The Far-Right Movement Is Reviving in a Big Way — Here’s Why It Matters to You

In the past few years, there has been a revival of the far-right movement both in Europe and the United States. But what might look like an uptick in independent activity is actually part of a large coordinated plan, guided and financed by the World National-Conservative Movement (WNCM,) a confluence of more than 60 groups and organizations from 28 countries around the world.

What in the world is the World National-Conservative Movement — and why should I care?

In March 2015, a group of fringe political activists from around the globe met in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The meeting, called the International Russian Conservative Forum, was the prelude to what is now the rapidly growing World National-Conservative Movement.

The WNCM’s specific goal is to support (both financially and through aggressive social media campaigning) radical far-right or far-left activist groups or individuals from around the globe. The organisation actively recruits by sending out letters of invitation to potential inductees. American white supremacist and Alt-right leaders in the Charlottesville rallyJared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and Preston Wiginton, feature prominently among their most disreputable recruits.

“All three of these men have one thing in common: connections to the World National Conservative movement and their main ideology,” Glenn explained on today’s show. He added that Russian political activist and author, Alexander Dugin, to the top of the list of populist “puppet masters” in the WNCM.  Dugin’s book, “The Fourth Political Theory” has been called the “Mein Kampf” for established far-right groups all throughout Europe and America.

“Every influential extreme party in Europe appears to be connected to Russia in some way or another”

How is Russia connected with this movement?

Not only did the WNCM movement originate in Russia with the International Russian Conservative Forum, it has continued to flourish under the guidance of Alexander Dugin and policies of Vladimir Putin. The movement has as passed its support and influence on to far-right parties, first in Europe and now in America.

“Every influential extreme party in Europe appears to be connected to Russia in some way or another,” said Glenn. He added, ” If you think that Dugin and the World National-Conservative Movement are entirely separate from the Russian government, consider that Dugin’s books are now required reading at the Russian General Staff Academy [Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, College in Moscow] …. This is the Russian project and it has to be one of the largest intelligence active measures in human history. They’re organised. They’re dedicated. And we’re not even close to focusing on what’s really going on. This is way beyond our current investigation into Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This is really important. This is the early stage of the Nazi movement. We are going to have radicals on the right, and radicals on the left, and the good people who don’t want ether side of it have got to know this stuff.”
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IBM's Role in Killing Jews & Lessons for Big Tech | Edwin Black | Ep 97

Edwin Black is the son of Holocaust survivors and an investigative journalist with awards and best-selling books translated into 20 languages in nearly 200 countries. His book "IBM and the Holocaust" examines high tech's role in killing Jews during the Holocaust and what it can teach us about the dangers of Big Tech today.

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The New Red Scare & Our 'Reality Czars'

The American Red Scare of the 1950s may be one of the most important — and most terrifying — events in our nation's history. It was a witch hunt — an all-out assault — on any American citizen deemed to be a threat simply because of their thoughts.
Led by Senator McCarthy, the House of Un-American Activities Committee destroyed lives. Mere accusations sometimes meant you were stripped of your job and your dignity. Sound familiar?

On Glenn TV tonight, Glenn Beck outlines how we've gone from pursuing alleged communists to pursuing "right-wing extremists." But how are our new "reality czars" defining that? Is it Trump supporters, red-state Republicans, conspiracy-theorist "nut jobs"? Our new Red Scare is here, America. Are you on the list? Later, Donald Trump Jr. joins Glenn to call out this modern McCarthyism and explains the real reason for President Trump's second impeachment trial.

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Behold Ben Shapiro, the Great Wrecker of Libs himself. From the growing contempt for free speech to the fatal excesses of cancel culture and the forcefulness of so-called racial equity, Ben smashes claims that conservatives don't battle censorship. All of it is fueled by the Left's need for constant revolution and their habitual gaslighting. Seriously, the gaslighting is nonstop: At this very moment, makeshift fencing (aka a wall) surrounds the Capitol. Democrats used to hate walls and borders, but thousands of National Guardsmen occupy Washington, D.C., for unclear reasons, for an indefinite amount of time, and the Democrats are happy about it?

Ben also addresses some of the more "creative" conspiracy theories of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, like Jewish space lasers. And what about the obsession to rid this "cancer" from Congress? Ben says it's all politics: "We're all old enough to remember [before] Marjorie Taylor Greene, it was Steve King, and when it was not Steve King and it was Christine O'Donnell, and when it was not Christine O'Donnell, it was Todd Akin. Meanwhile, I got Nancy Pelosi on the cover of a magazine with Ilhan Omar, and it's like, well, 'that's just the way things go' five minutes after she was about to censure her for her anti-Semitism." Ben ends the show on a strategy to help Democrats and tearful journalists at Politico stop treating conservatives as domestic enemies.


How Biden will COMPLETE Obama's radical transformation of America

On his Wednesday night special, Glenn Beck heads to the chalkboard to reveal the moment in history we went from "America the Free" to "America the Oligarchy." He runs through a terrifying checklist of how much damage has been done since former President Barack Obama promised to "fundamentally transform the United States of America," and argues the Biden administration is really just Obama 2.0 on steroids, and progressive ideals are being executed at a hyper-accelerated pace.

While Joe Biden signed record numbers of executive actions, the World Economic Forum gathered to further push the Great Reset, and the ideas are nearly identical. There's a very specific reason why the first keynote speaker last week at the World Economic Forum wasn't an expert on free market capitalism, but the president of ... CHINA.

We are hurtling toward an oligarchy where Big Government merges with Big Corporations. They'll have all the power, and according to our betters behind the Great Reset, "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy."

Watch the special in full below:

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