Killing babies to fight inflation? Memo exposes sinister origins of Democrat ideology

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The polls are not looking too hot for Democrats lately. Even AOC got heckled recently — in her own district. Dr. Oz is gaining on Fetterman. Kari Lake is pulling away from Katie Hobbs. Herschel Walker is neck and neck with Warnock.

Even the New York Times conceded on October 17 that the GOP is steadily making serious gains.

And maybe one of the funniest things in all of politics and the mainstream media is that almost none of them can figure out why. They’re seriously dumbfounded.

But I think a lot of us that don’t live among the coastal elites can actually empathize with their political confusion. We are likewise confused, but not on why the Left is so unpopular right now. We’re confused over what they actually stand for. We’ve got no clue what they are fighting to achieve. Well, outside pure raw power. But the means by which they’re trying to achieve it makes no sense.

For one, there's the buzzword “EQUALITY.” We already have equal opportunity. Whether it be race, gender, sexual orientation — those fights have already been fought and won.

I saw a TikTok the other day of a liberal teacher bragging that she passes out pride flags every day to all of her students. She said she was doing it so that “every day is a Pride Parade.” Umm … why? What is this a stand against? What rights do those in the LGBTQ community not have?

Why is there a left-wing cult for climate change?

Why is there another left-wing cult that really wants to make sure people can kill babies with no restrictions?

It almost sounds as if today’s Democrat figureheads don’t even know the why for all the things they’re so outraged over. Almost as if they were handed some talking points from the 1960s and are trying to pretend we still live in the civil rights era. Now, I want you to think about that, and then listen to this interview of Stacey Abrams recently on MSNBC:

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but never in all my years did I ever think I’d hear a major American political party declare the answer to inflation would be to kill your kids. Maybe that’s just me.

Stacey Abrams is clearly an idiot, but I think I kind of get where the stupidity originates from. I don’t think she or any of the other up-and-coming Democrats today truly believes any of the crap they’re spewing. They’re using it all to try to gain power. They’re sowing hatred and rage, but they have no clue where all of this came from. They’re just skimming the talking points that have been handed down to them over the past 50 years or so. But do they actually understand any of it? I don’t think so. And how could they? As I pointed out before, these are fights that have already been fought. These are fights that other people, in many cases, have already won.

And maybe the greatest example of this is Stacey’s wacked-out statement on abortion and inflation. If you Google the words “abortion” and “inflation” together in the same search, you might possibly stumble upon a Planned Parenthood memo from 1969.

The memo was authored by a Planned Parenthood vice president regarding “Activities Relevant to the Study of Population Policy for the United States.”

You see, long before the cult of climate change, progressives were all on board the cult of population control. American eugenicists were respected by progressives and tyrants all over the world, and Planned Parenthood was ground zero for the entire movement.

This memo not only reads like a script from a horror movie, but it reveals what leftists truly stand for — whether they remember or know about the origins or not. I’m going to highlight quotes directly from the memo. This first part is directly from the first page:

This memorandum is responsive to your letter of January 24, seeking ideas on necessary and useful activities relevant to formation of population policy, defined as "legislative measures, administrative programs, and other governmental actions that are designed to alter population trends ...”

So right off the bat it makes you wonder. Was the abortion movement truly concerned with women’s rights? Or was it really all about a post-apocalyptic strategy to control population?

It appears they believed that American families were to blame … but not all families were always the focus of proponents of population control. Take a look at exactly which families they wanted to control the sizes of. They looked to:

justify an explicit U.S. policy now of encouraging a specific universal limit on family size (as distinguished from proposals aimed selectively at welfare recipients and racial groups).

Minorities and the poor. Supposedly the people the Left claims to care about, right? Kind of makes you wonder about LBJ’s true motivations behind his War on Poverty, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder why the REAL effects of the ensuing massive welfare state ended up making people poorer and breaking up families. Interesting coincidence.

The memo goes on to mention that a mass wave of contraceptive handouts was the preferred method. But I find this part interesting:

effective contraception is efficiently distributed to all who want it and abortion is available on demand as a backup measure.

Abortion on demand wasn’t even the main plan. It was the BACKUP. But I thought it was all about women’s rights?

Now, here’s where we get to Stacey Abrams’ weird comment about inflation and abortion. This memo actually references inflation:

as a concomitant of full employment and thus, to accept relatively high (or not least preventable) unemployment levels as necessary. Yet, more women enter the labor market under conditions of full employment and the relationship between employment of women and lower fertility seems well established. An examination is needed of, in effect, the question: How much inflation could or should we risk to achieve lower fertility?

Aaaand a lot to unpack there ...

For one, they wanted women in the workforce — not for equal opportunity, but because employed women tended not to have as many babies. But they thought all those women getting jobs might spike inflation. So it was something they figured they’d have to measure. The party of virtue!

The memo also came with an attachment that listed other measures proposed by population control experts. It was never said that any of these were actual plans by Planned Parenthood. But check out some of these “proposed measures”:

  • “Restructure family: postpone or avoid marriage, and alter the image of ideal family size.”
  • “Compulsory education of children.”
  • “Encourage increased homosexuality.”
  • “Educate for family limitation.”
  • “Fertility control agents in the water supply.”
  • “Encourage women to work.”

These are just a few, and it gets nuttier and nuttier. Again, there’s nothing to suggest Planned Parenthood had any plans to do any of this, but it shows the lengths population control academics were willing to go to. Fertility control agents in the water supply?! Are you kidding?

How many current Democratic flag-bearing issues can you spot just in this memo?

“Compulsory education of children”: How many of us have wondered why they’re pushing so hard on our kids lately? Why are they ramming sexually explicit Comprehensive Sexuality Education into our schools?

“Encourage increased homosexuality”: What is the LGBTQ lobby still fighting over? Didn’t it already win? Why are people hyper-sexualizing kids and exposing them to drag queens in schools and libraries?

“Educate for family limitation”: Who has wondered why they are shouting to “destroy the nuclear family”?

“Encourage women to work”: Isn’t workplace gender discrimination illegal? So what’s that fight really all about?

And regarding the “education” they keep referencing for both kids and families, check out this quote from the full memo:

In this area it seems particularly important to distinguish between education and indoctrination. Whatever may be the merits and effectiveness of a truly educational effort, an indoctrination campaign may well have only negligible effects on fertility values, but may provide unintended support in building a public opinion which seeks legalized compulsory fertility control for selected groups (particularly welfare recipients).

The admission here is insane. Indoctrination — they admit — has its bonuses ... especially for imposing "fertility control" on poor people.

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