These five flags prove the importance of celebrating Flag Day

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On this day 247 years ago, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution of 1777 making the "Stars and Stripes" the official flag of the United States of America.

Symbols are a vital part of the identity of a nation. They speak of the values and origins of the country, where they are going, and where they have been. They serve as a benchmark by which to measure the condition of the present society—are we closer to being the people our forefathers imagined all those years ago? They tell a story of the struggles and hardships of the men who first bore those symbols and what they stood to protect.

This Flag Day, we are taking the opportunity to reflect upon the rich history and symbolism of American Flags and the conflicts that shaped them. From the earliest colonial rebellions to modern military operations, here are five flags that symbolize America:

Pine Tree Flag

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Despite the media's claims, this flag is not a Christian Nationalist banner, nor a banner of any other extremist group. The origin of this flag well predates any of those modern groups as it was first created during the Revolutionary War.

The flag comprises two items: the pine tree and the text, "An Appeal to Heaven." The pine tree has long been a symbol of New England, even before Europeans landed in North America. The pine tree was an important symbol of peace to the Native tribes of New England after a great war between five tribes ended with the members settling their differences and burying each other's weapons under a pine tree. After the Europeans arrived, the pine tree remained significant. A large part of colonial New England's economy was based on shipbuilding using the tall pine trees local to the area.

The other portion of the flag, the text that reads "An Appeal to Heaven," is a quote from the English philosopher John Locke's famous book, The Second Treatise of Civil Government. In this particular passage the quote is referring to, Locke outlined the right of people to revolt against a tyrannical government. Locke argued that once you have exhausted your ability to appeal your grievances through the available government channels, you can make an appeal to heaven and throw off the shackles of tyranny through a revolution. As you can imagine, this particular passage was critical to the philosophical justification for the American Revolution.

Francis Hopkinson Flag

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Everyone knows the tale of Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress who was presented—by none other than George Washington himself—with a sketch of the flag that would come to represent the fledgling nation. After convincing Washington to reduce the points on the stars from six to five, Ross got to work sewing the first stars and stripes together. Before long, she was presenting George Washington with the first American flag with its iconic ring of stars.

Unfortunately, that story is more legend than fact. Betsy Ross did exist. She was a seamstress from Philadelphia, and she most likely did make some of the first American flags. But did she collaborate with George Washington to create the very first American flag? Not likely. Modern historians now tend to credit a man named Francis Hopkinson.

Francis Hopkinson, like many of our founding fathers, was a very interesting man. Along with serving as one of New Jersey's first congressmen, Hopkinson signed the Declaration of Independence and was a lawyer, poet, musician, and artist. It was his skill as an artist that led to him to design the flag. However, the journals of the Continental Congress suggest that he was not the only person consulted during the process. While it is unclear who these other people were (perhaps it was Besty Ross), it is known that Hopkinson would be credited with the creation of other important symbols and devices, including the Great Seal of the United States of America.

Fort Sumter Flag

In April of 1861, the nation split itself in two. The attack on Fort Sumpter in South Carolina marked the beginning of the Civil War, and for many people, it must have felt like the end of the republic. This flag, bearing 33 stars for the 33 states, flew above Fort Sumpter during the assault and was lowered when the fort was surrendered to Confederate forces. After the battle, President Lincoln had a decision that no president before or since has been faced with: would he keep the flag as it was or would he remove the stars that represented the states that had seceded?

Lincoln's mission was to preserve the union—to reform what had been broken—so he decided to keep the stars on the flag. This flag, with all 33 of its stars, came to represent what the Union troops were fighting for. They were defending the Union for which the flag had become the sacred symbol. As such, the flag was imbued with the religious and moral values that were violently clashing along the Mason-Dixon line. For many, the flag represented the abolition of slavery, and for many newly freed black Americans, the flag represented a brighter future and an opportunity to participate in the American Dream.

When the Stars and Stripes were once again flown over Fort Sumpter in February of 1865, just two months before the end of the Civil War, all 33 stars were present—plus two more to represent the new states that had joined the union during the war. While it would take decades for the wounds of the Civil War to heal, President Lincoln was successful in his mission to reunite America.

D-Day Flag

D-Day was the largest amphibious invasion in military history with over 156,000 Allied troops deployed to liberate Europe from the Nazi regime. America bore a significant portion of the burden, with sending 75,000 of the total 156,000 Allied troops. Moreover, most landing craft and support vehicles were manufactured in the United States. It was aboard one such landing craft, the L.S.T. 493, that the flag above was carried into the chaos. The L.S.T. 493 was one of the largest vessels to make an appearance in Normandy, and it was tasked with running supplies to the different beachheads along the coastline, which it did from June 6th, 1944 (D-Day) until the Battle of Normady's completion at the end of August 1944.

Despite being manufactured by the U.S. and carrying an American flag, L.S.T. 493 was operated by the British during the Battle of Normandy, which was not an unusual arrangement at the time. The vessel served until April 1945 when it was sent from Portland, UK, to Plymouth, UK, for routine maintenance. During this trek, the ship's navigation lights were turned off as per wartime procedures, and consequently, it was badly damaged by large concrete pyramids installed in the breakwater. These pyramids were called "dragonteeth" and were used as a defense against invasion. The ship was abandoned, and the crew was safely evacuated, but L.S.T. 493 was deemed too damaged to repair and was left behind.

The aforementioned 48-star American Flag was removed well before L.S.T. 493 wrecked and made its journey throughout the years before finding itself in Glenn's collection in the American Journey Experience museum. Glenn had the following to say regarding his acquisition of the flag:

“When I first saw this flag I was overwhelmed with the struggle and the power of the human spirit. While the human experience is itself exceptional, those who deny the will to endure and the willingness free mankind from those who wish to control and oppress miss what makes the average American truly exceptional throughout the world"

America's Flag of Valor

This last flag is a reminder that the fight for freedom is never over. There will always come a time when brave men will be called upon to lay down their lives in the pursuit and preservation of liberty, to fight on behalf of those who can't fight for themselves.

Imagine—it's March 2003, America is still recovering from the horror of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and a group of young men full of courage and determination board a plane in Germany bound for Kuwait City to engage in the initial attack of the Iraqi Freedom Campaign. These Marines, most of whom were fresh out of BootCamp and had never faced battle before, were asked to sign this flag by Flight Attendant Sarah Carruthers.

Susan Irvin, the custodian of this incredible artifact, is working on tracking down the fate of these brave soldiers. One can assume that many of the signees didn't make it back to the United States. The same spirit and determination that motivated our forefathers to fight for liberty were in these men as well, and that spirit still isn't lost amongst us today.

Here are just a few of the notes those brave men wrote a mere couple of days before they engaged in the Iraqi Freedom Campaign:

1. LCPC Christensen 3rd PLT C. Co 1/24
“I’m doing this so my Stars, Stripes and Eagle will fly Forever.”
2. LEPL Wright
“I’m proud to be an American whatever the cost - know I’m There”
3. LEPL (Deputy) Edelski
“For the Love and Safety of my Wife and Family.”
4. PFC Myers Weapons Co 1/24
“Semper Fi ‘Always Faithful’ “
5. LEPL Koshis GP II
“For the Pride and Honor of my Country and the Love of my Family. Semper Fi”
6. Sgt Hamper M.B USMC 1/24 Detroit Mi.
“Not every Man Can fight. We do what we must for our country, I am proud to have the opportunity for Freedom and the American Way of Life.”
7. LEPL B Leain, M.J. C/co 1/24
“So that our Families will live free from fear. God Bless”
8. Don H Stevens Jr. USMC SSP 1/24
“Because I stand on a wall and say nothing is going to hurt you tonight. Not on my watch.”
9. SGT Dano, Michael Scout Sniper PLT.
“When you care to send the very best. Send USMC”
10. SSGT Ian M. Perry Scout Sniper Det “C” Co. 1/24 USMC
“Americans Sleep Peaceably at Night knowing that Rough Men Stand By To Do Violence on their Behalf…”
11. Leut Lawson SSP 1/24
“For America.”
12. CPT Valler E. R “C” Co 1/24
“The more we do today the less our children will have to do tomorrow.”
13. LCPL Council SSP/ “C” Co 1/24 USMC
“For God, my Loved Ones & America!! We’ll Fight the Good Fight!!”
14. CPT Povedn R. H.
“For My Family and my Country, Mission Accomplished
15. LCPL D? Kellerman “C” Co 1/24
16. LCPL Powers J.M
17. LCPL Safko SSP 1/24
“I don’t know what will happen when I die but I am not gonna find out before my target!”
18. LCPL Christensen
“If they don’t like my Flag they can kiss my American Butt.”
19. LCPL Damon “C” Co. 1/24
“Doing my part every day that I can! Semper Fi”
20. LCPL Cowdry, Nick 1/24 “C” Co.
21. LCPL Tong
“Showing my blood for my country! Semper Fi”
22. CPL Kinnick WPNS “C” Co. 1/24
“Death before dishonor.”
23. SGT Jim Shabelski
“Semper Fi Fortune favors the Bold.”
24. Cpt. Don Valdivia “Mr. Clean” USMC Scout Sniper PH. 1/24
“I will defend my country and make the enemy DIE for his.”
25. LCPL Forshee JAV 1/24 WPNSRO
“Mess with the best, Die like the rest. ‘Goonie for life’ “
26. SSGT White Javelin PLT Commander
“Semper Fi! God, Country Corps!
27. Cpl. Deak C ”Co” 1/24
"I am proud to be a marine, But even more proud of that I am an American, that has a choice to be a Marine."
28. HM2 “Doc” MeElfresh
“Serving the Corps, my country & my family.
Giving My Best; For the Best. Semper Fi!
29. CPL Inman E.O.K
“You can run but you’ll only die tired----”
30. CPL Jason Spoelm
“Your friendly neighbor, terrorist killers. LET’S ROLL”
31. SGT Dover, Matthew 1st Scout Sniper PLT
“If it positively has to be Destroyed overnight U.S. Marines.
32. 1stSGT T.J. Pattok Semper FI
“What we do We do for You
33. Cpl Dawson
“What I do, I do for my Family”
34. CPL I Keagle
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” MLK Jr.
35.LCPL Piechawski, Nick
“PEACHES” I’ll be back for my beer”

Special thanks to Susan Irvin for sharing and preserving the story of these brave young men.

Fortunately, President Trump walked away from his attempted assassination with very minor injuries. The bullet that wounded Trump's ear could have just as easily ended his life, and his survival is nothing short of a miracle.

Sadly, that miracle didn't extend to everyone attending Trump's ill-fated Pennsylvania rally. Three other people were shot. David Dutch and James Copenhaver, both Pennslyavia residents, are thankfully in stable condition. Corey Comperatore, however, tragically died after being shot while protecting his wife and daughter from the hail of gunfire.

“Corey died a hero."

Camperatore, a 50-year-old loving father and husband from Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania leaves behind his daughter Allyson, his wife Helen, sister Dawn, and many other friends and family. Camperatore was a man of service, having spent 43 years as part of the Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company and had worked his way to becoming the fire chief when he stepped down to spend more time with his daughter.

Corey Comperatore's firefighting gear outside the Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company. The Washington Post / Contributor | Getty Images

Corey's friends and family have nothing but good things to say about him, and judging by their testimonies, Corey's final heroic act was consistent with how the volunteer firefighter lived his life.

According to many people who knew Compertore, he was a true patriot who loved his country. He was a fan of President Trump. Compertore was very excited to attend Saturday's rally, which he expressed in his last social media post.


During his speech addressing the shooting, President Biden expressed his condolences to the Comperatore family, stating that "He was a father. He was protecting his family from the bullets that were being fired.”

Democrat Mutiny? These prominent Progressives and Democratic leaders DEMAND that Biden withdraw

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Biden is still taking hard blows from both sides of the aisle after his abysmal performance in last month's presidential debate. As Glenn pointed out in his post-debate coverage, Biden came across as so incompetent that it has made many Americans scared that, should the country face a major threat, Biden would be unable to respond to it. This includes many Democrats, who are finally admitting that Biden isn't as fit as they have been claiming for the last four years.

Many names have already been suggested as potential replacements for the Democratic nominee, but many people, including some Democrats, don't believe Biden should even stay in office for the election. Here are some prominent progressives and Democratic lawmakers who have called for President Biden's resignation:

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Texas)

Tom Williams / Contributor | Getty Images

Rep. Raúl Grijalva (Arizona)

NurPhoto / Contributor | Getty Images

Rep. Seth Moulton (Massachusetts)

Justin Sullivan / Staff | Getty Images

Rep. Mike Quigley (Illinois)

Pool / Pool | Getty Images

Rep. Angie Craig (Minnesota)

Anna Moneymaker / Staff | Getty Images

Rep. Adam Smith (Washington)

Scott J. Ferrell / Contributor | Getty Images

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (New Jersey)

Chip Somodevilla / Staff | Getty Images

Rep. Pat Ryan (New York)

Tom Williams / Contributor | Getty Images

Rep. Hillary Scholten (Michigan)

Bill Clark / Contributor | Getty Images

Senator Peter Welch (Vermont)

Bonnie Cash / Stringer | Getty Images

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Oregon)

Chip Somodevilla / Staff | Getty Images

BONUS: Actor George Clooney

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These TOP 5 new technologies left Glenn SHOCKED

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Glenn has been covering some of the most groundbreaking, exciting, and often terrifying technological advances. Some new tech has the potential to make a positive impact. Some tech is just SUPER cool, like a flame-throwing robot dog. However, there is also a dark side to technology. Glenn exposes how some new technological developments, particularly in the realm of AI, pose serious ethical questions.

Here are the top five new technologies that Glenn covered that will make your jaw drop:

Anti-gravity device

This new technology developed by Dr. Charles Buhler and his team may change everything we know about transportation and travel. Described as "propellant-less propulsion" by Dr. Buhler, this technology appears to defy gravity and is potentially a way for people to travel into and through space without the need for rockets. It doesn't stop there either, this tech could be used to forever change the way we travel here on Earth.

Human embryo-powered supercomputer

To have massively powerful AI, something, which many people seem to have an invested interest in, you need a lot of electricity to power the computers that host the artificial intelligences. Naturally, this energy consumption upsets the environmentalists so in response a terrifying solution was developed. Bio Processors are essentially computer chips powered by human cells, specifically stem cells, which are predominantly harvested from embryos. These Bio Processors have a limited shelf life, meaning they need a steady supply of stem cells to keep the computers that use them operational. What could be more terrifying than an AI that eats human cells?

Voice-stealing AI

When ChatGPT came out in late 2022 its power and versatility took the world by storm. Suddenly, students had it write entire essays in mere seconds, and it was creating songs and poems with ease. The capabilities of the ChatGPT AI were as disturbing as they were impressive, but after a recent update, it took a hard turn towards disturbing. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, decided to give the program a voice and tried to recruit famous actress Scarlett Johansson to lend her voice to the machine. After she declined the offer, OpenAI went ahead and released the update for ChatGPT featuring a voice that sounded eerily similar to Johansson's. While OpenAI claims it's a different, similar-sounding voice actress, the idea that a computer is going around with your stolen voice is terrifying.

Flamethrower robot dog

How could you possibly ever make something cooler than a flamethrower? Simple, strap it to the back of a robotic dog of course! Originally built to help fight forest fires (ironically enough) by creating backburns, Glenn pointed out that a pack of these bad boys patrolling your property would be the ultimate home defense. Nobody would come anywhere near your house if it was guarded by a few of these firey companions.

Wormhole-generating UFO's

It's been a decade since the tragic disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. No trace of the aircraft or any of its passengers, except a few small pieces of debris, were ever found nor was an official cause of the disappearance ever given. There have been an infinite number of theories explaining what might have happened, but this one from investigative journalist Ashton Forbes might take the cake for the wildest. Forbes joined Glenn on his radio show and brought with him convincing video evidence that seemed to show the now-missing aircraft being circled by three mysterious orbs before suddenly disappearing in a flash of light. Does this video show the doomed aircraft being sucked into an artificial wormhole, or is it an amazing piece of hoaxwork?

THESE TOP 10 Founding Fathers' quotes help us remember America's original vision

traveler1116, wynnter, GeorgiosArt | Getty Images

Independence Day is one of the few days when Americans come together to celebrate our country and the continued vision that our Founding Fathers crafted in 1776. But what is that vision? It seems with every passing July 4th, Americans lose even more of a sense of what the original intent of our nation was supposed to be. It's becoming increasingly important to read the Founding Fathers in their own words and to remember the vision that they cast for our nation. Here are our TOP 10 favorite Founding Fathers' quotes to help us remember their original views of government, freedom, and the American vision.

"The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." —James Madison

GraphicaArtis / Contributor | Getty Images

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." —Benjamin Franklin

GraphicaArtis / Contributor | Getty Images

"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light." —George Washington

Stock Montage / Contributor | Getty Images

"The people are the only legitimate fountain of power." —James Madison

Hulton Archive / Stringer | Getty Images

"I agree with you that it is the duty of every good citizen to use all the opportunities, which occur to him, for preserving documents relating to the history of our country." —Thomas Jefferson

GraphicaArtis / Contributor | Getty Images

“Human passions unbridled by morality and religion… would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net.” —John Adams

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"Those who stand for nothing will fall for everything." —Alexander Hamilton

Stock Montage / Contributor | Getty Images

“The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.” —James Madison

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"I fear that in every elected office, members will obtain an influence by noise, not by sense. By meanness, not greatness. By ignorance, not learning. By contracted hearts, not large souls. There must be decency and respect." —John Adams

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“We must go home to be happy, and our home is not in this world. Here we have nothing to do but our duty.” —John Jay

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