11 ways the global elites are trying to RULE YOUR LIFE

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Glenn recently shared an article from Doug Casey's International Man, “11 Assumptions about the Future." Casey's predictions line up closely with warnings Glenn gave in his newest book, Dark Future, and they do not paint a comforting picture. Here are Casey's 11 predictions that Glenn read on his program—and 11 times Glenn made the very same predictions:

1.Less freedom of movement

2.Introduction of CBDC

3.Increased use of digital IDs

4.A "Greater Depression"

5.Disappearance of financial assets

6.Continued increase of crime and disorder

7.Increasing supply constraints around all commodities

9.A new phase of censorship and digital control

10.The US election, regardless of the outcome, is an inflection point and potentially a flash point

11.There's a war happening today, against us

The Iowa Caucus confirmed what many had predicted: Trump is the GOP frontrunner, and Nikki Haley is the favorite amongst the "never-Trump" wing of the Republican party—to the ire of pro-Trump conservatives.

Glenn says that Nikki Haley has drawn so much criticism from the rest of the Republican party because her campaign stances are "out of step with where conservatives are right now." Conservatives are tired of sending their taxpayer dollars to foreign wars. Haley has taken a strong stance in support of ongoing aid to Ukraine. Conservatives are yearning for leaders who take a strong stance against the establishment. Haley seems to embody the establishment that conservatives want to do away with. These are just a few of many qualms that hardline conservatives have with the former ambassador to the UN.

However, there are supporters of Nikki Haley, and one of them left an anonymous letter on Glenn's desk defending her candidacy. Curious as to what's going on in the mind of a Nikki Haley fan? Here are the "confessions" of an underground Nikki Haley supporter:

I'm writing this from a secure and heavily guarded location. I am under 24/7 monitoring and protection, kind of like Epstein, but I'm actually being cared for. There's a lot of debate within the Conservative Party, but unlike the Democratic Party, the Republican Party typically opens differing ideas. Unless you're a Nikki Haley supporter, apparently, then it's straight to the gulag with you.

I am writing this anonymously to save my family from embarrassment and ridicule. My name is John Doe, and I am a Nikki Haley Supporter. Let me explain before you dox me.

People say Nikki Haley is a Democrat. Do you know who else was a Democrat up until 5 minutes ago? The right's favorite loudmouth, Vivek Ramaswamy. Donald Trump was notorious around the Democrat circle before switching over to the right. Iconic Republican president RONALD REAGAN was on the left side as well. So, Nikki Haley is in good company.

When it comes to general election electability, I don't think anybody has a better shot than Haley. Trump may very well be thrown into a jail cell. Vivek will probably slap a cop to get himself thrown in a jail cell in some weird show of solidarity, while Ron DeSantis will continue just existing in his lifted cowboy boots. Nikki is soft-spoken—unless your name is Vivek. Then the gloves come off. She likely won't make any memorable tweets like "Covfefe" or "I love Hispanics" to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, but I'm willing to sacrifice those.

Being a Nikki Haley supporter is like being a Dallas Cowboys fan. Everybody hates her for every reason imaginable. You get hate from every side. You KNOW what she's capable of, but she won't DO IT. I know what you can be, Nikki, and I want people to see you how I see you. But you don't help yourself when you appear wishy-washy on abortion and transgenderism in children. You have a successful track record, just like Ron DeSantis does. You started this campaign off strong, just like the Cowboys. But you're choking in the playoffs, Nikki. You had a decent showing in the Iowa Caucus. New Hampshire and South Carolina are yours for the taking with DeSantis out, just don't say anything stupid! Please don't disappoint me. I've been disappointed enough this year already.

Top 5 ways the Iowa Caucus will shape the 2024 Presidential election

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Historically, the Iowa Caucus has been a strong indicator of who will win the Presidential Nomination, and this week's results have confirmed the Left's greatest fears: Trump is the clear GOP frontrunner. Winning 98 out of Iowa's 99 counties, Trump finished with a nearly 30 percent lead over Ron DeSantis and a 32 percent lead over Nikki Haley.

Here are the 5 biggest takeaways from the Iowa Caucus that impact rest of the 2024 Presidential election.

Border security was a leading issue among Iowa Caucus-goers.

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Iowans, like all Americans, are feeling the effects of the crisis on the Southern Border and are tired of the inaction of current leaders in Washington. The strength and clarity of the 2024 candidates' plans to secure the border will likely make or break their campaign.

43 percent of GOP Iowa Caucus-goers who support Nikki Haley would vote for Biden over Trump.

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It is clear that Nikki Haley is emerging as the star candidate amongst the "never Trump" faction of the GOP. However, Haley's performance in the Iowa Caucus indicates that her anti-Trump stance is hindering the larger performance of her campaign, even though she is the favorite amongst the "never Trumpers."

Trump, DeSantis and Haley would each beat Biden according to new poll.

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According to a new poll, President Biden would lose a head-to-head, primary campaign against Trump, DeSantis, or Haley. Will the Democrats keep Biden in the race?

61 percent of GOP Iowa Caucus-goers said they would still support Trump even if he was convicted of a crime.

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The Left is betting that Trump will cave under the onslaught of criminal charges as a part of their attempt to crush his credibility as a candidate. Their plan, according to the Iowa caucus, is failing. In fact, the continued barrage of indictments is only fueling GOP support for Trump. 61 percent of GOP Iowa Caucus-goers said that they would stand by the former President even if he was convicted of a crime and 35 percent said that a conviction would actually increase their support.

Biden's approval rating has dropped to 33 percent.

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While Trump's support is growing, Biden's is rapidly falling. Only one-third of Americans think Biden is doing a good job, a record low during his presidency and the worst rating of any U.S. president within the past 15 years. It's becoming increasingly clear that Biden is a losing horse on the Democrats' ticket, and that terrifies the Left, especially if Biden is pitted against Trump. Will the Democrats keep Biden as their unchallenged candidate? Glenn thinks they are preparing a new candidate, and if they succeed, we may just have another President Obama.

A searing look at the psychological profile of Liberals and Democrats in their perpetual misery.

Liberals, Democrats, and Leftists are rarely in a good mood. And they’re certainly not happy when in the presence of conservatives or free-thinking independents—that is to say, when coming into contact with at least half of the country. Their tendency to zealously spread discomfort and misery has been something of a mystery…until now. In great detail, Liberal Misery explains exactly what drives America’s Left to be such a wet blanket. From COVID to the Black Lives Matter movement to even everyday socializing, Liberals are joyless nags. Now we know why.

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The bestselling author and entrepreneur investigates what would happen if a new financial world order took hold, one in which global elites own everything and you own nothing—and yet you are somehow happy.

When Carol Roth first heard that one of the World Economic Forum’s predictions for 2030 was “You will own nothing, and be happy,” she thought it was an outlandish fantasy. Then, she researched it. What she found was that a number of businesses, governments, and global elites share a vision of a future that sounds utopian: Everyone will have everything they need, and no one will own anything.

From declines in home and vehicle ownership to global inflation and government spending, many of the trends of modern life reveal that a new world that is emerging—one in which Western citizens, by choice or by circumstance, increasingly do not own possessions or accumulate wealth. It’s the perfect economic environment for the rich and powerful to solidify their positions and prevent anyone else from getting ahead.

In You Will Own Nothing¸ Roth reveals how the agendas of Wall Street, world governments, international organizations, socialist activists, and multinational corporations like Blackrock all work together to reduce the power of the dollar and prevent millions of Americans from taking control of their wealth. She shows why owning fewer assets makes you poorer and less free. This book is essential guide to protecting your hard-earned wealth for the coming generations.

This post is a part of an ongoing series called "Glenn's Bookshelf" Have you ever wondered what topics Glenn is reading about on his own time? Follow the "Glenn's Bookshelf" series to get access to all the books that Glenn is reading.