

Why are you not surprised by this story?

Hopefully, you find it offensive, I know you do. Find it offensive and horrifying. But why?

Because the Germans have been trained for a very long, long, long time.

And the Nazi thing, is real. Let me actually give you the right way to read this story. This is actually the -- the real story. An event at an art festival in Portland Oregon, offered race-based admission pricing. According to an ad for the event. Black folks could attend for free, or with a donation of their choice. All other attendees had to pay $80 a piece. The black feast, black imaginerial, a three-hour event hosted last Sunday. And sponsored by the Portland Institute for contrary art was promoted as a culinary event, celebrating black artists and writers through food. At our table, the event description states guests participate in an experience that weaves together, food and art, where experts work with black artists to create a multi-course vegan gluten-free meal, based off the artists work. While guests had their multi-course vegan meal, they were also regaled with interpretive dance.

STU: The only thing you didn't have to change was vegan.

GLENN: I know. I know. It worked for both. So does anybody notice a problem here?

Between the speech that the president gave, just blood red behind him, and Marines standing behind him, he declared that there are undesirables. That there is a disease, a vermin in our society.

And we now have our first case of violence, where the guy doesn't even understand, why he couldn't run somebody over, if he claims that they were a -- an extremist Republican.

You have the seeds being planted right now. Now, let me give you another story. This is why we better find our way to our morals and principles fast. Left-wing activist and Harvard prodigy David Hogg said he would much rather have a Porsche and Portuguese water dog and golden doodle than children, because, quote, it's better for the environment. I'm never planning on having kids. See, here's we agree. We agree. We can cross lines, right? Can we agree? I agree with David Hogg.

STU: It's nice to come together on something this important.

GLENN: Right. Yeah. He should never have children. He said, I would much rather own a Porsche, and have the water dog and golden doodle. Long-term, it's cheaper, better for the environment.

Kids are the new boats, he said. Yes, like kids are nice, but most people can't afford them. So it's nice to have friends with one, but not to have one yourself.

Okay. Anti-family, anti-human.

A week ago, Biden released an executive order on advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation for sustainable safe and secure American bio economy.

In the order, Biden administration calls for dramatically increasing funding for biotech development, including gene editing.

Quote, for biotechnology and biomanufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals.

Could I ask -- because maybe I missed the memo in the meeting. When did we decide our societal goals? And those societal goals, what does bio engineering have to do with it?

To help us achieve our societal goals, the United States needs to invest in foundational, scientific capabilities. We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques, to be able to write circuitry for sales, and predictably program biology, in the same way which we write software and program computers. We need the power to unlock biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence.

We also must ensure the use of biotechnology, and biomanufacturing are ethical and responsible, and are centered on a foundation of equity and common public good. Advancing racial equality and support the underserved communities through federal government. They must also be consistent with the respect for human rights.

Okay. So we have an equitable investment in biotechnology. Okay.

Let me give you one more story, and all of these stories will link together. All of these stories will show you, you better get to a group of people that think like you do, and start talking about these things, taking them seriously, and standing up for them.

You cannot be silent anymore. What is being -- well, I'll show you what's being drawn. Give you one last story. And I think it will all come together for you. In 60 seconds.

JEFFY: American Financing. NMLS 182334.

GLENN: Look, I know you. I'm worried about you being responsible. You're worried about taking care of all the things you have to. And on top of it, keeping your financial house in order. You are a responsible, hard-working American. You have a vision of the future that you're working toward. I don't know what our societal goals are. But your goal? I can kind of guess. You want some financial freedom. You want to pursue the things you want to do. You want to be able to put food on the table.

Well, it's getting tougher and tougher to do so. Especially if you have high interest credit cards.

Would you please give American Financing a call today. Don't wait. This is a company that's been helping people like you, with home loan options. For over two decades.

They actually care about saving you money. Whether it's refinancing your mortgage for a lower fixed rate, providing other types of loans, or even just helping you find ways to raise your credit score, which is incredibly important.

American Financing will see you through. May I suggest you call them this morning.

Interest rates are going up again today. American Financing. 800-906-2440. Or Ten-second station ID.

GLENN: Okay. Let me just recap the stories we just covered.

Driver in North Dakota, a 41-year-old driver ran over an 18-year-old because of a political argument.

That's what he says. A political argument, and the 18-year-old was a Republican extremist. And so he had to run over him with his car.

The next story is the Portland event, that is celebrating black culture and food. I don't have a problem with this. But you're charged 80 bucks to get in, if you're white. It's free for you, if you're black.

Then Biden a week ago, started talking about to accomplish our -- our societal goals, which I don't know what they are. He wants to be able to fund through an executive order, biotechnology. Not a problem with biotechnology.

But the government is now going to be doing this. And it's going to be based on metrics. That are equitable.

Last one, I'm going to take you back to 2017.

At the World Economic Forum, they were doing an interview, Klaus Schwab, who was doing an interview with Sergey, what's-his-face? From Google. Sergey Brin. They were talking about transhumanism, and forcing implants into the brains of humans, and tracking their every thought. Transhumanism artificial intelligence, touches every single one of Google's main projects ranging from search to photos, to ads, Bryn said. He said, it touches everything we do, end quote. So now after he says all this, Klaus Schwab tells those in the audience, that within ten years, everyone on earth will be wearing brain implants. Within ten years. That will be 2027. This will allow the WEF and associates to, quote, measure your brain waves. Can you imagine, I'm quoting, in ten years, when we're sitting here, we have an implant in our brains, so I can immediately feel. Because all of you will have implants. I can measure your brain waves. I can immediately tell you how the people react or feel how the people react to your answers. You cannot stop it, Klaus Schwab bragged.

Okay. Can you imagine any technology that is more dangerous than an implant that allows the government or anyone to know exactly what you're feeling and thinking. I can't think of one. Let me go back through the stories. Let me go back one step. Genetic engineering and technologies to be able to write circuitry, to predictably program biology in the same way we write software and program computers. Okay?

That part of -- of that will be brain implants. But more importantly, that is about having the children you want, that's about perfecting the races. That's about making sure you weed out the wrong thoughts, and the wrong kind of people.

And you go to someone intentionally, running someone over. Because they disagree with you politically. And they think that's okay. Gang, we are going to make the Nazis look like rookies. If we don't get off this road, right now. We all have to stand together, in peace and love, and we have to go out and vote! 50 percent turnout is the voter turnout in an off-year election. 50 percent. It better be 100 percent of independents and people who understand the fire that's coming this way.


Democrats compare DeSantis, Abbott to HUMAN TRAFFICKERS, but BIDEN enabled the REAL crisis

Democrats have amped up their accusations yet again, and are now comparing Republican governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis to human traffickers. But Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) isn't having any of it. He joins Glenn to discuss why it's the Biden administration that is enabling REAL human traffickers at the border. And he gives a blistering response to the Sheriff of Bexar County's decision to investigate Florida's transport of migrants to Martha's Vineyard.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: You want to understand the world, the Rosetta stone. To understanding the news of the day, is my new book, it is called The Great Reset. It's available everywhere.

Okay. So let's just go through some of the stories here. Venezuela, we now know, are empty their prisons, and sending violent criminals, to our border.

We had a record 2 million illegals apprehended at our southwest border, this year. 2 million, that we caught. Probably 3 million is the real total.

In that 3 million, we had another 12 caught, just last month. Another 12. Now, these are special illegals.

These are on the terror watch list. Remember, you heard a story. There are 24 people that were found. You know, on the terror watch list. Yeah. Uh-uh. Let me give you the stats on this. In 2017, two people got through that are on the terror watch list. 2018, six. 2019, zero. 2020, last year of Trump, two. First year of Biden, 15. And so far, this year, 78 from the terror watch list have come through our border, that we know of. Chip Roy is with us now. Hello, Chip. How are you, sir?

Doing great, Glenn. Great to be on the show.

Although, not doing great about the state of our border, and what it means for your or my home state of Texas, or this whole country. But I would love to live in this country, and keep fighting for it.

Chip, by the way, he's the congressman from Texas. I don't think I can take any more of this from the northern states saying, we're not a Texas border town. What the hell does that mean?

What does that mean? That they should just take it?

CHIP: Well, there's a certain irony in that, right? Listening to the DC city council woman, and the mayor saying, oh, we don't have the resources to deal with that. Texas does.

Wait. Hold on a second. By resources, you mean all of our towns getting absolutely overwhelmed and inundated. Our schools having to deal with massive numbers or actually shutdown because of bailouts, and the danger posed to them in South Texas. Our ranches getting to -- fences getting cut. Children dying from fentanyl poisoning. You know, people living in stash houses.

You go look at Washington, DC, Glenn. Oh, they wake up now. Oh, my gosh. There were 50 shipped to Martha's Vineyard, and we had 100 dropped off at Kamala Harris' house. There were 73 people found in a stash house in Washington, DC, in early August. Twelve of them were kids. This is real. It's in our nation's Capitol.

There are cartels. There was a headline in Baltimore just about a month ago, about the dangers of cartels engaged in Baltimore. In Virginia -- Culpepper, Virginia, talked to a sheriff last week, when I was meeting with a mom, who lost her children to fentanyl. And they busted a cartel operation in Culpepper, Virginia, one hour west of our nation's Capitol. It's happening. This administration knows it. They're lying about it, and they absolutely need to have to face consequences on what they're doing to our country.

GLENN: So, Chip, I'm so frustrated, I could pop a gasket when I start thinking about this. They're now comparing the GOP governors, saying that they're like human traffickers.

You don't need like human traffickers. You have human traffickers on the border. Human trafficking has never been this bad in America, and the Biden administration is creating and funding those human traffickers.

CHIP: That's exactly right.

And I just want to pause there for a second.

Those of us who love our country, were watching human beings being used as political pawns by these Democrats. Yet, they then point the finger at Governor Abbott or governor DeSantis. For highlighting the problem. By moving people who largely volunteered for it. Moving them to another place in the country, to essentially wake people up. Because MSNBC and CNN and the Washington Post and New York Times. And they all refused to report on it. There's a block of people in our country, don't know what's going on. If you're a listener out there, stop making nice when you go to your churches and you go to your community groups. And you don't want to talk about these things. Tell everybody.

Wake people up. Because your children are dying from the fentanyl as a result of the open borders.

Your families are going to get endangered by cartels and gangs.

This administration is causing it. But let's be honest, Republicans are allowing it to happen. That's why I'm calling on ending the continued funding of this crap.

I don't know how Republicans can fund the very things they campaign against. We shouldn't give one more penny to a homeland security administration that refuses to secure our border.

GLENN: Amen. Amen. But I don't think Turtle Face has the courage to do it. Let me ask you about the Soros-funded lawsuit against Florida, violating these illegals, their constitutional rights. They don't have constitutional rights. You don't have constitutional rights, but here's Soros funding this.

CHIP: Well, obviously, and you mentioned with the Soros-funded effort. The lawyers are seeking them out to go turn them into, again, political pawns.

And it's absurd to say, that individuals, who came to our country, illegally came here making some claims that this administration -- they were inducting them into the United States, endangering our people. That for some reason, governors moving them around our country, are somehow violating rights that they don't really have under the Constitution.

GLENN: Well, wait a minute. What is the difference between DeSantis or Abbott moving these people to Washington, DC, or Martha's Vineyard, in the day time, as opposed to, to the federal government moving them all over the country, we don't even know where they go?

CHIP: Yeah. Well, that's exactly right. The federal government has been distributing people throughout this country.

Let's go a step further. How about every non-governmental organization, every charity, every group and church organization. And Catholic charities.

And all the ones that are neck deep in all of this, that are running and putting people in hotels in south Texas. They are literally going and coordinating, picking people up. And distributing them throughout the country.

And, by the way, this is really important, okay? People are saying, oh. But they're seeking asylum.

Hold on. The vast majority of these right now, they're not even claiming asylum. They're not even looking through adjudication of acclaim for asylum. They're literally being brought through a tent or given a pass that's four acres. They're put in through a system. It's all set up. Just to process them. And release them under parole. And a notice to appear. Which is an absolute abomination. And a violation with the letter and the spirit of the law. It being purposefully. It's abusive. They're the ones moving human beings, and trafficking human beings. And the blood is on their hand. The little girl getting raped in a stash house, as we speak.

The American that is dying from fentanyl poisoning as we speak. The people who are going to be endangered by the criminals you alluded to, coming from Venezuela, or across the world. The terrorists you're talking about. It's just a matter of time. And Republicans ought to stand up and fight for the American people.

GLENN: I will tell you, this sheriff in Behr County, that is -- is it the FBI now? Investigating what happened in Florida, with DeSantis, flying these people up. He doesn't -- he doesn't claim anything is illegal. He just says, I don't know. It doesn't feel right. When are we basing investigations on feelings?

Second of all, this is the same guy, who in his county, you had, what? Fifty people die in the back of a truck.

Did he care about that?

CHIP: Well, you know, it's a really good point. And, you know, I've got a great relationship with a lot of the line police officers in San Antonio, the sheriff's deputy. This is nothing more than Sheriff Salazar playing politics, and doing so in a way that would endanger Texas.

And I want to be very clear. Any of my listeners out there in San Antonio, my constituents.

This is an absolute abomination, what the sheriff is doing.

He should be challenged for it. He needs to be removed from office. And someone needs to take him down, in terms of his political career, and we should replace him with somebody else. It's absurd.

You have fifty-three people, as you said, dying in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio. You have people, that we can't even get a lot of our cases brought on drug crimes because they don't prosecute them.

Because liberals take them to the DA's office, and because you have this kind of weak leadership. We need strong leadership in our cities. To root out crime. And we don't need these kind of political games. Where this is very specific, going after DeSantis. Because DeSantis is daring to say, that we ought to highlight this, by, you know, moving people around the country, so that people can understand what's happening to Texas, and to Florida, and to other states that are bearing the brunt of this. It's absurd.

GLENN: I don't even -- how do cities claim to be sanctuary cities, and then say, oh, we can't tabling of these people? How is that possible?

CHIP: Well, that was the DC councilwoman, I can't remember her name, who said, oh, she was the one complaining. Oh, they're turning us into a border town.

I said, hold on a second. You called for the abolition of ICE. You were out lauding DC, as far back as six or seven years ago. You, and Muriel Bowser. The mayor here, saying you're a sanctuary city, and you're complaining about a hunter being dropped off?

We're getting 3 or 4,000 a day, rolling across the border in Texas. That are being apprehended. Not even counting the got-aways.

I mean, the extent to which people are burying their head in the sand, and I want to go back to the fentanyl crisis. Because I've seen four people die in Hayes County, which I represent. I've seen people, high profile, and people not -- people don't know. And talking to moms.

I was at a roundtable last week with 12 moms, who have all buried their kids because of fentanyl poisoning.

And the American people don't understand. We're talking about pills. We're talking about one pill can kill, because it was cooked up in a cartel back yard, funded by Chinese fentanyl.

We actually had some law enforcement in Harris County the other day, who mistakenly took a pill, because it looked like candy that was laced with fentanyl, that they had some product. I mean, I'm telling you, people don't know what's happening. In the '80s, Glenn, the cocaine epidemic we had, 10,000 people died in a year. We're talking 107,000 deaths from opioids and drugs last year.

72,000 from fentanyl. It's a major problem. And it's because, we're not securing in our border.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. So I just -- I would like to add something.

I had fentanyl when I was in the hospital, and it almost killed me. And I read the box that it comes in.

It was a patch. My wife could not touch the patch, when she was putting it on, because it could kill her, just by putting her finger where the fentanyl was. Okay? That's how dangerous it is. On the box, it says, for end of life use only.

We have -- remember, it doesn't take a lot to kill you. 2300 pounds of fentanyl came across our southern border in August. That's 100 pounds more than July. And 13,000 pounds this year.

What are we doing, America?

CHIP: Hey, Glenn, to be clear. And those numbers are exactly right from the perspective of border patrol apprehension, but that does not count what got through. That does not count what is coming along, with the known gotaways.

That does not count what -- in Texas, our law enforcement have intercepted after it's gotten past Border Patrol.

In other words, the numbers are massively higher than even that. And when you look at fentanyl. Just so everyone understands. One to 2 milligrams can kill you. That fits on the end of a pencil. That's what we're talking about. When I say one pill can kill. Every listener out there. Forget politics for a minute. Go, make sure your children, your grandchildren, your loved ones. The people you care about know this.

You take a Xanax, you take an Adderall, you take something that looks like candy, if it's laced with fentanyl, you die.

And it is getting distributed throughout our country. We stopped two girls in Arizona, about two months ago, with 500,000 pills in their car. We stopped the car with 100,000 pills in it. This is a direct consequence of this administration. But I want to be equally critical. It's Republicans funding the government, that is carrying out this tyranny against the American people. For open borders. Hiring IRS agents. Having our energy getting absolutely destroyed by this administration. Continuing vaccine mandates, which are harming our men and women in military.

We have got to stop enabling this, Glenn. Republicans. We can stop it. Just stop. Not one more penny. Why would you fund the very thing that you campaign against. That's what I don't understand about Republicans. So I'm going to keep -- Kevin McCarthy yesterday. Kevin said, hey, if they're not going to do anything about the border, we should not be voting to fund this CR. That's a big statement.

GLENN: That's a big statement. I would like to see him back it up. He would have my support, if he backs that up. I'm not sure if he has the courage and cojones to do it. Being from Texas. You know what that means. But I hope that he does.

I hope the Republicans actually mean what they say. Chip Roy from the great state of Texas in the U.S. House. Thank you so much, I appreciate it, Chip.

By the way, you have to square your shoulders and stand up straight. You are on the right side of history. You are on the right side.

It is so clear, this battle of good versus evil. Who is actually helping people traffic children? Is it DeSantis and the GOP

Or is it this government, that is -- that is turning its blind eye, and allowing the cartels. Allowing China, to come in with boatloads of fentanyl.

Our children are at risk. And what are we fighting about?

We're fighting another evil, having -- having a debate, on whether or not you can mutilate our children, in a hospital! You're on the right side of history.


Do global leaders WANT WAR? Glenn's WARNING as Biden responds to Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has escalated his war against Ukraine yet again, but this time, he's threatening the West too. Glenn review's Putin's latest speech and Biden's promised response. But as the West jumps from crisis to crisis, Glenn wonders if a larger conflict is exactly what global leaders want...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Oh, my. It is seriously, this is good. What's happening in Russia right now. Vladimir Putin, who just put a Russian pop singer, pop star. One of the biggest stars, I guess -- who would she be like? Beyonce?

One of the biggest stars, all kinds of awards, from Putin even. He's just arrested his -- or her husband, because he spoke out against the war, and so Putin declared him a foreign agent.

And now, she's saying, I want to be declared a foreign agent too.

Really? My husband is a foreign agent. Then I must be one too. Keep that to yourself.

Don't -- don't, no. It probably won't end well for you.

Stay away from windows and rooftops. I'm just saying. Yesterday, last night, in a very unusual and still unexplained move, Vladimir Putin, was two hours late for his speech. He's always on time. The nation waited and waited and waited for him to give this ground-breaking speech on Ukraine.

It was late. After two hours, the Russian news agency said, go to bed. He's not coming.

He gave it in the morning, which is late last night, our time.

And he -- and he did make some announcements, which, you know, wonderful.

He announced a partial military mobilization. Putting the country's people and economy on a wartime footing.

He -- he said, we have to turn Ukraine's people into cannon fodder. He said with be mobilization events would begin, Wednesday, today. He didn't say what that was, other than he had ordered an increase in funding to boost Russia's weapon's production.

He's also now telling, the -- the industries. What they should and should not make. I can't think of the last time. Because Germany just did that.

They took over some companies. And they were like, hey, we have to take over. Because we have an emergency on our hands. When was the last time Germany and Russia were telling their companies what to make?

Oh, man. There was a -- was it when they went into the beetle production in the 1960s? Oh, no. That happened earlier too.

I can't remember.

But the partial mobilization is kind of hazy. He wants citizens to contribute more to the war effort. But they haven't declared war. This is a special military operation. He said, I reiterate, we're talking about partial mobilization, that is only citizens who are currently in the reserves, who will be subject to conscription. And above all, those who served in Armed Forces, have a certain military specialty and relevant experience. Conscripts will be obligatory, and they'll go through the additional military training, based on the experience of the special military operation before departing to the unit. So he's calling everybody up. He also said, that nuclear options are on the table. No joke.

He said, this isn't a joke. I don't know if he was making fun of Joe Biden. But he said, it's not a joke.

That nuclear options are on the table.

STU: I've seen it translated as not a bluff, as well.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

STU: Which neither one makes me feel good.

GLENN: No, no, no, no. And what makes me feel worse, is I'm seeing MSNBC and CNN run the chyron at the bottom of the screen, Joe Biden is going to be speaking now at the UN, and it's saying, he's about to give a critical speech about the war.

STU: What worries you with this?

GLENN: Critical.

STU: What worries you with this situation overall, though? Not just the speech from Biden. Russia, Ukraine. What do you see as the -- the --

GLENN: Nuclear war.

STU: I mean, how does that happen?

GLENN: How does that happen?

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: We have a guest. Can we ask to push back. I'm so sorry. We just got the president's speech is coming.

The -- what's -- what I think could happen, is I think that the world leadership, they want war. The way to change everything is to have a war. Because everybody is so concerned about war, that hmm. Oh, well.

Who cares about the dollar, or replacing it? Or you are no longer doing that job or we don't have fertilizer. All of that stuff becomes secondary to a global war.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: Putin knows this. The western leadership clearly knows this. I fear that Putin could do something that would be provocative, and we will jump in, and escalate.

And before you know it, we're in nuclear war. Look, can we -- would you describe this? Let's do a play-by-play on this.

This is from Princeton University. This is plan A. What would happen if Russia dropped a tactical nuke, on Ukraine or somewhere in that area?

Just a tactical nuke, which is not Hiroshima. What would happen?

Well, would you like to play a game? Plan A.

What follows is a description about how conflict with Russia and the United States, could escalate from conventional war, to all-out war.

The first nuclear warning shots. The simulation begins with the concept of conventional conflict, and Russia uses one plane to drop a -- a non--- a nuclear weapon.

Nonconventional. And it's a little slow. There it is. There's -- there's the one bomb. So they drop one bomb. What is our response?

This is what I fear. Our response. Joe Biden is the tough guy. I mean, he was with corn pop, on the mean streets by the pool.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And he's a tough guy, that, oh, yeah. Well, I'll show Putin. So they go into the tactical plan. Which our response.

What is our response here, Stu? Can you see that? It's so small, I can't.

NATO responds, and I think they -- they respond by sending three planes, and we start to drop --

STU: We drop one nuclear -- tactical nuclear weapon in response.

GLENN: Tactical. Right.

STU: And then Russia, they -- they escalate it just a tad here.

GLENN: Yeah. And they start to send planes out. And they're dropping regular nukes. And now they're starting to attack, not only Ukraine, but also the NATO countries, on the border of Russia.

We see this happen, we launch our planes. And we start to nuke, some cities in -- in Russia.

Then they launch their nukes, towards us. Well, they've got nukes that are being now launched from missile silos. We better respond. So we launch our missiles from our silos.

And if you're watching TheBlaze TV, it is stunning, the -- the look.

Already, three and a half million people are dead. And that's just basically in Europe and Russia. Now, we launch just from the center of our country, we don't launch the full thing. We launch from our subs, and we launch into Russia. And we aim at their nuclear silos. But as our nukes are coming down on their silos, they realize, we better launch, because we will lose our silos and all of our nukes.
And so they launch at our nuclear silos.

It's great. It's great. Because then we're going to launch again, on other silos. And it gets even better. Because then they launch, at our 30 biggest cities. And then we launch at their biggest cities. And then global warming is true. It goes from 80 degrees to 7,000 degrees overnight. That's great.

STU: You have no choice, but to laugh. And this is from Princeton. It's not just something somebody made.

GLENN: Right. And what's so concerning about this. If you want to reduce the surplus population. If you believe there's such a thing as a surplus population, if you want to reset the entire world, remember, who is Putin's brain?

Who is Putin's brain?

Putin's brain is Aleksandr Dugin. Aleksandr Dugin is the guy who came up with this whole thing in Ukraine.

And his plan ends with literally in his words, the literal biblical Armageddon. That we must completely destroy all of technology, and all of the old worlds, if you will, the one we're currently living in. So the world can be reset.

He makes Klaus Schwab, seem like my best friend. That's who designed this. So what you might think, could never happen, could very well happen. Because remember, the things we're talking about in the news today, much of it, I told you, would happen. And even I thought to myself, that can't happen. Really?

And look at the world we're living in


New York SUES Trump ... over THIS?

After years of investigations, including by intelligence agencies across the world, New York Attorney General Letitia James is suing former President Trump ... for allegedly misleading banks. If that's all they could accuse "the most investigated person in the world" of, Glenn says, then that's not half bad. Glenn reviews this latest attempt to take down Trump and wonders if this insanity will ever end...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So we know -- we know the attorney general from New York, Letitia James, has been investigating Donald Trump now for three years. Three years.

And here's what they've come up with. And she's going to sue. Now, she can't prosecute because it -- it has to be a civil suit. Because she didn't really find anything there, except, he might have been misleading the banks. Uh-huh.

Now, she is suing not only him, but his two sons and daughter. I don't know what they had to do with this. But she's going to get them. So she's filing a civil suit, that says, he lied -- no. He misrepresented his holdings to the banks. Now, he was going in for a loan. And Donald Trump does something that he never, ever does. I'm the richest, greatest person of all time. Yeah. That's how he represented himself. My apartment is the most beautiful, spacious, most expensive apartment of all time. Of course, I -- I mean, I have nothing to back that up. I'm not presenting. I'm just telling you right now, it's $300 million. It's great, fabulous. Okay.

All right. So what did the poor bankers do? The poor bankers, they had to believe that his apartment, there in New York, just down the street from the bank, that that apartment was worth $300 million. Because that's what he said.

Now, he said, again, that there was no appraisal done on it. But, I mean, what does that even mean? The word appraisal to a banker. They don't know what that means. And then they gave him the loan. What!

That's what she found. That's what she found.

STU: And then we should also mention back. He paid the loan back with interest. So they made a large profit.

GLENN: Yeah. Okay.

STU: That's the --

GLENN: Now, I know predatory lending was hang at the bank.

STU: Was it?

GLENN: No. No. You know, in '08.

STU: Oh, my God.

GLENN: Predatory lending. That was the big thing. Predatory lending was happening at the bank. Where they would just get this hapless dukes.

STU: They would hunt them down. Give them large portions of money, to give them things they wanted.

GLENN: Yes. Yes. Well, they didn't hunt them down. You would have to come into the bank and apply.

STU: But at some point, I'm sure, the person that wanted to borrow, ran out in fear. Because they didn't want the rates they agreed to. So they ran out, and chased them down in the streets. And held them down and made them sign.

GLENN: Correct. Fauci had to be involved in some way, or not. Because Fauci is a good guy. I'm forgetting which side we're supposed to be on now.

All right. So predatory lending.

Now, this is predatory borrowing. You're going into a hapless bank, and you're dealing with a hapless banker, who knows how good he is. You're just Donald Trump. You know. And you're going to your bank. And you have accounts there. And you're famous. And then who you are. So you're probably just getting whoever is next in line. You know, at the loan desk.

And -- and so he comes in. And he says, crazy things. That's what he tells the bank he says, these crazy things to the banks. And this poor banker, he doesn't know what's true, what's not. He doesn't have any way. Well, is his house really worth that? I don't know. I have no idea.

Hmm. Hmm. Especially when he says, there was no official appraisal done. That would mean, I'll break it down for the bankers that are listening. Us little folk, know about this. Before you buy a house. Or before you borrow against it, or whatever. There has to be an appraisal. You know what I mean?

I can't just walk into a bank and go, hey. My house is worth a billion dollars. They'll figure it out. But I about it to different banks, than someone like Donald Trump would go to, you know what I mean? They don't know how to figure that stuff out.

Here's the point of all: Three years of investigation. And this is what they have. I want to say the most incredible thing even to me, and I've said this to his face. Donald Trump is easily the most investigated human being in all of history. Maybe even more than Jesus!

Because they didn't have spy agencies back then. But they have investigated this guy, with guaranteed every intelligence agency in the world. Our FBI, our CIA, NSA, MI5. All of them, I think even the gestapo came back and were like, I'm dead. But I think maybe we should investigate him, because I hate him. He's given us Nazis, a bad name.

So everyone investigated -- and they -- they weren't like, hey. Just give me -- give me the scoop on this guy.

They were looking for things to bring him down. And this is what they have, or they have to make things up. Oh, he peed on a hooker. Huh. This is the amazing statement.

I think this guy may be the cleanest guy on the planet. I can say this. I think he is for sure, the cleanest guy, ever to be involved with construction, in New York. I mean, honestly. You know, so you want to build a building here?

I mean, oh, I would like to see this. Maybe the unions not coming to work today.

Don, I would like to help you, but just -- okay. Come on. We all know that happens. No, the mob isn't real.

We all know that happens. They can't get that on this guy. And he built buildings like in ten minutes. Maybe they're made of paper!

Maybe they're not even safe.

STU: I just can't believe we're going town this road again. Is this really happening again? How many times?

I feel like I'm watching the 900 parental DNA test on Maury Povich. It's like, how many times do we have to go through this?

GLENN: Okay. So let me -- let me turn it around for you. Because right now, I'm thinking to myself, when is anybody on the left going to understand? It ain't going to happen. It ain't going to happen. And it's not going to happen. Not because you don't want it to happen. Not because you haven't tried to make it happen. Not because you haven't looked hard enough. You've looked. At some point, you have to go, I can't believe I'm saying it. But the guy is clean. Okay?

And I think to myself, when I saw this, really?

Three years of investigation in New York! And this is all you can -- you came up with. Wow.

STU: She had to say something, right? She went through three years of investigation. She had to say something.

GLENN: Right.

STU: You know, we saw what happened in the other New York investigation. Where they said, yeah. We don't have anything. We're just going to stop. And that's a scandal. Like, if you don't come up with something, you're involved in a scandal. So you have to say something. She comes up with this. As you point out. There's these statements, were not audited at any point. You know, I just -- he got the loans, with a long-standing business relationship with most of these banks anyway. The loans came through. He paid them back with interest. They all --

GLENN: Boy, it's a boring story.

STU: It's a really boring story.

GLENN: And the way she presented it. She was trying so hard to make it exciting. It was really fun to watch.

GLENN: We have. Let's play a little bit of that. And then I have to come back and tell you what I learned about this.

VOICE: The complaint demonstrates that Donald Trump falsely inflated his net worth by billions of dollars, to unjustly enrich himself, and to cheat the system, thereby, cheating all of us.

GLENN: Wow. How --

VOICE: Mr. Trump, and the Trump organization repeatedly.

GLENN: Can you stop for just a second.

STU: The overpronunciation is just --

GLENN: Can I just ask you though. I don't think he cheated the banks by any stretch of the imagination.

Again, not audited. Nothing was -- nothing was legally binding here on what he said. That's him. That's what he does. Oh, you should see my heart. It's the greatest Honda ever. It's the most expensive Honda, you could ever buy. Come on!

So that's what he does. So there was no crime committed here. Let's just say there was. If there was, she would have been prosecuting him for a crime. So there's no crime here.

STU: But she turned it to other people, to let them prosecute it. That was her big step.

GLENN: Yeah. So let me ask you this, Stu. Let's dream a dream, that he did cheat the banks.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Isn't there -- I mean, I still think, I hope that it's less than 50 percent of me, but maybe not. That's kind of like, get them, Don.

Screw the big banks. This is -- kind of part of me is like, yeah. Good for them. Oh, you didn't catch that. You believed his apartment was worth 300 million --

STU: I mean, they -- one of the accusations is he listed it at something like 60,000 square feet. And it's really -- maybe 30,000 square feet. And it's only 11,000 square feet. Now, obviously, if they cared. You can look up, in property records, how big an apartment is. It's not hard to figure out.

GLENN: And how did -- how were we served an injustice?

STU: They're just reasoning -- right.

GLENN: He paid it off. The bank is happy. He's happy. Everybody is happy. He didn't break a law. What are you talking about?

STU: Now, she's saying, that she thinks he did break a law, and they're trying to get someone else to prosecute it.

GLENN: All right.

STU: But to be clear --

GLENN: But then how does his daughter get involved in that?

STU: I don't know. It's so stupid.

But, like, what I keep coming back to on a lot of this stuff, especially the stuff they keep trying to dig up on him, in New York.

Let's say all of this is true for a second. Let's say he misrepresented how much his properties were worth.

Like, what is the end of the story? The end of the story is, what? He pays a fine?

You guys are letting pedophiles out of prison every day. You guys are bailing out people burning down cities.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: You care about whether he misrepresented how much his apartment costs?

Are we really supposed to believe that?

GLENN: No, no, no. Try this. Try this.

Feds just charged 47 in an alleged scheme to steal $250 million from the pandemic food program.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: This government was paying scammers 250 -- absolutely. We're -- we're making the greatest meals ever. I don't know. I think that's one you can point out, and say, yeah. There seems to be a real problem.

How about the people that used their PPP loan, to -- to bail out their business, that they didn't own, because they were in prison!

I mean, really? Really?

STU: How about this one? Because it goes back to her state. Letitia James' state. The Minnesota story, I think you mentioned was $240 million.

GLENN: Oh, sorry.

STU: 240.

The reason why I know that is because in New York, $250 million, were spent on tech to fight covid, that no one uses, including 8,555 ventilators, at a cost of $166 million, 1,179 x-ray machines for $86 million. They're now stacked in warehouses across New York, with no plans to distribute them, or put them to any immediate use.

I also --

GLENN: I need an x-ray machine. Remember?

STU: Oh, that's right.

GLENN: For my doomsday scenario.

STU: Your home surgery kit.

GLENN: I have a home surgery kit. And it's a little more upscale than Operation. The game. It's not by Milton Bradley. But I need an x-ray machine. How do I get me one of them?

STU: Because they are available.

How about -- remember when, in the middle of the scandal, in the middle of the covid stuff, Andrew Cuomo came out. Doing his big press conferences. And yelling at capitalists for charging too much for hand sanitizer on Amazon. Certainly this whole scandal?

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: So he did this big show. All right. We'll make -- hand sanitizer --

GLENN: New York hand sanitizer.

STU: Right. With slave labor from prison camps. Which is basically what they said they were going to do. He said it smelled like lilac and hydrangeas. And he said, he was going to make all of this. Now, of course, we found out later, he didn't actually make the hand sanitizer. They only bottled it. The actual prisoners bottled the hand sanitizer.

What's the update on that story? What happened with all of that? Remember how -- because hand sanitizer wound up being available pretty soon afterward, as far as I remember. Here's the end of that story, ready?

New York is already starting to dispose of 700,000 gallons of expired hand sanitizer. In 2020. By people serving time in New York prisons. A process that will take 44 weeks to complete! By shipping a whopping 168 trailer loads 130 miles from Unica to Rochester at a cost of $2.3 million. It's going to cost them $2.3 million. To throw out the hand sanitizer they made after that press conference. Which was universally praised by the media.

GLENN: Unbelievable. But let's worry what happened to JPMorgan Chase. Because they believed this was the most beautiful, spacious, billion square acre apartment. In all of New York.

That's crazy. I mean, it is -- it's a mental disorder.