Ben Shapiro: The MSM is using kids as ‘political human shields’

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro spoke with Fox News Wednesday about the national school walk-out demonstration for gun control. He made a point of acknowledging that the students have the right to speak up and say “whatever they want,” but chastised the mainstream media for using children and horrific shooting tragedies to advocate their own political agenda.

“The kids can say whatever they want; that’s their prerogative, but it is the media that are choosing to elevate these kids as moral authorities even though tragedy and age don’t confer any sort of expertise on a given issue,” said Shapiro. “The media has put forth this message, and they’ve been doing this for years, but it’s really accelerated in the last few months, and particularly in the last few weeks, they’ve put forth this message that if you disagree with them on gun control, that means you don’t care enough about the kids, and now they are activating these kids and putting them out on the front lines and putting them in photo-ops so they can essentially use them as political human shields.”

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GLENN: Have to play something great from Ben Shapiro. Good friend and just the future of the conservative movement.

Here's Ben Shapiro about how the left and the media were using these kids and the walkout yesterday.

VOICE: The media has put forward this message. And they've been doing this for years. But it's really I think accelerated in the last few months. And particularly in the last few weeks. Been putting forward this message, that if you disagree with them on gun control. Then this means you don't care enough about the kids. And now they are activating these kids and putting them out on the front lines and putting them in photo-ops so they can essentially use them as political human shields.

Now, listen, the kids can say whatever they want. That's their prerogative obviously. But it is the media that are choosing to elevate these kids as moral authorities, even though tragedy and age don't confer any sort of expertise on a given issue.

STU: That's a good point. And also, by the way, age is the opposite. The closer you are to birth, usually the less information you have.

That's kind of -- that's kind of the way it works.

GLENN: No, I've had serious conferences with infants.

STU: Really?

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. When I have my yearly toddler conference, it is -- I got to get them all juice boxes. They demand having juicy juice.

STU: It's really good.

GLENN: But they sit around. And some of the ideas that come out of these toddlers. I mean, out of the mouth of babes, Stu. Have you heard that?

STU: I have heard that.

GLENN: Gun policy. Oh, you ageist.

STU: The nuances of the Second Amendment debate. Out of the mouth of babes, that's what we expect from them all the time.

Isn't that phrase designed for someone saying something inappropriate and ill-informed of all the circumstances? It really kind of does apply to this.

I mean, look, you could -- as he said, you can say whatever you want. But stop treating them as if they have some insight on the debate here. They don't. They were the victims of something terrible. That doesn't make you an expert.


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