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Glenn recently got over a nasty case of the flu, and he was supposed to be resting, but Glenn's assistant caught him running around the studios, making what appeared to be BIG plans. We'll see where this goes.


Will China's Communist Party begin KILLING its protesters?

Will the Chinese Communist Party begin killing citizens protesting against the government? Chris Chappell, host of ‘China Uncensored,’ tells Glenn it’s important to remember that China has never STOPPED targeting its dissidents — whether it’s Christians, Uyghurs, or human rights activists. But these protests are a bit different, he says, because they’re more widespread. Plus, protesters today aren’t calling for small reforms. They’re calling for the actual removal of the CCP and Xi Jinping. Chappell discusses with Glenn the huge risks today’s protesters are taking and what could come next for the Chinese government…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Chris Chappell is with us. He's the host of China Uncensored.

Hi, Chris, how are you?

CHRIS: Hi, great. How are you?

GLENN: Very good. I watched your coverage over the last few days, of what's happening in China. And I thought I did a great job of not boring people to death. And giving all of -- giving all of the pertinent facts.

CHRIS: Well, I appreciate that.

GLENN: And putting some humor in it. So I wanted to talk to you, first of all, about your qualifications to talk about this.

Explain how you know so much about China.

CHRIS: Well, I've been China censored for ten years. I've been on the front lines, in the protests in Hong Kong.

I have actually lucked into disputed territory in the China seas. Concentrate contested territory between China and the Philippines. And, yeah. I've talked to many experts on my podcast. So I've been following it closely for many years now.

GLENN: And I'm wondering -- as I'm watching you, I'm like, you're screwing around with China. You ever have any heat from that?

CHRIS: You know honestly, I would say at this point, I get more heat from American social media companies, than I do from (inaudible).

GLENN: Unbelievable. Okay. So let's -- go through this. Yesterday, I explained a little bit about how this all started. But it's changing into something else, and it's not Tiananmen Square.

Explain what's actually happening now.

CHRIS: Well, I think a big difference people should understand, between the Tiananmen protests and what is happening right now, is that the Tiananmen protests, were not calling for the end of the Chinese Communist Party. They were calling for really modest political reforms. And we saw how those protesters were met.

These protests are different, in that there are actually people coming out and saying, that Xi Jinping needs to step down. The Chinese Communist Party itself needs to step down. And that is very unusual.

That kind of direct attack on the Chinese Communist Party itself. Not some policy or some local official. That's a huge escalation.

GLENN: And this isn't like you know any other country.

They know who these people are. And some of them, they're not wearing masks or anything. I mean, that doesn't seem like it's going to end well for those people.

CHRIS: Well, sadly, you know people are asking like, will the -- will there be a bloody crackdown.

And I am seeing that there are some reports of tanks swirling through a city called Suzhou in Jiangsu province. But the thing people need to understand, is that the Chinese Communist Party has never stopped killing people. That's how it maintains its rule.

GLENN: Right.

CHRIS: So these people are -- you know they really are taking their lives into their own hands.

GLENN: And they know it.

CHRIS: I believe so.

It's hard to know for certain.

Because, for instance, with the Tiananmen mask, the Communist Party has spent decades erasing that from people's memory. So many people today in China just never have even heard of it. I remember a few months ago, there was like this Chinese influencer. He promotes makeup.

And on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square mask. He had like an ice cream tank cake on his show. He had no idea what he was referencing. Because he's never heard of it. But you know he disappeared for a while.

GLENN: Jeez. Okay. So -- so tell me how significant it is, that they are waving the Chinese flag, and singing what now, I think in the early 2000s, they made this into their national anthem. But it's been around for a long time.

But they just codified it, as the national anthem. And they're singing the words, which talk about rise up, people who don't want to be slaves.

CHRIS: Yeah. So, again, I should clarify, that not everyone in these projects is calling for an end of CCP. It definitely has been years of pent-up frustration over China's zero COVID policy, which has reached just absurd levels of totalitarian control.

At a minimum, people have to be constantly tested just to function in the city. Just to function in their daily lives. Then you have cases of you know entire cities being put under lockdown. And people starving in lockdown, because they can't get food. Or what was a big factor in these recent protests was a fire that broke out, in Rushi (phonetic), the capital of Xinjiang where China is persecuting the weaker Muslims. People were basically trapped in their apartments, and fire trucks weren't able to get there. Because they were being blocked.

GLENN: Jeez.

CHRIS: So the thing about how the Chinese Communist Party represses people.

Because typically, they choose specific groups to target.

So, you know, the Tiananmen protesters, or Uighurs, or Falun Gong practitioners.

The thing with zero COVID though, is that this is essentially made the repression nationwide, including in the middle and upper classes of China society in Shanghai and Beijing. So these are people, who typically have only benefited from the Communist rule. Now they've become victims.

GLENN: Hmm. And how -- how -- how much is actually COVID, and how much is just sheer control of the population? In -- of the government's you know COVID restrictions. How much of it is actually because they think this is the right thing, and how much of it is just control?

CHRIS: Well, the thing about these one-party states is that they can never admit, what they're wrong.

You know for years, since the beginning of COVID, Chinese propaganda has -- has pushed the idea, that the rest of the world handled COVID so badly. You know people are dying in droves there.

But China, China has it figured out. They actually reported zero deaths for -- from April 2020, until a year later. And just transparently, that's not true.

But they've created this -- this narrative of you know the party has it under control. And this is what's necessary to protect China.

And now, that's falling apart. People see the economic damage. The damage to people's livelihood. There was a case last year, where a woman had a miscarriage, because she went to the hospital. But her -- her COVID app, had expired. So she -- she was basically left outside, while she had a miscarriage. And that went viral. That got a lot of people upset.

GLENN: Jeez. So we're talking to Chris chapel from China Uncensored. You can find it on YouTube.

This is the biggest protest since when?

Can you give us any kind of scope on how unusual this is?

CHRIS: So I actually spoke to somebody from an organization called freedom house recently.

And they're doing some interesting things, researching how often there are you know protests, or mass movements, in China expect and they are far more common, than I think a lot of people realize.


CHRIS: Just you know the party is kind of clamping down and censoring a lot of these stories. But these protests are definitely on a scale of beyond what we've seen in a long time. I should say, that a weekend of protests does not make a revolution. It will not topple the Chinese Communist Party.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. The -- the companies that are -- many of them American, like Apple, that have stopped the airdrop from working, which was a way to not be tracked. This is reprehensible. Just reprehensible. How many Americans -- I just read that Joe Biden will not make a statement about it. How many Americans --

CHRIS: That's always --

GLENN: Pardon me?

CHRIS: Silence is always best.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

CHRIS: You don't want to stand up for liberty.

GLENN: People. Yeah.

How many of these companies are actually assisting kind of like IBM did in World War II.

CHRIS: Well, China has a very powerful surveillance censorship apparatus. And that was largely built up, thanks to American --

GLENN: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

CHRIS: Like the firewall. Just the West has been horribly complicit, in so much.

And, yeah. There's just been such a weak response to the fact, the Chinese Communist Party. It's a regime that you ranked as a form of torture.

And the response has just been inadequate, to put it lightly.

GLENN: So what does the world do, if they start slaughtering people?


CHRIS: Well, as I said, they have never stopped slaughtering people.

You know a couple years ago, there was something called the China Tribunal, who was overseen by a guy named Jeffrey Nice, and they looked at the accusation, that China, the Chinese Communist Party is harvesting organs from prisoners of --

GLENN: Right.

CHRIS: Uighurs, Christians.

GLENN: Right.

CHRIS: And, yeah. They've always been killing people.

GLENN: But it seems like when the world is -- it seems like when the world is watching, for instance, the Hong Kong protests, they didn't do anything, until everybody was focused on COVID. And then all those people just disappeared.

So, I mean, we are watching now, but I guess our politicians are sending the wrong message, that we -- we're not going to do anything anyway.

CHRIS: It's not just politicians. It's Wall Street. All these social media. Kind of like Apple. What Apple was doing.

And so this is the sad thing. Like even after the Tiananmen mask, like weeks after it happened. George Bush senior celebrity a secret envoy to tell them. It wouldn't get into the way of US-China relationships. So the Communist Party knows there might be some talk. But you know the West is saddling up and doing anything.

I think what needs to happen. Is I think we need to clearly see and understand that the Chinese Communist Party is our happy. In their own internal speeches, they talk about spreading international communism. Being at war with America. Trying to destroy America.

But we get lost with all these narratives. But if you just understood they're our enemy, then you would handle things like TikTok, which is owned a Chinese company. You would just ban TikTok.

GLENN: Can you do that though, with -- with this president? How deeply in bed with China, he and others -- I mean, on the other side, you've got Mitch McConnell, just as deeply in bed. Well, maybe not as deeply.

But on the same boat. Hang on just a second, Chris. Because I want to ask you what it means for America. In 60 seconds.
Back in just a minute.

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GLENN: We're talking to Chris Chappell. He's the host of China Uncensored.

Chris, one last question. We're looking at a possible railroad strike. We're looking at diesel shortages. We already have shortages going on.

We depend way too much on China. What does this mean, if this continues just as it is?

What is the -- the destruction going to be like, of the global economy?

GLENN: Well, ultimately, the chinese Communist Party's goal is to destroy America as a superpower.

You know we saw how devastating during COVID. When China spent the initial weeks of the outbreak covering it up, to hoard medical supplies. Most of our medical equipment is made in China. We were screwed because we have pushed all of this vital manufacturing to China.

What ultimately happens is, you know China will invade Taiwan. They have -- they have said this repeatedly, that they will do a military invasion of Taiwan. That would completely destroy the semi conductor supply chains. Those are the micro chips that would basically run everything. We are so dependent on Taiwan. If that breaks down, we might go back to the Stone Age.

GLENN: Jeez.

Okay. Well, you didn't improve my mood much. But I am appreciative.

CHRIS: Yeah. That's why I try to use humor on this show.

GLENN: I know. I know. I really appreciate it. I watched your work on this. And I thought you were spot-on. So thank you so much for keeping your eye on it.

CHRIS: Appreciate it.

GLENN: Yeah. You bet. The name of the podcast is China Uncensored.


Was Glenn’s dream actually a VISION for our future?

In this clip, Glenn shares something he says he never thought he’d share on-air. He recalls an unusual, extremely vivid dream he had for the first time ten years ago. But what happened AFTER this dream — during a discussion with a prominent religious leader — hints that this ‘dream’ may actually have been a VISION for our future…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: There has been something known to just a handful of us for years.

Stu is one of them. And I never, ever thought I would talk about this on the air. But I feel compelled to tell you that seasons have changed again. And it is becoming more and more apparent. And you need to know what you're dealing with.

We keep thinking that this is a political thing. It is not a political thing. I never thought I would share this. And take -- take from it, what you will. I mean, you can dismiss it. I never have.

If you are a long-time listener of this program, you know, that one of the reasons why I left New York, besides the whole thing was going to turn itself down, was I had a medical condition, part of it was brought on by no REM sleep for about ten years. I actually found this to be very advantageous, because I could get so much done, because I just couldn't sheep.

And for ten years, I never had a dream. That's not good for your body. And so I was really kind of broken down, when I moved here. I feel much, much better. And having dreams again, et cetera, et cetera.

However, during this period, I had what could be described as a dream. I do not believe it was.

But you might just say, well, that's ridiculous. Whatever.

In this dream, I wake -- I come to, in this dream. And I am in a hallway of the White House. And I'm -- I'm walking into a big room, where there's a bunch of cubicles.

And people look up, like who is walking in?

And there are people behind me. I just don't know who they are yet. I just know I'm being pushed by them. The people are at the cubicles. And they look over at the cubicle. First at me, and then their eyes dart to the people behind me. And dart right back down. And I recalls, everyone who is in the White House, is terrified of whoever is behind me.

I kind of glance back, and I see these people that are in uniforms, that I've never seen before.

And I have seen them since.

But that will be for some other time.

But I had never seen these before. And we're being pushed through this place. And then we go into a room like the situation room. Okay?

Big conference room. Presidential.

And it's me and about three other people. And we're sitting down at that conference room table. We're told just to wait there. So we do. And we start talking about, oh, I don't think this is going to be good. That's when two other people walk in. And they were clearly identified in the dream, however, I'm not sure anymore, that that image was anything, other than helping me relate, to what I'm about to tell you.

So the one guy, when they opened the door. These guys in uniforms are in the hallway. And the one guy says, him, him, and him.

Take him out.

And they get up. And look at me. And I'm the only one sitting at the table still.

And they employ out. The guards close the doors. And I'm now alone with these two people, that are clearly in charge of something. They're not political. They're not in a political position. It didn't feel like. You know it wasn't the president or anything like that. And they are standing there, and then I hear three gunshots.

And they said, yeah. Yeah. That happened pretty quickly for them. However, you, we're going to get to know. And I -- I said, okay. And they said, because you really have no idea who you're dealing with. And that's when one of them, reached under, like a Mission Impossible mask, and ripped off his face. And he was Satan. He was a demon. Okay?

Horrifying. I wake up. This was so vivid, that I didn't tell anyone for months. And not even my wife. And it bothered me, deeply.

And I didn't know exactly what to do with that information. And about a year, year and a half went by, and it still was with me, almost every day. Something you just don't forget. And I get a call from a guy who is -- you would know his name. Big spiritual leader.

And he calls me, he says, can you come to my -- can you come to my house. I need to talk to you? And I said, okay. Sure. When? He said, as soon as possible.

This weekend okay?

Yeah. So I fly out. My wife and I stay overnight. We're going to see him the next morning. And that night, I have the exact same dream. And I wake up, and I'm just in a panic. And we get in the car. And I don't tell my wife. We get in the car. And she says, this is going to be nice. And I said, yeah. Except, I have a hard time breathing right now.

She said why?

And I said, because I had that dream again last night. Remember, ten years, no dreams. Two dreams, the same one. And the same one about a year and a half together.

And she said, you know you should talk to him about that. And I said, no. No. Uh-uh. If the Lord wants me to delve into it, he'll bring it up. No. I don't want to talk about it.

And so we go into the guy's house. We sit town. He's sitting on a couch.

And he sits down, he sits right on the edge of the couch. And he leans into me. And he says, you know sometimes the Lord talks to people.

I said, uh-huh.

And sometimes people like you, he'll speak in many different ways.


Including dreams or visions.

And I said, right.

And he said, and this is when he leaned in, and you know exactly what I'm talking about. And I said, uh-huh.

He said, do not dismiss that dream. Do not ever dismiss that.

And I said, okay.

He sat back and he said, that's it. That's all I wanted to say. That was it. I have made choices on this show, based on that. You might find that ridiculous. Maybe you don't. I will never dismiss that.

I'm sharing that with you today, what? Ten years later. Because you must not dismiss what you're dealing with.

We are not in a battle of politics. We're not.

Politics and our whole culture has become evil. I started this hour, talking about what this pedophilia stuff that is going around. And how this -- nobody -- nobody will even say anything, the designer of this uses the #Moloch.

That is the God of child sacrifice. This is what we're dealing with. Well, I wrote the book, the eye of Moloch.

I never thought the average person, who is involved in all of this stuff, even believed in any of that. But they are being put into situations, where some leaders, and I'm not talking politically, in this particular case, I'm talking about that designer.

I do believe they know what they're doing. And we are worshiping Moloch.

We are worship these Baal. And they're demanding our children as a sacrifice.

You have to get to a point, to where you are going to choose a side. There is -- there will be no one left on the benches. And if you think you can sit it out, you will end up on the wrong side.

I -- I urge you to know who you serve. This is a different time in human experience.

This is not normal. None of this is normal. And it has been coming slowly in dribs and drabs. But those who are -- really paying attention, it's methodical. And it's taken an extremely disturbing turn. We are -- we're no longer talking about issues of you know tax policies. And how big the government should be. We're not talking about those things anymore.

We are talking about the erasing of the fundamental right for you to choose between good and evil. You're being coerced right now, to accept one side.

That is taking away your freedom of choice. That is God-given. Satan's plan was the other one. I'll go down. I'll return them all. Just give me the glory. I'll make the decisions for them. You have to start reading the news, with spiritual eyes. I also urge you to start getting yourself back into the fold. Whatever fold it is, of God. Get back to a place, to where your eyes and ears are attuned to the spirit, because you will not make it through this storm without it. As I used to say, there will come a time, where you have to be so in tune, if the spirit says, stop. Turn around. Go the other direction. You don't question it. You do it.

And unless you start listening to it now and developing that muscle, you will not stop in time.

Please, we are in different times.


Balanciaga's DARKNESS goes WAY FURTHER than teddy bears

Balanciaga is under heavy fire this week after releasing photographs featuring child models posting with teddy bears dressed in disgustingly inappropriate outfits. But the fashion company’s dark undertones goes WAY FURTHER than this. In this clip, Glenn exposes just how EVIL this brand’s creative direction seems to be. But this isn’t just Balanciaga. In fact, this scandal mirrors a turning tide within society as a whole, which is why we MUST call it out.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Most people don't know anything about Balenciaga. Is that how you say it? Say it, Sara. I don't know.

SARA: Balenciaga.

GLENN: Balenciaga. Okay. 2,000-dollar sweaters. It's really expensive couture kind of clothing. Blah, blah, blah. It's a Spanish fashion house. And it's had real sway apparently for a very long time. They -- well, let me welcome back Stu from vacation. Stu, what do you know about this story?

STU: Glenn, think of me. This is in the theoretical sense.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: Think of me as a person, who went on Thanksgiving break.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: And tried to stay away from grooming stories while I was on that break.

GLENN: Okay. That's hard to understand. But okay.

STU: And also, in addition to this, have never heard of Balenciaga. See, I even -- I can pronounce it, but I don't know what it is. Have never even heard of it, until this weekend.

GLENN: So what do you know about it?

STU: The only thing that I would say about is, didn't they take some pictures of like kids with teddy bears and the bears were like bondage bears or something? I don't know. I saw one of the pictures, that's all I've heard.

GLENN: All right. So there's a lot more to this story as it goes on.

STU: Oh, no.

GLENN: The bondage bears, and the picture with the panic-faced children surrounded by empty wine glasses, is what we all kind of saw. And we're like, huh. That's not good.

The picture features a dazed looking boy in a cluttered room. Among all the clutter, there is some disturbing things that have been found. For one, the boy is wearing red shoes. That has symbolized royalty and unstoppable power like the red heels of King Louis the 14th. Now, this is a weird connection to Tony Podesta. In the pedophilia paintings owned by Tony Podesta, children are wearing red shoes. Now, the boy -- to the boy's left is a drawing of a rainbow. To his right, is a drawing of earth, with a crow looking down over it. And on the ground, there is a roll of ticker tape with Balenciaga. Spelled not the normal way. But spelled capital B-A-L -- sorry. B-A-A-L-enciaga. You know, the meaning of that, Stu?

STU: Oh, wow. Yeah. That's the god of --

GLENN: Child sacrifice. Child sacrifice. Pedophilia. Unstoppable sex.

STU: Evil.

GLENN: Moloch. It is the ancient God in the Bible. Moloch. Or Baal, B-A-A-L. It is a Canaanite god of child sacrifice. Okay?

You'll find in Jeremiah, Jeremiah 19, Baal is identified as Moloch. And the true drawing shows a horned animal that resembles Baal.

So that's also in the picture. Now, this is no accident. For a couple of reasons: The company had to have had this ticker tape designed and printed and put on the floor.

Also, in March at a Paris show for this company, Kim Kardashian wore a full body dress made only of ticker tape with the word Balenciaga on it, but it was spelled correctly. Now, if one of those things would have appeared on their own, it would have been one thing. But putting these things together, and then seeing the things behind it, it becomes very cheer.

Now, so you know, the company has blamed this on the photographer. And we'll get into it in a second. Then they went out and said, well, it's the advertisement. We didn't even see any of these pictures before they went out. Does anyone believe that?

All right. Here's the photographer. He's described as a documentary photographer, whose projects often make expensive portraits of everyday eccentricity. How do you say that?

STU: I heard it in my head. Now that you started talking.

GLENN: I know. I know.

SARA: Eccentricities.

GLENN: Eccentricities. Thank you, Sara. You should be over here, because I'm already in the Hall of Fame, so I don't even try anymore.

STU: Yeah. You don't even care.

GLENN: A press release from the company said, the gift shop campaign iterates on the artist series toy stories, which features a series of photographs from around the world, of children surrounded by their favorite toys.

Hmm. Okay. In a statement, the photographer said, as a photographer, I was only and solely requested to light the given scene, take the shots, according to my signature style. As usual for commercial shooting, the direction of the campaign and the choice of the objects displayed are not in the hands of the photographer.

Now, who is the person responsible for that? Well, that's their creative director, known as Demna. She's from the country Georgia. She's also worked for Louis Vuitton. She is the person that in the 2021 met gala, she --

STU: It's a she or a he?

GLENN: I don't know. I'm not going to identify.

STU: Right. We don't know. It's a fluid situation here.

GLENN: I think it's he. I think it is he.

STU: Okay.

GLENN: But he designed the gimp outfit that Kim Kardashian wore. Where she was covered all in black rubber. Or whatever the hell it is.

STU: Dramatic.

GLENN: Very dramatic. Now, they also collaborate with Adidas. Remember, this is the company, one of the companies that just fired Kanye. But they're tied deeply into the Kardashians.

Now, if you go back to their old photo shoots, there is a pattern here. They just did one, they released a collaboration with Adidas, which they called the spring '23 campaign.

The pieces are the pieces that were on the Spring '23 presentation on their runway, and the collection was shot by a completely different photographer. And that is important because the imagery isn't a coincidence or a decision made by the first photographer. The theme was business office environment. And the setting was a swanky high rise in Manhattan.

In the photo for a $3100 hourglass handbag, there's a printed copy of the 2008 United States vs Williams decision on child pornography laws, and whether promotion of child pornography curtailed First Amendment freedom of speech rights.

So there's the handbag, and there's the Supreme Court ruling. Okay? But I'm sure it's just a coincidence and the photographer's fault. Yeah.

Newsweek says, the extract is part of an analysis with respect to the United States vs Williams presented by the late Justice Antonin Scalia from May 2008, which details the grounds for material to be defined as child pornography.

Okay. In another photo, a man in a terrible outfit stands in this swanky office, with a postcard view of cities behind him. Behind him also is a diploma with the name of John Philip Fisher. This connection isn't as solid, but speculation is, who is John Philip Fisher?

Apparently, he is a pedophile out of Michigan. Okay. In a -- in a -- another advertisement photo, hourglass small croc-embossed top handle bag, a woman props her feet on to a cluttered desk. So much clutter it's hard to tell what's on the paper. But in the background you see a stack of books. One of them is titled Fire from the Sun. It's about an artist, whose work has been linked to pedophilia, cannibalism, and blood rituals. A description posted on Amazon says that his art work features children who are presented alone or in groups, against a studio-like backdrop that negates time and space, while underlining the theatrical atmosphere and artifice that exists throughout his recent work.

Okay. So he is trying to re-create I guess the cherubs of the renaissance. They are just -- they're allegories. They're not really children. And they contrast their innocence with the evils of the world.

Okay. Now, there's another person involved. This one is really interesting. This is the chief designer for the company. Her name is Lata Volcava (phonetic).

Apparently, and I've seen some of it. Now, it's all been made private.

But you know through the wayback machine. The internet is forever, gang. On her Instagram page, she has -- I mean, when I say tons, I mean, a disturbing amount of satanic imagery and violence.

One image shows a woman lying on a pentagram as a satanic figure looms over her. Another shows a woman dead on her side, in a field with her stomach ripped open, and entrails sprawling out on the grass beneath her. Third photo is a vintage-style men's bedroom, but covered in blood and bullets and broken glass. And the fourth image was a child holding up a skull, with a frame and the star sign symbols, from the astro logical chart. So she seems wonderful. Now, she is the chief designer for this company. Also, on her Instagram account, there's an image of her wearing a T-shirt from her favorite band, Cannibal Corpse. And she's inside of a church.

Now, remember the woman laying with her entrails out, in a completely different -- in a completely different picture?

Cannibal corpse, one of their songs, their lyrics, entrails ripped from a virgin's C-word.

Virgin tied to my mattress, legs spread wide, ruptured bowel yanked from her inside, de-virginized with my knife, internal bleeding -- I can't tell you even more of it. It is awful. Awful.

STU: Good God Almighty.

GLENN: Also, an image of a little girl bound and gagged. This is the woman who is, like, the leader of all of the design for this particular -- particular brand.

She also works with Adidas. Which launched a sneaker line designed by her.

Let's see. I mean, it just goes on and on and on. Now, Kim Kardashian said, she's reevaluating her relationship. Now, I think that's all you need to know. Really? How much thought do you need to put into this?

Well, she reached out to the company, and said, oh, darn. That -- oh, that photographer. Oh, we're going to change things here. Really?

Are you? Yes, we are. Okay. Okay.

Somebody else that is involved, would be the -- would be the daughter let's see, the stepdaughter, I think, of Kamala Harris. She's androgynous. Has just the -- well, a lot wouldn't say, the look of a model. But the guy who was really there for Kamala when she was running for president. Gave the max to her campaign. Happens to run this modeling agency. And after Kamala won as vice president, her daughter reaches out and says, hey, I would like to be a model. And guess where they place her?

With this company. This is everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.


Watch: THIS Canadian ad shows we’re in a battle AGAINST EVIL

The topic of Medical Aid in Dying is a touchy one, and Glenn admits he’s personally not fully decided on the issue. But a recent video — an ad released by Canadian retail brand La Maison Simons — shows how societies around the world are using this issue to turn further towards evil. In this clip, Glenn plays the ad, and he explains why it shows our world is heading down a dark path. This isn’t JUST about MAID, Glenn explains. “It’s all about control and power and inflicting the same ideology onto every person. And if you disagree, you’re a ‘useless eater.’”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I saw something from Canada, that I want to play for you. It is an ad, that I -- it's an ad for a retail brand in Canada. That we don't have here.


VOICE: Dying in a hospital is not what's natural. That's not what's soft in these kinds of moments. You need softness.

VOICE: It can take time to figure out what living is actually like.

VOICE: I spent my life filling my heart with beauty, with nature, with connection.
I choose to fill my final moments with the same. Last breaths are sacred.
And I imagine my final days, I see music. I see the ocean. I see cheesecake.

GLENN: So this is an ad called All is Beauty.

VOICE: To help end my life --

GLENN: It is a campaign in support of medically assisted suicide.

VOICE: You just have to be brave enough to see it.

VOICE: I'm seeing the rhythms of what's going to keep going, after I'm gone.

GLENN: Now, I want to -- I want to be very, very careful here. And stick to the facts. Canada is going through a massive transformation. And Canada is leading the way, at least in this hemisphere, on physician-assisted suicide.

I understand, as I've watched people die in pain in my life.

I understand. And I cannot solve the problem of assisted suicide, that we so readily do with our animals. Our dogs. And not with people, other than dogs are not people. But it's the same kind of heartbreak.

You want them out of pain. So I want to make sure that I am very, very clear.

I think the state -- I -- I am undecided on this. My gut is, the state doesn't have a role in assisting anyone, ever. But I'm not sure the state has a right to say, I can't die.

But I -- I don't know. I don't know.

However, this always starts with pain. And usually elderly.

Now, Canada has -- as I told you two weeks ago. Canada has now started execution of people that are mentally unstable or in so much pain, that they can't afford to live anymore. I told you the story of a man who was about to lose his house. He's dying. He said, I don't want to die. But I know I'll die on the street. And it will be awful.

So what choice do I have? And the reporter was making this into a really good thing.

Well, if it is, maybe we have a solution to our homeless problem.

Now -- now, they have proposed something else.

I want you to recognize, and start looking for these things. Because they are happening.

We are dealing with evil. We are not dealing with mere policies. We can argue, tax codes, all day long. And still be friends.

But when we get to executing people, and executing people because they're in pain. And I can't relate to their lifestyle. I don't think they have a good life.

Even though, they say, I'm going to do this, because I can't live on the street. And I'll die a painful death without my heads.

In Canada, we're talking evil. I want you to start watching for the things that are coming out of the media, all over the world, and things like The Great Reset.

The great reset is absolutely Malthusian. So is climate change. Climate control.

The mainstream media several times, and in some of these forums, people have promoted suicide as a solution to climate change.

Now, I'm not saying that this is why we don't pay attention. But it is awfully convenient, that our kids have become more and more suicidal, that our population has become more suicidal, and no one in the medical industry seems to care!

No one is ringing the bell. Well, there's -- as I told you before, there is now a way to take your life back. From early adopting Switzerland, to latest to the table, Australia. More and more countries are legalizing the practice of euthanasia. It's now available to over 280 million people in 11 countries around the world.

It was offered to my mother, who recently and gratefully used Canada's legislation to orchestrate her own wise demise. If we don't claim the design of our own death, it is likely someone else will.

So the government started arguing this. That people who were nearing the end of their life. And had a fatal disease.

The next was someone with mental illness. Now, wait a minute. Mental illness?

If 2021 bill C7 amended the Canadian criminal code, to repeal the provision that a person's natural death be reasonably foreseeable, in order for them to be eligible for MAID. MAID is their assisted in death.

Medical Assistance in Death, is I think what MAID stands for.

So now, if you're mentally ill, you can request death. Kill yourself, because you're depressed. So wait a minute.

So the medical industry that has been pumping out antidepressants and given us all kinds of things, now, what are they just throwing their hands up? You know what, you're depressed. None of that stuff really works. You should kill yourself.

Okay. Okay. Well, the Belgium government just killed an otherwise physically healthy 23-year-old. 23-year-old woman who had survived a terror attack when she was a teenager. Because she suffered every day since, and she was not living a good life.

Now they're crossing the holy grail in Canada. The Canadian Pediatric Society, CPS, has just written medical assistance in dying. A pediatric perspective. Ensuring that newborns, children, and youth receive the highest possible standard of care, as they are dying. And dying is a privilege. And a responsibility for physicians and allied professionals, bringing about a thoughtful, respectful, and personal approach to everyday end of life situations, is an essential and evolving duty of care, and process should meet each patient and family's unique social, culture, and spiritual needs.

Oh. So it's okay to kill children in Canada. As long as we meet their cultural and social and spiritual needs.

The Canadian Pediatric Society refers to the children, it aims to mercy kill as mature minors.

Mature minors.

In other words, you have to have enough sense of self, and request that someone kills you.

That makes you eligible. However, what about those who are born without the ability to understand things?

Are they really living their highest life?

If you look at what is being pushed all over our society, you will see names like -- like Jane Goodall. Who said, are all of our problems on earth -- all of our problems on earth, with climate change, would be solved if the population of earth was reduced by 90 percent.

Hmm. By the way, she's an agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum.

So to kill 90 percent of the population, that would day before, boy, that would be hard. And it would make the Nazis and the Soviets and the Chinese, combined, look like rookies.

Now, I'm not suggesting that they're going to be building camps, like China does. That would be a bridge too far, wouldn't it?

But why the push now to kill our children? Our homeless? Our handicapped? Those people who suffer from depression?

The reason is, we are battling evil. And it is the same evil, the same evil that reared its head back in the 1930s.

Same evil.

It's all about control and power.

It's all about inflicting a certain ideology on to every man, woman, and child, and if you disagree, you're a useless eater.

Which, by the way, is the same exact agenda that people in the Fabian socialist society in England, had around the turn of the century.

What happens is: It rear its ugly head. It's discredited. It rears its ugly head, it's discredited.

Well, it is rearing its ugly head. May I suggest we discredit it, now?

And not wait for the final solutions