Ben Shapiro: Society is rejecting objective truth as a ‘white, patriarchal norm’

Can a society that rejects science, reason and rationality survive?

Ben Shapiro joined Glenn on today’s show to talk about postmodernism and the dangers of a world where everything is subjective.

When people decided to make their own values, they didn’t realize that science and reason would be thrown out as objective truths as well. In today’s progressive age, even science is seen as a “white heterosexual, patriarchal” view of the universe.

But in the real world, subjectivity doesn’t make for good science or a solid business plan. Shapiro pointed out that a company like Google, which fired engineer James Damore over a memo on men and women in the workplace, may purport to believe in these progressive ideas … but if Google actually lived by them, “it would be out of business in 5 minutes.”

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GLENN: Joined by Ben Shapiro, who is the editor-in-chief of -- of The Daily Wire. Also, the most-listened to conservative podcast in the world.

Welcome, Ben Shapiro.

BEN: Hey. Good to see you.

GLENN: How are you? So what books would you like to ban today?

BEN: Wow. I mean, after that list, I don't know what's left.

GLENN: Yeah, I know.

BEN: I mean, I got to go with the children's books since I'm separating those in the middle of the night.

GLENN: You go to these college campuses all the time. And you speak. When I went to college -- I spent more time in the parking lot than in the actual classroom. But you were taught how to think. How to find answers.

I mean, I was -- the professor that I learned so much from, I had no idea where he stood on any issue. Because he would argue so hard on one side. And then flip it around and argue on the other side. And you believed both of them.

BEN: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Nobody is doing that anymore. In fact, that's frowned upon.

BEN: Yeah, that's usually reserved for law school. Really. Like, when you go to law school, that's what they say. They're going to teach you how to think like a lawyer. But when you're in undergrad, they don't bother with that anymore. They're teaching you how to think, but it's how they want you to think. So they're teaching you what to think, more than how to think.

GLENN: So what are you seeing when you go to college campuses?

BEN: I think there's a lot of pent-up energy. I think there's a lot of pent-up anger. Because I think people there are largely bored. I think there's a reason that if you show up on a Wednesday night to hear me talk, in the middle of the week, you know, in the middle of the brutal cold and a thousand people show up -- and I don't think it's because I'm that great a speaker. I mean, I'm fine. But I think it has more to do with the fact that there is some hole that's being left intellectually on these campuses.

And anyone who even attempts to fill that hole on campuses is being treated with a certain amount and reverence, simply because the colleges have left the field wide open. You don't even have to be that good at this stuff, in order to be seen as somebody who has something valuable to say, I think.

GLENN: You're pretty good at this stuff.

BEN: You're allowed to say it. I'm not.

GLENN: Yeah. You're pretty good at this stuff. You and Jordan Peterson are probably the best thinkers, I think on the right, right now.

BEN: Well, thanks. That's high compliment because Jordan is fantastic.

GLENN: Yeah. Jordan is amazing.

And he's having the same kind of success that you are, where he's -- and he's a guy who wasn't looking for it.

BEN: Right. Right. That's one of the things -- it's really fascinating. There's a whole group of people who have really come to prominence in the last three or four years. They're really disparate politically. You're talking about people like Jordan Peterson or Sam Harris or Brett Weinstein. Or me. And all these people disagree with each other on a huge variety of matters. But there's two things they seem to have in common: One is that they actually purport to care about data. And they won't just dismiss data, if it disagrees with their position. And the other is that they seem to be willing to say no to things.

And there's something that I have started terming the Bartleby effect. Which is, there's this short story by Herman Melville called the Bartleby, the Scrivener.

GLENN: I'm not sure if that's on the list -- the approved list from GQ.

BEN: Yeah, I'm not sure either. But the short story is about this guy who is -- he's a scribe at a Wall Street law firm. And one day his bosses come in and they ask him to do something. He says, I prefer not to. And they don't know what to do with him because he's not actively saying no, but he's not saying yes. He just says, I prefer not to.

They leave him alone. Eventually, after saying, I'd prefer not to, to everything, he ends up dying basically alone and in prison.

But the purpose of the story is to say that society cannot tolerate people who refuse to kind of go along to get along. Well, that's true. But if you look at all the people who have risen to prominence, people like Jordan, Jordan rose to prominence not based on his latest book -- which is actually a pretty late development.

He rose to prominence because in Canada, there's Bill C-16, which essentially mandated that you use transgender pronouns.

And Jordan, a couple of years ago, said, I'm not doing that. That doesn't accord with the realities of psychological development. So I'm just not going to do that.

And people lost their minds. And suddenly, he was this major figure in Canada just for saying no. Sam Harris has become a major figure because he was on Bill Maher's show, and he said, Islam might be more dangerous religion as a general matter than Christianity.

Because the facts bear out that there are more violent Muslims worldwide than violent Christians. And he was run out on the rail by the left. Suddenly, he had this new following, that people were saying, listen, this guy's willing to undergo a certain amount of pressure, in order to say what he wants to say.

For Brett Weinstein, it was the same thing. So saying no, I think gives a lot of college students a feeling. Like, if you're willing to say no and take a risk to say no, then you must have some sort of rooted, eternal values to which you are subject. And this means that you have some sort of gloss on life that is more than what my professors are saying is possible out there.

STU: But it's not just saying no. It's saying no because of logic and reason.

GLENN: Right.

STU: You know, that's why everybody is famous now, of saying no.

No. I'm not male or female.

GLENN: Right.

STU: That's not the same. And it's -- and we are -- have disconnected from all logic, all reason, all science.

BEN: Yes.

GLENN: And just -- and because everybody is just saying, no, well, I don't have to take that. I have different facts.

BEN: It's a really fascinating development to watch, as all these people on the left, who proclaim that they were so pro-science are throwing people out of the ranks.

Like, I don't know if you saw this conversation between Sam Harris and Ezra Klein. Sam Harris is on the left. I mean, Sam is a real Democrat. And Ezra Klein went on his show and called Sam Harris a racist because Sam Harris looked at actual data about IQ differentiation among groups.

He actually read Charles Murray's book and had Charles Murray on his program. And said, listen, Charles Murray is not attributing all of this to biology, but there's some pretty clear evidence that there's at least a biological component to IQ. And Ezra Klein went on Sam Harris' show, and without any data at all, called him a racist. That's because there's this newfangled philosophy that says that all reality is subjective. All reality is what you feel about the reality.

And so science is not subjective. Science is what science is. And that means scientists are surprised when they find themselves out on their ear for the first time.

GLENN: Well, I don't think people really took postmodernism really seriously.

BEN: Yep.

GLENN: And that's what -- we are living in the post-modern world. And if you don't know what postmodernism is -- modern -- the modern lifestyle is the age of reason. Enlightenment. The idea that we take science and facts and we look at all of it. That was modern thinking. We've now thrown that away. We're postmodernism. And instead of now being ruled by a church, we're ruled by some other religious doctrine. I just don't know what it is.

BEN: Yes.

GLENN: But it is a religious -- it's dogma.

BEN: So I'm writing a book about this right now. And I think what's happened here is the culmination of essentially a 300-year process, where what originally happened was, there was -- postmodernism is the rejection of values on behalf the subjective.

So where it makes a certain amount of sense, where people logically resonate to postmodernism is they say postmodernism applies when it comes to morality. That your morality is not objective. Right? We all have our own morality. That life is a series of power political struggles. And what you say as morality, you're only saying that, because it benefits you to say that that's morality. And so a lot of people buy into that.

Well, that though was an outgrowth of the rejection of postmodern -- postmodern value rejection was an outgrowth of the rejection of religion. The idea was, if there's no objective religion out there, then what defines values in here?

And so people said, okay. Fine. Well, we can deal with the postmodern values struggle. Because we'll make our own values. We'll make our own value systems. But they forgot that science is a value. Reason is a value. Rationality is a value.

And so a lot of the folks who were very reasonable and very interested in reason, enlightenment thinkers, were some of the biggest people promoting postmodern values. And then they were surprised when -- when the Frankenstein monster turned on its master. All of a sudden, all these people who are promoting postmodern values said, well, science is a value too. So why exactly should we take science seriously?

If you're saying that reason and rationality is the highest values, but you're only saying that because you're a reasonable, rational, intelligent person. You're only saying that because of your high IQ. You're only saying that because you benefit from the scientific consensus.

Like, there are papers that are now being written on the postmodern left saying things like, science is a creation of the white male, heterosexual patriarchy.

I mean, there was this fascinating thing. I talked to Jordan about this other day. This Google memo that came out, from -- that was revealed in the James Damore lawsuit against Google, where they put out a paper saying, white values versus non-white values.

And among white values were things like rationality. Things like winning and losing. Things like scientific progress. These things were actually listed as white views of the universe, as opposed to objective views of the universe. What I said about it on my show is that, if Google lived by the values that it purports to hate, it would be out of business in five minutes, obviously, right? Google bases its own business on all of these values that it purports to think are white, heterosexual, patriarchal norms. But that's the value system that has built the West. And we're rejecting that now.

Because we thought that we could separate religion from science. And that that break could be clean. And instead, it turns out, that by rejecting religion, by rejecting the idea that there's an objective truth about morality in the world, we're also going to reject the idea of objective truths generally.

And you see some people struggling to put that back together. I'm struggling to put that back together. I think Jordan is struggling to put that back together. I think there are people like Steven Pinker or like Sam -- Sam Harris, who are trying to keep the religion out of it. And trying to restore the Enlightenment vision of science. But I'm not sure how can you do that.

GLENN: It doesn't work.

BEN: I'm not sure how you can remove the base of the science.

There's this weird idea -- you were saying this earlier. You know, there's this weird idea that history began today.

Well, a lot of Enlightenment advocates think that history began in 1750. That's when history began. There's no history to science. That science started in 1750. That good thought began in 1750. There's a rooted philosophy of the West that goes all the way back to Sinai and that carries forward through the sermon on the mount, and then all the way forward, through Lot.

GLENN: There is no way you can understand the West without understanding the Bible.

You don't have to believe --

BEN: This is right.

GLENN: -- in the angels and the magic tricks and the fire and all of that. You don't have to. But you do have to read it and go, what is this trying to teach, and how did this form what we have?

BEN: Exactly.

GLENN: And everybody is trying to throw that out.

Without that, you've completely taken all the cornerstones out. You've taken the cornerstone and all of the foundation of the house out. You've got nothing left.

BEN: This is right. I think the history of this 19th and 20th centuries are enough to prove this.

I mean, mass chaos and the bloody slaughter of an enormous portion of the globe, on the basis of rationality, should be enough to show you that rationality unmoored to some sort of higher value system is pretty dangerous stuff.

GLENN: Back with Ben Shapiro in a minute.

GLENN: Welcome back to the program. Joining us, Ben Shapiro.

STU: Glenn, I hope Ben is -- he understands what's happening in DC. With a very -- very interested guy in the DC city council. If you remember, his name is, let's see, Trayon White, and he initially talked about the big conspiracy that a lot of people are not discussing about how Jews are controlling the weather.

GLENN: Damn you. Notice Ben lives out here in Los Angeles. And it's beautiful all the time.

STU: It is.

GLENN: Coincidence, I don't think so.

STU: Do we have the initial clip of him driving in his car, watching like three snowflakes falling and blaming it on the Jews --

VOICE: It's just snowing out of nowhere this morning, man.

Y'all better pay attention to this climate control, man. This climate manipulation. And DC keep talking about we're a resilient city. And that's a model based off the Rothschild controlling the climate, to create natural disasters. They can pay for it on the cities. Be careful.

BEN: Wow.

GLENN: So the Rothschild. How deeply connected to the Rothschild, are you?

BEN: We really don't talk about this, except in our Friday night meetings. We really try to keep this under wraps. But I will say, the last time I traveled to Atlanta, I brought a tornado with me. Then that big snowstorm in DC was the next day because I traveled to DC.

GLENN: Holy cow. There it is. He has admitted it. Now, there's an update to this story, I don't know if, you know, Ben.

STU: Yeah, it's pretty exciting. I guess he was doing a tour to -- a little penance for his previous comments. And he went to the Holocaust museum. And, you know, this is going to turn out well obviously.

BEN: Oh, good. This is a sitcom here.

GLENN: He did not find the weather machine.


GLENN: He did not find it there.

STU: He did examine a picture of a girl walking through a crowd, surrounded by German soldiers. And the girl was wearing a sign. The sign said, I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.

White, this councilman, then asked the tour guide, are they protecting her?

Meaning, are the Germans, Nazi soldiers protecting this girl? No, the guide said. They're marching her through.

Marching through is protecting, White responded.

Of course, the guide pointed out they thought that maybe they were humiliating her.

Now, White then decided halfway through the tour to just bolt. He just leaves the tour and goes outside and waits outside on the street. Once he leaves, a member of his staff suggests that a picture of the Warsaw ghetto resembles a, quote, gated community. The rabbi doing the tour points out, yeah, I wouldn't call it a gated community, more like a prison.

So it's not going well for this particular gentleman.

GLENN: I want to get Ben's view as one of the most hated Jews in America, perhaps the world. I would like to get his view on this gated community and what I think was probably a condominium complex of Auschwitz. When we -- when we come back.

GLENN: So back with Ben Shapiro, who has been following Kanye West and Shania Twain for some strange reason.

BEN: They're both in the news.

GLENN: Yeah, I know.

BEN: Kanye came out with a bunch of kind of bizarrely conservative tweets. He tweeted his support for Candice Owens, the other day, who is a compatriot of Charlie Kirk over at Turning Point USA and a black woman who is a supporter of Trump. Then he tweeted also something about how self-victimization is a disease. And all these conservatives are like, oh, my God. Kanye is on our side, man. Kanye is here.

GLENN: I don't know if I want Kanye on our side.

BEN: So this is my take.

GLENN: Can we remember who Kanye is.

BEN: It's so amazing that we on the right have this scorn for the people on the left. Because we're like, look at how they worship celebrity. Look at how they worship celebrity. First of all, Donald Trump is the president of the United States now. Also Kanye West is -- the only reason you care about what Kanye West thinks and he's just not muttering to himself on a corner somewhere, is because he's a big celebrity.

And this bizarre notion that somebody whom the cameras have focused in on has been conferred with a greater-than-average wisdom is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

As someone who grew up in Hollywood and knows a lot of people the cameras have focused in on, let me just say the folks in the music industry, the folks in Hollywood, they don't know anything. There are a few writers who are somewhat smart. You're talking about these musicians. You're talking about the actors.

GLENN: Oh, come on. Ben, I don't believe that at all.

Of course, they're dolts. A lot of them are just dolts. A lot -- I think there are a lot of people in powerful or public positions, that are as dumb as the city councilmen in Washington, DC.

BEN: Oh, yeah. No question.

GLENN: Have no idea. Never read a book. Don't know history. Have no idea what they're talking about.

BEN: Keith Ellison was almost the head of the DNC. And I'm not sure he's wildly smarter than Trayon White. They both give money, apparently, to the same nation of Islam event. So it's one of the greatest disappointments of life, is Adam Corolla, is that when you're a kid, you look around. You look at the adults. You see they all have houses. And they have cars. And they have nice stuff, and they can do what they want at night. And it looks great. And you figure, they must be so smart. I mean, they've got all these nice things. They've got houses and cars.

And then you grow up and you realize, all the same people who are stupid when you're a kid, they're still stupid when you're adults.

And so that means they all have houses and cars too. And that's not the same thing -- there's a guy who Josh Groban did one of the great routines ever. If you haven't seen it, go to YouTube and look it up. It's so funny. It's him singing the tweets of Kanye west.

And it's him singing things like, fur pillows are hard to sleep on. And it's -- how he wants a giant fish tank. He's looking for a giant dancing fish tank. The same guy who is tweeting about how he needs a giant dancing fish tank is the same guy tweeting deep thoughts about self-realization.

And we're like, yeah, man. Because we're so hungry for any sort of legitimacy on the right. We are so hungry for anyone who is famous, to say we're not the worst people in the world and we're not crazy.

And, particularly, if that person happens to be a minority like Kanye, that we are just willing to glom on to anything. It's an amazing thing.

GLENN: So how do we fare? How do we get through this?

BEN: Do we?

GLENN: Do we, really?

BEN: I don't know. Again, I think we've lost so much of the idea that what validates us is the community that we live in or the God to whom we are subject. And instead, what validates us is a famous person saying something that makes us feel good about ourselves. And that's not a very good thing.

GLENN: So I have to tell you, I am -- I drove to the studios today. We're in Los Angeles. I drove to the studios today. And I turned on the radio. And I heard about a doctor talking about how she's doing regression therapy. But not just for this time line. But all of your alternative time lines.

BEN: Whoa.

GLENN: Yeah. So I don't know if she uses the flux capacitor to do that, I don't know how that works.

But I heard that, and at the top of my lungs, alone in the car today, how does anyone live here? How do you live here?

It's this weird thing that there is this little group of --

BEN: Yes. It's pretty alive intellectually. Right? Peter Thiel just moved down here, from San José. Jordan Peterson is out here a lot. Dave Rubin is out here. Dennis Prager is out here. The Claremont Institute is out here. There's a lot out here actually. And I think one of the reasons is, because when you're constantly balancing off the crazy of the other side, it is intellectually stimulating. I mean, you actually had to hear about that crazy regression thing, and now you can use it on the air. I mean, if you're back home now, you would be maybe talking about normal stuff on the radio.

GLENN: No, I wouldn't be talking about normal stuff, but I wouldn't be talking about Texas.

BEN: Right. Exactly. That's what I mean. If you're tuning into the radio on your way into the station, it wouldn't be talking about regression therapy.


BEN: The thing is that all of the crazy that's happening in LA, all the crazy that's happening in San Francisco, there are roots to that too. So we on the right tend to think of that as being just the latest craze, the latest fad. But there are some pretty pagan roots to all this. And I think what's really going on right now, is a battle between Judeo-Christian monotheism a reversion to a certain level of paganism. Because that's just witchcraft, right? I mean, regression therapy for alternative time lines, that's just witchcraft kind of stuff.

I'm not saying we should burden you or anything. But I am saying that --

GLENN: It is.

BEN: -- you guaranteeing me that you'll make my life better by talking about a life that I have never lived, is a form of you trying to guarantee a level of control in the universe to human beings. That human beings simply do not have over the universe. And that we can't exercise over the universe.

GLENN: I wrote a book. A novel, I don't know, eight years ago or so, called the Eye of Moloch. And it's Biblical in its nature.

Because if you look at -- if you look at how people were worshiping and -- and who Moloch is, he -- he wants you to have, you know, orgies. Crazy sex. Do whatever you want.

BEN: Yep.

GLENN: Destroy everything. And then sacrifice the baby of -- of that union. I mean, we're worshiping Moloch. We just don't know it.

BEN: I think that's right. It's under the guise of pantheism, which sounds a whole lot nicer. And it's also being concealed by the fact that we're still living -- your car runs out of gas, and you're running on the fumes. We're still living on the fumes of the Judeo-Christian value system.

So all the same people in Hollywood, who are promoting these sorts of values, same people who will use that regression technique, most of them are married. Most of them have kids. Most of them still have not been divorced. Right? The fact is, we see the high-profile divorces in Hollywood. But the truth is, most of the people who live in Hollywood are fairly normal human beings, or at least they live fairly normal lifestyles.

This is Charles Murray's point in Coming Apart, right? He says that upper-class white folks who live on the coast and are the, quote, unquote, thought leaders about single motherhood. They don't live those lifestyles. They're not single mothers. They're not living impoverished lifestyles. They're basically doing what everybody else does, with maybe the exception of going to church.

So they're living off the fumes of this Judeo-Christian history. But they're promoting this new lifestyle to a bunch of people, who are being suckered by it. Because they think, oh, this is what the successful people do.

What the successful people do is they're all members of sex cults. And out here in LA, that's really not what's going on. The face they put forward to the world is everyone is depraved because we're all experimenting and this is our thing.

But you the truth is that I find it a high point of amusement that all of the people who are so open about their promiscuity -- you know, the starlets who are so open about their promiscuity when they're 17, 18 years old. By the time they're 30, they're settling down, they're married. They have kids. Right?

They're living the same lifestyle as somebody living out in Oklahoma and Texas. They just won't tell you that. Right? The stuff that the media want to focus on, the stuff they want you to focus on is the sexy stuff. The stuff when they're 19. They're dancing naked with members of the same sex.

That's the -- by the time when they're 30 -- look at Miley Cyrus' new videos. And they basically look like Shania Twain videos. Right? All of a sudden, she's doing videos on the beach with her boyfriend. Looks like they're going to settle down. Looks like they're going to have kids. Because it turns out that the human drive for solidity and the human drive for some sort of value system is stronger even than the human drive for depravity or at least it is when you realize you're going to die at some point and depravity is going to catch up with you.

GLENN: Yeah, talk to me about Shania Twain. Your opinion on Shania Twain, a Canadian. Asked who she would have voted for. So she couldn't vote. What a ridiculous question to even ask her. She shouldn't have answered the question.

But the way she answered the question was, based on the values of the people who voted for him, which is her audience --

BEN: Right.

GLENN: -- I would say I would have probably voted for Donald Trump.

BEN: Right.

And now she's apologized in a long Twitter storm apology about, you know, I'm not a racist. I'm not a sexist. I don't believe in a lot of the same things that President Trump does. I was just trying to answer the question. But really I shouldn't have spoken out. Really?

First of all, this may be the most Canadian thing ever. Like, speaking out about an election that you couldn't take part, and then apologizing for a vote you could never cast. That's pretty Canadian.

GLENN: Michael Buble, I'm in New York -- and I walk into a hotel lobby. Michael is there. He sees me. He calls across the lobby. It's like 1 o'clock in the morning. He's like, Glenn! I turn around. I walk up. And he's like, I want you to know. I was just in a fist fight over you.

I said, what?

He said, I was at a hockey game someplace in Canada. And somebody said, I can't believe you're friends with Glenn Beck, and you go on the air with Glenn Beck.

And he's like, dude, he's a nice guy.

His politics?

We're Canadian. Why do you care about his politics?

And he said, he actually -- the guy threw a blow. They were throwing punches.

BEN: First of all, I want to see Michael Buble in a fight. I'll bet --

GLENN: I'll bet he's good.

BEN: Shockingly good. That's the only time he loosens the tie completely. Takes off the skinny tie, unbuttons that top button, just goes to work.

Yeah, I think that it is incredible. The level of intellectual bullying to which people are being subjected at this point. Where, you even say you voted for Trump or you say, hey, I support some of the things that Trump is doing.

The fact that so many people -- this goes to my generalized theory of the media. Everybody is seeing -- we live -- so to go back to scientific models, we live in a pre-Copernican era, as far as the media is concerned. They think that the world revolves around Donald Trump. Right? Donald Trump is the center of the universe, and everything revolves around Donald Trump.

This is a lie. The world revolves around the media. Right? The media has decided Donald Trump is the sun in this universe. But the sun and the universe are the media.

That's why Donald Trump is president right now. Is because the media cares so much about Donald Trump. So the fact that people are even asking Shania Twain about Donald Trump is because the media cares so much about Trump.

It's not Trump who is asking Shania Twain about Trump. It's the media asking Shania Twain about Trump, because Trump is the only thing that matters in the universe.

Because to the media, he is the only thing that matters in the universe.

GLENN: How long do you think the media has? Bill O'Reilly has said to me, the media is on its last legs.

BEN: You know, I think that they still have so much power, especially through the reinstitution of gatekeeping in the social media. That, I'm more skeptical than that.

I remember after 2004, after Bush won reelection, the line from the right was, well, the old media is dead. Right? We just defeated the old media. If the old media had its way, John Kerry would have been reelected.

That was 14 years ago. And they're still going, and they're still having a pretty major impact.

GLENN: So how do -- with the new gate keeping -- do you know who Edwin Black is?

BEN: Yeah, yeah.

GLENN: Okay. Had Edwin Black on last week. Fascinating. Need to talk to him about his theory of analytical ghettos.

STU: Algorithmic ghettos.

GLENN: Sorry. Algorithmic ghettos. And he said, we're all being -- we're all being put in a ghetto. And it's just an algorithm that's doing it this time. But the walls are being built.

How do businesses like The Daily Wire, TheBlaze, your voice, my voice, how do we stay on the other side of the wall?

BEN: So I think it's really a matter of, there will have to be new neutral platforms that are built. And I think people will find them.

So the fact that my podcast is so popular, is not because iTunes favors my podcast. Right? It's because people can go to a variety of different podcasting sources and seek it out, which is what they've done. Right? It was really more organic than anything else.

So I think people -- people still want to hear different perspectives. If they try to reinstall the gates, I think they'll find there are a lot of people that will want to tear those walls down again.

And it's going to take a while. It's going to take a while for that to happen. Because, again, it took Facebook ten years to build the sort of dominance. Fifteen years to build this sort of dominance. But I think they are fighting a losing battle. But it's going to take a little more time than I think people think it's going to take.

GLENN: Yeah. Ben Shapiro from The Daily Wire, and the Ben Shapiro Show. You can watch him online at The Daily Wire. You can also get his podcast at iTunes, wherever else you go to find your podcast. Ben, thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Ben will be joining us, I believe today. You coming on the show today? For TV. We're going to spend an hour. Talk a little bit about Los Angeles and what's happening here. And the -- the different -- the thinking that you don't hear about in Los Angeles.

Nobody is paying attention to it. But there is something happening here. We'll talk a little bit more about that tonight on TheBlaze at 5 o'clock.

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GLENN: President Biden's disapproval rating hit the highest mark of his presidency in a new poll.

PAT: What a surprise.

GLENN: Also showed his support by essential voting blocs, is slipping. Biden's disapproval rating ticked up to 56 percent. And I am shocked that it is that low. Think of it. I mean, honestly.

PAT: With the way things are. With the way he is.

GLENN: Honestly, can you think of anything that his voting base could say, well, he did this?

PAT: Yeah, they will tell you, he has created 13 million jobs, which is BS, of course. That's what they'll tell you.

But what I'm saying, somebody -- is there any way to actually have a real --

PAT: No. Absolutely -- not unless you're a total moron. A real buffoon.

You have to be -- you would have to have all the intelligence of a bathroom bulb brush, to think this guy is doing a good job.

PAT: No.

GLENN: No. Nothing at all. Wow.

PAT: Well, that's why he trails in the Washington Post/ABC poll.

Did you see the results of that? Fifty-two, 42 percent.

Fifty-two to 42, Trump leads!

GLENN: Yeah. You think that's reliable?

PAT: It's Washington Post/ABC News. It's certainly not slanted toward Trump.

I mean, they have been wrong in the past, but all polls have been.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

So maybe this is -- let's see it happen again.

PAT: Yes.

I mean, it probably is an outlier. He's probably not up by ten.

But I think that Biden is in trouble, and that's why you're hearing the scuttlebutt in the Democrat Party.

GLENN: Right. You're also slipping with voters 18 to 24. He only has a 46 percent approval rating. Latinos, 43 percent.

Independents, who are going to decide the general election, at 36 percent.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Trump's lead in the G.O.P. primary, has surged ahead. He is now leading by 43 points.

PAT: That's incredible.

GLENN: That is incredible. Incredible.

He's the first choice among national Republican voters. At 59 percent.

So now, this is what you're starting to see, from people who love Joe Biden.

Because, you know, he was just out, the Congressional Black Caucus, which he thought he was at last week.

PAT: Yeah. He did.

GLENN: But it was the Congressional Latino caucus, right?

Hispanic Congress.

PAT: Yes, but he called them the black Congress.

GLENN: Black Congress. So I don't know if he thought he was at the Hispanic Conference this time.

But he was talking about LL Cool J.

PAT: He's brilliant. He's brilliant too. I think he will get a lot of support.

GLENN: You have heard it?

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Oh, I haven't heard it. I just read about it.

PAT: Yes. We do have it.

It is...

BIDEN: One of the greatest artist of our time. A legacy of hip-hop in America.

LL J Cool J. By the way, that boy has got -- that man has got biceps bigger than my thighs. I think he's --

GLENN: Wait. What?

BIDEN: Both of you, thank you.

GLENN: Okay. So LL Cool J. He knows him. He loves him.

PAT: He's got all his earlier works.

GLENN: And can I ask, when he sees somebody, a man in particular.

PAT: Yes. This is the thing now.

GLENN: Does he always --

PAT: Always. Every time, he has to mention their biceps. Or feel them.

Or say, that I wish I had you as my lock for me.

Because you're really hot.

GLENN: Really hot. Wow. I haven't heard the really hot part.

PAT: Well, they'll find it and play it for you. Because it's incredible.

GLENN: And then, again, with the boy.

PAT: Yeah. And he does that all the time.

But he caught himself this time, did you notice that? Man.

GLENN: I'm not a racist.

PAT: Wait a minute. I just showed my racist tendencies over there.

Man, I meant -- it's amazing. It's amazing.

GLENN: Wow. Wow.

PAT: And to screw up his name, when it's in front of him, in the teleprompter.

I don't understand it.

You know they went over this. Because -- and his aides have prepared him for this stuff.


PAT: Not that kind.

GLENN: Oh, I was like, he's more secretive than I thought.

PAT: Yeah. I know.

He does not have AIDS. So far as I know, he does not.

But then to screw up the name, what is the deal?

How big do they have to make the font for this guy?

GLENN: I mean, as a guy who screws up names all the time. But LL Cool J is not hard. Is not hard.

PAT: Not that hard.

GLENN: Well, he's in.

Anyway, there's -- there's an opinion now, from Newsweek. Mr. President, you're going to lose to Trump.

We're begging you to step down. This is Newsweek.

Listen to this. The old news about incumbents. If they're under 50 points in approval. They're toast.

President Joe Biden is under 40.

There's almost no chance, he will win. I've never heard of an incumbent polling under 40 points, who went to win the reelection. When it comes to Joe Biden. Three and six recent polls had him in the 30s.

In one recent poll, President Biden was an abysmal 32 percent.

Sorry, but that's unrecoverable. You're just telling yourself, sweet little lies, if you think he can win with those numbers.

I know what everyone in Washington is going to say next.

But that's not fair. He passed so many bills.

No one has passed this much legislation since Grover Cleveland, or something.

He passed the semi conductor bill.

I have bad news for you, if you're a Democrat. No one cares about the semi conductor bill or any of the other bills, that helped his donors so much. And coincidentally, a couple of other Americans as well.

Even if you love those bills, no American even knows about them. On the other hand, if you're a Republican, Biden is a godsend.

Especially if you're MAGA. There is no way Trump can beat anyone else. Another poll found that 59 percent of Americans, think Trump should end his campaign immediately, and quit life.

And quit life?

Or quit for life? What do you mean quit life?

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Okay. They didn't say the last part. No. That's what they meant.

But they might have well meant. I've never seen a number that bad.

At the same poll, Trump came in at an abysmal 33 percent approval.

And how did Biden do at that poll?

Worse! At 32. MAGA should be doing everything they can, to keep Biden in the race.

He's their only hope. President Biden needs to step down immediately.

This is news weak.

Needs to step down immediately.

And give someone else a chance to do what they will.

And certainly, they will be able to accomplish a trounce of Trump in 2024.

I am a progressive. So even if I get my wish, and President Biden were to step down. I'm not overly fond of any of the corporate Democrats we have to choose from.

But if you're being honest, they would at least all beat Trump with a stick.

Not because they're so great. But because Trump is infinitely worse. And the American people know it.

Trump is also polling at 33 percent. And six out of ten Americans despise him.

And yet, Biden is still losing to him.

If you spend any time listening to people of power and media.

You'll have heard some version of the talking point, that Joe Biden is the only one that can beat Trump.

It's nonsense.

Based on what the data is.

And I don't understand how they're making this claim.

The truth is the exact opposite.

Biden is the only person who can't beat Trump. My left foot could beat Trump.

An open Dumpster fire can beat Trump.

This is when the DC establishment will handcuff. He beat him last time. Yes. Joe Biden won the electoral college by 44,000 votes in three swing states.

You know what that means? It means he almost lost to a complete buffoon who said we should inject disinfectants into our bodies to kill COVID. This is maddening.

PAT: It is.

GLENN: Biden won by the skin much his teeth to the ignoramus. And that is when he was ten to 15 points higher in approval. Let that sink in.

He was at least ten points higher, and he barely won last time. Spare me the useless talking point, of how he won by seven million votes.

That's true. But you wanted that to matter. Maybe you should have passed the freedom to vote act.


PAT: Jeez.

GLENN: But President Biden barely tried.

His donors apparently didn't press on that one. And God help the Democrats, if the nominee isn't Donald Trump. Then Biden has mathematically, a 0 percent chance of winning. Not even close.

Not within miles of choice. Joe Biden sees the same numbers we see. His team puts out talking points about how this is the most important election of our lifetime. How ten months is on the line. They're right. Yet, Biden sees the same devastating polling results we see, and concludes -- his ego concludes that he is more important than the election. And according to his own logic, democracy itself. I'm putting forward a petition, asking Joe Biden to drop out of the race, because unlike the president, I actually do believe democracy is on the line.

I don't want to go into that fateful election with a hobbled candidate, whose chances of winning are so low.

Why would we voluntarily make that mistake?

You can hate the messenger.

And you can think that an incumbent can win, even though they're in the 30s in approval. But that isn't going to change the inevitable.

Joe Biden is going to lose this election. We need a new candidate.

STU: When are people going to understand, we're not a democracy.

GLENN: That's what you pulled out of it.

That's what you pulled out of it.

PAT: That's part of what I pulled out.

It drives me out of my mind, out of my mind.

GLENN: I know it does.

Drives me crazy too. I'm with you.

PAT: Adults should understand that. But the other thing is --

GLENN: I got it. I got it.

PAT: I think -- I think Biden is the best chance, even though he's so compromised.

I -- if -- if Gavin Newsom gets into this race, I think he is fighting more than Biden. Because you have California as an example. California. Talk about a Dumpster fire.

That's the very definition of a Dumpster fire.

Show the city. Show Los Angeles. And San Francisco. And what these cities have become under this guy.

I think a Republican crushes Gavin Newsom.

GLENN: So what do you say about Michelle Obama?

PAT: Oh, that's the one problem spot. Where, if she decides to run, she wins.

That's my fear.

And she's maybe worse than Joe Biden. Not even maybe. She is --

GLENN: Oh, no. She is.

PAT: Except for the fact, that she has a faculty.

But those faculties are frightening. Because she hates America.

GLENN: Yeah. And she's a Marxist.

PAT: For sure.

GLENN: She's much more hard-core than her husband. She's Hillary Clinton on steroids.

PAT: She's a nightmare.

Yeah, I'm very much hopeful, she still isn't interested on running for office.

GLENN: I'm with you on that hope. We can dream.

Glenn: THIS is how we SAVE our nation

Glenn: THIS is how we SAVE our nation

We are in what is possibly the final battle for the American way of life, Glenn says. But it's by no means a physical battle. It's a spiritual battle against true evil and Glenn warns that if we don't keep it that way, it will be the death of the American experiment. But as the Left's tactics grow dirtier, we shouldn't lose hope. The forces for good are growing stronger every day. Parents are standing up, the mainstream media has some new competition, and whistleblowers are letting the truth be known.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So I have -- I had kind of a fun week, if you've been listening all week. You know I -- I have been a little -- a little on the edge. A little on the edge. To the point to where, I don't know. Maybe I want to spend my life as a dog. You know, dog's life. It's very popular, I'll show you in a few minutes.

Oh, what's happening with people who want to identify as a dog. That is finally we've gotten to the civil rights program.

Gotten to the place, where we can finally say, what needs to be said. People can choose to be dogs.

But I've been -- I watched the news. And I watched for things that the average person doesn't necessarily watch for.

If you read my daily email newsletter. Which is free every day. Give it at

If you read that, you see things that media is not talking about. Even conservative media. Not talking about.

And when you start to piece all these puzzle pieces together. You see a pretty bleak picture.

And we're at a place, where the dye has had been cast. The Rubicon has been crossed. And we're here.

And it is a battle. We are at war. We are in a spiritual war, primarily.

And too many of us don't even know what that means anymore. But we're not fighting flesh and bone. We are fighting evil. True evil.

And the longer we wait, the stronger evil will become.

The longer we -- the longer we wait, the more chance, it comes to blows. And that will be the death of the republic. And the death of the American -- you know, the American experiment.

It will be over. And I don't know about you, but I am -- I have children. I have four.

I have grandchildren. I have two. And I'm desperate for them to live, a full, happy, comfortable life. Even if it means, I give my life, or I give up all that I have. So they can have -- and we overuse freedom and liberty. Nobody knows what that is.

So they have opportunity. Opportunity.

That's all I want them to have. Honestly, it has been a very tough battle. And I know you feel the same way.

I've at least had the luxury of -- I was going to say fame and fortune. But fame is a curse. And so is fortune, in many ways.

But it's a nice way to go. If you're going to go to hell, it's a nice way to go with fortune. But I've had a much more comfortable life. It's easier for me to think, than it is probably for many in my audience.

Because they are -- they have the daily bills bearing town on them every day.

So we all have our own things that we're carrying through.

We've all been injured.

We've all been foolish. And we've also been blessed enough to do some things that will prepare us.

I've been sued. I so far, haven't been arrested. But, you know, I don't know what will happen next.

You know, when they're arresting just anybody. When they can arrest attorneys, for giving somebody advice, that's not illegal, you know, we don't know what will happen next.

I have worked hard, to serve the Constitution. I've worked hard to serve my fellow man.

I have served my God. And I cannot even say, to the best of my ability. But I have tried.

And moment -- you know, momentarily, occasionally, once in a while, I forgive myself for being proud of what I've created. Because I didn't create it.

I was allowed an opportunity in America. God gave me certain abilities, and I'm a lucky man. I'm a blessed man.

Still, with all of that going on, we have to realize where we are right now. I always talk you to, we're on the highway, and we're passing the exit signs. And the bridge is out.

Well, we're now, you know that point in the movie, where they're on a bridge. And it's either open. Or there's no way out. And all the cars are coming up behind them.

And you will be killed by the bad guys.

And they're like, what do we do?

We're at that moment, right now.

What do we do? We are in, what possibly is the final battle for the American way, of life.

The American truth, justice, and the American way.

I don't really care if we're a poor nation. I really don't. I don't want to be a poor nation. I don't want to have poverty. But I do believe that we have been so misguided. We have lost our way, so expertly. That we have put all of our belief, that what America is, is about success, money, ease.

An abundance of food. We don't have to work hard. And that's not true. That's just not true.

As we advance as a species, are we any better than the people that came before us?

Are we any better than those who we say, we stand against their principles?

We fight with words, we fight with votes. And God bless it, with politics.

But we don't fight alone. I couldn't say this you to, three years ago, fewer years ago. Because we were still putting our faith in one man. In the office of the president of the United States.

And I think still too many people are doing that. But I know today, that I'm not fighting this alone. I'm fighting this you with.

We're fighting this battle with parents, that will stand up. So many parents won't say anything.

They'll say it privately. They'll say it to their neighbors. They'll say it to somebody else, in the school board meeting. But when it comes time to stand up. They don't want their children to have any problems at school.

They don't want to be a pariah in the neighborhood. But I'll tell you right now, I know there are standing up.

There are moms in this country. They're for liberty. They're conservative. They're independent.

Even some of them are Democrat. A lot of them are. That are seeing the insanity in our schools.

I am personally waiting for more teachers to join us.

I am -- I am -- I am waiting for the teachers, who don't believe in pedophilia and Marxism, to stand up and say, I reject my union.

We need some courage there, gang. I mean, unless you're with Marxists and pedophiles, and child mutation. You know, mutilation.

Go ahead.

But then, I oppose, what you believe. Because I am for children being children. I am for children having innocence in their childhood.

I am for children being safe from predators. And I know, we fight with doctors, by our side. There are doctors all over the country, that are -- that are against us. And standing up. And risking their license, to stand up and say, no.

No mutilation of children. No. You don't have to take the vaccine.

No. You should be able to consult with your doctor. And if you have a different treatment, that you want to try. You should be able to try.

There are doctors who know, first, do no harm. Scientists. The scientists that are standing up.

That know that science is based on provable fact. And that science is always wrong. Until new fact -- or only right until new facts come along. Which makes the old science, outdated, and wrong.

Scientists that know that the military-industrial complex wasn't all that Eisenhower warned about. He warned about the military-industrial complex, becoming so big, that it could control Congress.

That we could be in never-ending wars. But he also told us about education. Getting into bed with the government. And training a whole new generation. To be slaves of an out-of-control government.

He warned of a scientific complex, where our scientists would no longer be able to think individually, because so much of the study would be funded by the government. Which was looking for answers, that they wanted.

When we fight today, we fight with the scientists who know that. And will stand up. And say, no. This is wrong.

And there's lots of them.

Today, we fight against the mainstream media. But we're fighting in a different way. We used to have to fight them with every fact and everything else. Now with the new media. Something, when I started the Blaze 12 years ago. People said, I was insane.

This would never work. You can't get past the mainstream media and the big networks. And yet, we did it.

And look what has spawned from that. Now, we are fighting with the voice of a new media. Where soon, and I mean very soon. The mainstream media has to answer to us. We're no longer in a position to wear we have to answer to them.

We have to say what they are charging. And then, you know, prove them wrong.

Instead, they're going to be in the position, very soon. Where they have to prove us wrong.

And that has taken a toll on so many people in the media. That got out and risked everything. And came to the new media.

And they're still coming.

We're now fighting with actors and actresses. And writers. And directors. And gaffers. And cinematographers. And stage people.

That have had enough of the insanity. That are now coming to something even newer than the new media.

And that is the new Hollywood, for lack of a better term. We have seen amazing advances, from the Jesus Revolution to the Chosen.

Those are not low-quality, conservative films. That is the highest quality.

And we're now making inroads to distribution. Once we have full distribution, the whole world changes.

We fight with Mike Lee.

We fight with father and son, Rand and Ron Paul. We fight with Chip Roy and Ted Cruz. We fight with the members of the Freedom Caucus.

And there are many others in Washington. In Congress. In the Senate.

That are actually fighting. We are also fighting with others in Washington. Like whistle-blowers.

Have you noticed the number of whistle-blowers?

And we also fight with people who are silently standing in place. Not abandoning their posts. And trying to protect what they can from the inside.

We fight for the rule of law. The Constitution.

We fight for the rights have all mankind.

We fight with posts on Facebook. And X, and Instagram.

Blah, blah, blah. One hundred different places. We get to raise our flags. We fight it every day at the gun range. We fight it when we buy the hunting license at Cabela's.

In our hearts, we know we -- we don't care about the stupid bear. The black bear. The deer.

In our hearts, we actually have compassion for these animals. And we take their life to feed our families.

It's not a sport where we kill them and leave them aside, as the media would have them believe. It's not brutal and grotesque.

That's why we go to the firing range. Because we have a responsibility, if we're going to hunt, to take the animal down in one shot.

We have a responsibility to -- if we carry a gun. And we're seeing a crime. And people in danger. That we pull our gun out, and we don't get other people killed. Including ourself.

We care about being outdoors. We care about the land. We care about the timber. We care about the smell of pine. And how cold the waterfall is coming off a glacier.

We care about these things.

'The Deep State Won't Give Power Back Willingly' | Ron DeSantis | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 195

'The Deep State Won't Give Power Back Willingly' | Ron DeSantis | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 195

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gained national attention when he declared war on wokeism in his state. But would his strategies be as effective if he were president? Glenn sits down with Gov. DeSantis to get the answers Americans want most about his 2024 presidential campaign. How would he handle a government shutdown debate? How would he address the border crisis? What would be his first priority on day one? Would he clean out the Deep State? What does he actually believe about the war in Ukraine? DeSantis explains how he plans to reverse the Biden administration's destructive policies and give power back to the states, especially when it comes to the border. He also responds to former President Donald Trump's criticism of Florida's heartbeat bill and clarifies his own stance on abortion. Plus, he shares the other thing he believes Biden should be impeached over. This episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast" is part of a series leading up to the 2024 election. These interviews come with no agenda. The point is to ask all of the candidates all the questions that people need to ask.