Planned Parenthood uses VR film to further its murder of innocent lives

Planned Parenthood is brazen in their never-ending drive to promote the death of as many unborn children as possible. I’m still not sure why “parenthood” is in their name --- how exactly do they promote parenting?

Planned Parenthood is very efficient at their business, killing 321,384 unborn babies last year alone --- more than the number of American soldiers killed in World War I, Korea and Vietnam combined.

Sure, Planned Parenthood provides some of the other female “health services” that they always tout, but according to its own annual report, there is an across-the-board drop in the number of women using those “services.” Yet, those services are the reason they continue to justify federal funding.

With the declining number of women using Planned Parenthood’s health services, the organization has to up its game in recruiting abortions, because those procedures make the most money. So, their latest tactic is a Virtual Reality short film called “Across the Line” that follows a fictional young woman making her way into an abortion clinic.

The young woman character endures cruel protesters who hurl insults and confront her about her choice. According to Planned Parenthood’s executive vice president, the purpose of the Virtual Reality film is to build empathy for young women making the brave choice to have an abortion.

Most of the talk about empathy in the abortion debate is totally misplaced.

Many women do face a serious plight with their pregnancy. There are complicated circumstances, abuse, absentee fathers --- and women often feel abandoned and hopeless. But Planned Parenthood's use of VR technology to convince women that killing their baby is the best solution is wrong. It’s also a lie. There is a better alternative. Planned Parenthood knows it, but would rather use Virtual Reality to advance its abortion campaign.

They know an ultrasound creates a very different kind of empathy in the mother who hears her baby’s heartbeat and sees movement on the screen. Those mothers are much more likely to choose life. That’s why Planned Parenthood’s “empathy” efforts will continue to use technology only as it helps them fulfill their abortion quotas.

Ultimately, most of the talk about empathy in the abortion debate is totally misplaced, especially when it comes from Planned Parenthood. Their narrative only focuses on empathy for the mother struggling with whether or not to kill her unborn child and no empathy for the equally valuable and defenseless life in her womb.

Is this what inclusivity and tolerance look like? Fox News host Tomi Lahren was at a weekend brunch with her mom in Minnesota when other patrons started yelling obscenities and harassing her. After a confrontation, someone threw a drink at her, the moment captured on video for social media.

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On today's show, Pat and Jeffy talked about this uncomfortable moment and why it shows that supposedly “tolerant" liberals have to resort to physical violence in response to ideas they don't like.

President Donald Trump has done a remarkable job of keeping his campaign promises so far. From pulling the US from the Iran Deal and Paris Climate Accord to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the president has followed through on his campaign trail vows.

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“It's quite remarkable. I don't know if anybody remembers, but I was the guy who was saying he's not gonna do any of those things," joked Glenn on “The News and Why it Matters," adding, “He has taken massive steps, massive movement or completed each of those promises … I am blown away."

Watch the video above to hear Glenn Beck, Sara Gonzales, Doc Thompson, Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray discuss the story.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar brings white fan onstage to sing with him, but here’s the catch

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for American Express

Rapper Kendrick Lamar asked a fan to come onstage and sing with him, only to condemn her when she failed to censor all of the song's frequent mentions of the “n-word" while singing along.

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“I am so sorry," she apologized when Lamar pointed out that she needed to “bleep" that word. “I'm used to singing it like you wrote it." She was booed at by the crowd of people, many screaming “f*** you" after her mistake.

On Tuesday's show, Pat and Jeffy watched the clip and talked about some of the Twitter reactions.

“This is ridiculous," Pat said. “The situation with this word has become so ludicrous."

What happened?

MSNBC's Katy Tur didn't bother to hide her pro-gun control bias in an interview with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the wake of the Santa Fe High School killings.

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What did she ask?

As Pat pointed out while sitting in for Glenn on today's show, Tur tried to “badger" Paxton into vowing that he would push for a magical fix that will make schools “100 percent safe." She found it “just wild" that the Texas attorney general couldn't promise that schools will ever be completely, totally safe.

“Can you promise kids in Texas today that they're safe to go to school?" Tur pressured Paxton.

“I don't think there's any way to say that we're ever 100 percent safe," the attorney general responded.

What solutions did the AG offer?

“We've got a long way to go," Paxton said. He listed potential solutions to improve school safety, including installing security officers and training administrators and teachers to carry a gun.

Pat's take:

“Unbelievable," Pat said on today's show. “Nobody can promise [100 percent safety]."