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hiSTORY | S2:E3 – Frank Capra

Glenn tells the story of Frank Capra, who directed some of America’s most famous films, including It’s a Wonderful Life and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. An immigrant haunted by his own wild success, Capra enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II at the height of his career. He emerged from that dark experience to make the most unlikely hit film of his life.


Biden is TWISTING job statistics to HIDE our recession

President Biden loves to tell Americans about the ‘amazing’ job growth our economy has seen under his administration — like how in June, apparently, nearly 400 thousand new jobs were created. But that’s a blatant manipulation of the truth. In this clip, Glenn explains exactly how the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks employment and how the Biden Administration is ignoring a REALLY important statistic so they can continue to deny our current recession. In fact, many of the ‘created’ jobs actually reflect Americans working more than one job just to make ends meet..,the Biden Administration just hopes you’re too lazy and stupid to discover the truth.


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GLENN: We've been tracking now, something over the past couple of months. That strikes really at the heart of the ongoing fraud that the Biden/Harris administration is perpetrating to hide the facts of what is really happening with our economy. Especially ahead of the midterms. One of the most often underappreciated powers that any administration has, is that they control the government's bureaucracy. And, yes, while that means they can choose to do things like stop following the Trump era, remain in Mexico policy, you know, when you have a hit job happening, at your -- your future campaign rival's house. It also -- they also have the things, that they can do, that you don't know, that will have a huge dramatic effect on you.

The power -- the power is in their hands, to control this bureaucracy, and it gives the executive branch, the ability to control all that you see, all that you read.

You'll notice, when the government won't talk about something. And won't answer, for instance, on the warrant. The news on it stops. Because there's no information to report. And it stops. For the last few months, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has posted the red hot jobs report. That's what you're hearing. Red hot. Showing June. With a better than expected 375 new jobs, added in June. And another 500,000 plus in July. Both massively have beaten the expectations, have been touted by the Biden administration, has proof positive, that we're not in a recession. Even though technically, as we have told you before, we have two quarters in a row of negative gross domestic product. But their thing is, you can't have this kind of job growth. But remember, the data is -- that is being touted comes from the bureaucrats that work for the administration.

In this case, the BLS. So how are they reporting massive job gains, and yet the economy is shrinking? That doesn't make any sense.

And if we have all of these great jobs that are being created, how come I see help wanted signs everywhere?

I can't get things like steel made. I can't get it. Because people aren't going to work. Why?

Well, people -- we've been looking into this. Turns out, there's two primary ways, that the BLS tracks things like unemployment.

New jobs offered to workers, or job cuts. Layoffs. Et cetera.

The first one is called the establishment survey, which is based on payroll data. Submitted electronically, by thousands of companies across the US, showing actual enrollment, for employees on payroll.

The other way, the BLS tracks employment, is called the household survey. Now, the household survey is based on a weekly phone and online survey process, that heads of households fill out in over 60,000 homes, in the US. You're supposed to compare these two to get the full picture.

So for our purposes, the establishment survey, tracks how many employees are actually on payroll, reported by companies. And the household survey is more ground level, reported by actual people that are going, or not going to work.

In the past few months, there's been something that nobody has explained. Nobody could explain. It's mysterious. They don't know how this is happening.

Because there's a divergence between these two reports. And they should be very, very clear. And should be going in the same direction. On the one hand, the establishment survey is the that's showing robust and strong payroll jobs growth.

Meaning in June and July, it showed nearly 400,000 jobs in June, 500,000 new payroll jobs in July. And with their -- he that controls the bureaucracy, controls the data privilege. The Biden administration, of course, is focused on that data point.

However, the household survey, where they actually speak to normal, regular people, has shown the total number of people actually employed, has gone down in both months.

According to the households in the U.S. more than 200,000 people have lost their jobs in June and July. So how could you say on one hand, there's 400,000 more people getting a paycheck, and in the household, 200,000 people have lost their jobs.

How does that work? Well, it turns out, the answer is in the number of workers, who are taking on more than one job. See, they can say that the economy is really, really good, if you just look at one of the numbers. But if you put the two numbers together, you realize, wait a minute. People are working two jobs now.

Let's say you have a household of four people. Two are employed. Two are not. So maybe a husband and a wife are both employed full-time. But the two teenage keys aren't currently employed. Pretty typical U.S. household. Next month, because somebody has to earn extra money to save for the kids' college funds. The wife takes on the establishment survey from the BLS, which shows that a new job say new payroll job. That's the number, the Biden administration has been citing about March. Company payrolls, have more employees on them. So they report. That's a new job.

However, the household survey still shows, there's only two people in the House employed.

The number of Americans who are now working more than one job, just hit a post-pandemic high. With more than 7.6 million Americans, currently working two or more jobs. That are at least 15 hours a week. Also, according to the household survey, the number of Americans who are working two full-time jobs, at least 30 hours per job, per week, has spiked to an all-time high. With 4.4 million Americans, currently having to work two full-time jobs.

When Biden took office, the number of Americans working two full-time jobs was 2.3 million people. But fast forward through July of this year, and that number has doubled. Even as recently, as February '22, the number of Americans working two full-time jobs was under 3 million people. But just since March, it has been gone from just under 3 million people, to 4.4 million.

So nearly all of the new payroll jobs, gained since March 22, which the Biden administration has claimed is 1.8 million. Were just 1.4 million Americans taking on a full-time second job, just to make ends meet.

Now, is that a robust economy? Is -- are those jobs that are just good, hard-working, good-paying, excellent, pull you out of poverty jobs?

Well, if there's 1.4 million people, that are taking them. Because it will just help them make ends meet. It doesn't sound like that it's all that good.

Beyond that, where are the missing Americans? Where are the people that had these jobs? Where are the people that are looking for these jobs? Because they're nowhere to be found. I'll tell you where they are. They're no longer counted. Because remember, if you control the bureaucracy, you can count what you want, in any way that you want. They don't count people who say, I'm not looking for a job.

Here's the key to the lesson here: By thinking that they aren't lying to you, but in reality, they're committing fraud. Because they think you won't dig. They think you're too lazy to do the homework, and you won't see that at the household level. Total members of the household who are employed. Have been flat here today. Even though they the claim nearly 2 million new payroll jobs are on the books. But when they are think fulfilled by the same people, just working a second job, just to make ends meet, that is not a sign of health in the economy.

And by only citing half of the data they collect each month. And pretending that the household survey, doesn't even exist. The Biden/Harris administration is hiding the truth. And hoping that you are too stupid, or too lazy to figure it out.

Let me tell you now. The time is coming. Boy, this is true. The time is coming, where you won't have people like me, able to tell you these things. The most important thing, you can do, the first thing you must do is know your rights.

Have you asked anyone this week, have you even thought -- when I heard that there was a warrant issued, for Mar-a-Lago. And then I found out that they didn't show the warrant. She had to stay 10 feet away from the warrant. His attorney. And I thought, is that even legal? I thought that they had to hand it to you. They don't give you all the attachments. But they have to show you. And you have to read the judge's signature, and say, okay. All right. That's a legal document. We'll let you in. They didn't do that. Is that legal? Is that close enough? Or not?

Do you know? Do you know if they come with a warrant, they just tell you they have one. And you say, I want to see it. And they say, well, we don't have it here. And if you make us come back, it's only going to get worse for you.

Do you know how to handle that? Do you know what to do? Because all of these things are going to start happening to you.

All of these things with the IRS, with the ATF. Does the IRS, and ATF, can they come to your house and just say, we want to look into things. We need to see your guns? Do you know how to handle that?

You know, we haven't read the Constitution for a long time. Because we think we didn't need it. We thought we knew, I've got rights. That's not going to be good enough soon. Those rights are almost gone. And you better know them. You better know them.

Otherwise, you can make things worse for yourself. You have to know how to act. And then beyond, after that, you better know how to read the fuse. How to decipher things. And find the truth, yourself.

Because believe me, your kids are not being taught that in school


Trump raid details hint it’s ‘NOT LOOKING GOOD’ for the FBI

New, alleged details about the raid of Donald Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago hint it's 'not looking good for the FBI,' Glenn says. For example, did agents truly refuse to give Trump's lawyer a copy of the warrant upon arriving at the home? Did they have the proper authority to break into the former president's safe? And where exactly does US Attorney General Merrick Garland stand on it all? While SEVERAL questions remain, one thing is certain: There doesn't seem to be another person in American history who has gone through THIS many investigations — that result in no charges — than Donald Trump...


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Donald Trump, I don't think, has ever -- I don't think there's anyone in American history. And I'm seriously asking if you think you know of somebody. Let me know. I don't think there's ever been a politician or anybody in the public view, that has not had any charges brought against -- or sorry. Has not been found guilty, or had any kind of real, solid evidence against him. That has gone through what he has gone through. We know about the impeachments. We know that they have been accusing him of Russia stuff. We -- you know, a perfect -- that wasn't a perfect phone call. I'll show you a perfect phone call. All of the stuff that you know about.

Well, let me just give you the -- the lawsuits, that he's currently dealing with. He's dealing with the one in New York. He has Gene Carol, the defamation, and federal tort claims.

Carol is suing Trump for defamation after he publicly accused her of fabricating rape allegations against him. Summer Zervos, a former contestant for The Apprentice has filed a civil suit against the former president for defamation after he claimed her allegations of his inappropriate sexual contact were -- were lies designed to help the Clinton campaign.

Okay. The Mary Trump fraud litigation. Mary Trump is suing Donald Trump for defrauding her out of millions of dollars in an inheritance dispute. Really? That comes up right after -- I mean, how long has that been going on, Mary?

Panama hotel fraud and tax litigation. He has the John Doe versus the Trump Corporation Class Action. A group of anonymous plaintiffs who have filed a class-action suit against the Trump family and their businesses, alleged that the Trumps used their brand to scam investors into paying for worthless business opportunities.

You have the DC civil suit over misuse of 2017 inauguration funds.

You have the Representative Karen Basses, et al, incitement suit for January 6th.

This is ten members of the House, represented by the NAACP that are suing Trump, Rudy Giuliani, two right-wing militia groups, for conspiring to forcibly prevent Congress from counting the electoral votes in January 2026. Eric Swalwell. You know, Fang Fang's things. The incitement suit. He's suing him, along with Mo Brooks. And Rudy Giuliani. Donald Trump.

They're all being sued for the same thing. He's incited this. The Capitol police. Two Capitol police officers, both on duty January 6 on insurrection, sued Donald Trump for his injuries that they sustained. Then you have ten Capitol Police suits from January 6. Second group of Capitol police officers filing suit against Donald Trump. The proud boys. The Oath Keepers. Then you have a third Capitol Police suit over the January 6th. Third suit. One Capitol police officer alleging physical and emotional injuries he suffered. Then you have, of course, the metropolitan police suit.

So he's got all these individual cops. And then the union, decided, you know what, we're going to sue him too.

Then you have the NAACP's fund over the voting rights, for post election actions.

Then you have the New York attorney general, civil and criminal investigations. There's tons of that. Then you have the Scotland, unexplained wealth orders lawsuit.

Then you have the Trump Tower, assault suit. Then Michael Cohen is suing him, for retaliatory imprisonment. Then you have criminal investigation into Trump's finances. Let's see here. There's a whole bunch of updates on that. Then you have the DCAG incitement criminal investigation. You have the Fulton County, Georgia, criminal election influence investigation.

You have the Westchester New York criminal investigation of the Trump organization golf course. You have the National Archives investigation, that he mishandled classified material.

I don't think I have all of them. Okay? I don't think I have all of them. I don't know of anyone, who has ever had this kind of a coordinated attack against them.

If you don't think a lot of these are funded by, you know, the left and Soros and those kinds of people, you're fooling yourself. You're fooling yourself. They are doing everything they can, just to get this guy, to give up. Follow up ever

This is what it means to stand against the machine. I have to tell you. I don't know what Donald Trump would do with a second term. I don't know. But I know they don't want him to have one.

I know for sure, he knows who they are. And I can't imagine anyone more motivated to bust this machine up, than him.

What is it about him, that they despise. And don't tell, that, oh, he's just -- he's rude. That's what -- he's rude. Really? Is that it? So wait a minute. Let me see. You guys are hanging out with hookers and criminals. And the Chinese Communist Party. And you don't like him, because he's rude.

Don't think so. The rule of law is an absolute joke in America. And I want to -- I want to show you. Have you seen anyone who has come under this kind of persecution, even after he leaves office? And trust me, if he would have won a second -- a second term, which I think he did. But I don't know.

If he -- if he won a second term, they would be doing all these lawsuits, at the end of that. This is not some moral outrage. This is just to stop him. By the way, I talked to some sources in New York, last night. And it came out early this morning, or late last night, that his attorney general, was kept 10 feet away from the warrant. They flashed can the warrant, and said, here's -- here's the warrant. Let me see it. No. After. They held the warrant away. 10 feet away. She was not allowed to grab the warrant, and read the warrant. That is against the law. That's against the law.

Then after they left, they handed her the warrant. Now, she didn't get the attachments, and I think that is legal. You don't necessarily get the affidavits attached to it, right away. But you do eventually see that. They now have that.

But she wasn't allowed to see it, nor was she his attorney, allowed to go into Mar-a-Lago.

When they went in, they went into his bedroom. Spent an enormous amount of time, in Melania's closet. They broke into his safe, in his office. That warrant better damn well say, that they can break into that safe. Because the law is, you can't go into somebody's house and search. And just tear it all apart. You have to have a pretty good idea, of where things might be located. You ask for permission, for those can areas. And you have to know exactly what you're looking for. And if it's in a safe, you need to specifically say, it's in a safe, and we're having a safe cracker come in. If they didn't say in the warrant that they could crack his safe, it's the fruit of the poisoned tree. By the way, there's nothing in the safe.

What they broke into, was a safe room, that he had shown the national archives and investigators. As they were talking about, you know, the -- the archives, that they said, should number the national archives. He said, it should be at home. We're working it out between our attorneys. They said, fine. You just have to have this in a locked room. So he made a safe room, and put two locks on it, at their request.

That's what they broke into. This doesn't sound good for the FBI. And I think that is why Merrick Garland now is suddenly like, I didn't know about it. I had no idea, this was Christopher Ray.

You didn't know about it? You should be fired by the president, if your staff, underneath you, just says, you know what, I'm going to go into the house of a foreign -- a former president, and do a search.

Before we issue a subpoena. That's insanity.


9 questions for the DOJ about the FBI, Trump raid

GLENN: I've got a few questions, just a few questions about the raid:

It's been reported FBI claimed 15 boxes of documents were missing in January. So they have the missing documents. They knew that he had them in February. Why did they wait so long? What new evidence prompted the raid? What was the intent behind the search? What are they explicitly looking for?


EXPLAINED: Biden’s ‘zero inflation’ claim is an ABSOLUTE LIE

Our far-left leadership truly believes the average American voter is an IDIOT. Why else would they repeat absolute LIES, seemingly without fear of getting caught? President Biden’s latest one was about inflation, claiming on Wednesday that inflation numbers in July hit zero percent. But Stu tells Glenn that Joe's claim actually is not an outright lie — it's more like an insane, 'disingenuous' manipulation of the facts. The guys explain it all in this clip…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: We have so much on our plate to talk about. The one thing we haven't talked about yet, are the inflation numbers. And it's remarkable, Joe Biden has just come out and said, we have zero inflation this month.

STU: Wow. We did it! We solved it.

GLENN: We did. We did. So we can start printings more money. We have zero inflation.

BIDEN: News that came out today, relative the economy. Actually, I just want to say a number.

Zero. Today we received news that our economy had 0 percent inflation in the month of July.

GLENN: That's weird.

STU: Yeah. Because that's not how --

BIDEN: What that means, the price of some things went up last month. The price of some other things went down the same amount. The result, 0 percent inflation last mop.

STU: Now, that's incredible there. And it's interesting, because every single publication is reporting the number as 8.5 percent.

GLENN: Right. But that's very close to zero.

STU: Very close to zero. Now, I want to be clear, to show you how disingenuous this person is. This is how he's come to this conclusion, okay?

Because people are just saying, oh, he's lying. And he's not quite lying. This is what he's doing. Now, every single time we talk about inflation, we talk about it as an annual number.

GLENN: Right.

STU: That is how we talk about it. Year to year. Everybody talks about it the same way. 8.5 percent, is the headline annual number. That's the number that everyone has been talking about, which everyone focuses on. So what he's done, is take that number, and ignore it completely. Then, he's converted what he's looking at, from the headline number, to the core number. Now, there's two different measures of it inflation. Basically, the core number takes out food and takes out energy. To summarize it. So that number was 5.9 percent, I believe it was this -- this --

GLENN: Which is zero.

STU: Which is --

GLENN: I don't know if it's closer to 8.5. One of the two. They're both closer to zero. We have a scale from one to a billion. Fine. Might as well call it zero.

STU: Right. Sure. So he's ignored the main number. He's presented only the core number. Which has been lower the entire time. And then he's instead of taking the annual measure. He's done only the month to month measure.

Now, no one -- the month to month number, is not the number anyone talks about. And to be clear, it was only supposed to be 0.2 percent. So what he's saying is -- now, that's almost zero anyway. That's what everyone was expecting it to be. 0.2 percent. Instead, it was 0.0 percent, and he is out there bragging saying, oh, well, this just shows, there's no inflation month to month.

So he's ignored the main measure. And he's basically taking the secondary core measure, and divided it by 12, even though that's not exactly how they come up with the number. And he's saying that there's been no inflation. Now, this is entirely disingenuous. And what I've said before, on this program, on Stu Does America as well. We are very close to one of the most annoying things you're ever going to experience. Which is, this main number that everyone is talking about. 9.1 percent. Is going to start getting lower. And when that happens, the administration is going to brag about it. However --

GLENN: This is important.

STU: This is important. What most people will say, when I -- when you say to them, hey. Inflation last month was 9.1 percent. And this time, it's 8.5 percent. Most people will say, first of all, it's going down. That will be their initial reaction. It's going down. And because most people will say that, the administration will brag about it going down.

GLENN: It's month to month.

STU: Yeah. That's the annual measure, but it's two separate months.

Most people will say, okay. If something is $100 a year ago, it was $109 last month, and now, it's, what? 108.50, right? It's coming down a little bit?

It's important to know, that's not how this number works. The number works based on a year-to-year measure. So they're comparing July to the previous July. The reason why I'm saying these numbers are going to come down. And everybody is going to say. Well, we're past peak inflation. The reason why that's going to happen. Is because the new numbers. Follow me on this. The new numbers are building on old numbers that were already inflated.

GLENN: So you're not going -- you're not measuring it from 100.

STU: One hundred.

GLENN: You're measuring it from 108. So what is the increase of 108?

STU: Right. So let me give you this. This is a real world example. This is actually what happened, okay? If you bought something in July 2020, at $100.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: In July 2021, inflation was at 5.4 percent. So that was costing $105.43.

GLENN: Okay.

STU: This new number --

GLENN: Well, it's down. It's down. So I should pay 103.

STU: 103 or 104, right? No. It's up 8.5 percent from 105.40. So the new number, the thing that used to cost $100 two years ago, now costs $114.36. So your prices are up 14 percent. That's the inflation number from what our normal prices. 14.36 percent. And the administration is going to spend all day bragging about that. And it is -- and you're going to go into the store. And you'll say, wait a minute. These prices aren't any lower. They're all higher.

In fact, they're 14 percent higher on average, and you will be right. And they will be bragging about it.

That's the rest of your day, everybody. Boys and girls get together and realize, these idiots are going to come out here, and say this all day, because they think you are so stupid, you just might believe it. And they know they're lying. And they're going to do it anyway. That's the rest of your day.

GLENN: Average people. Average people don't know that. And they know it. They know it. They know it. The average person has no idea, that what costs $100 last year, was 108. And today, because of the inflation. You go up from the 108. It's not -- it's not going back towards 100. It's adding. When they say 2 percent inflation is our target. That means, prices always go up. Every year, by 2 percent. That means, your dollar is becoming -- that's why something costs a time. You know, in 1940. Oh. I want that beautiful Cadillac over there. All right. Dollar and a half.

STU: Now it's $185,000.

GLENN: That's all inflation. That's inflation. Because it continues to adds on top of each other.