1/2/18 - Hour 1

Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher sits in for Glenn Beck... CNN shows America how to take a "bong hit" in case you didn't know... What has happened to the press?... Trump is the President... President Trump wasn't our first choice...Movie breakdown of 2017... Football season is almost over... 2017 in review...

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Did Google create a SENTIENT artificial intelligence?

(Left) Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images/(Right) Photo by Martin Klimek for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Did Google create a sentient artificial intelligence?

A software engineer on Google’s artificial intelligence development team, Blake Lemoine, is convinced that the company's A.I. is now sentient and able to hold conversations at the level of a 7 or 8-year-old child. Google has dismissed Lemoine's claims and suspended him, but as Glenn Beck noted on the radio program, this isn't the first time a company insider has warned of the possible existence, and potential threat, of artificial general intelligence.

Glenn shared the details of Lemoine's "very disturbing story" and broke down the pros (curing cancer and other deadly diseases) and cons (the complete inhalation of the human race) of the remarkable scientific advancements in artificial intelligence.

"Because of high tech, we're going to see miracles in our lives," Glenn said. "The tricky part is to not see horror shows in our lifetimes."

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GLENN: These gas prices... We're up now over $5.01 per gallon for regular gasoline. Now, I remember when George Bush was in office, and I remember the outrage of, like, $2.75 a gallon. We're at $5 a gallon and I am not hearing this except from friends. I don't hear the news cycle going off on this. Am I just not watching it?

Bill O’Reilly says the ‘stock market meltdown’ is the ‘final nail’ for Team Biden. Why? Because hard-working Americans who save money for retirement and spend it responsibly expect just one thing from government in return: For it to run efficiently and honestly. But, instead, we’re now stuck with the ‘most incompetent government of the last 150 years,’ Bill O’Reilly says, and YOUR wallet, savings, and net worth are taking a direct hit because of it. It’s all thank to Joe Biden, O’Reilly tells Glenn, and this financial mess has gotten SO BAD that O'Reilly says this is the biggest story of the YEAR.


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GLENN: We've been curious. We've been talking about it off the air. What you think the biggest story of the week is this week. What is it?

BILL: Stock market meltdown. Stock market meltdown.

So this is the final nail, to use a cliché.

So people in America work hard. The majority of us are not dope dealers. We're not layabouts. We work hard. The responsible people, the good dads, the good moms, they put money aside for their children's education. For their retirement. So they don't have to depend on the dole, or handouts from anyone.

They expect in return for their hard work and responsibility, a government that runs efficiently. And honestly. That is the expectation that Americans have. We are now seeing the most incompetent government of the last hundred 50 years. That's what we are seeing. And if you look at your statement, at the end of June, and I hope you don't, you'll see that your net worth is down huge. And you already know that you're paying more for everything you need. And there's one person responsible. One. Joe Biden. That is by far, the biggest story, not only of the week, but of the year.

GLENN: I have to tell you, Bill, I've never seen a White House more out of touch. I mean, they just keep doubling down, that this is Putin. Or this is somebody else's fault. And this isn't about inflation.

BILL: And that makes people even angrier.

GLENN: I know. I know.

BILL: Because they know it's BS. It's like when your kid comes in and lies to you, about where he or she has been. If you're a responsible parent, you don't really like that. And that's what this guy is doing.

GLENN: Yeah. And, you know, what's worse, when you say to your kid, look, okay. I'm going to give you a chance to revise that answer. Don't lie to me. Tell me the truth. And he's had chance after chance after chance. Over and over and over again.

BILL: Well, Biden hasn't given an interview to anybody, but Jimmy Kimmel. That's like being interviewed by an Egyptian mummy.

GLENN: Now, wait a minute.

BILL: I like Kimmel personally.

GLENN: Hang on. Yesterday, they did have an interview with a muppet from AP.

BILL: Right. And that's what I was going to say. Doesn't do many interviews. Yesterday, he said, oh. People are very, very concerned. No.

They're not concerned. They're furious. So when you and I speak on Fridays. Which, by the way, I never take for granted. And I appreciate you having me on your program, every Friday. I just want everybody to know that. You and I, we have a tendency to advance the story. Because people know what's going on. You don't have to tell people the economy is bad or you're getting hoaxed. They know.

Now, there are some people in denial. They blame Trump or Putin, or they're blaming Hillary Clinton. I don't know who they're blaming. Warren Harding. But everybody who has an IQ, knows it's Biden's fault. But Biden doesn't know. And that's really the danger here.

So when Biden tells you, oh, it's Putin. Oh, no, no. It's the oil companies. No, I'll write them a letter. I'm going to write them a letter. When he does stuff like that, he actually believes this stuff. It's not like he's Nixon, trying to, you know, lie his way out of Watergate. No. Biden is so incapacitated mentally, that he believes the garbage his advisers put in front of him. He doesn't write any speeches. He doesn't even edit any speeches. In my life, I have never heard of a president not editing a word that was put in front of him. Trump didn't write any speeches. But he edited it heavily. But he ad-libbed. It's in a great way. But Biden, you put it in front of him. He'll sign it or say it. He doesn't know what the deuce is happening.

GLENN: All right. So let me -- let me go to the SCOTUS thing. And there's many things to talk about with SCOTUS. But one is the New York Times has reported now, that looking at an executive order, possibly declaring a national medical emergency. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned. Which would give him all kinds of power, to do all kinds of stuff. He's also looking at sending abortion doctors to the military bases in states that say you can't do abortions here. The -- the other option is also to start taking taxpayer dollars and giving them to women, who want abortions and will have to fly out of state. How do you think these will fly?

BILL: Well, it will all be challenged in federal court. And he will Hughes. So Biden will lose. But will he try? Sure. He will try a stunt. And, again, he won't even know what the stunt is. They'll just say, sign this executive order. And he'll sign.

And then he'll go, can I go to Rehoboth Beach now? And they go, yeah, Joe, you can go now. It's Thursday at 2:00. Your -- your week is over.

But they'll do a stunt. Because the Democratic Party has nothing. So the January 6 maybe fell on its butt. Who cares about it? No one. Now they have to try to gin up the abortion thing. It's not going to work because the Supreme Court is going to say, essentially, Roe v. Wade was not based on any constitutional tenet, which is true. Therefore, the Tenth Amendment kicks in. It goes back to the state. That is the Constitution. That is what is going to happen. And the states will then make their own laws. Now, Biden then will immediately try to stunt it. And say, oh, no. I'm going to save all the women's health. But as soon as he signs anything, it will go into federal court. They'll stop it. And the Supreme Court will go, well, we already ruled on this. We already ruled on it. So you can't do it.

GLENN: Bill, did you see -- did you see the Jane's revenge threat letter that went out?

BILL: Beck, you've got to watch the No Spin News every night. I led with it. I led with it. And you know what happened today?

GLENN: What?

BILL: The Justice Department came out and said, oh, we're going to investigate. Okay. I said last night on the No Spin News, BillO'Reilly.com, and all of our other distributors all over the world, just like TheBlaze is, I said, this is outrageous. This is terrorism. Jane's revenge is a terror group. Where are you, Merrick Garland? And today, this morning, the Justice Department said, oh, I'll look into it.

GLENN: Yeah, but do you believe it?

BILL: I don't believe Merrick Garland will do jack. Look, they're ramming white supremacy down everybody's throat. And outside of a couple of hobos, in whatever it is. Proud Boys. They die. Nobody knows what this is. But this Jane's revenge firebombed a clinic in Buffalo, New York, a few days ago.

GLENN: There's been 40 in the last 43 days.

BILL: And they brag about it. They brag about it.

GLENN: I know.

BILL: It's like ISIS. And they use the same ISIS technique. And you are talking to the guy who knows more about ISIS, than anybody else. Because of Killing the Killers. The same ISIS techniques. Where they don't have a website. They don't have a Twitter handle. They use these nefarious pop-ups, to get their threats out. But the FBI can ram them down. In a week, easy. The FBI can get them. Will Merrick Garland do it? No. I don't believe he will. And if he does, I'll apologize.

GLENN: Yeah. Me too. Bill, let me go back to gas for a second. Joe Biden is pushing this narrative, and everybody in the White House. That these oil companies are, you know -- they're not doing their patriotic duty. And he, again, this week. This would make two threats in one week. He said, he has the power to issue a national emergency, and get these -- these gas and oil companies, to start drilling and do their job. All of the oil companies and gas companies are like, we do it, you won't let us. Is this -- what is this?

BILL: So the first day in office, he signs an executive office order, stopping a lot of drilling and the pipeline, and imposing regulations. I'm going to order you to drill. I said, you're the moron who did it in the first place.

GLENN: Crazy.

BILL: Who crippled the American fossil fuel industry. And now you're ordering us to do something? Number one, he can't order them to do anything. Even if he does another crazy dopey executive order. But it just shows you, he has no idea. A rational person, somebody who actually knew what was happening, would say, you know, I was it is guy who stopped all of the harvesting. And now I'm going to order them to harvest. Maybe we want to word it a little bit differently. But no. This is really the tragedy of the country now.

GLENN: Let me take you to one more topic. I'll take a break. But Bill Clinton said yesterday that for the first time, he truly fears for the republic. Or he said, democracy. That he -- he suggesting that if the Republicans win, we're going to be a fascist nation. The fascism that I worry about, I have seen from the left. Not from the right. There is no, you know, national emergency on everything coming from the right. They're not building up more and more power. And I fear that this is a -- a trial balloon. Or sending out the message, that, you know, democracy is on the ropes. But I wanted to ask you, have you ever heard a president of the United States say that before? About the American people, and half of the country? We'll get your answer, when we come back. It's Bill O'Reilly. And make sure you grab Killing the Killers. You can find special deals on it at BillO'Reilly.com. Killing the Killers. Perfect for Father's Day. All right.

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GLENN: So, Bill, let's talk about Bill Clinton and what he said yesterday. Your thoughts on that. And have you ever heard a president say that about his own countrymen?

BILL: I don't really take Mr. Clinton's hyperbole that seriously. You know, and that being said, he's the smartest of all the Democratic politicians in the last 30 years.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

BILL: He was actually smarter than Obama, and Obama is smart. But Bill Clinton understood the tempo of the country. And, of course, he went -- he wasn't the doctrinaire liberal like his wife is. And then when things got rough for him, he pivoted very hard into law and order. No welfare. All of that kind of stuff. Because he knew the mood of the country was there. And you could say he's -- but I've talked to him a number of times.

GLENN: Sure.

BILL: He knows what's going on. So I don't really take that as anything seriously. I think that Bill Clinton knows if an aggressive wing of the Democratic party has now ruined the Democratic Party at least in the short-term. I think he well understands that. That's what should have been asked, if the interviewer had any sense. But, of course, you know, what's going on there. Because Clinton -- he -- he's not -- he's not like Hillary. I mean, he's not that. I saw what he is. But I said within okay. This is just playing for the crowd. Whatever he thinks they want to hear, he's going to say.

GLENN: I think Bill Clinton would be a -- you know, a guy who is -- you know, a little corrupt, if you will. But I think the Clinton initiative and all the real deep corruption comes from his -- his spouse.

BILL: Yes.

GLENN: Bill, tell me about this weekend. What do you have planned, and what do you have on sale for BillOReilly.com?

BILL: Well, my urchins are going to take me out to dinner, but when I asked them who was paying for the dinner, there was silence.

GLENN: That's strange. I have the same thing. Oh, you're taking me out to dinner. Oh. And I'm paying. Okay.

BILL: Yeah. Yeah. So no appetizers.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: If you've been to a restaurant lately, number one, they're jacking up the prices like crazy. And, number two, they're cutting the portions. Come on. So that's what they're doing.

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And I'm doing that, Beck. Because, you know, I do feel sorry for wage earners. And they're getting hammered and they don't know what to do. So I'm going to give you something free, I'm going to give you something free. And that's the way we are. That's the way we are. We are generous guys.

GLENN: Yeah. I will tell you, Bill. When people like you or people like me are shocked at the gas pump and say, good heavens. I mean, this is insane. When it is affecting people like us, I cannot even imagine the average person. God bless you. Thank you, Bill. Have a great Father's Day. BillO'Reilly.com.